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Any fanwork in a fandom under a Fanwork Ban usually becomes this. As most sites are pulled for fear of invoking legal wrath, some fanworks are made available through shady underground communities.

  • The Star Trek fanfic "A Fragment out of Time" by Diane Marchant — the first Kirk / Spock fic ever written, and the story that spawned Slash Fic as a genre — exists today only in its original zine, Grup 3, which is extremely rare. The story was never posted online. The only way to read it is to hunt down the zine in used bins at conventions. The University of Iowa Library, however, hosts a special collection of early fanzines, including Grup 3 and the zine that contained Marchant's defense of K/S — Grup 4.
    • This is actually true of many of the early fic written in zines, as many authors never made the switch to the Internet.
  • Computer Boy, an Australian parody of The Matrix. No DVD release and only available as a low-resolution Quicktime download, due to (apparent) legal issues with a scene filmed inside a McDonald's store.
  • It has been known for fanfic authors who turn pro to pull their fanfic from the internet, either because they consider it Old Shame, because their publishers don't approve, or because they're strip-mining their fic for ideas for original works and don't want people to make comparisons.
    • It's not just ones from authors that turn pro. Any fanfic can just disappear from the internet due to some reason from the fanfic author. Sure, most of those aren't worth reading, but there are some good ones that disappear too.
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    • Snow Angels is only notable because it has a works page, but the author has long since pulled it from Fan Fiction Dot Net. A Dramatic Reading of the first few chapters does exist on YouTube, but the videos have been made private (so only the dramatic reader's friends can see them) after somebody the dramatic reader knows in real life mistook him for the actual creator. Since Snow Angels is So Bad, It's Good...
  • When an Internet domain goes under, works by inattentive authors using that domain will disappear. The end of Geocities killed quite a few fanfics on unmaintained sites which had been popular enough to stay up by reader visits alone. Ones on Tripod and Fortune City have also disappeared.
  • Anything that was on Soupfiction and is not in the Wayback Archive.
  • Fan had Real-Person Fic until about 2001, and then removed it all. Some of it is still missing.
    • In general, stories uploaded to the site have a nasty habit of disappearing without warning after a while. This is because Fan Fiction Dot Net likes to periodically purge inactive/long completed fics for the sake of saving space on the site.
  • Any of Racewing's fanfics appear almost completely lost. And That's Terrible.
    • Some of them and others on Racewing's site can be found here
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M was taken down in December 2015, leaving behind one last blog post. However, players of the game have been circulating mirrors of it so that it can still thrive.
  • Another Metroid 2 Remake, developed over a decade, was out for little more than a day before Nintendo sent DMCA takedowns towards all sites hosting the game, and later forced the developer to stop updating the game altogether. Despite (or rather because of) this, fans who downloaded the game before then have set up mirrors all over the internet.
  • Kelly Green seems to consider her earliest, adulated Haunted Mansion comics terrible and deleted them for DeviantArt. Emma Mosier also deleted some of her early Phantom Manor doodles after being harassed by shippers who shamed her for her "Phantom/Melanie" AU. Fortunately, through a combination of fans having made personal copies on their hard drives and the ever-useful Internet Archive, most of those comics have been relocated and copies can be seen on the wiki.
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  • There used to be Touhou fancomic by pixiv user Wimifu, the which has a child Ran being raised by Yukari but, for some reason, the artist took their pixiv page down (or hid it, as the Wayback Machine says it's still around), thus the only way to view a good much of the comic and the artist's other artwork is through imageboard sites.
  • Kill la Kill fanartist "Herokick", much like the above example, hid their tumblr page and left their AU comic uncompleted, thus the only way to view much of said comic (along with other fanart) was on their twitter page (which you'd have to already be following, as it was made private) but, apparently, the Twitter account has been recently deactivated, so the only way see the comic are imageboard sites, the Wayback Machine, or to search for it online.
  • Fan-videos of any kind (AMVs, Abridged Series, "crack" videos, etc) when the user account is either A), taken down, B), terminated by the site, and or C), the videos are muted/blocked from viewing (more often than not in the case of YouTube). Fortunately, if fans are diligent enough, there are usually mirrors.
  • The well-known Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy fan-artist Yami-Shin deleted almost all of the Edd/Eddy fanart off of her Deviantart page. Thanks to her popularity, however, most if not all of it still exists online.
  • Many Ask a Pony blogs close and as a result their artwork dies with them. Even highly popular ones like Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie and Ask Princess Molestia have had this. It's up to fans to keep the asks circulating.
  • Rise of The Clockwork Stallions, a fully developed Platform Game by Darkera Studios, was removed from their site once they started to advertise their first original game. Thankfully, the original download link still exists, but it requires some Wayback Machine action in order to properly access. As the files are intact, some fans have gone so far as to store it on their personal cloud drives, allowing others to easily access the game if asked for.
  • Paradise was a lengthy origin fanfic for Celestia and Luna detailing how they went from unassuming Earth pony foals to godlike alicorn princess'. In 2014 it was removed offline so that the writer could rewrite it. That has yet to occur due to personal reasons, but fans have archived the original story.
  • Some while back, there was a Walfas artist by the name of "Cirno is a Genius" who vanished from YouTube, taking all of their videos with them. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any trace/mirrors of their videos anywhere.


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