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  • Cats: Mr. Mistoffelees, though usually paired with Rum Tum Tugger, has been placed with every single male and female character in the show.
  • Eponine from Les Misérables has been paired with Marius, Enjolras, Cosette, Montparnasse, Javert, Valjean and every member of Les Amis ABC.
  • Alexander Hamilton gets paired by the fandom with literally everyone else from the musical; most notably Eliza, Angelica, Laurens, Burr and Jefferson. Helped by the fact that the show creator has confirmed that in his mind, Hamilton is bisexual. He's even been paired with the Doctor, thanks to an offhand remark made about him in one episode that aired well before Hamilton was even written.
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  • Elisabeth: Besides the canon ships of Death/Elisabeth and Death/Rudolf, a metric ton of crossover fiction has been written involving Death and other characters, bridging Elisabeth and other fandoms such as Tanz Der Vampire, Mozart!, and even Yuri!!! on Ice. "Everybody dances with Death", indeed. Helps that Death has been portrayed by a succession of attractive actors/actresses around the world, and these actors tend to go on to play similar roles in other shows. It's quite common for Deaths to play Count von Krolock in Tanz, for example.

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