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Examples of Kick the Son of a Bitch in webcomics.

  • Later on in AGENCY, D.W. is kidnapped by The Nine along with Marcus McCloud. While the former is treated by the story as a victim that has to be rescued just as much as the latter is, and their mother is obviously very worried about them, given that in their own series they are little more than an incorrigibly rude and selfish Bratty Half-Pint and likes being a pain in the rear to her older brother just for kicks, it's hard to pity them.
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  • This Bruno the Bandit strip: the eponymous criminal robs an old wizard, who has just spent ten minutes getting on the nerves of everyone else in the room. Instead of anyone trying to stop him, he gets applauded.
  • In Dragon Ball Multiverse, the Curb-Stomp Battle between Perfect Cell and Bojack is incredibly satisfying after seeing the latter brutally snap U16 Pan's neck. Especially since Bojack is killed right in front of the other members of U16, and, ironically, by a broken spine.
  • Common in the world of Drowtales due to the Grey and Gray Morality of the setting.
    • After Ariel loses her arm and very nearly her life thanks to her Axe-Crazy half sister Kalki chopping it off, she flat out rejects the idea of using one of her fellow soldiers to make herself whole again using shape shifting powers for the purposes of Appendage Assimilation, clearing finding it a morally reprehensible act. But when Ariel subjects Kalki herself to this as payback for the injury, a process that's clearly enormously painful, it's comeuppance.
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    • One of the reasons Zala'ess is still a fan favorite despite her more villainous actions is her tendency to do this.
      • While she sent the slavishly loyal Vy'chriel to her death in a Uriah Gambit that causes significant collateral damage the reason was because Vy'chriel had been her biological daughter's "protector twin" and her murdered her to take her place, something that enraged Zala'ess to the point she would have killed Yaeminira if she hadn't been stopped by her own sister and forced to adopt her daughter's murderer.
      • Later in chapter 47, she gets a double does of this. First by punching her daughter Chrys'tel's protector twin Shinae in the face and apparently enjoying it a bit too much, but falls into this since Shinae is generally a colossal pain in the ass and unlike everyone else trying to kill Zala at the moment thanks to Mass Hypnosis, is acting on her own free will. Later she deliberately throws the fight between her sister and Sarv'swati and Quain'tana in Quain's favor by secretly using a bit of magic to trap Sarv's foot just long enough for Quain to make the finishing blow. Loses most of its sting because of Sarv's long list of bad decisions and the fact that she was threatening the fragile peace Zala had just obtained.
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  • In End And Save, the victims of the two title characters often include mad scientists that experiment on children. The action of murder is always portrayed as villainous, but it's not like anyone would miss this type of victims.
  • In Errant Story, Ian's attempted genocidal smackdown of the Elves would seem to be a clear case of Disproportionate Retribution, driven by his own elf-induced personal drama and the ancient elf god he accidentally absorbed. But given that, with exactly two exceptions (Sarine and Misa), the elves have been uniformly portrayed as arrogant, bullying, borderline sociopathic bastards who have tried to enslave and/or commit genocide on every other race in their world, with particular focus on exterminating half-elves (like Ian) wherever and whenever they can. It's hard to muster much sympathy for such a planet of Jerk Asses.
    • The current elves might be arrogant and xenophobic, but it's not like they don't have a good reason. In that world's history, the elves originally lifted the humans out of barbarism, and loved the resulting half-elf children just as much as their own. Then several powerful half-elf mages went inexplicably insane, destroying a floating city and kicking off a decades-long war that nearly drove both groups (elves & half-elves) to extinction. It's stated that no one has ever figured out WHY this happens to half-elves, or how to prevent or cure it. Hunting down and murdering innocent people just based on race is bad, yes, but it's at least understandable when these people are ticking time-bombs. And not every elf is a powerful mage or murderous assassin-ranger; many haven't even left their hidden city in centuries when Ian shows up on their doorstep with an army of time-ninjas and starts indiscriminately slaughtering everyone in sight. Overall this seems much more like a case of gray-and-grey morality, or maybe well-intentioned extremist.
    • It then comes full circle back to this trope when it comes out that today's elves are the same elves that were alive back in the day. They were set to exterminate humanity like they did the trolls, but instead took them as servants out of pity, not compassion, due to the fact they looked similar to the elves. The aforementioned time-ninjas were slave gladiators and bodyguards who understandably bear a grudge to this day, and it was because humanity bred like rabbits compared to the elves that so many half-elves were born. Sarine, who was alive during the war, said that it was just easier to have a child with a human than with another elf. Once they re-emerge from their self-imposed isolationism, the elves begin hunting down every single half-elf they can find. Sarine outright admits the elves pretty much have it coming when Ian attacks. Not that she'll just stand by and let it happen, but there's a reason that the only elves who aren't arrogant Jerk Asses are the youngest elf in the city and thus the species (Misa), a ranger who took the job to get the hell away from her racist, elitist brethren (Sarine), and possibly the Council's clerk.
