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"What's up everybody, it's Critikal. I'm reading TV Tropes on the internet; let's do this shit."

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Critikal (usually stylized as Cr1TiKaL and also known by his URL name penguinz0; real name: Charles Whitenote ), born on August 2, 1994, is a game commentator on YouTube.

He usually reviews old and relatively obscure games for the PC and Sony PlayStation along with indie and mainstream games, and most of his commentaries only last for one video. He's known for his low-pitched and almost monotone voice and his dry... err... moist humor. His commentary consists of sarcastic deadpan observations interspersed with crude humor. Aside from game commentaries, he occasionally makes humorous dubs over infomercials using his own voice and making fake movie trailers from monologues and footage of games he has played.

He has obtained YouTube partnership. However, he makes these videos simply because he enjoys making them and any money he makes is donated to various charities.

After seeking employment as a voice actor, he has managed to find roles as a tourist in Tropico 5, Job Gilman in Lucius 2, the computer in VoidExpanse, Anon from Popup Dungeon and Zero Mask in ANIMA: Gate of Memories. He also opened a Patreon, after much deliberation, mostly due to hardship in finding quality work, and in how his YouTube partnerships were not paying him. Currently, it has been repurposed to support The Official Podcast, a podcast run by him and three of his friends.

Since 2017, he has had a reviewing series known as the "Moist Meter" where he reviews various media on a scale of 0-100%.

    Critikal's videos include (but are not limited to) the following games: 

    Moist Meter videos include (but are not limited to) the following media: 

This is the greatest trope listing of All Time:

  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range:
    Cr1TiKaL: [typing] I can touch nipples with toes
    *Game characters look up in shock*
    Cr1TiKaL: "Oh... well, I have shown this ability to over a hundred humans, kangaroos and reptiles but not once have anyone's eyes lit up like that before I've done it. They must be really excited to see this."
    • Played straight in his 98 Koshien video.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: While voicing Anthony Sullivan, he claims that the Edge of Glory can make your knife capable of cutting through the perception of time.
  • A Degree in Useless: He has a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Tampa, which he considers useless. There's a good reason for that.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Charlie is quite pale, but in this video, he states that multiple classmates (and later, his fans on Youtube) asked him if he was part Asian. To his knowledge, he wasn't. To solve this "mystery", he did a DNA test. Result: 47% Southern European,note  25% Northwestern European,note  15% Native American, 5% Middle Eastern, 2% Sub-Saharan African, 6% unassigned.
  • And I Must Scream: He laments this must the poor fate of the "Gotta Go Flamingo", another pooping toy in the same vein as the "Poopsie Slime Surprise".
    Cr1TiKaL: "What a sad fucking existence just to take a shit, have kids laugh at you and feed you your own shit so you shit again... That's some terrible, nightmarish shit."
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: During an Omegle chat he assumes the false name of "Torvaltz" and later explains to his conversation partner that he is from the U.S. but his name is not of U.S. origin.
  • Ass Shove: In his Spider-Man 2 commentary, he threatened to shove a Dust Buster up Doc Ock's ass.
    • In his Five Nights At Freddy's commentary, he comments:
      "HQ this is Tango-Echo-Alpha. Animatronics whereabouts unkno- oh wait. Scratch that. Location of duck has been confimed. Judging by its facial expression it looks like someone shoved a soup ladle up its asshole. Poor thing looks startled."
  • Author Appeal: He really likes nipples.
  • Author Filibuster: "Horrible Review of the Playstation 5" is a rant against a journalist at Kotaku for inserting such a filibuster about the USA's sociopolitical issues in the middle of a review of the PlayStation 5, which amounts to "The PS5 is nice, but there are some people who can't afford it and that's unfortunate."
  • Bad "Bad Acting": His voice over for the Monster House trailer.
  • Badass Boast: In his Earth Defense Force 2025 video while fighting a mob of ants: "You may have rendered telephones useless, but I can still call your ant queen a bitch!"
