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And that's just some of them... there's a reason Ultimatum will be mentioned a lot in this page
Most deaths in Ultimate Marvel were final. Villains were usually victims of the Superhero Movie Villains Die trope, and when a hero dies, Nothing Is the Same Anymore. In alphabetical order, they are:
  • Abomination: Dismembered by Hulk, and then finished with a megaton punch through the skull.
  • Andrea & Andreas: Both were killed by Bishop.
  • Angel: Sabretooth attacked him in the back during Ultimatum.
  • Apocalypse: Killed by Phoenix. Shows up again as a spirit, but the plot was abandoned.
  • Balder: Killed by the Children of Tomorrow.
  • Beast: Killed by the Ultimatum wave.
  • Ben Parker (in any universe) is the ultimate Death by Origin Story, so this one can be taken for granted. Still, it's also an example.
  • Bishop: Killed by Wolverine. Then Phoenix prevented his timeline from taking place (note that Bishop is a time-traveler from the future; the present-day Bishop, as far as we know, was still alive at the prison and probably ignored the whole thing).
  • Black Widow: Hawkeye discovered that she killed all his family, so he traced and executed her.
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  • Blob: Henry Pym was so enraged with him that he grew giant and chewed his head off.
  • Cannonball: Killed by the Multiple Man in Ultimatum.
  • Several custom clones of Peter Parker were killed during the Clone Saga in Ultimate Spider-Man. Jessica Drew, a female clone, survived.
  • The Colonel was stabbed in the hearth with his own weapon by Captain America.
  • Cyclops: Shot by Quicksilver during an anti-mutant rally after Ultimatum.
  • Daredevil: Killed by the Ultimatum wave.
  • Dazzler: Killed by the Ultimatum wave.
  • Detonnator: Killed in the Savage Land during Ultimatum.
  • Doctor Doom was a subverted case. He was killed by the Thing after Ultimatum, as he was the one who manipuled Magneto into doing all that. It eventually turned out that the real and original Dr. Doom was still trapped in the zombieverse (as seen in an older arc of the Ultimate Fantastic Four), and that the Doom that Ben killed was actually Sue's mother, posing as Dr. Doom.
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  • Doctor Octopus: Killed by Norman Osborn the third time they escaped from the Triskelion.
  • Dr. Strange: Dormammu got free during Ultimatum and killed him.
  • Forge: Killed in the Savage Land during Ultimatum.
  • Dr. Franklin Storm: Killed during the Ultimatum wave. He noticed it in time and managed to save the Human Torch from the full force of the wave.
  • Emma Frost: Killed by the Multiple Man in Ultimatum.
  • Gambit: Died during a fight with Juggernaut. He had a last kiss with Rogue, who got his powers for a time.
  • Gregory Stark: Killed by Thor.
  • Hard Drive: Killed in the Savage Land during Ultimatum.
  • Herr Kleiser: Eaten alive by Hulk in The Ultimates (2002)
  • Hurricane: Liquefied by Quicksilver.
  • Juggernaut: Killed by William Stryker and his army in the Ultimatum tie-in.
  • Kingpin: Killed by Mysterio to Make Way for the New Villains.
  • Longshot: Killed in the Savage Land during Ultimatum.
  • Lorelei: Killed by Wolverine in the Ultimatum tie-in, while trying to free Jaime Madrox from her Compelling Voice influence.
  • Magneto: Executed by Cyclops in Ultimatum. Suffering a Villainous BSoD after realizing the truth about mutants, he gave no resistance.
  • Modi Thorson: Killed by his father, Thor.
  • Mr. Big: He defied the Kingpin for the control of the criminal world, so Kingpin simply squashed Mr Big's head with his bare hands. This was probably the first example in the Ultimate Marvel universe, after uncle Ben.
  • Multiple Man: Wolverine traced and killed his main body during Ultimatum, and all his near infinite bodies around the world died as a Keystone Army.
  • Nerd Hulk: Turned into a vampire in Ultimate Avengers vol. 3, then killed by Captain America (alongside all other vampires) when he teleported the whole base to Iran and exposed them to daylight.
  • Nightcrawler: Killed by the Ultimatum wave.
  • Odin: Killed by the Children of Tomorrow.
  • Harry Osborn: Mutated by his father into another goblin, and killed by him when they fought.
  • Polaris: Killed by the Multiple Man in Ultimatum.
  • Perun: Killed by a vampire Hulk with a Neck Snap.
  • Professor X: Magneto killed him with a Neck Snap during Ultimatum.
  • Proteus: Killed by Colossus, by stomping a car over him.
  • Psylocke: She dies in the Ultimatum tie-in when William Stryker Jr. attacks the X-Mansion, and is buried along with the rest of the dead X-Men.
  • Quicksilver: Stabbed by Kang during Ultimates Disassembled.
  • Douglas "Doug" Ramsey: By one of the Multiple Man suicide bombers during Ultimatum.
  • Red Skull: Nick Fury allowed the Red Wasp to kill him.
  • Scarlet Witch: Killed by Ultron in The Ultimates 3. Ultron was in turn controlled by Dr. Doom, who wanted to manipulate Magneto into declaring war to humankind. It worked too well.
  • Sebastian Shaw: Killed by Jean Grey with the Phoenix power.
  • Stick: Killed by Blade.
  • Sunspot: Killed by the Multiple Man during Ultimatum.
  • Syndicate: Killed by William Stryker and his army during the Ultimatum tie-in.
  • Toad: Killed by William Stryker and his army during the Ultimate X-Men tie-in with Ultimatum
  • Tyrone Cash: Killed by Nick Fury during the Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates crossover.
  • Wolverine: Magneto gave him a Rasputinian Death in Ultimatum.
  • Yan Rgg: The leader of the Kree ship, was killed in Ultimate Secret.

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