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Come here, George!

"Oh, Dream~!"
The Hunters to Dream when they're in a Minecraft Manhunt video.

Dream, also known as Clay, is a Minecraft speedrunner and YouTuber known for his challenge videos, for example, beating the game while multiple people hunt him down and try to kill him.

Dream often collaborates with GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap, and with those two he has a channel called Dream Team. He, also being a Minecraft speedrunner, has even got a few world records in the 1.9 to 1.15 category. He also did a documentary series called "Minecraft Unsolved," in which Dream is the narrator who covers the many mysteries of Minecraft.

Dream used to be a semi-popular YouTuber, and after a few viral hits in late 2019 ended up at about a few hundred thousand subscribers, but in the eyes of many he was just a standard run-of-the-mill content creator. However, in late December 2019, Dream made a video titled "Beating Minecraft, But My Friend Tries To Stop Me..." Within the video, Dream tries to beat Minecraft while his friend George tries to stop him and hunt him down, before he can kill the Ender Dragon.


The video was followed by a sequel, during which Dream and George held a rematch. The two videos were originally just yet another duo of challenge videos, and per Dream's words in the first video he didn't plan on making more. However, Dream soon ate his words as the two Manhunt videos quickly became massive hits. This resulted in Dream's Manhunt series being a mainstay of the channel, making Dream lots of views, money, and subscribers.

Dream and his friends were propelled to internet fame through this series—Dream himself gained over 8 million subscribers within a year (and counting), while George reached 2 million in the same time frame. The Manhunts themselves get a very high spot in trending the day they release, and often show up on YouTube's front page. Manhunt was also effectively a Star-Making Role for the Dream Team, and as their fame grew they gained more and more prominence as creators, landing spots in the Minecraft Championship tournaments and being widely renowned across the Minecraft community—it's easier to find a creator who hasn't at least heard of Dream, and a few creators (such as famed PVP master Technoblade) have at some point mentioned watching Dream's videos.


As the Manhunt series went on, more hunters (including the aforementioned Sapnap and other friends, YouTuber BadBoyHalo and AntFrostnote ) were added to keep things interesting. The series is well-received for being a tense series of confrontations where many mind-blowing moves are made by both sides to try and win (especially on Dream's end), with many viewers tuning in to see how Dream outplays the hunters and vice-versa.

Dream also has an SMP server where many others play. In addition to Dream and his friends, there are other members, including fellow YouTubers Skeppy, WilburSoot, TommyInnit, and TheEret.

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Tropes used in Dream's Minecraft videos:

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Manhunt Series

Special Manhunt Videos

  • These are Manhunt videos with special guests or gimmicks, sometimes both.

    • "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: George, who was the Assassin, won.

    • "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: Dream won as the hunter instead of the hunted.

    • "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin ft. Notch" (Dream VS Notch and George)note —Winner: Dream killed Notch while they were in the Nether.

    • "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin (Again)" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: George won this round, being the Assassin in this video.

    • "Minecraft, But The Mobs Are Controlled By A Player..." (Dream VS George)note —Winner: George, who controlled the malevolent mobs, won against Dream in this video.

    • "2 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Terminator" (Dream and George VS OoogaBoooga/AI, not officially listed as a Manhunt but the core premise is the same)note —Winner: The OoogaBoooga/AI robot character won.

    • "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter LIVE" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: Tie (both players won one round apiece as the hunter)

    • "3 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Hunter ft. MrBeast" (Dream VS Jimmy, Karl, and Chandler)note —Winner: Dream won the round against the MrBeast trio.

    • "Minecraft Speedrunner VS PRO" (Dream VS IlluminaHD)note —Winner: Tie (both players won one round apiece as the hunter)

Other Competitions

  • Exactly what it sounds like, any competition between Dream and his friends that isn't Manhunt.

    • "Minecraft Death Swap" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: Dream won, after George went to the Nether to set up a trap, but Dream turned it around on him instead.

    • "Minecraft Death Swap 2" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: Dream won again, this time using gravel to suffocate George.

    • "Minecraft Block Shuffle" (Dream VS George)note —Winner: Dream won the Block Shuffle against George in this video.

    • "Minecraft Ultimate Tag..." (Dream VS George)note  —Winner: George won the most rounds in this video, ending when George tags Dream for the last time.

Friendly reminder that all of these videos are on Dream's channel only. Any Manhunts or competitions hosted on George's channel (as he also posts Manhunts and competition videos) should go on his relevant TV Tropes page.


  • Abandoned Catchphrase: In one of the Minecraft Manhunts, the hunters wanted Dream to "get memed," meaning they wanted to kill Dream. The hunters don't use this term anymore.

  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: Both Dream and his opponent Hunters in Minecraft Manhunt are not above pleading and bargaining for their lives when they're put on the run.

  • all lowercase letters: in his youtube profile picture (shown at the top of this page), "dream" is uncapitalized.

  • All There in the Manual: Dream has stated that sometimes the Manhunt videos require more than one take, as Dream has on more than one occasion been cornered and killed before even getting gear—and it wouldn't exactly be entertaining for the audience if a video was three minutes long.
    • A lot of the war held on Dream's SMP server was just improvised roleplaying. The many Hamilton references and parallels were intentional, though major events like Eret's betrayal were improvised.

  • Alone with the Psycho: In the Nether, in "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE REMATCH," Bad is riding a Strider across the lava. He's promptly cornered by Dream, who doesn't try to kill Bad but rather his Strider, sending Bad careening into the lava.
    Bad: "Guys, I'm alone with him, he's shooting me!"

  • Alpha Strike: In the 3 Hunters Grand Finale video, After the three hunters fortify the end, Dream drops no fewer than 12 TNT blocks through the portal, the first ones set to explode a split second after being teleported. The attack causes a Total Party Kill.

  • An Axe to Grind: Dream uses an axe against the Blazes in the Nether to kill them faster.
    • He also uses an enchanted diamond axe stolen from Sapnap (humourously, it's called the "Dream Slayer") as his main weapon in "Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters".

  • And Now for Someone Completely Different: "Speedrunner VS Full Diamond Juggernaut" with Sapnap, "Speedrunner VS Slayer" with BadBoyHalo, and "Speedrunner VS Pro" with speedrunner Illumina are the only three Manhunt videosnote  without George (the usual hunter) in them.

  • Animation Meme: Dream's sense of humor and skill in his videos has led some talented people to make web animations of his videos. See Fan Animation below for the non-animation-meme fan animations.

  • An Offer You Can't Refuse: Dream makes this to each member of L'Manburgnote  during the SMP war—join him or die. None of them take the offer except for Eret.

  • The Anticipator: In the "2 Hunters" video, Dream makes a Nether Portal, but he waits for the hunters to sneak up on him, even leaving out lava for the hunters to fall into and burn in. When they do arrive, Dream kills them.

  • Anti-Climax: Some of Dream's Minecraft Manhunt videos end this way.

  • Anti-Climax Boss: Invoked. Dream knows that the Ender Dragon isn't a threat to him unless he mistimes his water placements, and will likely go down in a minute (he is a speedrunner and knows the best way to kill it). With that in mind, the climax of the videos and what typically takes up the majority of the runtime in the End is the final fights with the hunters, who have always managed to make their way to the End as well. These fights are typically where Dream employs one of his backup strategies and often where the most iconic moments in Manhunt occur, while the dragon is always an afterthought—of every one of Dream's losses, only one of them is from the dragon itself note , and the dragon has been reduced to being slain in mere seconds as the fights between Dream and the hunters become longer and better.
    • The one time the Ender Dragon is the main focus of the fight is the second Manhunt video. George decides that if he kills the Ender Dragon instead of Dream, he wins, as the goal is for Dream to kill it. The fight goes from Dream trying to kill George so he can quickly finish off the dragon to Dream trying to kill the dragon before George can—and it gets pretty damn close.
    • In the "4 Hunters" video, this is finally averted. It looks like it's going to end like yet another Ender Dragon fight, but the hunters arrive seconds before Dream can kill the dragon and heal it using pre-crafted End Crystals, forcing Dream to simultaneously take out the dragon while killing the hunters. And at the end, it's the dragon's breath attack that lets Sapnap get close enough to Dream for the finishing blow (though Dream does end up killing the dragon thanks to having ignited TNT, resulting in a rather confusing ending that leaves all five players arguing over who won).

