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Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of predators more than when a prey animal rises to the top of the food chain.

  • 8-Bit Theater featured the diminutive but dreaded camel spider (based on a real-life arachnid, whose threat is greatly exaggerated), which "viciously attacks anything it perceives as a threat, which is anything it can perceive."
  • In Adventurers!, Ardam finds out the painful way that a Devilrabbit is no ordinary Cuterabbit.
  • Dolphins in The Adventures of Dr. McNinja. You could punch out and kill all the gorillas, dinosaurs, giant lumberjacks, ninja, vampires, and ghosts you want, but if you treasure your continued existence, leave the dolphins alone.
  • Beemahs from Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire are Armless Biped folk the size of a big rabbit. They were created as spies and assassins and eventually turned their masters extinct species despite all safeguards. Turns out they had help, but they're still dangerous by virtue of their natural laser weapons not being disabled on the Gallimaufry.
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  • Arguably, the entirety of Bunny is based off this trope, particularly Orange Bunny.
  • Call of the Rabbit: Modern Communism(那年那兔那些事): Because Tu Gong (土共,Rural Communists) can be interpreted as a pun of Tu(兔), rabbit. This popular Chinese webcomic depicts China as a rabbit and all other countries as more traditional animal stereotypes. Surprisingly, Taiwan is depicted as a Man.
  • CharCole gives us Maoh the Magnificent. Not all Mew have pleasant temperaments...
  • Cthulhu Slippers: The Old Ones rose and conquered Earth, except for Dagon who got eaten by seagulls.
  • Digger and other wombats may look small and chubby, but they spend most of their lives swinging heavy pickaxes, and are, as she once put it, "like biceps with feet." When pressed into battle, Digger has shown herself to be an effective combatant, not only soundly defeating a gang of bandits, but also lecturing them on what poor condition their weapons are in.
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  • Subverted in these two Dominic Deegan strips. At first it seems everyone's just being cautious, given how deceptive appearances can be on the Wild Edge. Turns out the little furballs really are harmless. They're just accompanied by Big shaggy parents who will rip your head off if you mess with them.
  • Lepus, the awakened Fiendish rabbit from Dungeon Crawl Inc. He first appeared in Episode #6, whose original title, "Eat your heart out Monty Python," lampshaded the obvious homage, though he later became a full-fledged character.
  • Mr. Boodles, an average-looking cat from Eerie Cuties, proved to be this in the November 18th update. He is also the pet of a vampire queen.
  • El Goonish Shive
  • Erfworld's Transilvitoan bats are among the weakest units in the world (generally only useful as scouts). However, when boosted by the right leadership bonus (and with sheer weight of numbers), they become capable of taking on boosted dwagons.
    • And from the back of the print version of book one: One world's "cuddly" can be another world's "deadly."
  • The paedagogusi of Errant Story. They're fairy-type people about the length of a hand. They're also no one to mess with.
  • From Fafnir The Dragon, we give you Frogzerkers. As in, normal-sized frogs with spiked collars that can eats the faces off of vampires.
  • The Video Games section paid plenty of attention to Gaia Online's MMO aspect, but Grunny from the webcomic has yet to be mentioned. It is a predatory green rabbit that also carries the G-Virus and turns its victims into zombies.
  • Geist Panik has its own interpretation of Navi. After all, what you'd expect from the the creature who flies with this guy everywhere and doesn't even need to borrow his healing stuff?
  • Girl Genius got Wasp Eaters — in the words of Kaja Foglio, "these little caterpillar weasel things" — created to sniff out Slaver Wasps or revenants already infected with these wasps. Ridiculously Cute Critter as the greatest stick in the wheels of Zombie Apocalypse.
    Tarvek: They'll snap up the swarmers, and mob the warriors...
    • A strange variation in the Weasel Queen side story: the giant rabbits of Ferrettina.
    • Agatha's clanks are absolutely adorable... until Showtime.
    • In the introduction of Airman Higgs, he gets attacked and mauled by a wild goose. Much, much later, it's finally confirmed by Tarvek that Higgs is a Jaeger General. What was that goose made of!?
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  • Northern Edge, Fred Perry's web original Gold Digger tie-in prominently features Wabbits. Cute little rabits with sharp weapons on their tails and mostly nasty personalities.
  • Reynardine, in Gunnerkrigg Court. He's apparently a cute little stuffed toy. He's actually a fearsome possessor demon that kills the body of whoever he takes over. He just happens to be stuck in Antimony's toy. For now. An illustrative example.
  • Homestuck
    • The Trolls look awfully cute on first glance until you realize they're junior members of a Proud Warrior Race. Karkat even dubs them "Team Adorabloodthirsty".
    • And then there's the actual Killer Rabbit, a small stuffed bunny that can handle several large weapons at once that John names after Liv Tyler.
  • I'm the Grim Reaper: Brook wears a cutesy bunny mask and a ribbon tied on his head that resembles bunny ears, but is also absolutely terrifying in a fight, and can kill with ease.