  • Footloose has the Alpha Bitch Sparkle set up by faerie pirate Captain Kitty (after having been kidnapped by her and used as a serving wench), then Kitty shoots her with a magical gun, and has a gay male pirate watch over her so that when she tries to seduce/flirt her way out, she's humiliated even further. Oh, and Kitty plans on seducing Sparkle's ex-boyfriend just to drive the knife in deeper… and Sparkle's pretty much a nobody to Kitty so the ongoing Humiliation Conga is just for giggles.
  • Gaia: Eldor dispatches of Delvor in a gruesome way. Later turns into a Pet the Dog moment for Eldor when he spares the guards who witnessed it.
  • In General Protection Fault, Fred takes over Trent's body, forces him to sexually harass Sharon, go into a meeting almost completely naked while pretending to be a superhero named Wiley Wombat, and go out and expose himself in public, getting him arrested. While the cast complains about this and it comes back to haunt Fred when he's in court defending himself against Trent's libel lawsuit, Trent is a Smug Snake Jerkass so no one feels much sympathy for him.
  • Girl Genius:
    • After caging a copy of The Other within herself, nearly killing Zeetha, escaping Violetta and Higgs, and beating down Tarvek, Zola makes the mistake of hitting Agatha with a potentially lethal wound to the chest. Cue an Unstoppable Rage-fueled No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by Tarvek. Nearly every poster in the comic's fan communities hoped he'd kill her, and the groans of frustration were so loud they practically echoed through the Internet when Gil interfered.
    • Also Anevka Sturmvoraus fatally electrocuting her father; he was directly responsible for her unfortunate condition, not to mention all the other girls he killed trying to bring back The Other.
    • There are hints that, in general, Sparks aren't too popular with the mundane people of the setting. Given Sparks suffer from a Science-Related Memetic Disorder that makes each and every one of them a walking timebomb of potentially WMD proportions, not to mention an active Disaster Magnet, it's hard to blame them.
  • Misfile can have these occasionally. Missi gets excluded from an event? Of course, she's an annoying brat. Emily isn't getting her costume made by Missi? Why would she, the way she acts towards her? Pretty much every character in the comic has moments of being a complete ass, so who you sympathize with and who you wish would die simply boils down to who you identify with better.
    • Played less sympathetically with Sheldon. The guy receives a Humiliation Conga complete with all his friends turning on him, his car being badly battered and smashed up, and a particularly nasty kick in the balls… but only because he forced Ash into a race with him, put down said friends as "just muscle" behind their backs (while gloating about how they could never be convinced that he looks down on them because they trust him), and later, when he loses his race, tries to frame Ash for bad behaviour by smashing up aforementioned car with a rock, and then claiming that Ash tried to come onto him the night of their meeting. Needless to say, Rumisiel's revealing the truth with a recording of Sheldon's very words, as well as Missy's aforementioned Groin Attack, were largely viewed as both characters' most shining moments to date.
  • Most of the troll arc of Homestuck is a double Mobius kick-the-sonofabitch reacharound, seeing as how a significant fraction of the trolls are complete Jerk Asses.
    • Special mention goes to Gamzee, who survived said reacharound, only to get repeatedly shot by Caliborn in Act 6.
  • In No Rest for the Wicked, the princess throws a rock at Prince Ricardo's horse, causing it to bolt and drag him for three leagues. This is an overreaction to being rejected — even for Mixed Metaphors. Then, Prince Ricardo — "Picky Dick" — has made a career about rescuing princesses and dumping them for equally trivial reasons. The Boy, finding him, asked whether some girl had beaten him up before he told his story, figuring that sooner or later some girl had to revolt at the treatment.
  • The Order of the Stick: Whether or not Vaarsuvius killing off the Black Dragons qualifies is something that the forums are still arguing about it, opinions ranging from "unforgivable villainy" to "righteous retribution." To elaborate, it isn't much about the death of the Black Dragon, but rather the way s/he handled it: S/He used an epic spell called "Familicide" that killed all dragons related to that one, including unborn eggs and half-dragons, some of which proved to be good-aligned in a later comic—namely, the entire Draketooth clan.
