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  • The unofficial mascot "Commie Bunny" for China's armed forces is a rabbit. Because Tu Gong (Rural Communists) can be seen as a pun of Tu, rabbit. There has been a web series on China's modern history Call of the Rabbit: Modern Communism which depicts China as a rabbit while all other countries used more traditional animal stereotypes.
  • It appears that Ruby didn't want to hug Tom this time..
  • Devilbunnies are an entire web community of people writing stories based on the idea that cute fluffy bunnies are taking over the entire world and making it cute and fluffy for their own nefarious purposes.
  • The Whateley Universe has a toy cabbit owned by Tennyo — which conceals quite a few blades and needles inside itself, and can exert three hundred pounds of force through each (while unerringly passing through gaps in armor) when it's being animated by Jade.
    • Then there's Dragonrider's pet (which she created herself): Pern, a cute little dragon the size of a housecat. If Pern gets really angry, he grows. He can reach a thirty-foot wingspan with claws that can rip through granite.
  • On the website Muse Blog, run far, far away if you see a Hot Pink Bunny. They are out to rule the world, can turn people into zombies, and can survive atomic blasts. This may or may not be where their powers come from.
  • "The Dragon Fly" by Fredrik K.T.Andersson.
  • Zombie Roadkill does this with several small woodland creatures.
  • The Kryton from Threebrain.
  • SCP Foundation
  • This (not actually killer) squirrel.
  • The humor site Cracked has an article called "The 6 Cutest Animals That Can Still Destroy You". Two-thirds are Australian, of course.
  • From Cracked: "5 Adorable Animals That Are Turning to the Dark Side".
  • Despite its inherent emphasis on all things ugly and disgusting, from simply distasteful little critters to nightmarish Eldritch Abominations, a good number of the monsters of the Mortasheen franchise are cute enough (relatively speaking) to pass as these. Don't believe me? Check out the Chainsaw Kid. It's about as cute as a creature with a chainsaw on its face can get, but piss it off for any reason whatsoever and your internal organs will invariably end up getting rearranged.
  • "Evil Animals" contest on got a handful of such things, including literal as a pair of "bad rabbits".
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  • "Honey badger don't care. Honey badger don't give a shit"
  • Kierkegaard in Dragomirs Diary is a penguin wearing a top hat. Fantastic. Get to know him, though, and you discover that he's surprisingly adept at murdering things with his small trident, and may have the ability to transform into something far less cutesy.
  • Killerbunnies and, yes, they are literal killer bunny girls of varying ages and straddles the lines between cute, horrifying, and utmostly creepy. Some of them are rather cute or Ugly Cute and wouldn't seem like a threat, that is, until one learns the hard way.
    • Of course, This seems to be played to a hilt with Jeanne, in that while Creepy Cute, a normal person wouldn't suspect that she's dangerous, especially since some either think she is a doll or a little girl. In that vein, Valeriemissy is not someone would think twice of, until it is too late. However, that depends on whether or not she says something that one may find unsettling.
    • Reverie doesn't look too dangerous, actually, she kind of verges on being rather Creepy Cute, even with the Exotic Eye Designs and whatnot, however, she wears a biohazard symbol for a reason, as she is some kind of plaguemistress. To top it off, her backstory mentions her as being the apparent Patient Zero in a sudden rabies outbreak. What doesn't help this is that, according to her profile, she likes hugging.
  • The Bunny Invasion series is made of this trope. It features a man named Mr. Frost going up against a horde of homicidal bunnies led by the Bunny Queen...or in the Easter Special's case the Easter Bunny.
  • In The Gamer's Alliance, Plushiebunny's first form looks like a cute and harmless black rabbit. It couldn't be further from the truth as he quickly reveals that he is indeed one of the God of Beasts's deadliest creations. There are also the monsters of the woods who turn out to be pink and fluffy bunnies; they are so vicious and terrifying that they make even an archmage and a demigod flee in terror.
  • According to this video, mocking the pug of Tess Masazza of the Italian Web Series Insopportabilmente Donna is a bad idea and immediately leads to a Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Left POOR Dead: In this case Mr Snuffles who counts as a Killer Teddy Bear
  • As a general rule, messageboards such as generally agree that the sillier a character is, the more dangerous they are because they are not bound by the laws of reality and able to do things like shrug off nuclear explosions and swallow man-sized creatures whole. If a "wacky cartoon" character appears in Real Life, it would be considered, as an entity above and beyond the laws of physics, an Eldritch Abomination that will shatter all science but simply taking A Form You Are Comfortable With. As a result, the higher they place on a Cool vs. Awesome combat tier, and folks such as Bugs Bunny and Kirby are described as being able to Curb-Stomp Battle more (relatively) "realistic" characters like Space Marines, Jedi or Master Chief.
  • Not physically dangerous, but the subjects of the website Disapproving Rabbits can cause a severe feeling of inferiority. Especially this one.
  • This is a HFY thread that describes humans as a race of Killer Rabbits, and the galaxy knows it. It's even lampshaded multiple times. Bassically, humanity goes out into the stars and the galaxy goes "Aw, they're adorable". This trope also gets deconstructed in that humanity, while very clearly taking offense to this reaction, the general reaction is to swallow their pride and shamelessly put both the "Killer" and "Rabbit" parts to good use.


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