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"What pic could possibly be Smoover?

One of his many Catch Phrases. He says this whenever he scores a 3-pointer in a basketball game, or when something explodes or literally splashes in the water (in other games).

Chris Smoove is a personality from Florida in the Let's Play community, notable for his NBA 2K14 career and his slew of Catch Phrases. Additionally, unlike many Let's Players, he never introduces himself by name or by game (except for the first) at the start of every episode.

List of games he's made Lets Plays of:

He also has a Twitch channel, as well as a store with T-shirts and iPhone cases with his Catch Phrases printed on them.

Needs Wiki Magic Love.

Provides examples of:

  • 100% Completion: Strives for this. In the Assassin's Creed games, he always goes for the "optional objective" every single time. In Tomb Raider, he goes for every single collectible (and regrets not exploring early in the game, though it thankfully allows him to backtrack). In Splinter Cell: Blacklist, he goes for the HVTs and "Dead Drops", even in the last mission where it's no longer needed. In his Let's Play of The Last of Us, he expresses regret in missing a safe in an area after finding its combination early on.
  • Arch-Enemy: Tony Parker becomes one after an old NBA 2K video that Smoove posted. Obviously Played for Laughs
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  • Auto-Tune
  • Book-Ends: Of a sort. In his Let's Play of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, his first video was at least 50 minutes long, longer than any video he's ever recorded. His last video is the same. Later long Let's Plays of his follow the same trend.
  • Catch Phrase: Several.
    • "That's a noob move!" (When he or an NPC does something stupid in the game, or Smoove doesn't agree with what a character decides to do in-cutscene.) He replaces "noob" with "Smoove" when he does something awesome.
    • "Is this a fake video?!" (When something happens in the game he finds difficult to believe.)
    • "How did he/she/they not see me?" (When in a game, he successfully moves past an enemy without them reacting when they logically should've.)
    • "Spla-a-a-a-ash!!" (Explosions, literal splashes, three-pointers, anything awesome…)
    • "…shot clock cheese!" (When he achieves an objective just before his time limit runs out. Also a relevant basketball term.)
    • "If you sag off, your swag's off!"
    • "Give that guy a X!" X could be "manual" followed by "What are you doing?", "a map" followed by "Where are you going?", "some glasses", "some headphones" "a pillow" (when knocking out an enemy), and so on.
    • "You know the rules!" is said whenever he's reminding the watchers his routine in the game he's playing (like striving for the optional objectives).
    • "Stealth has (not) been achieved!"
    • "The thirst is (not) real!" Usually whenever anything sexual is implied.
    • "What move could possibly be Smoover?!"
    • "That's a murder!"
    • "99 Speed", "Turnin' on the jets!" and other variants.
    • "Don't forget to like this video for faster uploads."
    • "The next episode will come out when this video hits ten thousand likes."
  • Curse Cut Short: In his Let's Play of The Last of Us, during the point of the car crash, he almost swears "Holy sh—", but the last part is interrupted with an autotune. Though one of his commentary in an episode of his Let's Play of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt comes close to the F-word.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: His first few videos don't feature his voice, and most of them are just short clips from NBA 2K 's replay mode
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!
  • Kick the Dog: As "a man of action", he seems to have a penchant for doing this in Until Dawn. Shooting the squirrel, snowballing the bird even after its appearance in the guidance totem (and the tutorial explicitly saying "doing nothing is sometimes the right thing"), chopping the deer's head when they 'cornered' Matt and Emily at the cliffside… But he didn't literally Kick the Dog when Mike first visited the Sanitorium… only because he missed the Quick Time Event for it.
  • Put on a Bus: After stating to play Modern Warfare 2, his Madden NFL videos stopped being uploaded.
  • Rage Quit: Getting killed by Dead Man's Hand in Modern Warfare 3 causes him to do this. This prompts the start of his Minecraft videos.
  • Revenge: If it is an option, he'll always go for it, like in the final choice in Watch_Dogs, and in Beyond: Two Souls where he decides to deliver payback on the jerks who locked Jodie in the closet instead of just leaving. Still, he does know how to forgive, as he chooses the ending with Ryan even after what he did, though allowing him to lose an eye first might've helped.
    • He can also be a little spiteful, even hoping for Emily's death in his Let's Play of Until Dawn, even going so far as to deliberately make wrong choices and missing the QTEs.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: In occasion, he rhymes in his own commentary, albeit accidentally. Which is usually followed with "rhymin' accidentally."
  • Smurfing: Often replaces any instance of "smooth" with "Smoove".
  • Stealth Run: If a game has the option to play stealthy, you can bet he'll always go for that. As he says, "Stealthy is healthy."
  • Weapon of Choice: In Modern Warfare 2, his usual loadout is An M16 with a holographic sight, An AA-12, claymores, smoke grenades with the perks of scavenger, stopping power and sitrep. The AC-130 can also count.


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