    • During the House of Caravan speed run war with Mr.Stimich, he had this to say: "I am the king of House of Caravan. I will play this game until the end of times if that's what it takes to maintain this world record. If the ozone layer dissolves and the world is incinerated by the sun, I will be at my computer playing House of Caravan until the flames consume all, until I have this world record back. I won't stop until I am the true House of Caravan world record holder again."
  • Berserk Button: He really hates cockroaches:
    (While looking at a cockroach from the perspective of his Player Character) "I hate those creatures with a passion. There is nothing more disgusting, more vile, more revolting, more useless than a cockroach. Just an absolutely abominable organism. There is just nothing in this world that makes me more angry than a cockroach...I absolutely cannot stand those abominations. Cockroachs are an oozing pustule on this planet that needs to be eradicated...Cockroaches are down right insulting to the universe. There's no reason they should exist, none. Every single thing in this world looks at a cockroach and wonders why, but a cockroach looks at itself and wonders... "why not?"
  • Black Comedy: Cr1tikal has no bounds when it comes to what he'll say. Crosses with his comedy most of the time.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: Cr1tikal is also known by his variations, Big Moist, MoistCr1TiKaL, and BigMoistCr1TiKaL.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick:
    • In his Fridge Locker infomercial: "You can put (the Fridge Locker) in your fridge, your freezer, your pantry, your asshole..."
    • In his Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing review he mentions a commercial playing on TV during his game play: "That (the commercial) is playing while I'm playing Big Rigs while I'm playing with myself!"
    • In one of his Oregon Trail commentary, he ran though the list of jobs as such: "Who do I want to be? A banker from Boston, a carpenter from Ohio, farmer from Illinois, pornographer..."
    • There's also one in his Oswald the Elephant video.
      "Damn it, you elephant bitch! Just walk on the stilts! Use the stilts! Be one with the stilts! You are the stilts! Feel the stilts! Have sex with the stilts, Oswald!"
    • Delivered one in his Edge of Glory dub.
      "Now I bet you're asking: 'Sully, what can I do with three knives?' The possibilities are endless, you son of a bitch! You can cut, peel, dice, filet, fist yourself!"
    • Inverted as he was cooking the turkey stuffing in his Cooking Mama: PETA Edition commentary.
    • Also delivered one in his Grill Glove dub.
      "You can make hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, yourself."
    • Again in his final House of Caravan video.
      "Key, check. Chair, check. Erection, check."
  • Broken Pedestal: In the 2000s, he was a fan of Lostprophets, even admitting that he would often play their music while playing games and citing them as his favorite band. That is until vocalist Ian Watkins was arrested for an absolutely deplorable crime. This is discussed in his Most Evil Singer Ever video.
  • Catchphrase: "What up everybody, this is Cr1tikal. I'm playing (title of the game he is playing) for the (platform of the said game), let's do this shit."
    • And when he ends a video: "Well that's the end of this video. Remember to rate the video, comment the video, and subscribe if you wanna see videos similar to this one. See ya."
    • Technically not a catch phrase but the descriptions of his videos will usually be "This is the greatest (something related to the game he is playing) of All Time"
    • He's very fond of saying "pussyfart" and "bingo bango".
    • Also debatable whether this would be called a catch phrase, but he will frequently make references to nipples.
    • Whenever he's interrupted in the middle of reading something or doing something in general, he's likely to say "Oh okay, [I guess] I'll go fuck myself then."
    • "Now we're [fucking] cooking!"
  • Call-Back: A few occasions:
    • In Rhapsody: Believe in Santa: "And her father walks in looking like Trip about to kick me out in the Facade game."
    • In another video, he says "I feel like I'm playing Operation: Winback again."
  • Calling Your Attacks: While fighting Antoine in Dead Rising 2: "Serving tray!!" (throws one at Antoine)
  • Clickbait Gag: Cr1tikal compares YouTube clickbait to the programming of the Discovery Channel in a video-long Take That! called "Phelps vs Shark," which is about the misleading marketing leading up to Michael Phelps' race against a computer-generated shark.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Cr1tikal swears very often but there's some moments like his Zoo Tycoon commentary where he lets loose a string of F-bombs at once.
    • Upon hearing the was going to be another match in Animal Soccer World, he lets loose a barrage of swear words.