  • Assassin Outclassin': Dream is the master of this during Minecraft Manhunt. He even went for three hunters at once, using psychology and intuition to skillfully defeat his opponents.

  • Assassination Attempt: In one of his videos, the goal is to kill Notch, the creator of Minecraft, while George guides and defends him.

  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: Has a trend of occurring in the Manhunts. The most obvious examples are the 3 hunters chasing Dream, only to see him drinking a potion (including the famous Fire Resistance potion gambit), then immediately run away, due to the absurd damage output of the potions, able to easily chew through iron armor.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: In the 4 Hunters video, the Hunters realize that they can chase Dream in a line and boost each other by punching the one in front of them, helping to keep on Dream's tail. What they don't realize until it's too late is that doing so expends their hunger faster than just sprinting, and they all lose their speed while Dream still has some remaining. Though a seemingly cool strategy, it causes the game-opening chase to end on an anticlimax without even a proper fight, letting Dream start gathering resources with much less trouble.

  • Backing Away Slowly: This is how Dream starts the Manhunt in "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE REMATCH." (0:54)

  • Badass Boast: The idea of Dream hunting down a team of George, Sapnap, & Bad is floated in the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" explanation video—Dream would have to kill all three to win. His response? "That would be over in like ten seconds. I dunno about that." And when Bad asks if he doesn't think he can do it, Dream doubles down and calmly says "I could easily do it."
    • From the MrBeast Manhunt special episode:
      MrBeast: You wanna wager some money?
      Dream: I don't—I don't know, I'd feel bad for taking your money.

  • Batman Gambit: As Dream explains in his analysis videos, he frequently predicts how the hunters are going to act when faced with something and makes a split-second decision to exploit it. Probably the best example is him bluffing everyone into thinking he drank a Strength potion and charging three people head on with 1 HP. Normally this would be suicide, but since they've all been wiped out by something similar before and they're just that afraid of him, this works perfectly and they immediately run.

  • Berserk Button: Downplayed in a sense, but Dream being referred to by his real name, Clay, seems to irk him. He outright has to do a double take when George calls him Clay (and sounds a bit annoyed), and responds to the first of many times Tommy calls him Clay by briefly unloading a bucket of lava onto Tommy.

  • Better to Die than Be Killed: During a 1v3 Minecraft Manhunt, in the Nether, this trope is what the hunters thought happened when Dream leaps into a lava lake. What actually happened was Dream was drinking a Fire Resistance potion during his fall. The funny thing is, Bad actually jumped in after him, dying soon after as he and the other hunters debate what just happened.

  • Big Bad Duumvirate: In the later Minecraft Manhunts, more than one hunter is chasing Dream, usually either George, Sapnap, or BadBoyHalo. Or George, Sapnap, AND Bad.

  • Big "NO!": Any of the hunters (often George) say this when Dream manages to kill any one of them.
    • In the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, when Dream was in the Nether fortress, Dream reacted this way when he found out that the hunters broke the Blaze spawners.

  • Big "OMG!": Dream frequently says this whenever the hunters manage to force him to run.

  • Big, Stupid Doodoo-Head: There are often many childish insults thrown around.

  • Big "WHAT?!": The hunters have this reaction to Dream hopping across lava in the Nether using nothing but boats in "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE". (18:27) Justified, since he manages to pull off a feat nobody expected him to do.

  • Big "YES!": Dream whenever he defeats the Ender Dragon at the end of his videos, or gets a huge victory against the hunters. Similarly, the hunters will do this if they beat Dream.

  • Bittersweet Ending: On both Dream's and L'Manburg's ends of the SMP war. On Dream's end, he won the war and showed the server who truly held the most power, but L'Manburg got its independence all the same. On L'Manburg's end, it got independence but it also got thoroughly trashed in the chaos (with Dream having earlier detonated TNT under its land), Dream showed that he could easily crush them if they tried anything again, and Tommy ended up having to give away his two prized music disks (which were partially responsible for his feud with Dream to begin with) to secure said independence (though he later gets one back).

  • Book Ends: "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters" (the first one) ends with Bad orchestrating a trap in the End spawn area designed to kill Dream upon entry—and he succeeds. The fifth episode & grand finale of the 3 Hunters series has Bad lead the hunters in setting up another End spawn trap to kill Dream again—however, Dream becomes aware of their plan and sends TNT through the portal to counter the trap.

  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Dream uses both a sword and a bow and arrow to use against the hunters. Dream uses the bow for far-range attacks and hitting the hunters many times when he's being chased.

  • Buffy Speak: Bad calls the Striders (the animals in the Nether that can ride on lava) "little things."

  • The Bus Came Back: For a while, George was the one and only hunter. Dream did special one-off Manhunt episodes with Sapnap and Bad, but they hadn't appeared for a while. Eventually, however, Sapnap was brought back as a second hunter alongside George, and when they decided a third was needed Bad came back as well. Just like Dream and George, Sapnap and Bad are now mainstays in the Manhunt series.

  • Can't Move While Being Watched: In his Speedrunner VS Assassin videos, the Assassin cannot move while Dream is watching him, and a red line appears. This forms the basis for many of Dream's strategies when facing the Assassin.

  • Catchphrase: From Minecraft Manhunt:
    • Oh, Dream~! note 
    • Come here, George! note 
    • Oh, hello good sir! note 

  • Chase Fight: What usually happens when the hunters are chasing Dream.

  • Chekhov's Gun: In the first Death Swap (16:33), Dream finds in a chest an enchanted golden apple, which is the single item that turns the tables on George when he puts his trap in the Nether.
    • In the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, Dream was on a boat, collecting lily pads by crashing into them, then collecting them. He uses the lily pads later on to escape the hunters.
    • In the first "4 Hunters" video, Sapnap makes an enchanted diamond axe that he names Dream Slayer. Dream kills Sapnap in the Nether and takes the axe, using it as his primary weapon for the rest of the video.
    • Also in the first "4 Hunters" video, Dream gets a pair of golden boots enchanted with Frost Walker from an inactive Nether Portal in the overworld. Dream uses them later in the video to set up a trap in a lake, tricking the hunters into towering into the air and then turning the water to ice when they jump down after him, causing them to crash right into the ice and die.

  • Civil War: On Dream's SMP, a war breaks out between two sides: the Dream Team (plus another friend named Punz), and a faction seeking independence from the main server known as L'Manburg consisting of WilburSoot, TommyInnit, Tubbo, Fundy, and TheEret. The latter eventually defected to the Dream Team, betraying L'Manburg in exchange for being promoted to a king within the Dream Team lands. The war ends with the Dream Team winning the main conflict, but Dream granting L'Manburg independence anyways in exchange for two music disks owned by Tommy (a major source of conflict between him and Dream).

  • Combat Pragmatist: Oh so very much, on both ends. On the hunters' ends, they won't just wait for Dream if they reach the End before him. They'll rig the portal with a trap to kill Dream instantly (with the two times they've done this varying wildly in terms of success). On Dream's end, he'll use strength potions to annihilate the hunters, rig explosions or lava to harm or kill the hunters in a chase, lock one of the hunters in close quarters to pick them off alone, use a splash potion of invisibility to make the hunters confuse each other for Dream himself, and many more. If a hunter's approaching fast? Sure, Dream could fight with a likely-diamond sword, but he could just as easily plug them full of arrows to buy him a brief amount time to prepare and get the hunters down on lower health by the time he has to fight.

  • Confusion Fu: Dream is one of the best Minecrafters at this strategy:
    • In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE," the three hunters and Dream are in a cave. Suddenly, they meet and Dream uses a splash potion of invisibility to make them all invisible. Keep in mind that they are all wearing full iron armor. They can't tell which one was Dream and started attacking one of their team members while Dream started attacking them.
    • In the same episode, Dream builds a Nether Portal so that he could trick the hunters into thinking he was back at the Nether. The hunters are confused why he built the portal if he wasn't going to go in in the first place. But the compass gives it away, since it can indirectly tell whether Dream's at the Overworld or the Nether.

