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Relkin is a lightest-touch boffer-based live-action role-playing game set in the pseudo-medieval country of Relkin, which is occupied by the remnants of an exiled army and various other bands of warriors. The story itself revolves around character relationships and how they are affected by constant conflicts and political insurrections.

The game contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Closed Circle: Zig-zagged. The land the story takes place in is mostly surrounded by water, however there is a land bridge connecting it to the mainland which is exploited whenever characters need to go off-screen.
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  • Healing Hands: "Healers" in this universe are capable of repairing and regrowing damaged limbs, undoing head trauma, and raising the dead (most of the time.)
  • Low Fantasy: Elves, halflings, and healing magic aside, the story is rather small in scale and focuses on individual characters whose varying flavors of gray morality conflict with one another and drive the plot.

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