  • Companion Cube: In his Penumbra review he finds a crate and starts picking it up and talking to it. He names it: "Avagantamos: The Eater of Nipples".
  • Complaining About People Not Liking the Show: Discussed in this video, where he calls this phenomenon "The Uncharted Effect". He explains that he received criticism simply because he didn't like Uncharted 4, and that this attitude makes it difficult for people to criticize any overly hyped-up game, which leads to games not receiving the criticism they deserve, which in turn leads to developers not learning from feedback and thus not improving.invoked
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: His chess match against xQc lasted a grand six moves, thanks to his coach predicting that xQc would use a certain opening and then teaching Cr1tikal how to counter it.
  • Cuteness Proximity: He apparently likes toys that squeak, as evidenced in his FNAF 4 video.
  • Deadpan Snarker: One of his primary traits. Emphasis on the "deadpan" part.
  • Didn't Think This Through: During his criticism of the Titans (2018) trailer, he dons some heavy-duty Goth apparel including lip gloss and nail polish for a brief joke about "THE EDGE" of Robin saying "Fuck Batman", before realizing in the next cut that it doesn't come off that easy and he'll have to finish the video looking like a Hot Topic vampire.
    "I'm assuming when girls wear shit like this they expect to be buried in it 'cause it just doesn't come off at all, so I'm just gonna finish the video looking like this."
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Implied in his Rose & Camellia commentary.
    "I just realized she was wearing a cape the whole time. I just defeated a superhero."
  • Determinator: Between January 9 and 15, Cr1tikal and a viewer, TheMrStimich, got in an upload battle to keep the world record time in a speedrun of the indie game, House of Caravans, after Cr1tikal uploaded the world record of 35 seconds on YouTube. On Jan 14, TheMrStimich uploaded a speedrun of 12.98 seconds. At 2 AM on Jan 15, Cr1tikal got the final world record at 12.81 seconds. Both players had uploaded at least five "new" world records that would only be beaten within the next few hours. In the words of Cr1tikal:
    (After beating 17.58 second world record) "... I would do anything - and I mean anything - to protect my House of Caravan speed running world record."
    (After losing 14.14 second world record) "The new world record is 13.9 seconds... but I'll make you this guarantee: I will keep playing House of Caravan until I have my world record back."
    (After learning that the new world record is 12.98 seconds) "My world record has once again been broken, as has my self-esteem and self worth as a result. But what hasn't been broken is my spirit, my motivation, and my nipples... Some might say it's impossible to get below 12.9 seconds, but nothing's impossible."
  • Die, Chair, Die!: He pinned the blame on a sale sign for murder in the "A Match Made in Heaven" case in L.A. Noir and then tried run over it with the car, only to run over the corpse he was investigating in the process and fail the case.
  • Dissimile: His description of Mass Effect: Andromeda's OST:
    "It sounds like me just banging on the lid of a garbage can with a boomerang, only a lot better made and professionally done so basically nothing at all like me banging on the lid of a garbage can with any kind of accessory, really."
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: His earlier videos were completely different in style. The focus was mostly on first-person shooters, and the style of the commentary is far from the "titties and asscheeks" humor of his later videos.
  • Epic Fail: In his Dark Souls II gameplay, he not only failed the first jump a bunch of times, but he taunted an enemy not to fall of a ledge, only to fall off the ledge himself as well.
  • Extreme Omnisexual: He somehow got Cleverbot to admit that it's very fond of buffaloes.
  • Flowery Insults: One of his most notable talents is his ability to come up with unique and excessively vulgar insults off the top of his head.
  • Fun with Acronyms: In his Zoo Tycoon commentary, he dropped one as a helicopter took one of his gazelles away.
    "This is November India Papa Papa Lima Echo Sierra."
    • In his Cleverbot commentary, he theorizes that the reason "-bot" was colored because it stood for "bitch on tomatoes".
    • True Innocence Takes Sacrifice.
  • Gag Dub:
    • His "Real" versions of Anthony Sullivan's infomercials.
    • He also redubs the main character of obscure Russian cartoon series Captain Pronin.
