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Considering the fact that professional wrestling is filled with loads and loads of mostly often-shirtless guys and often scantily clad girls, most of whom will go through several types of characters over the course of their careers, the industry itself can be considered a Launcher of a Thousand Ships. But for the stars of the squared circle who command a particularly outstanding degree of shipping attention, some special mention is warranted.


  • Jeff Hardy is the Launcher of a Thousand Ships of pro wrestling and has been so for years. Male, female, giant, midget, relative, he apparently does (or far more likely, is done by) everyone. He's "extreme" and grown up into quite a manly specimen, but is still remembered and seen by many as a sweet little fresh-faced kid who does gymnastics, and also the fact that he's a raving Cloudcuckoolander, means he can pretty well go any direction you need him to without him being out of character.
  • The most prevalent recent launchers are probably the three former members of The Shield: Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Aside from complementing each other in ways vital to their in-ring success back when they were a team, these three are also different elements of Mr. Fanservice in and of themselves, due to the variance in both their looks and their characters as well as the way they all carry themselves. They've been shipped with each other (especially Seth and Dean), at least half the Divas, and even some of the other male superstars on the WWE roster based on character relativity and past interactions.

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