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  • Twice Blessed has Cade Masters, ADVENTURER EXTRAORDINAIRE!
  • Leodegrance from The Bug Pond.
  • The universe of Girl Genius is a World of Ham:
    • OTHAR TRYGGVASSEN, Gentleman Adventurer! fits this, especially in the radio play, as lampshaded in this comic (of a radio play). Othar has been "kidnapped" by Ferretina, the Weasel Queen, famous for devouring young men, grilled with cheese. One of the closing questions is "And what kind of cheese goes best with grilled ham?"
      • Pushed even further into the zone of absolute hamminess by Cheyenne Wright portraying Othar in the audio plays.
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    • Ferretina herself qualifies.
      "I think it's the loneliness that makes a...person begin to have...strange thoughts. Thoughts that drive her to explore the twisted, blasphemous back alleys of science. That allows - no - forces her to create monstrosities! Monstrosities fit only to unleash upon those sanctimonious villagers who reviled and mocked her because of her father's experiments!"
    • Hamminess and Chewing the Scenery seem to be a consistent side effect of the Spark. Othar and Ferretina are just the ones who do it when they aren't going off on a Mad Scientist rant.
    • The Jagermonsters have tendencies that way as well.
      "Ve kin only redeem ourselfs vit honourable death!"
      "Yez, svift, painful, honourable death!"
      "Hyu knife, brodder!"
      "Right here, brodder!"
      "*sigh* Ve didn't gets caught, hyu eediots."
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    • The as-yet unnamed Doctor Ham who shows up here, escorted by copious lampshading and enough chewed scenery to put the carpenter's kids through college.
    • Agatha herself knows how to set the right tone when addressing unruly minions.
  • Dr. Disaster from Gunnerkrigg Court. He starts hamming it up with his very first lines: "Spacemonauts! The Earth is in peril!" It's unclear whether he's like this all the time, or just acting. Ironically, he has a crush on Jones, the resident Stoic.
    • Parley knows how important it is to put up a good show (later, Mort joins too).
  • Misfile: New Knight Templar Xaphrael makes his entrance in this strip. "That voice, it's a Large Angelic Ham!" And the Whole Cryptic Conversation that follows it.
  • Xykon and, to a lesser degree, Lord Shojo, appear to be enjoying themselves a little more than is entirely healthy. Both of them being dead and all.
  • The main character of Everyday Heroes. "Who am I? ... I ham am MISTER MIGHTY!" Lampshaded here when his wife doesn't join in the hamfest.
  • Yatta-ta! The greatest swordsman in all Kivallia!. Although he just might be.
  • Keychain of Creation has Nova.
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  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob! has Galatea ("CRAZY? YOU DARE?! ALL THE WORLD IS MAD AND ONLY I AM SANE!!") and Riboflavin ("I SAID BOW, YOU HALF-SENTIENT LEMUR!"). Galatea has a big crush on Riboflavin at one point.
  • Snowflame retains this in the Fan Webcomic of the same name. Seven Words:
    "I work for no one but Cocaine!"
  • Homestuck's Vriska, a fact which Karkat lampshades in the AlterniaBound flash by effortlessly predicting her next lines without having any Psychic Powers at all. (Initiate a conversation with Vriska as Karkat to see this).
  • Coach Gordon in Dear Children has this in spades. He has seemingly no indoor voice and yells out whatever thought he has, whether it be yelling at students entering the school or claiming one of the main characters watches hentai.
  • El Goonish Shive
  • Max Overacts is about an 8-year-old boy named Max who is, essentially, the physical embodiment of this trope. ("Get Me The Louvre! We Must Vitamin-Enrich Their Permanent Collection!")
  • "I am RICHARD! Chief Warlock of the Brothers of Darkness! Lord of the Thirteen Hells! Master of the Bones! Emperor of the Black! Lord of the Undead! and mayor of a little village up the coast. It's very scenic during the spring time, you should visit sometime."
  • Petalklunk's Author Avatar in Tragic Deaths.
  • Car Hayne the hyena from Fur Piled: Yes, ham can come in the form of comics, too.
  • Princess Luna of Slice of Life, just like her cartoon counterpart. Doubly so when she puts on her Nightmare Moon costume for Nightmare Night.
    Princess Luna: "Why, you miniature RAPSCALLIONS! I shall have to have a word with your parents AT ONCE about this unethical behavior!"
  • Bud Oven from Precocious. [1] Large Ham is his normal method of speaking.
  • Dillon, the title character of Sticky Dilly Buns, appears to be a competent professional actor in-universe. However, he's prone to campness and flamboyant emoting, on and off stage, at least verging on ham.
  • Awful Hospital contains, among other hams of substantial size, mortician E.M. Balmer.
    [about Doctor Phage] That dashing NINCOMPOOP? HARUMPH! HARUMPH is what I say to that! If it only had ambition in its irresistible head, we would have achieved zonal amalgamation cubeoids ago! Imbecile! What business does that short-sighted fool have being so attractive!?
  • Rocky from Lackadaisy is a bit of an odd duck, and one of the ways in which this manifests is difficulty with the concept of an indoor voice and a near-complete lack of a sense of subtlety. It's not a particularly useful trait in a bootlegger.
    Rocky: I don't want to have to leave again! THEY TOLERATE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
  • Paranatural is a World of Ham, aided by Zack Morrison's amazing gift for ridiculous facial expressions, but some pork products stand out:
    • Mr Spender. His hobby is giving dramatic monologues while facing away from people, which just means that they can't actually hear him. At one point he harvests the light glinting on his sunglasses to use as throwing stars.
      Max: Oh god it is Spender. Oh god he's driving in Sunglasses at Night. Oh god he's wearing driving gloves
    • Ed, who prides himself on being quirky and outgoing, occasionally steps sideways into over-the-top drama.
      Ed: She's...she's...CHANGING THE SUBJECT!
    • Hijack loves him some dramatic monologuing.
      Hijack: I was born strong, so I can quell their senseless violence with violence of my own. I can wield the true power of v-
      Max: Oh the true power of violence look at me I'm a floating eggplant with a belief system. SHUT UP


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