  • Continuing is Painful: In Minecraft Manhunt, the hunters respawn easily after being killed, but they lose all their stuff afterwards and have to get it back.
    • In the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, when George was killed by Dream, the hunters had to use their inventory space to hold George's items. They realized, however, that Dream took the one thing that was valuable to them: the Blaze Rods.

  • Crazy-Prepared: In the 3 Hunters Grand Finale video, Dream gets half a hotbar of boats, just in case he needs them for later. He eventually uses the boats to cross a lava lake in the Nether and escape the hunters.
    • At the end of the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, Dream gathers TNT to drop through the End portal and destroy both the hunters and any trap they may have set. However, he also uses a fire resistance potion, as he wanted to be prepared if the hunters simply reused the trap that killed Dream in the first "3 Hunters" video (a lava trap, which TNT can't counter). He doesn't need the potion and doesn't really acknowledge it in the bonus video, but it's impressive he thinks of it.

  • Critical Existence Failure: This happens often when the hunters are at one heart and take fall damage.

  • Curb-Stomp Battle: Many battles in Manhunt can be very one-sided.
    • During the SMP war, L'Manburg is forced to flee into a bunker prepared by Eret. It turns out to be a trap by the Dream Team-aligned Eret designed to get all of L'Manburg's fighters in one place, and once they are, Eret retracts the walls, allowing Dream and his allies to raid the bunker. The demoralized L'Manburgians don't even get a single kill as they are soon wiped out by the Dream Team in one of their most crushing defeats in the war.
    • The "Battle Box" event in the eighth Minecraft Championships was this for Dream & Technoblade's team, the Pink Parrots. They won all but one of their matches (narrowly losing to the Lime Llamas) and more often than not inflicted a Total Party Kill on the other team.
    • All of the "Challenging 25 YouTubers To A Fight" video. In a series of 1v1 duels where 6 kills wins the game, Dream flawlessly 6-0's everyone except for accomplished PVP player Fruitberries, who manages to get two kills on Dream before Dream decimates him in the remainder of their matches. In a total of 152 matchesnote , Dream loses twice— and to only one player at that.

  • Death-or-Glory Attack: At the end of the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, Dream has outsmarted the hunters despite them performing at their very best. Their trap has been foiled by Dream's use of TNT, and Bad and George have pretty much given up. Sapnap, however, takes a bed, goes back to the End, and uses it in an effort to blow up Dream and himself before Dream can kill the Ender Dragon. He only kills himself with it and Dream wins, but he got damn close to killing Dream with that, something Dream praises in the bonus video.
    • In the "4 Hunters" video, Dream uses TNT to kill the Ender Dragon, knowing full well there's a chance he'll die. What happens is that Dream is caught in the dragon's breath and killed by Sapnap, but the TNT also activates and kills the dragon, creating enough confusion as to who won that the five are still arguing about it in the bonus video.

  • Death Trap: The point of Death Swap is to carefully plan and construct a trap for your enemy to fall in. The winner is whoever can kill the other player with a trap first.

  • Deliberately Monochrome: The beginning of Dream's videos have a monochrome effect while Dream does his intro. After that, the normal video starts.

  • Deus ex Machina: In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE," after he goes underwater and digs down to escape the hunters, he finds some diamonds.
    • Sapnap's Ender Pearl at the end of the "2 Hunters" video also counts, being the only reason Dream wins in the end.

  • Didn't See That Coming: The Manhunt rules are usually infallible, accounting for instances such as Dream dying after killing the dragon but before entering the final portal (a Dream win) or Dream dying but not to the hunters (a Hunter win). However, the rules don't account for Dream dying before he kills the dragon but somehow managing to set up events that lead to the dragon's death regardless... which is exactly what happens in the "4 Hunters" video thanks to the delay between TNT being lit and going off. This leads to an argument about who won that continues even through the bonus video, with the hunters insisting they won and Dream arguing that it's a tie at worst.

  • Disney Death: Dream does this so often he might as well get a contract with Disney themselves. Often times he'll be in a doomed scenario but somehow make it out alive, much to his and the hunters' shock.

  • Don't Celebrate Just Yet: In the ending of "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters" video, George and Sapnap knock Dream off the End island and remove his water flow, dooming Dream to eventually fall into the void when his remaining water runs out. George then celebrates by killing Sapnap, which causes Sapnap's Ender Pearls to fall into the void... and right into Dream's hotbar. What follows is Dream using the Pearl to teleport back onto the island, using George's shock and confusion to utterly own him in their final fight, and killing the Ender Dragon soon after with no difficulty. What makes this an even more notable use of the trope is that George and Sapnap had every reason to celebrate, as if George hadn't killed Sapnap Dream would have died, as he had no Ender Pearls until Sapnap's dropped onto him.
    • In the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, George, Sapnap and Bad make a trap near the End entrance platform (namely, they've encased it in blocks and intend to relentlessly bombard Dream with attacks once he enters). They then proceed to taunt Dream about the trap, believing he can't do anything about it. Well, Dream can't... but thanks to them telling him about the trap beforehand, that handy amount of TNT on-hand can. Had they kept quiet, Dream certainly would have waltzed into the End and died without a clue about the trap.

  • The Dreaded: Dream is this for the hunters, and for good reason. Whenever they corner Dream he almost always has a plan in place to counter them, and they die in increasingly elaborate ways. In the early days of Manhunt the hunters were only worried about Dream when he got enhanced gear (such as iron armor and/or a diamond sword). Now, him simply getting wood or even escaping their sight for a brief moment is enough cause for mass panic. The hunters have gone from being able to be on par with Dream while solo to instantly giving up hope whenever Dream so much as gets one of them alone.

  • Dream Team: Dream's team in Minecraft Championship 8 has him allied with Technoblade in a widely anticipated move, along with KingBurren and Michealmcchill. Even though they came second in points, they won the final minigame, thus winning the whole event.
    • Hell, there's a reason Dream and his friends outright go by "The Dream Team" when together. Their combined chemistry and skill makes them a formidable presence.

  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Sometimes, Dream dies abruptly and the audience doesn't see it coming.
    • One particularly notable instance is the ending of the third 3 Hunters video. Dream barely wins an intense fight against the hunters in the End... except, y'know, the hunters can just respawn and continue the fight. And the armorless, unarmed Bad then proceeds to sneak up behind a celebrating Dream and punch him once, killing him.

  • Duel to the Death: The winning side of the SMP war is decided by one such duel when a pissed-off Tommy provokes Dream into fighting him. The duel is reminiscent of Hamilton (but then again, the entire war is) and the rules are simple: both combatants are armorless and reduced to half a heart via poison potion, they have a bow and arrows and must take ten paces before turning to fire at the opponent. Tommy misses his shots. Dream doesn't miss his.

  • Early Game Hell: The beginning of a Manhunt is almost always one of the most frantic parts, since all the Hunters are nearby and Dream doesn't have any of the tools he'd normally use to fight them off, leading to some dud games where they simply corner Dream and punch him to death in minutes. Once he manages to get some breathing room he can gather resources and equipment, giving him a lot more options to level the playing field.

  • Early Installment Weirdness: In Dream's earlier videos even during late 2019, the style of his videos are noticeably different to the later, more consistent-styled ones. The first of his 'challenge' videos such as the X-ray series and the now-abandoned Minecraft, but speed rises every second were separated into episodic parts, likely due to the Dream-Team having much less skill needed to come close to completing these challenges. Contributing to this is the fact that much less footage is cut proportional to the meat of the videos.

  • Emerald Power: Dream's skin in Minecraft is mostly green. Same with his YouTube profile picture and banner.

  • Enemy Mine: In the Grand Finale, (27:56) Sapnap and Bad try to team up with a creeper. Dream was far enough from the resulting explosion that it didn't do anything to him, but Sapnap and Bad liked that the creeper was on their side.

