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The Eras Chronicles is a LARP (Live Action Role Play) event which is hosted in Montrose Pennsylvania. It is set in a low to mid fantasy counterpart of the High Middle Ages of Europe. Players enter the town of Ravensgate which sits at an important trade junction between the port of Revma and the capital city of the nation of Braelin, Esos.

The Larp itself operates on a fairly simple boffer system, with multiple deaths permitted for a character, and a relatively dangerous would ensures that players will meet the Black God (the game world's version of the grim reaper) with regularity.


Within the world. New players can come from any number of backgrounds, be they peasants, artisans, or even nobility, can aspire to a number of combat and non-combat oriented professions, and come from any one of the eight normal cultures.

The Kingdom of Braelin, where the game takes place, consists of six duchies and two protectorates.

Southlight: a Mediterranean, land of sailors, spies, and intrigue. Also the birthplace of modern Braelin.

Stemma: The heartland of Braelin, Stemma is home to the capitol, and the wealthiest of the Duchies.

Gavelle: The agricultural breadbasket of Braelin, Gavelle is reminiscent of French wine country.

Hawksworth: The backwoods duchy, Hawksworth is what happens when Sherwood Forest is thrown directly into rural Kentucky.

Caxton: A heavily militarized duchy, Caxton is one of the two border duchies with the Empire of Seren, Braelin's longtime rival. Home to a gigantic wall which runs the length of the Caxton Seren border.


Blacknall: The frigid mountainous northern Duchy Blacknall is home to the hard drinking mountaineers of Braelin, and the question of whether or not there is any ground in Blacknall under the ice is still hotly debated. Also shares a border with Seren, protected by tall mountains rather than a wall.

For the sake of preventing plot spoilers do not post plot tropes relating to specific player characters unless said character no longer attends the game or has been Finaled ( Killed Off for Real ).

This Larp Provides examples of

Aerith and Bob With plenty of very common names mixed with very unusual ones. Characters have been named things such as John, Matthew, and Lisa, and have mingled with others named Iolantha, Berengaria, and Thavma

An Adventurer Is You the point of the whole thing

Amoral Attourney Some NPC's have been this


Bad-Guy Bar The Oak Bookseller, at least if you ask a member of the nobility

Badass Bookworm Reading books often grants additional uses of interesting skills meaning that someone who's been hitting the books could very well be hitting you real good real soon.

Bears Are Bad News do not try to fight a Ursine singlehandedly it will not end well

Berserk Button Staff does not like it when you call it necromancy. In Eras, it's called Shamanism

Boisterous Bruiser anyone can be this, but Blacknall sort of has this as part of its hat.

Butt-Monkey SHAAANE!

Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp" Ursines and Canids, standing in for Bears and Wolves

Calling Your Attacks As a boffer LARP this goes without saying

The Empire The Empire of Seren, a slave raiding warrior culture that had a love affair with gladiatorial combat

Fighter, Mage, Thief Played with, you certainly can have a traditional party consisting of a fighter a mage and a thief, but the system is also built to easily allow a player to build a character that combines two, or all three of these

Grim Up North Played with, while Blacknall is certainly freezing, it's inhabitants tend towards boisterous hospitality and camaraderie rather than dark and grim behavior.

Face–Heel Turn John Falkirk

Heroic Sacrifice How John Falkirk died, ensuring the defeat of Steve the evil shaman

Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain Played with in the case of John Falkirk, he entered town with intend to rob, maim, murder and otherwise commit crimes, and failed so hard at these that not only did he not harm anyone, people were so convinced that he was a good man that they eventually made him chief of police, where he ended up making a heroic sacrifice and saving the town.

Klingon Promotion How rank advancement works in Seren

Loveable Rogue Two of them, operating as a pair, known as the tree bandits. No matter how much townsfolk grumble about their criminal tendencies and extreme escaping skills, everyone secretly admires these comic geniuses.

Luke Noun Verber One of the Knights In Game, Sir Matthew Pikebreaker

Miles Gloriosus The Ex Knight, Luca Stavros

Names to Run Away From the Nightstalker

Redemption Equals Death Played with in the case of John Falkirk

Soldier vs. Warrior Caxton and Blacknall respectively, at least in the way they are often spoken of if not in actual fact.

Squishy Wizard Innate Magic users receive the least amount of life stones at character creation, meaning they can survive being killed the least. It Makes Sense in Context

That One Boss Until his defeat, "Steve the Shaman" was this for the players, able to escape from damn near anything and besting the town a number of times.

The Berserker anyone who uses Berserk, Improved Berserk, or Blaze of Glory. Those who self rage also count

Tropes in Shining Armor many Knights and Squires of all types are involved in the game.

We ARE Struggling Together The players very often.

You All Meet in an Inn subverted, while much of the events in town center around the Silver Raven Tavern, new character must start game outside in the woods and hike into town.


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