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  • In Door Monster's The Guards Themselves, Big First points out how the helmets, Mooks the Meyer Security guards, wear don't actually do anything to protect them, as evidenced by how easily they're knocked out.
  • lonelygirl15:
    • In the video "Truth Or Dare", the "random girl" asks, "Do you guys film everything?"
    • Then there's Bree in "New Girl": "You know, you'd think that maybe, just, just, just maybe, the Order would crack down on webcams. Idiots."
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  • Pwnage: Kyle, who usually plays the Straight Man, tends to abuse this.
  • This exchange from the KateModern mid-season 2 episode "Who Killed Kate?":
    Alice: Yeah, it's a bit far-fetched, isn't it?
    Sophie: Well, no more than life-extending blood drinking rituals and secret world-controlling societies!
  • Jonathan Pruitt, near the end of Six In The Morning.
    Jonathan: Wait, that makes him a supervillain.
    Travis: ... Actually, that's true. Which is pretty cool — I hadn't thought of that. I guess that makes us superheroes.
  • Channel Awesome:
    • Every episode of Ask That Guy with the Glasses begins with a greeting in a different language, eventually leading to "Oh, hello-in-a-language-you've-never-heard-of-and-won't-bother-to-look-up, didn't hear you come in."
    • Ask That Guy also has an earlier reference, when he straightforwardly answers a question without any twistedness.
      Ask That Guy: They can't all be funny.
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    • The Nostalgia Critic:
      • The Critic performs a lampshade in the Captain N episode. "I mean, who would be so lazy as to show nothing but a white background the entire time?" after a short silence to let the viewers figure out the joke, he adds "They'd be fucking idiots."
      • Yet he has lambasted movies that use this as an excuse for horrible writing, like in The Cat in the Hat.
        Peter: It's Hit Writing Fact #1: If you say you're doing something painful and stupid, it's immediately no longer painful and stupid!
        Evilina: Oh, I see! Critic, I'm going to hit you! [slaps him, he yells] You can't scream, it's no longer painful and stupid!
        Critic: [punches her back] Yes it is! This whole movie is!
    • In his SNICK review, he criticizes an All That skit for assuming that, if the lines are shouted, then they must be funny:
      Nostalgia Critic: Can you believe those silly writers for thinking something is funny just because you scream it? SCREAMING IN EVERY OTHER SENTENCE IS NOT! FUNNY! It is LOUD and ANNOYING. And ANYBODY WHO DOES IT SHOULD BE SHOT- [gets shot in the head] Unshot! [gunshot wound disappears] And given a bag of money! [money appears in lap] ...How 'bout some lounge music? [music plays] Yeah, that's nice.
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    • Happens in this That Guy with the Glasses crossover review of Lockjaw with Film Brain and Phelous, with an actual lampshade.
    • The Nostalgia Chick will lampshade her Distaff Counterpart status from time to time:
      Nostalgia Chick: Who's going to be interested in a female character who's pretty shamelessly a knock-off of her already male counterpart? ...heh. [pouting]
  • Matthew Santoro:
    • In 20 Easter Facts!, Matt lampshades the fact that he almost always tries to make a joke to make his facts funny.
    Matt: The tradition of painting Easter eggs is called "pysanka" and originated in the Ukraine. And I literally can not find one joke to make that funny.
    • In 10 Full Months of Vlogging COMPLETE! (305 Days in a Row!), Matt lampshades his sudden lighting change: "Not everything has to perfect. Not even the lighting. Now I'm orange. That's OK."
    • One of the messages that appears in The Stinger of A New Planet & Antimatter! for a fraction of a second says, "Do you really pause at each one of these?".
    • In 20 Haunting Halloween Facts, Matt screams at the audience to scare them, and immediately lampshades that it wasn't scary.
    Matt: Did I get you? No? Alright.
  • In 256PiAlternate's Youtube Poop One Day At Chocolate Swiss Cafe, we get the following exchange (the Rosen videos used as a source only show his upper body)
    Harrybo: After all, he doesn't have any arms or legs.
    Micheal: What do you mean, legs?
    Harrbyo: [looks down] I don't know.
  • This parody Real Trailer, Fake Movie by the folks at Cracked, in which the Tropes used in every Academy Award-winning film ever (particularly those of the 80s-90s) are mercilessly lampshaded. A lot.
  • Skawo very often hangs lampshades. Once per video infact.
    Skawo: 11 parts in, and we’re finally at the first dungeon.

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