  • Et Tu, Brute?: In the ending of the Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters video, George kills Sapnap when he believes that Dream, who is falling into the void, has lost. This reckless move costs him the entire game, as Dream manages to get one of Sapnap's Ender Pearls before he can fall far enough to die, allowing him to get back onto safe ground and kill George—had George just done nothing, he would have won without question.

  • Evil Only Has to Win Once: Well, evil from Dream's point of view (the audience may have a different point of view). If Dream dies once, his opponents win automatically unless Dream has killed the Ender Dragon before then. The hunters are not under that stipulation, however—they can die however many times they want and continue the fight, their only losing condition is Dream killing the Ender Dragon.

  • Exact Words: At the start of every Manhunt video, Dream says, "If I beat the Ender Dragon, I win." This comes into play at the end of "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter (Again)", where Dream kills the dragon but George kills him before he can enter the overworld portal—Dream successfully argued that he won, as the rules state he only has to kill the dragon before he dies, not enter the portal. It also comes into play at the end of "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters Rematch", where Dream kills the Ender Dragon a split-second before the hunters kill him, barely giving him the win.
    • This, however, comes to bite him in the "4 Hunters" video, as Dream manages to kill the dragon but dies seconds before (he killed the dragon anyway through TNT he lit before he died). The result is something the players argue about for a while, and in the bonus video Dream concedes that while the hunters would technically win, he continues to insist that it's a draw.
    • At the end of "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE REMATCH," Bad asks Dream to come down from his perch in the End. Dream comes down alright—and by that we mean he immediately begins attacking Bad.
      BadBoyHalo: Come down here please.
      [Dream comes down and promptly attacks him.]
      Bad: Ooh! He came down!
    • In the weeks prior to his duel with Dream, Techno trains with Calvin & Fruitberries, accomplished PVP masters on par with if not even better than himself, under the logic that Dream won't be able to find trainers more skilled than those two. And he's right, Dream doesn't find better trainers than Calvin & Fruitberries—he simply finds those two and trains under them as well.

  • The Faceless: While George, Sapnap, and Bad have done facecams revealing their true face, Dream's real appearance is unknown. He has shown rare photos of himself (naturally hiding his face, of course) that reveals he has dirty blond/brown hair, but that's the extent of what he's revealednote .

  • Fan Animation: See Animation Meme above for fan animations which are animation memes.

  • Final Death Mode: In the Minecraft Manhunts, if Dream dies once, the hunters win the game unless the Ender Dragon has died.

  • First-Name Basis: Tommy is pretty much the only one who has called Dream by his real name, Clay, on more than one occasion. It seems that Tommy does this primarily to annoy Dream (at least, that's what usually happens), and it should be noted that Tommy calls Dream by his in-game name far more often.

  • Five-Second Foreshadowing: As Dream gives his ultimatum to L'Manburg, he punches George and Sapnap away from the wall, something Tommy notices and calls him out for. The two can also be seen backing up further. Seconds later and it turns out that he wasn't trying to hurt them, he was instead trying to get them out of range of the massive explosion of TNT that soon erupts from under L'Manburg's base.

  • Follow the Chaos: This is how Dream and George get back to Sapnap and the spawn in "Minecraft, But A Black Hole Grows Every Second..." (6:07)

  • Foregone Conclusion: Dream will escape the hunters during the inevitable chase scene at the beginning of each video. In the event he doesn't (which, per deleted scenes, has happened before), the game is scrapped and the game starts anew—the reason being that dud games don't make for very good content.

  • For Want of a Nail: In the Dream/Technoblade battle, two of Techno's wins are by the skin of his teeth. Had he been hit just once more in one or both of the matches, Dream would've tied the battle or perhaps even won it, something that is even discussed later on.

  • Friend or Foe: Cunningly exploited by Dream in "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE" when he hits everyone with a splash Invisibility potion once cornered. Everyone is forced to stop attacking as they can't immediately tell who is Dream and who is a teammate (everyone had the same armor and swords), and in fact Sapnap accidentally attacked Bad Boy Halo enough times for Dream to finish the job then run.

  • Friend to All Living Things: In the "3 Hunters Finale Rematch" video, Dream seems to get help from animals at every turn. The first portion of the video has him tame wolves that he uses to counter the hunters' own wolves (though this trope is later called into question when he kills one of his own). He also uses a strider to get through the Nether (and later steals one of the hunters' to make his escape). When he leaves the Nether and pushed off his portal tower by the hunters to his death, he is saved by a horse (as clicking on a horse to ride it negates fall damage). And then, when swimming away from the hunters, he gets four dolphins on his side, giving him a massive speed boost and denying the hunters any boosts of their own. And Dream outright lampshades this trope, referring to himself in the bonus video as a Disney princess.

  • From Zero to Hero: Before the end of 2019, Dream wasn't even known. During the years that the Dream channel was inactive, he studied the YouTube algorithm, and then he became one of the fastest-growing YouTubers the world has ever seen.

  • Genius Bruiser: Dream often has enough gear to take out the hunters solo within the first minute and remains a consistent threat in combat throughout the entire video (let's just say there's a reason the later videos end up pitting more than one hunter against Dream). He's also quite smart and resourceful, using the terrain, whatever he has on him, and the hunters' own overeager tendencies to his advantage. He'll use potions, set up vantage points, bluff the absolute hell out of the hunters, and set off traps like a bed in the Nether or a recently-crafted End Crystal in a stronghold.

  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Dream and his collaborators generally try to keep his main videos clean of profanity, though streams have been known to involve some spicier language. Bad in particular likes to use "muffin" as a curse substitute. Once when killing George in a Manhunt, Dream very clearly almost drops an f-bomb, but manages to morph it into "flipping".

  • Graceful Loser: In the grand finale explanation video, BadBoyHalo congratulates Dream for winning, and the hunters made him a golden cup filled with lava. It was originally going to be for the hunters, since they thought they were going to win, but repurposed it for Dream.
    • In the $100,000 Dream vs Technoblade event, Dream himself plays this role after Techno comes out on top in their climactic duel, not once displaying any emotion towards Techno that isn't genuine admiration or happiness for his friend.

  • Grand Finale: In the Minecraft Manhunt series, the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE" is the finale to the five-episode 3 Hunters saga, with the Dream Team planning on moving on to bigger and better Manhunts (namely, Manhunt with a fourth hunter).

  • Gravity Screw: In "Minecraft, But Gravity Flips Every Minute..." Dream and George have to beat Minecraft while gravity flips. For every minute, it toggles whether you (and everything around you) are floating upwards.

  • Guile Hero: Dream manipulates the hunters in his Minecraft Manhunt videos so that he has the advantage.

  • Heroic Second Wind: In a Minecraft Manhunt with George and Sapnap, Dream had to fight both of them while fighting the Ender Dragon. Eventually they kick him off the edge and put out his water. George and Sapnap are happy and triumphant when all of a sudden, George celebrates by killing Sapnap, dropping his inventory... which Dream uses to his advantage by finding some falling Ender Pearls and going slightly to the right to pick them up at the last second, then making a precise throw to the edge of the island to escape unscathed, killing George soon after. Keep in mind that Dream had no Ender Pearls before this.

  • Hoist by His Own Petard: At the end of the first Death Swap, George goes to the Nether, intending to jump into a lava lake at the last second before the next swap and leave Dream to burn. Dream, however, has an enchanted golden apple, which he uses to survive the lava. He then spends five minutes sitting in the lava, intending to just have George die in the very lava he tried to kill Dream with. Dream even lampshades it.
    Dream: I'm just gonna throw you back into your own lava!
    • In "Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters", Sapnap enchants a diamond axe named ''Dream Slayer'', but he is killed and Dream uses it to harass the hunters for the rest of the match.
    George: His axe is so OP!

  • Hostile Weather: Dream and George try to beat Minecraft while it's raining lava.

  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Dream, in almost all Manhunts where he's being hunted by the hunters. He manages to kill the hunters by outsmarting them, in various, creative ways. And most of the time, Dream's outnumbered.

  • The Hyena: Dream laughs at everything whenever he's playing with his friends (who aren't hunting him). See their X-ray challenge video for a good example.

  • I Call It "Vera": In the 4 Hunters Manhunt, Sapnap calls his axe the "Dream Slayer."

