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Eight Bit Mac (Stylised as 8-bit Max) is a young Lets Player on YouTube with over 100 subs. He mostly focuses in PC games but has delved into games on other platforms before. Some of his most well known lets plays are over Under Tale, Stardew Valley, and The Escapist. The channel began in 2012 when Max and his brother Evan, better known now as The Animated Critic, decided to make a Let's Play channel together. They made a few videos which they both considered garbage. As such all the old videos were delete and Max took over the channel. Evan went to work on his own Let's Play channel. Evan would eventually give that up as well and begin working on The Animated Critic Universe. Max is still going strong though, with a goal of hitting 250 subs in 2018. Max started off small, with awful editing, sound, and video quality, but has been improving, and is a genuinely fun person to watch.



  • Let's Play: The whole point of the channel.

  • Missing Episode invoked: He's deleted many videos from his channel.

  • Old Shame invoked: His older videos he made with Evan, as well as some of the videos he did after he took the channel over. This can be seen in his reaction to the first video he's ever done.

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