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Kids Are Cruel / Video Games

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  • Batman: Arkham Origins: Batman brings it up regarding Killer Croc's origins.
    Batman: Imagine growing up looking like he did. Children are cruel, Alfred.
  • Bully:
    • Yeah, let's all go pick on the shaven-headed Sociopathic Hero who's already proven capable of beating down The Incredible Hulk in a school uniform. And after he kicks our asses, LET'S DO IT AGAIN!
    • Jimmy can choose to indulge in acts of cruelty as well. Taken to extremes when Jimmy chooses to torment adults, though the peril of bullying adults is significantly greater than picking on a nerd.
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  • In The Dead Case, there is a group of children who torment a little girl repeatedly. The first time the protagonist comes across them, he must scare them away. Later, the school ghost scares them away and protects the girl.
  • The Doll Shop: The childhood friend relates to an incident in town where a schoolgirl was held prisoner and then killed by her own classmates.
  • Porky from EarthBound is a rotten kid who antagonizes you through the game, eventually allying himself with Giygas. By the time of Mother 3, he's the main antagonist and actively trying to bring about the apocalypse.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Advance:
    • Mewt Randell, a boy who is picked on by bullies, becomes overlord of his own fantasy world very early on.
    • Ritz also gets some bullying for her white hair. She's more confident than Mewt, but the events after Mission 14 indicate that she's taking it harder than she lets on.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:
    • Mangle (or presumably, Toy Foxy) from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 was an animatronic specifically made to be more kid-friendly and cheerful than the original version, and to entertain them. They immediately brutally tore it apart, so many times that the staff eventually gave up trying to fix it and left it as a heap of, well, mangled parts.
    • Five Nights at Freddy's 4 also uses this trope in a much more depressing way: The protagonist gets shoved into an animatronic's mouth by older children (one of which is his own brother), and as a result his head gets chomped. (This could be the infamous Bite of '87. We aren't really sure.)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has Lance Vance, who got picked on in school due to his Unfortunate Name.
    Tommy Vercetti: Vance? Your name's Lance Vance?
    Lance Vance: Hey, I got enough of that at school.
    Tommy Vercetti: Lance Vance. Poor bastard.
  • Inazuma Eleven:
    • Villains in series tend to be on an extreme end when it comes to fantasy violence. Sure, it's limited to soccer, but they are still egotistic children who enjoy invoking total humiliation, destroying property, and playing unfair — with little to no remorse until their destined Heel–Face Turn.
    • Inazuma Eleven 3: Sekai e no Chousen: Bomber starts by showing The Rival Rococo being bullied by bigger, stronger kids in his childhood.
  • In Katawa Shoujo, Hanako, whose body was severely scarred in a house fire that killed both her parents, was bullied by her classmates for her appearance when she returned to school, including several of her former friends.
  • Cindy from Kindergarten is basically a kindergarten-aged Alpha Bitch. In her route, she asks the protagonist to put gum in Lily's hair, and later asks him to pour a bucket of blood on her. She also calls rape on him if he dare insult her at the start of the day.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask:
    • The Skull Kid. The carnage that he invokes is fundamentally caused by his innocent inability to understand adult relationships and responsibilities, and a childlike egocentricity that makes him regard inattention toward himself as a deliberate insult. Thanks to Sanity Slippage from the Mask, he decides the appropriate response is to curse everyone he meets and set up the destruction of the world.
    • The Bombers can occasionally fit this as well. While their job is helping out others in town, Jim is plenty rude if Link talks to him while he's playing games. The other kids all refuse to let Deku Link officially join their club because he's not human. Granted, this mindset is implied to have sprung from their last non-human member (Skull Kid) causing trouble instead of helping others, thus making them reluctant to take another chance, but still.
  • One cutscene in Line Rider 2: Unbound has Chaz (who's roughly around the same age as Kid Hero Bosh) attempt murder via arranging for Bailey to be run over by a train.
  • Little Nightmares II has the Bullies, child enemies who pull malicious "pranks" on everyone, including their own. They forcibly separate you from Six by kidnapping her and are later seen suspending her over the bathroom floor with a rope. Their description on the official website cements that they lack a Freudian Excuse and are just doing what they do For the Evulz.
    Proof that all children don't get to be innocent, The Bullies aren't tragic figures, no cruel parents to blame, and don't secretly crave your friendship. They are bullies, and they will get you if you don't get them first.
  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance: Sundowner is a firm believer in this, boasting that kids are malleable and can be easily manipulated into becoming malevolent Child Soldiers, and later boasts about how he's very in-touch with his inner child. Raiden does not approve.
    Sundowner: Like I said, kids are cruel, Jack. And I'm very in touch with my inner child."
  • Pretty much the entire school goes feral in Our Darker Purpose when all the teachers disappear. Most notable are Regan and Goneril, who arrange an outright massacre of weak, quiet students.
  • The Outfoxies: 11-year old ex-Conjoined Twins Danny and Demi have no problems killing five people and a monkey for cold hard cash. In their defence, those same five people and the monkey are trying to kill them as well.
  • Overlord II opens with the son of the previous Overlord as a child being pelted with snowballs by some kids in his village. This is of course a case of Bullying a Dragon when the "Witch-Boy" returns to fulfill his duties as an Evil Overlord.
  • Pokémon:
    • While not cruel per se, Blue, the rival of Pokémon Red and Blue, is said to have suddenly started bullying Red one day for no discernible reason, despite them being the best of friends previously, presumably because it amused him. However, he gets better as well, albeit it takes until Gold and Silver for him to do so.
    • Silver, The Rival from Pokémon Gold and Silver and the remakes, thanks to a Freudian Excuse revealed in the latter; 11/12 years old and one of the only Non Player Characters to ever hit you, an abusive trainer, and exceptionally arrogant, he once actually threatens to physically hurt you and constantly berates you. He gets better.
  • In Puyo Puyo Tetris, it's implied that Jay and Elle are the youngest members of the S.S. Tetra's crew. They're also Trickster Twins who love to pull pranks on others, with their target often being the Tetra's engineer Ai.
  • The Red Crayon Aristocrats from Rule of Rose. To clarify: The game stars a group of unbelievably monstrous girls (the aforementioned "Red Crayon Aristocrats") who torment the main character, forcing her to do their bidding and then rebuke her efforts every time. Then, the one girl who was nice to you turns out to be the one behind it all along. Do note, however, that from the perspective this is all told from, some of the girls' attitudes and behaviors may be a result of Unreliable Narrator.
  • Once upon a time, before The Suffering began, three Puritan children decided to start a Witch Hunt just for fun. Eleven people were burned at the stake, and three little girls were remade as immortal monsters by the land itself.
  • Since the main protagonist is a child in Undertale, you can invoke the trope by having said child slaughter every single monster, with some of them being actively afraid of you when you show up after you amassed a high body count. The trope also applies to the first Fallen Child, who wanted to kill everyone in their village by committing suicide, so that their soul could merge with their best friend's soul, creating an immensely powerful being the Fallen Child could use to slaughter all the humans.


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