  • Gratuitous Japanese: He uses some in his ''Ski Jumping Pairs'' video with the explanation that he started to learn Japanese in order to understand the Japanese games he likes to play. The first phrase he utters though is "Ima nan-ji desu ka" ( 'what time is it?' ).
    • He also once asks for the enemy's phone number while fighting them in another video.
  • Groin Attack: He got what he calls the worst toy ever made ("Poopsie Slime Surprise", a dancing plastic unicorn that mixes different sparkly chemicals inside it to make glittery poop) for review purposes, and had a lot of trouble unboxing due to lack of scissors... and in the process of pulling it out accidentally hit himself square-on in he nuts with the thing, leading to an uncharacteristic yelp and a jump-cut.
    "So I hit myself extremely hard in my sack, and, well, that's just a little wake-up call, you gotta bleed for the Poopsie, if you want to enjoy it. I guess the "surprise" in the name was for the surprise vasectomy I accidentally gave myself while getting it outta the box..."
  • Height Angst: His insecurity over his short height of 5'6" is a Running Gag.
  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: ('_')
  • Hilariously Abusive Childhood: As Captain Pronin.
    "My father looks like a depressed Chaz Finster, who dresses like a shitty sailor, and is over four hundred years old. But he wrote the world's best-selling novel, titled, 'I Am Man.' He also wielded a sword at one point, which is incredible. He always resented me because I was born with an erection and a frown. When I was seventeen he taught me how to shoot a gun, hoping I would turn it on myself. When I was twenty he taught me how to beat milk out of a coconut. When I was thirty he taught me how to read. He wasn't the best father, but I've always looked up to him, because he's over eight feet tall. (phone rings) Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to answer this phone call. It's probably my father calling to tell me to go fuck myself."
    • Uvritrog also suffers from this as his father apparently pretends to not know him.
  • I Like My X Like I Like My Y: While playing Mr. President, he says he likes his presidents the way he likes his porn - saved.
    • Captain Pronin apparently likes his smurfs the way he likes his insurance - fucking him.
  • In a World…: Hilariously played with in his "Theater" commentary, when he was voicing over the poor-quality movie posters in an epic movie trailer voice.
    "This summer, a sperm volcano will erupt in the upcoming family film, 'Volcanic Ejaculation'. Cumming soon to a theater near you."
    "'Someone Shit On My Snowcone'. Find out who did it this winter in 3D."
    "You've seen the Avengers as humans, now get ready to see them as a giant squid."
    "Don't miss the film everyone's talking about. 'The Blue Waterfall', starring Sonic the Hedgehog."
    "This clock is broken. Watch the mystery unfold in the Oscar-nominated film, 'Who Broke This Fucking Clock?'"
  • The Internet Is for Porn: His response when he found the computer during his commentary of Cry of Fear: "Computer? Let's look at some porn."
  • Jump Scare:
    • Cr1tikal, being The Stoic he is, barely reacts to jumpscares.
    • Parodied in "This Is Actually Scary", where he suddenly lunges at the camera shouting "AI!"
  • Leeroy Jenkins: He lampshades this habit of his while he plays Tattletail, while also succinctly pointing out how many Survival Horror games follow the exact same elements.
    Cr1tikal: Sees Mama There you are you son-of-a-bitch, I'm coming for you! Just whack her over the head with this flashlight! Oh, Mama I'm coming for— gets too close to Mama and gets killed Dammit! I don't know why I ever think in a horror game I'll be able to charge the scary thing, because it's always gonna lead to the game over and the restart thing. It's fuckin' stupid. All horror games are pretty much the same, just a different coat of paint.
  • Lethal Chef: His self-admitted refusal to ever read cooking instructions results in him burning almost everything he tries to make. He even managed to burn two frozen pizzas at the same time in different ovens.
  • Looks Like Jesus: Since 2019 Charlie has grown out his hair past his shoulders, making him look like a budget Keanu Reeves. In late 2021, a meme with his face photoshopped onto a holy looking person with the caption, "Share if you love Jesus" started making the rounds among Facebook moms.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: In the (corrupted) Hybrid Heaven, he notes that the woman seems to be taking having a horribly-broken ankle like a champ.
