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  • The Order of the Stick fans will ship anyone with anything, but the Crack Pairings thread keeps coming back to Vaarsuvius for some reason.
    • In fan art (and in fic to a lesser extent) Miko Miyazaki is frequently drawn, written, or requested, despite her status as The Scrappy with a large portion of the fandom and cast - and again, she's paired with everyone (including The Snarl).
  • As far as shipping is concerned, That Guy with the Glasses has Benzaie, Spoony, the Nostalgia Chick, Linkara and the Nostalgia Critic.
    • In Kink Meme news, while everyone's had a lot of action, probably the ultimate fandom mattress is now the Critic. A fair assumption, seeing as how apart from his usual pairings, as of writing he's had a gangbang on his desk, been shipped with an animated gargoyle, been the recipent of tentacle-lovin' and got kissed by the Lady Gaga from the Bad Romance video. Yes, really.
      • His actor, Doug Walker, is doing pretty well for himself too. Mostly because he's flirted with nearly everyone on the site for funsies.
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    • It doesn't help matters that Spoony/Chick, Spoony/Googles, Spoony/Benzaie, Spoony/Critic, Spoony/Joe and Spoony/Sage are all canon.
      • Add to that Spoony/The Other Guy, Spoony/Paw, Spoony/Snob, Spoony/Ed Glaser, Spoony/The Last Angry Geek, Spoony/Matt Briner, and both Spoony/Pushing Up Roses and Spoony/Bargo were hinted at. And if crossovers count, Doctor Insano got it on with Doctor Holocaust and Captain Awesome.
  • El Goonish Shive has Tedd. He has a canon romance with Grace, and more than a little subtext with Elliot (including them dating in at least two alternate universes) which also frees up Ellen. Tedd's had plenty of moments with Susan and Sarah (with a decent amount of shippers for each of them with him), and there has been more than one Ho Yay bit with Tony. Some stretching on his former anxieties around Justin and a Bi the Way interpretation of his moments with Catalina is all it really takes to put Tedd with almost anyone his age in the cast. Except Nanase. Usually.
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  • In Red vs. Blue fandom, it's Church and Grif (Church/Grif is fairly popular), and to a lesser extent, Caboose.
  • RWBY: As Rooster Teeth's other major production, is even worse in this regard. Everyone from team RWBY plus Jaune is paired with every conceivable character, including each other, at the same time. Ruby and Jaune are the worst, though, usually being the first to be paired with anyone. Despite the fact that Ruby is a Chaste Hero and Jaune a Casanova Wannabe. Or maybe because of that.
    • Blake Belladonna is frequently paired with Yang, Sun, Ilia, Adam, Ruby and Weiss.
    • As of Volume 7, Qrow Branwen seems to get a lot of this, with his most popular pairings including Clover, Ironwood, Ozpin, Winter, Robyn, Summer and Taiyang.
  • Rosa Fiametta of Survival of the Fittest falls into the 'fandom bicycle' category, as in recent times, pairings bandied about have included: Bounce, Ilario and Frankie Fiametta (Twincest, yay!), Alexia Morgan, Princess Cerberus (a joke character), Adam Tenser, Blood Boy and Bobby Jacks. This isn't even counting the several canonical relationships she's had.
    • Naturally, the most requested character on the (relatively new) SOTF Kink Meme is Rosa. It's reached the point where there's now a rule about requesting Rosa, because she had a truckload of requests compared to other characters.
  • Hannelore "Hanners" Elliot Chatham from Questionable Content gets paired with...oh, you know the drill (a lot of her cast members new and old gets this treatment, too. Hanners isn't the main character).
  • Conrad Achenleck from Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name has strong Foe Yay with Doc Worth, but also gets paired up with werewolf girl Toni, main character Hanna, and vampire hunter Abner who hasn't even appeared in the comic yet.
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  • Marzipan is the only female of the Homestar Runner cast (not counting the Teen Girl Squad). Do the math.
  • In the webcomic The Dreamer, we have Bea. Officially with Alan in the 18th - century and with Ben in the 21st - century, may have had a past with Alex, could be paired up with her cousin John, and also with Freddy, just for the hell of it.
