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Chimney Swift 11 is an American commentator famous for his height and his awesome tooth. He is also famous for his series, "The Minecraft Files," and, "Super Spellbound Caves". He used to be part of a group of Minecraft commentators called, "The Outsiders" (which has since been disbanded), which is similar to the Creatures and it featured many other famous YouTubers including ClashJTM, Mr360Games, minecraftwb, iHasCupquake, Wolv21, GrimGary, Dan021 and paulsoaresjr.


Tropes that describe Chimney Swift

  • Animal Companion: Pilot Pig , Melvin, Stars, and Don Juan.
  • Big Bad: More or less takes up this role in the Attack of the B-Team Series.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Especially in his 4th Mega Walls episode.
  • David Versus Goliath: In the second episode of "Pokemon Battle Series", in the second round, when he and Banana Pie Lord came down to their last pokemon (Bananapielord had a Skarmory while ChimneySwift had a Pinsir). ChimneySwift's Pinsir managed to preform "Guillotine", which instantly killed Bananapielord's Skarmory. The move had a 30% chance of success.
  • "Do It Yourself" Theme Tune : He sings the intro for the sixth season of the Minecraft Files.
  • Excited Show Title! : One of the many LP'ers who use the trope.
  • Fan Community Nicknames : He calls his fans "The Swifter Army". Sometimes, he also calls them "Swifters".
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  • Flipping the Bird : In one of his previous intros, a chimney swift (the bird that he named himself after) gives him one as it looks down at him through the chimney of a house. So it's basically a bird flipping the bird.
  • Happily Married
  • Let's Play : Mostly of Minecraft, but he also does other games.
  • Limited Wardrobe : Averted. Unlike most Minecraft LP'ers, he switches outfits quite often. The switch of clothes signify the start of every season of his series, The Minecraft Files.
    • Outside of his solo videos, however, he defaults to one specific skin.
  • Motor Mouth : Especially when he's excited.
  • Nice Guy : He's very friendly and is quite pleasant towards others.
    • Subverted in Attack of the B-Team though, where he played the role of an evil witch.
  • Orphaned Series: Rise of the Enderswift, which was uploaded by Machinima, is oddly one of his most popular series.
  • Sound-Effect Bleep/ Cluster Bleep-Bomb : When reviewing the Shit modnote , he censor-bleeps the word "shit" and other inappropriate swear words , due to the nature of the mod and for the convenience of his viewers. The swear words are used many times, especially in the intro, thus leading to a lot of comedic censor-bleeps.
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  • Talking Animal : Pilot Pig. Chimney mostly interacts with him in his mod reviews.

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