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Examples of Last-Name Basis in Web Original.

  • In The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, Mr Rochester calls Jane, who is his employee and live-in tutor for his daughter Adele, just Jane in their second episode. He likes her, and cannot be bothered with "Ms Eyre". She however calls her boss Mr Rochester.
  • Below Board, being a Police Procedural, does this with almost all of its characters. The exception would be Chet Holloway, who goes by his first name throughout.
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  • In the Amazon series Betas, the first name of Randall Hobbes isn't revealed until the final episode, prompting surprise in two other characters.
  • Perry and LaFontaine in Carmilla the Series. In LaFontaine's case it's because they're non-binary and prefer to dissociate from their feminine first name, Susan.
  • Critical Role: Nobody calls Gilmore by his first name. The players - who have been playing the same campaign for two years already - didn't even know what it was, until Matt casually mentioned in Episode 14 that it was "Sean".
  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Darcy is just simply referred by his surname Darcy to everybody. Everybody calls Darcy but his sister Gigi. She calls him William.
  • Most characters in Red vs. Blue save Sarge, Doc (real name Frank DuFresne), Grif's sister (although she's very rarely referred to by her first name Kaikaina either), Lopez, the Freelancers, and any tertiary characters, due to the characters being in the military. Church didn't even know Tucker's first name when he asked him partway through the series, despite working with him for months. The cast's full names are Leonard L. Church, Michael J. Caboose, Lavernius Tucker, Richard Simmons, Franklin Delano Donut, and Dexter Grif.


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