  • Ineffectual Death Threats: Subverted in the Dream SMP War. Dream threatens to detonate a single block of TNT within L'Manburg's walls if they do not concede the war. The L'Manburgians, clearly not worried about a single block of TNT, call his bluff, and Dream lights the block of TNT... which in turn activates the countless other blocks of TNT underneath L'Manburg the Dream Team had planted prior to their parlay.

  • Improbable Weapon User: Dream uses a fishing rod in the 4 Hunters Manhunt.

  • Improbably High I.Q.: Dream is jokingly stated to have a high IQ (ranging from roughly 200 to over 10,000) due to his many traps and gambits in the Manhunt series, with most montages of his traps being labeled as "Dream [insert number here] IQ Moments." Dream does plan out most of his traps in advance, simply waiting for a chance to use them, but that hardly detracts from the coolness factor when he does use them.

  • Inane Blabbering: In this specific point in the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, (27:23) when Dream's at one heart, he starts screaming gibberish as he's running for his life.
    Dream: [insane and panicked gibberish as he's running away from the hunters]
    BadBoyHalo: What does that even mean?!
    Sapnap: That means, "Oh my god, I'm about to die!"

  • Insane Troll Logic: In the bonus video for the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 2 Hunters" video, George attempts to rationalize his game-losing murder of Sapnap by claiming he was celebrating their victory, attempting to pass it off as a justified response. Never mind that George killing Sapnap was the only reason they lost in the first place, something that Sapnap tries to point out.

  • Instant-Win Condition: When Dream explains at the start of the video that beating the Ender Dragon means he wins, he's not kidding. Even if Dream dies a split second later, so long as he gets the "Free the End" achievement beforehand he wins. He doesn't even need to enter the portal to the overworld - which is normally what an official Minecraft speedrun requires.

  • It Only Works Once: In the "3 Hunters Finale" video (the third of the 3 Hunters series), Dream sets up an escape route leading to an End Crystal he intends to use to blow up the hunters (as their gear is too good for him to win in a straight-up fight)—and he succeeds. Two Manhunts later, in the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, Dream sets up an escape route leading to another End Crystal for the exact same purpose—but the hunters, knowing to be on-guard, realize they're in a trap quickly. Bad also spots the End Crystal when he's out of range, and the hunters are able to avoid the trap.
    • Typically, Dream only uses the various kinds of traps and trickery once. On the one hand, it's definitely more fun to see newer ways to outsmart the hunters, but on the other hand it's quite clear that some tricks just don't work twice.
    • Bad is knocked into the End before Dream finishes fighting the other Hunters in the first "3 Hunters'' video and rigs a trap near the End spawn to kill Dream. This succeeds without question. Later, in the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, they reach the End first once more and try to rig another trap. However, they make the mistake of letting Dream become aware of their intentions, and Dream spends the final minutes of the video simply gathering TNT to drop through the portal and blow up both the trap and all three hunters.

  • Irony: In the "4 Hunters" video, Sapnap crafts an enchanted diamond axe named Dream Slayer. When the hunters fight Dream in the Nether, Dream kills Sapnap and uses Dream Slayer to replace his own iron axe, using the very weapon designed to kill him as his own primary weapon for the rest of the video.

  • Join or Die: Dream has this ultimatum for L'Manburg: Either cease fighting for independence or he'll utterly thrash them. They refuse as expected, Dream does exactly what he promised to.
    Dream: I want to see white flags! White flags outside your base, by tomorrow, at dawn, or you are dead!

  • Jump Cut: This is what Dream uses to skip most of the boring parts of his videos that would've otherwise been shown, therefore making the video longer.
    • In the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, at the end of the video, it cuts from Dream shooting the pillars used to heal the dragon, to the dragon at low health, with all the pillars destroyed.

  • Kill It with Ice: In the 4v1 Manhunt, Dream uses his Frost Walker boots to kill Sapnap and Bad when they attempt to fall into water.

  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Dream tries to loot everything useful he can from the villages he finds in Minecraft Manhunt, if he finds a village. Any other world-generated building which has useful items works as well. He can even out-kleptomaniac his fellow kleptomaniacs, as seen when he snatches a blacksmith's loot just before George can, even though George was seemingly ahead.

  • Large Ham: Everyone of the Dream Team is guilty of this, but George and Sapnap are the kings of the trope, screaming in either joy, fear, or rage. It's especially shown whenever George is being chased in fear, or Sapnap screaming at Dream whenever he attacks.
    • Bad's pretty hammy at times too, as evidenced by his "HELLOOOOO, DREAM!" from the start of 4 Hunters. Considering Dream's propensity for the Big "YES!", Antfrost is easily the most subdued member of the Manhunt cast.

  • The Law of Conservation of Detail: Dream cuts out the parts of his videos that are boring or don't have any action in them.
    • In the final minutes of the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, after Dream blows up the End spawn trap, he goes to the End and shoots the first pillar. It then cuts to him fighting the Ender Dragon, suddenly at low health. He edited the video the way he did so that the viewers wouldn't know if he died or not, and after going to the End, no viewer would have to worry about Dream dying to the Ender Dragon.

  • Leave Him to Me: In the "3 Hunters Finale Rematch" video, Sapnap is enraged when Dream murders his wolf as he's helpless to watch, and promptly decides to fight him alone. Sapnap is unarmored and his best weapon is a stone sword. Dream is decked out in full iron gear and he's also considered The Dreaded for very good reasons. Guess how well that ends for Sapnap.

  • Loophole Abuse: Discussed in the Grand Finale (37:01), when the hunters go in the End before Dream could.
    Bad: Hey, you never said we could not go to the End before you.
    George: It's true.
    Sapnap: It's not against the rules and regulations.
    Sapnap: Let's just flip through my [makes a flipping page sound] manual [flips again] of Manhunt, yep, it's not in the rules.
    Bad: Oh. What about that, Dream. Interesting.

  • Lured into a Trap: In the Dream SMP: After an encounter gone wrong, the L'Manburgians hide in a bunker prepared by Eret. Except Eret reveals himself to be a traitor and activates a piston door in the wall, allowing Dream and his allies to storm the bunker and kill the L'Manburgians in a Curb-Stomp Battle.

  • Minimalistic Cover Art: Dream's profile picture and banner on YouTube is mostly green and has the minimalistic figure made of a white circle and white body with no arms.

  • Mook Horror Show: Though on paper Dream is at a disadvantage as the target of Manhunts, as many comments like to point out, in practice, the Hunters are more scared of Dream than he is of them, and for most of the Manhunts that fear proves to be fully justified as he picks the Hunters apart. This is especially the case when watching the earliest 1 Hunter videos from George's perspective, showing exactly how terrifying it is to go up against Dream. Most of the time, he'll be hunting you.

  • Murder by Inaction: In the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters Finale Rematch," the Hunters are in the Nether fortress and Dream is chasing Sapnap, when all of a sudden Sapnap gets stuck fighting two wither skeletons while cornered. Dream just silently locks him in and watches this happen as Sapnap begs him for help.

  • Musical Spoiler: At the beginning of his Minecraft Manhunt videos, Dream goes off without the hunters knowing, and there's an absence of music. Once they start realizing he's gone, the music starts up. Therefore, the absence of music is this trope.
    • Subverted in the 1v3 Grand Finale. This time, the hunters are smart enough to surround Dream and watch him closely to make sure that the hunters know exactly when he runs off.

  • Narrating the Obvious: Justified. Whenever Dream gets an achievement, the hunters always point it out, and use it as a clue to find where Dream is. Since the audience is in Dream's point of view, this is usually obvious.

  • Never Recycle Your Schemes: Dream always finds new and creative ways to destroy the hunters. Those plans are usually prepared way ahead of time, until they are finally put to use in the latest Manhunt. The time in the grand finale where he tried to reuse his End Crystal trap didn't work, because the hunters saw that one coming because they had seen it before in a previous Manhunt. It's almost like Dream's traps only work a single time. If Dream did the same thing over and over, and it always works, then Manhunt would get boring. This is why Dream almost never recycles his schemes.

