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Two new Let's Players to the scene, they are YouTube users Drak2326 and ShadowBlazer 3000 (formerly known as Shadow Alex on YouTube before his account was suspended). Both are long-time players gathering together to play games they enjoy and make Lets Plays of them. As they have recently started out, their content is slowly starting to build up with a few finished plays on their channel and both are slowly gaining views around YouTube, mostly based on close friends subscribing and watching. Both have their own tastes but a common and shared affinity for Role Playing Games and Platform Games. Drak in particular enjoys Adventure Games such as those developed by the former LucasArts company (Tales of Monkey Island in particular) Shadow loves the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.


Both love to attempt to start Memes and Catch Phrases whether or not they catch on, both like to keep their LPs family friendly though the slips of foul language aren't unheard of either. Their other interests which seep into their LPs also include films and Anime. Although they are branded as a LP channel, they also border into Commentary territory as their games are generally non-exhaustive-non-completion LPs they generally play a game start to finish doing the simple requirements.

Their channel can be found right here, they publish three videos per week, every week. They also have a Twitter.


Current LPs

Past LPs


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Their Let's Plays and other videos provide examples of: