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Examples of Last-Name Basis in Comic Books.

  • In the Tintin series, Captain Haddock is never called by anything other than his last name. Even his best friend, Tintin, is not entirely sure what his first name is.
    Haddock (after a blow to the head gives him amnesia): Who's captain here, you or me?
    Tintin: You, of course. You're Captain Haddock.
    Haddock: How ridiculous! What's my first name, then?
    Tintin: Archibald, isn't it?
    • The same goes for the Thom(p)sons, whose first names are never given, and for Calculus, whose first name is quite rarely used, but exists.
    • And other characters suffer the opposite treatment: Tintin's full name is unknown, and whether it's his first name or last name is unclear (could also be a nickname); also Nestor, the Captain's butler, has no last name.
  • Sabretooth aka Victor Creed, is usually just referred to as "Creed" by majority of people he interacts with. Some who have referred to him as "Victor" are Bonnie -a human woman he had a relationship with, and Magneto. Creed in turn refers to Magneto by his first-name,"Eric."
    • Monet calls him Victor in passing during chapter 6 of Uncanny X-Men (2015). But Creed quickly called her out on it, saying that she usually calls him Creed, Sabretooth, or a variety of more insulting names.
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  • All the Judges in Judge Dredd are known primarily by their last name. Hardly anyone calls Dredd "Joseph" (Dredd's clone father Fargo being one exception), or addresses Anderson and Hershey with "Cassandra" or "Barbara", respectively.
  • Iron Man: James Jim Rhodes is commonly known by a diminutive of his last name Rhodey.
  • Morbius the Living Vampire is almost always called by his last name, both in and out of universe. Only friends (occasionally) use his first name, Michael, "Or they would, if I had any."
  • In Robin Tim's closest civilian friend Sebastian Ives went by Ives so much that at one point the writers lost track of his name and referred to him as Martin Ives a couple of times.
  • Damian Wayne refers to almost everyone by their last name. Regular exceptions include his father and Jon Kent (Superboy). More occasionally, he refers to Dick Grayson as Richard.

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