  • No Body Left Behind: Par for the course with Minecraft, but in addition, when he kills any of the hunters Dream will often burn the loot the hunters have on them if he can't use any of it himself, leaving behind no trace of them.

  • No-Sell: Near the end of the first Death Swap, in the Nether, Dream uses an enchanted golden apple to gain fire resistance, completely negating George's plan to dunk Dream in lava. Of course, George doesn't know this, and Dream had humorous reactions swimming in the lava while waiting for the swap to throw George back into his own trap.

  • Not the Fall That Kills You: In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters," Dream, George, Sapnap, and BadBoyHalo are falling down a ravine, with Dream trying to escape from the other three who are hunting him. He falls in water, which prevents him from taking fall damage, and then he covers the water with his blocks so when they followed him into the ravine, all three of them ended up falling in Dream's blocks instead of the water.
    • Techniques Dream has used to avoid fall damage when he can't use Soft Water include landing on haybales (which reduces fall damage), riding in boats placed on the ground, and the infamous MLG Horse.
    • In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 4 Hunters", Dream builds an extremely tall tower to goad the hunters to climb up to pursue him, jumps from it into the lake below, then uses the Frost Walker boots he found earlier to freeze the lake and cause half of them to fall to their death.

  • Nuke 'em: At the end of the "3 Hunters Grand Finale" video, the hunters set up a trap near the End spawn point that they plan to use to kill Dream with the instant he enters the End. Knowing he stands no chance of surviving it normally, Dream opts for the perfectly predictable route of just dropping a quarter-stack of TNT through the stronghold portal. What results is basically an interdimensional cluster bomb, leading to the trap's destruction and all three hunters dying.
    • In the SMP war, Dream demands unconditional surrender from L'Manburg or else he'll detonate a block of TNT within L'Manburg's walls. Wilbur, unfazed by merely one block of TNT, declares that he'd rather die defending L'Manburg's right to independence. Unfortunately for Wilbur and L'Manburg, however, Dream doesn't just have that one block within the walls—he also has an entire nuke's worth of TNT hidden right under L'Manburg itself, and detonating the one block above ground causes nearly every block underground to detonate as well, destroying a majority of L'Manburg from the inside out and dealing its defenders a blow they never recover from.

  • Obvious Rule Patch: About halfway through the second Death Swap, it is revealed that Dream and George came up with a special rule: you can’t travel to the Nether to kill the other person with lava. This is likely to stop every Death Swap afterwards from degenerating into who can travel to the Nether first, as there are only two other reliable counters to this plan. The first one is by using Fire Resistance potions, which are only possible to make (or find) in the Nether by finding blaze rods and magma cream, or by trading with Piglins. The second solution is to get incredibly lucky with finding an enchanted golden apple, as Dream and George found out the hard way. What makes this an even more obvious rule patch is that the first Death Swap ended in the exact manner the duo decided to ban.

  • Oh, Crap!: Very frequently in Minecraft Manhunt, mostly when Dream is trying to lose the hunters at the start of the game, or when one of the hunters realizes that they've been outplayed by Dream and are about to die. Sometimes, though, Dream doesn't even have to be involved!
    Dream: (separated from everyone in the Nether) So how's everybody doing?
    Bad, Sapnap, and George: *coincidental scream of sheer terror*
    Bad: (beat) ... we're fine...

  • Once per Episode:
    • During the beginning of every one of his videos, Dream says, "Also according to YouTube's statistics only a small percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed, so if you end up liking this video consider subscribing. It's free and you can always unsubscribe. Enjoy the video." Originally a genuine plea, this has since been memed to hell and back, and it's clear that by now Dream's just saying it out of tradition.
    • Dream always starts the videos by tricking the hunters into distracting themselves, then running off while they're too busy to notice he's already started. It'd be easier to count the times he doesn't do this.
    • Every Minecraft Manhunt feels incomplete without hearing the words: "Oh, Dream~!"
    • In pretty much every episode, Dream has at least one or two tricks or traps to try out against the hunters. There's usually at least one for every point in the run (the initial resource-gathering, the Nether run, the Ender Pearl hunting, and the End fight).

  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Of the crew, only George goes by his regular name (as it's in his username). Dream never goes by his real name of Clay (and is shown being peeved when George calls him such on-stream), and the same goes for Sapnap and Bad (Nick and Darryl respectively).

  • Put on a Bus: Sapnap & Bad following their respective Manhunt videos. Sapnap eventually returned in the "2 Hunters" video, as did Bad in the "3 Hunters" video, and both have been mainstays since.

  • Please Subscribe to Our Channel: In the beginning of his videos, Dream shows us his YouTube statistics, then tells us that we don't have to like him or his videos, in a way that feels like we're not pressured to.

  • Plot Armor: In the Manhunts he wins, Dream somehow survives situations that other people are very unlikely to live through through sheer skill and some luck, to the point that some fans joke that he has plot armor. Note that Dream does lose sometimes, either late into a video after escaping death several times before or so early on that they scrap it and pretend it never happened.

  • Quad Damage: Dream uses potions to his advantage when fighting the three hunters in Minecraft Manhunt.
    • For example, in one of the 1v3 Minecraft Manhunts, Dream was about to get out of the Nether. But he knows that the hunters are nearby. Right before the inevitable battle, he drinks a Strength potion, and fights them. The strength he got from that potion was enough for Dream to win that fight.

  • Quieter Than Silence: In the Minecraft Manhunt, one of the hunters (usually BadBoyHalo) will tell everyone to be quiet when they think Dream is nearby, or in a wall. This is so that the hunters can hear Dream breaking/placing blocks and running. The background music in the video even stops for those moments.

  • Rage Breaking Point: From "''Minecraft'', But My Friend Is A Dog". George swipes Dream (the dog) one too many times, resulting in him losing it for a few moments.
    Dream: GEORGE!!! HALF OF MY DAMAGE! IS FROM! YOU!!! You're no longer my owner!

  • Rebellious Rebel: In the Dream SMP, Eret is this during the SMP war, betraying L'Manburg after Dream makes him an offer he can't refuse.

  • Refuge in Audacity: Dream popping a Fire Resistance potion and charging all 3 of his hunters with only one heart actually works. Instead of fighting, they all run for the hills due to them assuming that it's a Strength potion and that if Dream is suddenly on the offensive, there's a good reason for it. While this did succeed because George couldn't tell what colour the potion particles were, the plan otherwise hinged on predicting his opponents' response and sheer balls.

  • The Rival: After Dream's debut in the sixth Minecraft Championships, he & Technoblade serve this role to each other. The two typically play up their rivalry, and even ended up in a best-of-ten PVP duel hosted by MrBeast for $100k. IRL, however, the two are good friends and their "rivalry" is just for show.
    • The eighth Minecraft Championships also lead to a Rivals Team Up moment when both of them were placed on the same team and worked very well together.

  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: In the 3 Hunters Grand Finale video, (26:54) Sapnap wants revenge after Dream killed George, causing Sapnap to go into an Unstoppable Rage and try to kill Dream.

  • Round Table Shot: Dream looks at all the hunters surrounding him in the very beginning of the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale before running away.

  • Running Gag: At the beginning of Dream's videos (say it with me): "Also, according to YouTube's statistics, only a small percentage of people who watch my videos are actually subscribed, so if you end up liking this video, consider subscribing. It's free and you can always unsubscribe. Enjoy the video."

  • Run or Die: Both sides in Minecraft Manhunt like to run away from situations they don't like.
    • Early on in the Minecraft Manhunt finale rematch, Dream gets a golden sword from a chest near a broken Nether Portal. The three hunters promptly run away from Dream.
    • Early in the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, Dream is collecting wheat, when all of a sudden George and Sapnap are chasing after Dream with iron weapons and armor. He runs away as fast as possible while the hunters try to get him.

  • Russian Reversal: (In the grand finale explanation video) BadBoyHalo, when they set up the End spawn trap, was expecting to get a video clip of the hunters and him destroying Dream... which would've happened if Dream didn't blow up the place with the TNT first. Dream got a video clip in the main video of him destroying the team of hunters. In short, instead of the hunters destroying Dream (and recording it), Dream destroys the hunters (while recording it.)