  • Minor Injury Overreaction: In the first Mr. President video:
    Cr1tikal: This is Code: Red. The ankle has a booboo.
  • Man, I Feel Like a Woman: While playing as the female protagonist in Jurassic Park: Trespasser he looks down and pauses for a moment to admire the character's breasts from her POV.
  • Mood Whiplash: While doing a video on Forged in Fire, he mocked two contestents' crossbows relentlessly. But when one flew straight through two panes of tempered glass, he stopped mid insult to enthusiastically applaud.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: In his Mario Party 7 video: He tells an anecdote about him taking a dump while listening to dramatic orchestral music from a movie soundtrack and he mentions it sounded like he was "taking a shit to determine the fate of mankind".
  • Nausea Fuel: In-Universe, the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Crisis on the Planet of the Apes Virtual Reality Licensed Games cause him severe motion sickness, to the point where it takes him all his strength to not vomit while playing.
    "The movement in this game is actually giving me alcohol poisoning. I've actually felt better with alcohol poisoning than with the movement system in this game"
  • Nerves of Steel: Horror games have no affect on him at all. Although, curiously, he freaked out when he saw a leaf stuck to his wall out of his peripheral vision in his Medal of Honor video, saying it looked like "a Ninja Turtle was rubbing its dick on my wall".
  • Nominal Hero: Discussed in "Actually the Goofiest Superheroes Ever", where he covers a "superhero" team known as Section 8. Charlie immediately questions how Bueno Excellente (a sex offender whose only power is rape threats), and Dogwelder (a dog killer who welds the dead bodies of dogs as a "superpower") can be considered heroes.
  • No-Sell: As stated elsewhere: Cr1tikal is immune to horror games. The only thing that he's ever got scared of on camera in a video game was a leaf stuck to the wall.
  • Not Distracted by the Sexy: While Dina and Ellie are kissing in The Last of Us Part II, Charlie is preoccupied with the fact that Ellie discarded a perfectly good blunt.
  • Not So Stoic: Horror games don't bother Cr1tikal at all. The Impossible Game, however, elicits the most emotion we've ever seen out of Critikal. Namely anger.
    • One of his earliest emotional responses was when he was playing Medal of Honor, where he ends up freaking out because he saw a leaf on his window and thought it was a turtle.
    • His "out of character" videos show him being as being very genuine and emotive. In these cases he sounds very happy.
    • He ended up getting a few jokes cracked his way after an incident in which a cockroach crawled on his leg in the middle of a stream, resulting in blind, disgust-induced panic and screaming.
    • In "The Worst Toy Ever Made", he mockingly lets out a big "WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!" regarding the Poopsie Slime Surprise unicorn doll, and how it poops "slime".
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: During a video allegedly intended to teach people how to play Modern Warfare 2 better, he plays VERY badly on purpose. Other videos have shown him to be a rather competent player.
  • Offing the Offspring: From the "Happy Wheels" commentary:
    "All right, I know what I must do - (flings his son Bloudon off the bike) I must murder my own son! You brought this on yourself. (runs over Bloudon with the bike)
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Every video has the description, "This is the greatest X of all time", where X is something having to do with the video. In his video about the forced integration of YouTube and Google+, it said, "Fuck Google+"
    • After Etika was pronounced dead, Charlie called out on Twitter (where he mainly makes his typical sarcastic jokes) Etika's toxic fanbase for their role in Etika's mental deterioration.
  • Orphaned Series: In 2010 he started a video series called "Cr1tikal Vs." as an attempt to be more interactive with his fans. The series was supposed to be videos of him fighting video game bosses based on his fans' requests. He only made two episodes.
    • A FAQ video states that he abandoned the series.
    • The BuzzFeed clone HotFeed, which was made by Cr1tikal and his friends, existed for all of 3 - 4 months before it was stopped being updated. Its Twitter and Facebook account lay dormant nowadays and the domain itself was taken off the servers.
  • Out-of-Character Moment: In his Babysitter Bloodbath video, he breaks his stoic nature and actually laughs.