    • Less ambiguous is V's Vigilante Execution of Daimyo Kubota, who was a Smug Snake that only moments before had murdered one of his own underlings and then bragged about exactly how he was going to get off Scot-free. You'd be hard-pressed to find a character more literally begging for a Karmic Death, but V only did it because he was bragging while Elan had him captive...
    • Also less ambiguous is Haley's murder of Crystal. Sure, cold-blooded murder is rarely a good thing, but it's hard to argue that she didn't have it coming. This is subverted Don't Split the Party, where Crystal was actively trying to kill Haley after she made peace with the Thieves' Guild while they recovered Roy's body and made it absolutely clear that she would continue to do so. Rich Burlew explains in the commentary that, by dropping that sequence of strips from the online comic for pacing reasons, Haley's decision comes across a lot harsher but he didn't realise this at the time.
      • What's also interesting is Haley's discussion with Elan about this. Haley, who is "Chaotic Good...ish", decided to confess what she'd done to Elan, who is explicitly Chaotic Good, not good-"ish". Elan wasn't exactly approving, but he didn't condemn her for it, and he mentions that he feels better about it when Haley assures him she was really bad, and mentions she once saw Crystal headbutt an old woman into a coma.
      • Bozzok decides to make use of Crystal's corpse and get revenge on Haley for skipping out on resurrection payments by hiring Grubwiggler (with a resurrection payment and then some) to stitch Crystal into a Flesh Golem, a purple monstrosity that is in constant pain and constantly fixated on causing death to her enemies, then points her at Haley. Haley convinces Crystal that she may be a murderer but Bozzok is a sick son of a bitch who turned his loyal minion into an eternally suffering slave-tool. Cue curb-stomp battle. Then Crystal starts yapping about how she plans on using her new golem powers to keep killing random bystanders for fun. Cue betrayal by lava pit. Haley doesn't feel any hesitation or guilt, but doesn't enjoy it, either.
    • Subverted twice by Elan. The first time when he catches up to his evil brother after being skewered by him, and his brother is left hanging off a ledge over a pit of monsters. After struggling to decide, he helps him up and captures him. His brother is mystified why Elan would do this, and Elan responds that he's "the Good twin, not the Neutral twin." The second time was just after Daimyo Kubota had given Elan every justification to kill him, then calmly says "I surrender," just before Elan carries through with that. Elan is visibly enraged by Kubota worming his way out of his comeuppance, but he can't bring himself to kill the man because Elan is strictly good. He does punch Kubota in the face, however.
    • And then Start of Darkness gave this to Xykon of all people. Rich didn't want to give him any kind of sympathetic background, but for all the evil Xykon embraces with reckless abandon, it's hard not to cheer for him when he really gets on a roll considering Wizards take a high-handed attitude towards Sorcerers just because their genetically-earned magic doesn't come with any means of control beyond self-control. Every Wizard Xykon takes down for the sake of being a petty, spiteful dick took just as bad an attitude towards him first, even considering him an idiot because he didn't learn his magic — he didn't even have to learn magic to use it, so taking the high ground on that is, frankly, being an absurdly petty jerk.
    • After betraying her own homeland, using mind control on Thanh to turn him against his own teammates, and murdering and zombifying a member of the Azurite Resistance (who didn't even seem to be a threat to her), Tsukiko finds herself being drained to death by her own wights after she boasts to Redcloak how she's going to ruin his plans by informing Xykon of them.
    • Nale toastinating Malack counts as this. Sure, he did it so that he could save his own skin rather than anyone else, but since Malack was plotting mass murder and killed and vampirized the dwarf who he once considered as a friend, he definitely had it coming.
    • Shortly after that, Tarquin killing Nale in retaliation, since he was a loose cannon who simultaneously disowned his father and proudly declared that he murdered said father's best friend.
  • In Parasite Galaxy, Hebiko brutally slaughters a group of mysterious gangsters , the leader of which was about to Kill Matt for wandering into the wrong place.
  • The Devil turning resident Jerkass Seymore into a demon (better in context) in Sinfest.
  • In Suicide for Hire, some of the customers of our Sociopathic Heroes come under this trope... The "asshole", and Domestic Abuser Tybalt Montlet. The deaths of the particularly deserving are not at all pretty.
  • Zebra Girl: After everything Gregory did to her and her friends (including kidnapping Sam, poisoning Wally and nearly killing Jack), you can't really feel bad for him when Sandra decides to make him suffer and send him to hell as the first soul she ever claimed.


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