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"Fuck originality, we know we're not the first. Hell, we ain't even the best. Still, we can't sit around as old men wondering whether or not we should have."

— Awsm Chimera (When asked what the point of a group like this was in this day and age.)

GameScape Studios is a commentary group on YouTube, created by Awsm Chimera, JRC1325v2, Silent_Spirit, Jeremy Munoz, and Mr_Warm0nger. Inspired by BrainScratch Commentaries and other YouTube members, the five of them perform movie and video game commentaries, live gameplay sessions, reviews, as well as discussions of various irrelevant topics, and just about anything else someone wants to put on the channel. They're known for breaking the limits in how little a is needed to run a YouTube group as the channel has multiple cast members, but is actually run by one person. As such, there is nearly as much wait time between videos as the comings of Cthulu. Awsm Chimera (Ryan Guyal) could be considered the brains behind the operation, as as well as it's financial source, as well as it's editor and just about everything in between. The channel was first created to become a top player on YouTube, but reality quickly punched Ryan square in the face, as three years went by with very little increase in viewership. Silent_Spirit (Christian Taitano), drove the van for a long while, but continues to hold everything back with laziness. JRC1325v2 (Joe Cruz) has been dealing with real life and has been missing for a long while, but remains in the main cast due to his historical significance. Mr_Warm0nger (Jeremiah Ford) brings a sense of reality to the group by trying not to sucumb to the madness of commentating, often failing. Lastly, Jeremy Munoz is the youngest member of the main cast, bringing with him all of the channel's artwork after the original two logos and other fan gifts. He's also incredible at being loud and annoying.In addition to the five main commentators, the team occasionally invites along a guest to join in the fun as an additional commentator — almost always at complete random.


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    Some of Their Notable Games Done 
  • Smash Bros. Series
  • God of War III
  • Super Mario 3D World (SD Edition)
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Shovel Knight
  • New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Mega Man X
  • Mega Man X2
  • Super Mario 64 (Planned)

    Guest Commentators 
  • Levi Brunette - The Super Crew (Super Mario 64)
  • Lyax (Gladys Bugal)
  • Xyla 02 (Joanna Bugal)
  • Julius Cantara - YouTuber known as "Julz Chan"
  • Winnie_the_Pootis (Alex Hendrix)
  • Pixel_the_Square (Zac Hendrix)
    This group has tropes of... 
  • Crossover - Various members of The Super Crew and other channels such as Julz Chan have been known to pop in and out of commentaries.
  • Follow the Leader - As mentioned above, this group has been inspired by BrainScratch Commentaries, and various other YouTubers.
  • Strategery - Seen throught their versus matches, this is when an incredible feat done purely by luck is passed off as being from skill.

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