  • Outside-the-Box Tactic: In RuneScape, he leveled his Smithing and Crafting levels from ~80 to 99 in what would take most players dozens or hundreds of hours to do in just 2 hours by dismantling and reassembling crystal axes by the bulk, a method that in theory gives way more xp/hour than anything else but was ludicrously expensive for it to be practical. He funded this by buying Bonds and selling them for gold with the help of other players to circumvent the buy limit.
  • Overly-Long Gag: At one point while playing Five Nights at Freddy's, he gets bored and goes into a very long, very graphically detailed story about the time he tried to receive oral sex while he had to take a piss.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: In his Minecraft commentary as the tried to hunt a duck: "Grab! My! Wiener!"
  • Punctuated Pounding: During the fight with the Woodsman in The Wolf Among Us.
    "Who! Is! Your! NIPPLEFISTER!"
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: While playing Slender, he shouts "This forest is closed, asshole!" as he runs up to Slender Man as he was pretending to be a park ranger.
  • Raging Stiffie: A lot of his jokes involve having an erection.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: From Captain Pronin.
    Cr1tikal!Pronin: Ugh, what the fuck have you brought into my office? Gentlemen, this is one of the ugliest creatures I've ever laid my eyes on. I'm downright disrespected you brought this shriveled-up Smurf boogeyman before me. Sir, when you speak, all I hear is the sound of cities burning, nightmares crying, and dog shit wearing deodorant. You are a poor excuse for a sentient being. Leave my office.
    • He sometimes dishes these out on occasions when something (in real life, not in a game) really pisses him off, and they're epic to behold.
  • Reference Overdosed: He oftentimes makes jokes about any media he watches in his LPs.
  • Ridiculously Average Guy: Describes himself as this in this when answering questions in his one million subscriber video.
  • Road Trip Plot: He and his girlfriend once took a 51 hour-long road trip to Pennsylvania and back due to Charlie's deathly fear of flying.
  • Rule of Three: In one video commentary where he did gameplay of various games, he said "Let's do this shit!" three times at the start of the video. See it here.
  • Running Gag:
    • His tendency to make references to nipples and wieners, for starters.
    • In his most recent videos, he often says "pussyfart" Once an Episode.
    • Captain Pronin being unable to understand Russian. Understandable, if it wasn't entirely in Russian...
  • Russian Reversal: Around the end of one of his The Oregon Trails videos: "I don't beat Oregon Trails, Oregon Trails beats me!"
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Most of his horror game playthroughs.
  • Serial Escalation: He progressively became more and more prone to laughing as the years go by, eventually culminating in this video.
  • Shrinking Violet: Claims to be one in real life in his "Holy Shit" video.
  • Signing Off Catchphrase: "Anyway, that's about it. See ya."
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: His videos are definitely not for young kids. He seems especially fond of references to certain anatomical parts.
  • Smarter Than You Look: Well, sound. Due to his love of all things titty and nipples, one might assume Cr1TiKaL lacks in basic or advanced knowledge — he doesn't. In his Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal playthrough, he notes "CHAN E - that's the Chinese goddess of the moon, don't know why that's an option." Turns out that Chang'e actually is the name of the Chinese goddess of the moon.
    • In his Classroom Aquatic commentary, it's implied that he has substantial knowledge of anatomy and physiology. He later even stated that he majored in human anatomy and Exercise Physiology in college. He also demonstrates retaining knowledge of mathematics in the same video.
    • In his Among the Sleep commentary, he makes a passing reference to the Hodge Conjecture.
    • In his Safety Driving commentary, he noted the developers spelled "encephalon" wrong.note 
    • He also has a few videos on basic Biology, covering Prions and Carbohydrates.
    • He's refreshingly realistic and well-informed on the matters of web ad-based revenue, far more so than most of his fellow Youtubers. One of the reasons he donates his Youtube money to charity, in his own words, is that he doesn't want to become dependent on a source of income that can so easily drain away, preferring instead to see Youtube purely as something he does for fun in his spare time while pursuing a normal career (he started making videos while he was still in college, and has graduated by now). In one of the Official Podcast episodes, he also correctly points out that Youtube has never been profitable, that Google has been operating it at a net loss and retaining it purely for cultural reasons, and that therefore anyone depending on it for their livelihood is by default planting themselves on shaky ground.