  • Kevin & Kell
    • Coney Dewclaw might as well be the Trope Codifier. Nobody who doesn't know her beforehand would be able to tell via looks alone that her mother is not only a wolf, but a top-notch hunter. She definitely got her appetite from the same, having left a long trail of the blood and bones of anybody who has attempted to prey on her, her family and her friends in her wake. The picture at the top of the main page might as well be a real-life image of what she is capable of. She has directly saved her siblings, her father, her grandmothers, her grandfather, the entire Rabbit Council, R.L., and many others in separate incidents via her skills/appetite.
    • Her dad, Kevin, might count as well, but in the more traditional metaphorical version of the trope. He's three times the size of any other rabbit we've seen in the strip (including his parents and sisternote ) and mostly muscle (in fact, he used to have a side job as a masked wrestler).
  • Deadly venomous chipmunks in Loserz!
  • Nature of Nature's Art is populated almost entirely by killer animals. Literally, they live to fight!
  • Slim the Jackalope from NeverNever has sixguns. Very tiny sixguns. And he bites. Extremely hard.
  • Kidus from Nightmare Factory. The woman who killed a cute rabbit named Mochi found this out the hard way.
  • The Order of the Stick gives us Mr Scruffy in this strip, in a direct shout-out to the example noted in the Dungeons & Dragons section above.
  • Voodoo Doll in The Repository of Dangerous Things. Little. Funny. Quiet. Won't get in the way. Does not object when grabbed and carried. But throwing it around is a really bad idea. Even for a vampire.
  • Swedish online RPG satire Rubicon survival guide use a killer hamster to demonstrate the dangers of taking the rules too literally:
    Horrified Barbarian: A HAMSTER!!! OH MY GOD!!!
    Confused Wizard: What????
    Horrified Barbarian: A hamster bite is one damage point, and it bites and bites and bites! It can take hours before you die! A slow, agonizing death ... LOOK OUT, IT'S ATTACKING!!!
  • Schlock Mercenary features a species of "cute and cuddly koalazoids" known as the Tausennigan Ob'Enn. The Ob'Enn, despite their small size and disarming appearance, are referred to as the "psycho bears" by every other species in the galaxy, as they have one of the most powerful and advanced interstellar militaries in the galaxy, and are led by a xenocidal doctrine that calls for the destruction of every other species in the galaxy. At one point a mob boss even mockingly calls Petey — an A.I. created by and resembling the Ob'Enn — a "hairy, scary drop bear."
  • Skin Horse: Ansigma's axolotl's are just as adorable as their real-world counterparts. Unlike their real-world counterparts, they breathe napalm and are also quite venomous.
  • Kieri from Slightly Damned. When she first meets Buwaro, she changes into a bunny and then chases him around Rhea's house with a steak knife.
  • Sluggy Freelance
    • Bun-bun the mini-lop, who was supposed to be the strip's cute talking animal. Well, technically he is cute and does talk... He once skeletonized a shark that had the misfortune of attacking him, and went on a holiday-massacring rampage as part of his vendetta against Santa Claus. When he got swallowed whole by a xenomorph-like alien, he burst out of its chest. He's stronger than an adult human, very fast and almost impossible to hit, and a master knife fighter, as well as being almost utterly evil.
    • Also in Sluggy Freelance there's "The Evil", 18 (6 + 6 + 6) "demon kittens" with Nigh-Invulnerability, Super Speed and super-ripping-you-apart-abilities that go on a killing spree if they have not had milk in the last 24 hours. Of course, these kittens are literally the spawn of Satan. They show up in two stories found here and here.
    "Kicking a kitten... A grown man punting a kitten who was looking the other way... It was the bravest thing I've ever seen."
  • In a filler strip for Something*Positive, Peter Rabbit gets his revenge.
  • Coleman of Sore Thumbs. A tiny blue polar bear that served in Iraq alongside its owner. You've never seen such an adorable terrorist-slaughtering machine.
  • In Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, the Norse trickster god Loki walks the earth in the body of a stuffed animal.
  • The superhero Furry Comic Supermegatopia features a number of characters who are more dangerous than they appear. The mute and docile-seeming Zippy the Sloth is able to defeat hulking supervillain Brute Force with one punch, while Anti-Hero Hell Kitty of the Offenders is a bratty little girl... with razor-sharp claws, super-healing, and a hair-trigger temper.
  • Tales of the Questor
    Quentin: You know, Groonch, there is an old saying in the seven systems about an unarmed Racoonan... pity you never heard it.
    • Alternatively, the Redcaps, who bear a marked resemblance to the little dancing mushrooms from Fantasia, till the needle-sharp claws and fangs come out and they leap into your face. Those bright red "mushroom caps" they wear are actually BLOOD SACS, and they've been known to drain an ox dry of blood in moments...
  • VG Cats had fun with usual Rat Stomp grade adventure running into less than obvious monster variations. Leo just had to say he's "on a roll today".
  • Goblins of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic created a funny midget direwolf breed, Wargi. The little bastards are nastier than they look. And their cuteness is weaponized too.


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