  • Saw It in a Movie Once: In the Minecraft Manhunt Grand Finale, when Dream was in the Nether and used a boat-hopping technique to escape from the hunters, he says he saw that technique on Reddit.
    • Reddit saves Dream once again as he uses another technique he saw, this time using a fishing rod to launch a Strider up to him and quickly hop on the Strider before going back down, allowing him to avoid fire damage.

  • Say My Name: Happens in every Minecraft Manhunt video, with both Dream and whoever he's playing with often calling out the other's name when they chase each other.

  • Scarily Competent Tracker: In any challenge where someone is hunting someone else, the Hunter(s) always have a compass that points towards their target, meaning they can always find him no matter where he goes or how he tries to hide. The exception was that they couldn't track locations within the Nether, until a Minecraft update changed that.
    • The compass plays a big role in "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE." Dream builds a fake Nether Portal so that he could trick the hunters into thinking he was back at the Nether. It would've worked, but the compass gave it away, since it can indirectly tell whether Dream's at the Overworld or the Nether depending on if it moves or not, since this video was before the update that made compasses work in the Nether.

  • Screw This, I'm Out of Here!: A common reaction when Dream kills at least one of his pursuers and the rest decide to just run for it. Notably, during the Invisibility Potion gambit, Dream manages to use the ensuing chaos to pick off Bad then George, causing Sapnap to declare "Oh my- I'm out of here, I'm out of here!" to the chagrin of the first two.

  • Screw Your Ultimatum!: Faced with Dream's demands of surrender, Wilbur defies Dream to his face, declaring he'd rather die than have L'Manburg rejoin Dream's half of the SMP server. Dream happily helps him and his allies with that "die" part, having planted TNT underneath L'Manburg and using the moment to detonate it and destroy a good 80% of the land.

  • Secret Weapon: In the end of the Minecraft Manhunt Grand Finale, Dream secretly collects TNT to use for his final attack: to destroy the hunters' End spawn trap.
    • Eret claims to have one in a bunker during the SMP war. It's a trap designed to get the L'Manburgians into one place for Dream to ambush them.

  • Series Fauxnale: Originally, "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE" and the rematch was going to be the final episode of the 1v3 Minecraft Manhunts. Two weeks after the rematch, however, due to popular demand, Dream released a grand finale that would be the end to all 1v3 Minecraft Manhunts.

  • Sequel Escalation: At first, the "3 Hunters Finale" video and the "Finale Rematch" video were going to be the end of the "3 Hunters" series of Manhunt videos (it's later clarified that Manhunt as a whole would have continued but in a different manner). But then, a week after the Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine video released, the grand finale released because the last Minecraft Manhunt video got over a million likes. In a day.

  • Serial Escalation: Dream's Minecraft Manhunts get more and more over-the-top as the series grows more in number. For example, the Manhunts started off with only one hunter. As the series expanded, Dream added a second hunter, and eventually a third and later a fourth. As a result, his victories keep getting better and better. The strategies that Dream and the hunters use also evolve. Where he once ambushed and fought George directly, he'll now set up lava and explosives to use against the hunters. In the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale explanation video, Dream said the hunters were at their best, and Dream only managed to kill one of the hunters once prior to his now-famous TNT ploy, whereas in the earlier videos, Dream killed the hunters many times while also managing to outsmart them. Dream did actually outsmart them in the grand finale, but he had to use new techniques as well as becoming better at the game.

  • Share Phrase: The hunters in Minecraft Manhunt can't go an episode without saying, "Oh, Dream~!"

  • Shout-Out: On two different occasions, George and later Bad (36:01) say "My, how the turns have tabled."

  • Sixth Ranger: Originally, it was only Dream and George in the Minecraft Manhunts, but when the time came for two hunters, Sapnap joined in. BadBoyHalo came later when the hunters needed three of them to even have a chance against Dream. AntFrost eventually fills this role as the fourth hunter when everyone else has carved a niche in the group,

  • Something Completely Different: Happens on a few occasions:
    • One video has Dream hunting down George as the latter tries to beat the game. Dream wins after knocking George off the starting End platform, even more surprising considering Dream had died and lost all his gear mere seconds prior.
    • Another video has Sapnap hunting Dream—the "different" here comes from the fact that Sapnap has full diamond gear from the beginning. Sapnap wins soon after Dream leaves the Nether.
    • One video has Dream and George team up to beat the game while an AI hunts them down. The video ends when the AI kills Dream.
    • A special video Dream did with famous YouTuber MrBeast has Dream hunting down MrBeast himself, as well as his friends Karl and Chandler, the catch being that the three only lose when each of them dies once, but even those who have died can continue to protect the survivors. It's also notable in that Dream is noticeably holding back, as Beast and his friends are considerably less skilled at Minecraft. To make things fair, Dream has given the three a full set of iron armor to start, and he also doesn't employ his usual tactics of setting traps and psychological warfare. If Dream even tried to go as all-out as he does against his own friends, the video would have ended in the first two minutes.
    • And yet another video has George and Sapnap team up against Dream. Eventually averted, however, as more than one hunter becomes the norm as Dream continues to improve and it's clear that more hunters are needed to keep things fair (notable as George, Sapnap and Bad are no slouches in Minecraft—Dream's just that good).

  • Spam Attack: Dream, whenever he has a bow and is fighting the hunters. What he usually does is go a safe enough distance, and then bow shot after bow shot like crazy to knock them back and reduce their health slightly. That's when he either attacks with a sword, or runs away.

  • Special Guest: Dream appears in some of MrBeast gaming videos.
    • Dream and Technoblade's $100,000 duel was hosted on MrBeast's gaming channel.

  • Speedrun: In-universe, Dream speedruns Minecraft, and has gotten multiple world records.

  • Sudden Soundtrack Stop: In Dream's Minecraft Manhunt videos, the background music that's currently playing stops when one of the hunters tells everyone to stop what they are doing and listen. The music stops so that the audience can listen with them.

  • Suicide Attack: According to the explanation video of the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale video, Sapnap was trying to use the bed to explode Dream before he could kill the dragon, but instead, he exploded himself and Dream got the achievement.

  • Super-Persistent Predator: The hunters in Minecraft Manhunt really want to kill Dream.

  • Swapped Roles: For some videos, Dream hunts down George instead of the usual.

  • Taking You with Me: At the very end of the Minecraft Manhunt grand finale, Sapnap tries to kill Dream as a last-ditch effort by exploding a bed next to him. Sapnap thought blowing up the bed would either blow up the dragon (killing it before Dream could), or kill Dream himself. Both possibilities would result in the hunters winning. What happened instead was that the game gave the "Free the End" achievement to Dream (meaning that no matter what really happened the proof was in Dream's favor), and the bed only blew up Sapnap..

  • The Team: In Manhunt, he hunters usually form one, mainly once they're over three in number.
    • George starts out as The Leader between him and Sapnap, having the most Manhunt experience and knowing what to predict from Dream. When Bad takes the role he later becomes The Heart of the group.
    • Sapnap is The Lancer, being a striking contrast to George and later Bad in terms of personality and tactics (while George and Bad prefer to stay back, Sapnap will often rush Dream). He could also be considered The Big Guy—he's definitely the group's muscle.
    • Bad becomes The Leader of the group when he joins them, often being the one to come up with the plans to kill Dream. Considering the quality of these plans, he could also be considered The Smart Guy.
    • AntFrost as of recent has only been in one Manhunt. With his niche in the group yet to be carved out, he's moreso the Sixth Ranger than anything.

  • Tempting Fate: In the first Minecraft Manhunt against 3 opponents, Dream only has time to grab 2 logs (which he makes into 8 planks) before he's forced to flee, with everyone vocally confident that he can't do much with that. He ends up diving into pool of water in a ravine and using the planks to block off the water from his pursuers, killing them when they all land on them.

  • Thanatos Gambit: In the video where Dream hunts down George, he builds a secret room near the End portal with a bed and sets his spawn in it. Later, thanks to a fumble, he falls to his death and acts distraught at losing all his items and seemingly giving George the win. But he just hides in the bed room until George enters the End, punches his way out, dives in the portal after him, and slaps him off into the void while his guard was down.

