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Laconic / Doctor Who S35 E11 "Heaven Sent"

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Doctor escaping a castle. Dies many times. Gets better. Thinks aloud. A wall is punched.

The Doctor thinks his day can't get any worse. It does. Repeatedly.
The Doctor spends billions of years punching a wall to be reunited with the woman he loved.
An episode about erosion.
The Doctor takes forever to get to the punchline.
The Doctor fills a lake with spooky skulls and gets chased by a monster that keeps winning.
The Doctor gives a whole new meaning to the term Respawn Point.
We keeping treading over the same ground until the Doctor finally has a breakthrough both in both the metaphorical and literal sense.
The story keeps repeating itself ad infinitum until the Doctor wins...Oh, you get the idea by now, don't you?
"Personally, I think that's a hell of an unabridged version."


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