  • John from Homestuck. John/Rose, John/Jade (Even though it's been revealed that that pairing is Brother–Sister Incest), John/Dave, John/Karkat, John/Terezi, and John/Vriska are just a few of his pairings.
    • Many of the characters have many ships to their names. Resident Shipper on Deck Nepeta maintains a shipping wall, keeping track of the relationships between every single possible pairing between her friends.
      • Because the Trolls are naturally bisexual and have four different kinds of romance, by nature they tend to get shipped around more than most of the other characters. Karkat is particularly prevalent; In canon, ship teases include Terezi, Nepeta, Jade, John, Dave, and Meenah. Sollux and Gamzee, being his closest friends, are also popular choices.
    • The fandom doesn't exactly keep Dave to one person either. Aformentioned Dave/John, as well as Dave/Jade and Dave/Rose are way more popular than their "compliments" Rose/Jade, John/Rose, and John/Jade respectively.note  He's also been paired up with all of the original twelve trolls and new kids at least once each (some considerably more than others, like Karkat and Terezi), and between that and some of the more crack choices, it got to the point where the author possibly lampshaded it by having the comic's Big Bad write a terrible comic-within-a-comic where its incarnation of Dave is a supposed ladies' man with a decently sized harem.
  • Evan from Everyman HYBRID gets this treatment. He's also the show's Mr. Fanservice despite being what would, on network television, be Hollywood Homely. His obsession with knives probably attracts more fans to him despite his constant teetering on the edge of going Ax-Crazy. Kicking it up a notch, Evan is quite aware, in-character, that Slash Fan Fiction gets written about him; he and the rest of the cast find it flattering on some level.
  • Dodger. Her vlogs never mention her love life, probably because if they did her entire fanbase would start a war among itself. That doesn't stop people from shipping her with every other TGS member in the LA area...and one in Chicago.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared's Fandom often put Tony through this even before the Kickstarter came out by shipping him with any of the three pupppets other than Sketchbook. Now with the series finished and a whole bunch of other characters to ship with, it seems that the fandom has already revved up it's engines and shipped him with either Colin, Shrignold, or Red Guy.
  • Fandomstuck: The Leviathan Fandom. Her interests so far have included Dangan Ronpa, Minecraft, My Little Pony, Chaos, and Bones. It doesn't do very well for her emotional state.
  • In Off the Page and into Life, Gail/Anyone is fair game. Helps that she's Bi the Way and a Magnetic Hero.
    • She and Henry have been in a Slap-Slap-Kiss relationship since the start.
    • Sam has had a crush on her since they were kids.
    • She and Tim are intensely close, and have kissed before.
    • She and Jackson have dated and still have feelings for each other.
    • She's obviously pretty admiring of Megan. (The mun has gone on record saying Gail has a crush on her.)
    • She briefly flirts with Aaron before finding out he has a girlfriend.
    • She and Irene got very close, very fast, and have kissed (albeit to prove a point).
    • She and Terrence occasionally veer into Foe Yay with their arguing. Plus they both like Henry, leading to many One True Threesome jokes.
  • Critical Role has Percy, Vex'ahlia, and Vax'ildan.
    • Percy has so far been paired with Vex, Keyleth, Lillith, Pike, Vax, and Raishan
    • Vex has been paired with Zahra, Percy, Pike, Grog, and Jarrett
    • Vax has been paired with Keyleth, Gilmore, Percy, Grog, and has had some Foe Yay with Lord and Lady Briarwood.
    • In Campaign 2 it's Jester. Paired with pretty much everybody but especially Fjord, Caleb and Beau.
  • Kim Richards from the Yogscast. The majority of Yogs are male, and since Hannah was (until 2015) in the Official Couple with Lewis and Zoey is a lesbian, Kim has been shipped with basically everyone. Fans were also overjoyed when she hinted she didn't mind being shipped with Hannah.
  • Played for Laughs with Dr. Bright of the SCP Foundation. Needless to say, if an SCP exists, chances are someone’s made a joke about Bright wanting to have sex with it. Unless said SCP is SCP-590 or SCP-321. SCP-1471, SCP-682, and SCP-166 are often his most common victims, but other examples exist. Such as SCP-294.

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