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There Are No Girls on the Internet. Hams, on the other hand...

  • Gaylord Steambath, the antagonistic, sociopathic griefer server operator from Minecraft The N00b Adventures, who constantly alternates between a theatrical, grandiose shout and a creepy, low and somewhat flamboyant tone with random pauses and who, on a slight off note, may or may not be gay, is quite a straight example of this trope. For further explanation, read the following quotes (but be wary of the major spoilers on the second one):
    Gaylord: They call me Gaylord Steambath... I am the operator of this server. But... you may refer to me as... god...

    Gaylord: Fine! You win this battle! But heed my words, and heed them well, inferiors! You may think removing my powers will save you from grief, but there are hundreds, thousands more just like me! Enjoy your moment of serendipity, for I, Gaylord Steambath, Eater of Worlds, shall—
    Lord Server: Uhuh, yeah, that's nice, bye!
    Gaylord Steambath has been banned.
  • Jacksepticeye: "*WHA-PSH* TOP O' THE MORNING TO YA, LADDIES!"
  • Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog:
    • Nathan Fillion puts the "ham" in Captain Hammer. But he's playing a smarmy, self-absorbed superhero caricature—it would be impossible to portray the character any other way. Fillion remarked that it was the only time in his career a director had to tell him to be more of a ham.
      Captain Hammer: [singing while giving Dr. Horrible the finger] Everyone's a hero in their WAAAAAAAY?!?
    • Doctor Horrible himself becomes Doctor Hamible in the last act, during the song "Slipping", and Act II - Brand New Day is a delicious slice of ham.
  • Geoff can get very shouty when things don't go his way, and when he becomes the M.C in contests, there's even less limits.
  • Ray for his iconic "LLLLLLLLLET'S PLAY!" Once an Episode.
  • Whenever he assumes his Mad King persona, Ryan takes a hold of every single piece of pork, and refuses to let go. Taken to even more extreme levels for his appearance in X-Ray & Vav.
  • But the crown has to go to Michael. Here's why:
  • Pipes! of the Freelance Astronauts. "Whenever the mic input volume meter jumps up into the red, I know I've told a good joke."
  • Simon Lane takes the cake even by his group's standards. He takes No Indoor Voice to the extreme, often disrupting other people's recordings because he's screaming from several rooms away, once setting off a car alarm outside. Yogtowers is in an office block and a few floors off the ground.
    Duncan: [after Simon has spent several seconds screaming in Prop Hunt] That was loud, even from the next room!
  • Sips enjoys hamming it up from time to time, most commonly in Garry's Mod's Murder mode when he's Drunk on the Dark Side.
  • Duncan Jones gets in on the ham whenever he does an Evil Laugh.
  • Lewis Brindley often freaks out over the straw that broke the camel's back.
  • Judge Dead from the Noob franchise, whose onscreen actions usually consist of acting as Judge, Jury, and Executioner due to his MMORPG Game Master profession. When he has to carry out a sanction, he exposes the fault and the punishment in a very loud, enthusiactic and microphone-altered towards being deep voice while moving his arms around. He sometimes throws in an Evil Laugh or two.
  • Critical Role is a D&D campaign played by a group of famous voice actors. Ham is inevitable. Almost everyone has gotten in on it except for Vax and Pike:
    • Grog is a master of the No Indoor Voice style:
    • Scanlan, being a bard, loves to randomly break out into song and has a flair for the dramatic:
    • Tiberius is generally a kind of Absent-Minded Professor archetype, but he can often be hammy for the sake of comedy - and occasionally, intimidation:
      Tiberius: Nobody threatens a goddamn STORMWIND!
    • Keyleth usually does this in situations where her No Social Skills flaw gets her into trouble.
    • Percy is usually the Only Sane Man, but his gadgets tend to make him go a little nuts. At one point he goes on a shooting rampage in his pajamas. Then, of course, there's his Ax-Crazy rampage in Episode 25:
      Percy: Your soul is FORFEIT! DIE, DIE!
    • Similar to Keyleth, Vex is usually the group Genki Girl - but she's also got a large case of Gold Fever, and her reactions to things going wrong can be fantastically passionate.
      Vex: [after Grog "haggles" away a good chunk of their money] YOU'RE SUCH A DICK!
    • The cameo characters get in on it too, particularly Zahra, who is an Ice Queen until she kills Rimefang
    • And, of course, Matt. Matt, Matt, Matt. From the villainous speeches to his excellent descriptions and metaphors to the dramatic death scenes, Matt goes through every possible flavour of ham - but the fan-and-player favourite is probably Gilmore.
      Matt: [narrating] The beaded curtain swishes open with a grandiose gesture of one slightly meaty hand, and stepping out in his fine, gold-trimmed purple robes...
      Matt as Gilmore: I'm sorry, was I being summoned?
  • Caddicarus can be quite hammy at times.
    Caddicarus: (to Brutalmoose) YOU MUST SUFFER!!
  • UNHhhh: Both Trixie and Katya are large hams on their own, although Katya definitely takes the cake, frequently flailing wildly, screaming loudly, and dancing erratically, among other things.
  • Jimquisition: Jim Sterling just loves to ham it up, in case the "steampunk Green Day" outfit wasn't enough of a clue. Sometimes he will create or borrow entirely new personae, such as Blue Blood Manchild Duke Amiel du H'Ardcore or deranged Serial Killer Jimsaw or wrestling Heel Sterdust or literally just Skeletor, in order to ham it up in whatever new way he thinks will be funny.
    "It's Friday morning as I record this. The video itself will be up on Monday, too early to do E3 reactions and too late to do E3 predictions. But it's gotta be something to do with E3, what would you have of me? Oh if only Microsoft had done something stupid and vile to such a degree it didn't matter whether it was E3 or not, and I'd have material for weeks! Oh Wait! YES THEY DID!" [produces massive knives and starts scraping them against each other] "Oh, this is gonna be SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" [evil laugh]
  • The Weather: The host for the "AB 95" tech demonstration spends the scene yelling, chanting, pounding on the floor, and even uses a random Precision F-Strike against the audience. He then invites the technicians on stage and they all dance quite ham-ily, before fawning over a PC.
  • Killsin, from The Call of Warr, overreacts to almost everything, and shouts constantly; in-universe, this only serves to startle or annoy the other characters.
  • Urinating Tree, who channels a wrestling announcer and says everything bombastically, and given he normally talks about failure, the discrepancy between subject and delivery makes everything even funnier. The ham is incredibly taken up a notch with the "Hurricanes Man".

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