  • This Is Gonna Suck: In the first Death Swap, (16:32) George places his trap in the Nether. What George didn't expect was for Dream to have an enchanted golden apple with him. Dream tells him to think about his death for the next four minutes while he just sits there in the bottom of the lava pool, waiting for the swap to happen
    George (after a Beat): ...No.
    Dream: *laughs*

  • Time for Plan B: In the Grand Finale, (34:50) Dream and the hunters have a conversation about the plans the hunters make. Dream thinks that, since his End Crystal trap didn't work, the hunters have made actual plans.
    Dream: Usually, I feel like you guys, when you just say plans, like as a meme, you're like, "Plan Seven!" But in this case, I feel like "Plan B" is like, you literally, actually have plans.
    George: It's a reputable name.
    Bad: An actual plan.
    Sapnap: Guys, execute Plan 74-35B!

  • Took a Level in Badass: In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE", the hunters finally live up to their name and end up forcing Dream on the run throughout the entire video instead of them dying to him every few minutes, as they wound up scoring iron armour AND iron weapons from a nearby village, then later upgrade parts to diamond armour and weapons, and even go as far as to ENCHANT their stuff. They even go to the End ahead of him to set-up a trap, like they did in the third episode. Dream is never able to enchant his own armour and sword, and he even admitted that it was their best outing yet. That was, had he not gone and made TNT to blow up all three of them and their trap, he would've actually LOST for once.
    • Before this, in Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters Rematch, the hunters apply much more strategy to taking Dream on, constantly pursuing him and only suffering casualties when they separate. They block off the first End Portal with obsidian and even use Dream's brewing stand against him, almost costing him the game in the long run.
    • Sapnap in the "4 Hunters" video. In earlier Manhunts he was the fighter of the group but often was taken out easily by Dream, with his most humiliating defeat coming when he was cornered by two Wither Skeletons. Noticeably, Dream has no issues fighting Sapnap solo. In this video, however, he remains the most consistent threat to Dream (probably helping is that he ends up with an enchanted diamond chestplate) and Dream outright states he didn't want to have to fight Sapnap solo. Sapnap is also the only hunter not to die during the End fight, and it's him who ends up killing Dream, the first time he's gotten the hunters the game-winning kill since the Diamond Juggernaut video.

  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: Dream & Technoblade, after three Minecraft Championships and months of rivalry, face off in a best-of-ten duel worth $100,000 for whoever wins. Techno wins in a narrow 6-4 victory over Dream, but a video Dream made covering the aftermath reveals they split the money.

  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: This trope is one of the reasons why Dream is so successful in Minecraft Manhunt. Dream plans where and what he will do in a specific situation for one of his videos. Then he tells no one until he actually executes his plan. Meanwhile the Hunters are multiple different human beings, and must coordinate plans between them in real time. This often leads them to speak their plan and thus ruin it by tipping Dream off, or spend time communicating it privately which is slower and buys Dream time. The trope is displayed in the different strategies in the first and last 3 Hunters videos: in the former, Bad tells nobody about his trap and Dream lets his guard down and falls for it; while in the latter, the Hunters brag about how they're setting up an unbeatable trap, and Dream—knowing that there's a trap—figures out a way to beat it.

  • Unusual Euphemism: BadBoyHalo frequently uses "Muffin" in the Minecraft Manhunts, as in "What the muffin?", "He's muffin-ed", or "Stop being a muffin-head!". It's as versatile as the swear it's probably substituting for.

  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Dream, George, Sapnap, and Bad are pretty much archnemeses during Manhunt. They're also close friends and have each others' backs. They're so close that they outright celebrate when one of their own hits an important milestone (such as Dream reaching 5 million subs or George reaching 1 million). And in the eighth Minecraft Championship, where Dream is on an opposing team to George and Sapnap, the latter two continue to cheer Dream on when his team makes it to the final round.
    • In addition, Dream and just about anyone allied with L'Manburg in the SMP. It'd be easy to infer that they're mortal enemies—instead, they're rather good friends. Just like George and Sapnap, Wilbur and Tommy's team can be seen cheering Dream's on in the final round of the eighth Minecraft Championship.

  • Wham Line: There are several examples in Dream's videos.
    • In the first Death Swap:
      Dream: How long is the Fire Resistance for on god apples?
    • In the SMP war, though the wham is moreso from who says it:
      Eret: Down with the revolution, boys. It was never meant to be.

  • Wham Shot: Once again, there are a lot of examples in Dream's videos.
    • In the 2 Hunters video, Dream is falling off the edge of the End and into the void. George then kills Sapnap. And then we see a few Ender Pearls drop right into Dream's hotbar.
    • During the SMP war, Wilbur defies Dream's ultimatum and declares that he'd rather die than betray his own cause, being unfazed by a block of TNT. As Dream detonates the block of TNT, the L'Manburgians then see hundreds of blocks of TNT under the cracked surface of L'Manburg, a few of them primed to explode from the initial blast.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: In the end of the 2 Hunters video, Sapnap has nothing but anger towards George after he kills Sapnap eventually leading to Dream's victory. He only gets more annoyed at George when he realizes in the bonus video that George killing him is the only reason Dream won in the first place, having used Sapnap's Ender Pearls to save himself from the void.

  • White Mask of Doom: Pretty much any artist's rendition of Dream—and even Dream's official Youtooz figure—has him depicted with dirty blond/brown hair (which he reportedly has IRL), wearing a green hoodie and, of course, a white mask. The mask has the smiley face from Dream's profile picture carved into it. In some animations, the mask even gains red eyes of doom when Dream's about to kill someone.

  • Worthy Opponent: Dream & Technoblade view each other as this. Even as their "rivalry" kicks off, through all the trash talk and taunting, they never see each other as less than equals. When the two finally square off in a $100,000 duel, the aftermath reveals that both combattants were practically terrified of facing the other.

  • Xanatos Speed Chess: On his Minecraft Manhunt analysis videos, Dream commentates that he often has several different ideas thought out for how to get out of a situation and switches between them at a moment's notice. One gets the impression he can think way faster under pressure than most can when it comes to Minecraft.

  • X-Ray Vision: The main focus of this x-ray challenge video on the Dream Team channel. The challenge was to beat Minecraft without turning their x-ray off.

  • Yank the Dog's Chain: In "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE," after getting chased by three hunters with iron armor and swords (the luckiest they've been, according to Dream,) having to fall off a mountain to buy himself some time, and having to go underwater and make himself a hole in which he almost drowned himself in, he finds a cave with some diamonds... only for Dream to have to make an iron pickaxe to actually get the diamonds. By the time the furnaces are done smelting the iron and having made himself the pickaxe, the hunters are right on his tail, and they notice the diamonds. They successfully prevent Dream from getting half the diamonds, and he's upset about this.
    • An even more extreme example occurs in Minecraft Speedrunner vs 3 Hunters FINALE, where Dream has gone through a huge ordeal, exhausting his supplies and at incredibly low health when he finally takes out all 3 hunters in the End. He yells out in triumph, thinking that all he has to do is take out the less threatening Ender Dragon... only for Bad to sneak up behind him and one-shot him with his fist.

  • You Bastard!: In the Dream SMP, Tommy says this word-for-word after Eret reveals his defection to the Dream Team.

  • Your Mom: When Dream and the hunters were in the Nether in "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters FINALE," BadBoyHalo told a joke to Dream, to which he responded with this trope. (15:44)
    Bad: Hey, Dream. I got a question for you.
    Dream: What?
    Bad: What is hot, and smells like potatoes?
    Dream: Your mom?
    The Hunters: Ohhhh!
    Bad: Hey! No, it's an oven once you're done making potatoes! ...Jerk.
    • During one of the Minecraft Championships Technoblade asks him if he gives lessons. Dream once again replies with, "to your mom".

  • Zombie Apocalypse: One of Dream's videos was about him and George surviving an army of zombies, with some being fast, some exploding, some throwing you, and more.


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