    • He has a Bachelor's of Science in Human Sciences, with a concentration in Exercise Physiology from University of Tampa, 2016.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: Cr1TiKaL's signature style is mixing witty and sophisticated banter with truckloads of expletives.
  • The Stoic: Throughout his commentaries on video games he plays, his voice is usually monotone and has little to no emotion put into it. For a while, instances of Cr1TiKaL laughing were few and far between. Nowadays, he often uploads videos of him playing games or watching movies with his friends, during which he's much more jovial.
  • Stylistic Suck: Frequently.
    • His custom song from Disney Quest, "Let's Party Party Party Tonight", is this. Granted, he made it when he was about eight years old, though combination of strange and generic lyrics (due to the songs being made via Mad Libs) have not gone unnoticed.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Cleverbot in the Cleverbot video.
    Cr1tikal: "You are not a person, you are an ass."
    Cleverbot: "You are the robot."
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivers one to his own audience in "Stop", after they chose to attack and brigade the Dogfree Subreddit after he previously featured it in a video showcasing some of its more irrational individuals. After the latter video aired, fans bullied the denizens of the subreddit, some of whom had genuine reasons to dislike dogs, such as being attack victims or suffering from cynophobia, forcing him to give his viewers a protracted dressing down over their bad behaviour.
  • This Is for Emphasis, Bitch!: Delivered one in his Dead Space 3 commentary during the cut-scene where Danik ambushes Issac and his allies.
    • At the end of his "Mighty Thirsty" dub: "Get thirsty, bitch!"
    • In "Various Games Gameplay and Commentary": "You'll think twice before being a computer next time, bitch!"
    • He done this three times in his Dead Rising 2 commentary.
    • While stopping one of the opponents from passing him in Snowboard Kids 64: "Yeah, froze your ass again, bitch!"
    • In his Phobia commentary: "Sneak attack, BIIIIIIIIITCH!"
    • At one point while trying to jump over a fence in the The Smurfs video game for the Atari 2600: "Alright here we go, Olympic hurdle, bitch!"
    • In the Wrestling MPire commentary: "Manufacture me as a keyboard, and I'll only have one key - the control key, bitch!"
    • Delivered one while fighting off in Earth Defense Force 2025.
  • Too Incompetent to Operate a Blanket: Parodied in cases such as "Do you have a drawer full of sharp knives, but prefer to cut your bread with a doorstop?"
  • Tranquil Fury: Critikal is legendary for being The Stoic online, so when something really, legitimately pisses him off to make a non-joking, non-comedic video, Critikal's anger is cool enough to freeze a volcano.
  • Ur-Example: Played for Laughs in "Most Evil Livestream Ever", where he says that Nasubi playing Densha De GO for four days straight technically makes him the first-ever video game livestreamer due to it being a live broadcast. He then proceeds to call him the "Patient Zero" of streaming.
    Cr1tikal: "He walked so Twitch could run."
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Whenever he's playing horror games.
  • Vocal Dissonance: His deep baritone doesn't match how young he looks.
  • Vulgar Humor: Full stop.
  • What Did I Do Last Night?: One night, he got completely shit-pissed, went home and started a livestream with one of his friends (without actually knowing the practicalities of streaming). He woke up the next morning not having remembered at all what he did during the stream, and subsequently made an apology video in case he did anything particularly rude or image-breaking.
  • Wildlife Commentary Spoof: He has done something similar to this, putting his voice over videos of animals and talking from the animal's perspective about how they'll take over the world, teach humans how to properly use their titties, or something else funny.
  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: His title: Cr1TiKaL (pronounced like "critical").
    • He explained in one of his videos that this was Enforced when he created his gamer tag on XBox Live as every other combination of the word "Critical" was already taken. A similar thing happened with his YouTube name (penguinz0), penguins are his favorite animal but he chose using a weird form of spelling for the sake of it.

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Inworld Origins

While playing the Inworld Origins demo, Critikal encounters a game breaking bug in which none of the NPCs are willing to talk to him (the gimmick being that they can react to his voice), which literally broke the game as he ends the video right there and then.

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