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"Remember someone has too keep the sanity in this ship or we'd be a floating mad house. And then what we would have the inmates running the asylum or something like that listen just try not to blow something up." —>— DiploRaptor (at least once a week)

A loosely edited to just unedited series of lets plays with the main host being DiploRaptor.

Show Creators

  • DiploRaptor: The primary creator and wannabe straight man who attempts too always keep cool calm and collected despite it all
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  • JibSniv: Chaos breathes life and Jib is the thorn in Diplo's side
  • Elite: The friend we all have and love/hate in equal parts
  • Bill: Good-mannered though strongly opinionated Bill is a great addition though he thinks too much and gets stressed at recordings
  • Tailspin: Quiet unassuming but a nice guys Tailspin doesn't chime in enough but tries to be helpful
  • Forsparda: Sparda is well Sparda
  • Smeath: The straight man or angry guy
  • Azure: Birdie! She's a good birdie
  • Dream: Puppers! She's a silly puppy
  • Lynx: Kitty! Though she never talks is a real big sweetie and more

    Main games LPed 
Pokemon Emerald Nuzlokce(Work in Progress)

Patreon Exclusive - Lets PlaysSherlock Holmes VS. Jack the Ripper : With DreamThe Testament of Sherlock Holmes : With Dream, Birdie, and Bill

RPPR Classics: Diplo takes a back seat replaying old episodes of the popular podcast *RPPR - Include Link*

Fiasco: Diplo and various people join him too play Fiasco

Tabletop Simulator: Diplo and people use the awesome game Tabletop Simulator to play board games

The Yawgh: Diplo gives people a blind run through of 'The Yawgh' or not so blind and see's what can befall all of them.

The Quiet Year: A brief play through of the quiet year with the group.

The Mixed Six: Diplo listens to the Mixed Six podcast well playing a game and comments with his own thoughts ideas and suggestions


If you want to know more about the podcast DiploRaptor runs called "The Random Cast - Include Link" go here otherwise

The LP's creators provide examples:

''"And as always everyone, goodnight, good luck, enjoy yourselves for your beautiful each in your own way this is your DiploRaptor signing off.


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