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Lampshade Hanging / Web Original

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Lampshades hung in web original works.

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  • In a Darwin's Soldiers prequel story, we get this quote:
    Shelton: This simulation is a little unrealistic, isn?t it?
    Tinner: What do you mean?
    Shelton: Some enemy army invades the base? There's no way that would ever happen.
    ::That last quote basically sums up Darwin's Soldiers.
  • This is a relatively common occurrence in Survival of the Fittest, both in and out of character, this exchange shows an example of (IC) lampshading.
    Melina Frost: (leader of a group called the "Poison Angels") Go on then... show him why we're called the Poison Angles. [sic]
    Jeff Marontate: (a character facing the group) Poison Angles, huh? Oh, I'll give you a whole new set of angles in a minute, my darling.
  • Whateley Universe as well is fond of these
    "he spread his arms wide WOMP-CRACK!, and I really couldn't let you rush in and pull a Deus Ex, how lame would that be?"
    Sara glared as the boy leant against a tree, standing on a branch ten feet in the air, "This isn't some stupid story. Someone could be killed out there!"
    • Hat Trick as well, though one is a subversion... Genre Savvy for the win.
  • Common in the web fiction serial Dimension Heroes.
    "Oh, again with the alleyways! I'm getting sick of them!"
  • The Defrosters have a bunch. The fourth wall may as well not exist.
    • "This is the worst dialogue ever."
    • "Our creator knows about as much about World of Warcraft as Pixel Girl."
  • In Tasakeru, two characters, a Paladin Grand Mistress and her daughter, both use BFS' with Implausible Fencing Powers. It's stated that they're just that good and never mentioned again.
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