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  • In Ace Combat: The Equestrian War, Big Bad Red Cyclone is responsible for starting the whole conflict and for the most part of the story, he only issues orders, such as the scorching of Equestria. He becomes trapped inside his own creation by Zeakros after Rainbow Dash and Firefly destroy the fortress' core generator, starting a self-destruct countdown. He is consumed by the expanding explosions as Fortress Intimidation is collapsing.
  • In Ages of Shadow, Zaben's first encounter with the heroes sees him gouge out Mildred's eyes as petty revenge when he loses. Much later, during their final showdown, it's Mildred who guns him down and kills him for good.
  • In the Mass Effect fic Another Realm, the two antagonists of the Arrival arc are killed in suitably horrible ways after attempting to use their daughter as a political pawn, as well as trying to kill her lover, who happens to be The Hero.
  • In Avengers: Endgame (Dragonis Prime), the Thanos of Earth-842667 seeks to wipe out half of all life across the universe with a Snap of the Infinity Gauntlet. Tony Stark turns his own Stones against him with the use of Dwarven magic.
  • Bad Future Crusaders: Twitch, who gleefully took part in the bombing of Broncton — caring nothing for the civilians caught in the crossfire — is killed when a shot from Apple Bloom's gun detonates one of his bombs while it's still on his belt.
  • Blood! Rusty AU: As kits, Scourge's siblings, Socks and Ruby, would bully him. They told him that Humans throw kits they don't want into rivers, so Scourge (then called "Tiny") was scared off into the wild. When they got older, Socks and Ruby were abandoned and forced to live as malnourished street cats. One day, Scourge gets sick of his siblings always begging for help and decides to get rid of them. He takes Socks and Ruby to the sewers and makes them jump into the sewer river.
  • In Broken Wings Umbridge, who has a phobia of winged creatures, escapes Hogwarts before she can be arrested for using a magic-binding cuff on Harry, and is killed and eaten by a Stymphalian Bird.
  • In Codex Equus, this tends to happen as a consequence for one's actions, both mortal and divine.
    • Changeling King Lasius's foster noble family, as well as the local royalty and the aristocracy, were horrendously lazy and incompetent, and used their wealth to fund their lavish lifestyles rather than help their extremely impoverished subjects. Lasius got so fed up with their behavior that he murdered them all during a welcoming party he threw for Emperor Blackthorn, and used their palaces and statues (all the way down to the founder) to pave and repair his foster kingdom's roads. His half-sister, Golden Bell, turned a blind eye while her family died because she too, was sick of their behaviors.
    • The Propagare cultists Elske encountered were trying to stir up distrust and hatred so they could start a war between two Deer realms. After stomping on one part of their armies and sitting on another, Elske proceeded to slowly crush them to death with her hooves so they'll be an example of what happens when people give in to hatred.
    • Golden Chalice was a Griffin warlord who tried to invade and conquer the peaceful kingdom of Sauropoda, having severely underestimated what a society of large, sapient dinosaurs are truly capable of. He was instantly killed when Queen Immensa stomped on him once.
    • Much of the old Orosian pantheon behaved little more than irresponsible, arrogant, and spoiled children, causing unnecessary deaths with their petty squabbles and extreme intolerance to even minor infractions. They eventually died in an event of their own making, the "Twilight of the Orosians", with several people making a point to show that the gods had brought their deaths upon themselves. Likewise, no one cried when the new and more benevolent Orosian gods stepped up to take their place.
    • The Alvslog royal family that raised King Brachion cast him out when it was discovered he was a dormant Royal Changeling, forcing him to survive in a forest where dangerous predators lived while he's still a child. When he completed his Errance and became good at biological experimentation, he proceeded to return and utterly destroy his foster family for abandoning him, killing a good number of them and razing their Alvslog forest kingdom to the ground to make way for his new Hive.
    • One of the purified Changelings turned out to be a Chrysalis-loyalist who pretended to side with the ascended Thorax so he could undermine the latter's authority by framing him for the deaths of several unpurified Changeling children. He was caught by hidden Summer Court agents and given to Changeling King Brachion, who would experiment on him.
    • Night Terror, a serial killer from the Deer realms who is the villainous Expy of Freddy Krueger, was fatally burned alive by the grieving parents of the young fawns he killed. However, he managed to cheat his way out of hell by making a secret deal with Ispita, causing his soul to end up in the dream realm instead. Yarost was enraged when he discovered this, due to his hatred of oath-breakers and Ispita in general, and helped Princess Luna and Tenya find and confront Night Terror. When Night Terror was made powerless, defeated, and thrown to the real world by the two goddesses, a furious Yarost was waiting for him, with no other way out of what awaited below. Temnobog himself lampshades how Night Terror was Too Dumb to Live by thinking he could worm his way out of his rightfully-deserved punishment.
    • Void Traveler, a Second-Age villain who tried to destroy Equus in the name of his "master" by putting it in a black hole, ends up completely obliterated by a few residents of the planet. As Princess Stitching Time and Queen Cosmosglow said, "Your time is up."
    • Bolezn infected an entire Deer kingdom with a devastating plague for its blatant disregard for proper hygiene, and then infiltrated the castle of a royal Deer, Prince Prospero, who arrogantly assumed he can use said plague to Kill the Poor. Under the guise of a noble who dressed up like a plague victim, Bolezn infected Prince Prospero as well as the various nobles and royalty who took shelter in his castle rather than help their subjects, leaving them to die a slow, agonizing death while their food and wealth were pillaged by Bolezn's subordinates/followers for their master to enjoy.

    D to G 
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic/The Dresden Files Crossover The Dresden Fillies, this happens a few times in the second story, False Masks:
    • After spending the whole story trying to assassinate Harry Dresden (believing him to be a resurrected Evil Overlord) , putting innocents in danger, summoning "He Who Walks Behind" (twice) , and in the process of all these things betraying the kingdom and the ponies they swore to protect, the Order Triune itself is betrayed by Novel Notion and sacrificed to a demon rather quickly. Unlike most examples, however, it still proves to be quite tragic.
    • Novel Notion and his cohorts' own demise in the epilogue is just as karmic though not nearly as tragic. Completely unrepentent of their heinous crimes, they hatch up a scheme to make another Deal with the Devil in the Nevernever to gain the power they need to seek revenge. After four days of wandering, the first demon they meet promptly swallows them whole and they die slowly and painfully in its digestive fluids.
  • Equestrylvania: Dirt Nap ends up being burned to death by the power of the very demon he sold his soul to.
  • Fall of the Black Canary, return of the Arrow exaggerates the Karmic death of Damian Darhk (see Arrow):
    Oliver: You didn’t think I’d let you die that easily, did you. No, that’s much more than you deserve. You killed the woman I loved, remember? Allow me to remind you, (pulls an arrow out of his quiver), first, you stabbed her with an arrow, just like this. (stabs him) Then, you twisted it, like so, (twists arrow), and then you yanked it out of her body. (yanks arrow out) Now you know how it feels.
  • In the third Gensokyo 20XX story, presumably we have this with Seija, after she's attempted to get Yukari to murder the children because she saw them as a hinderance when food and fresh water had run scarce (because of her), as it's unlikely she survived on her own after having three of her limbs and a few fingers cut off and then being sent away, then again, she had it coming.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters does this with the Token Evil Teammate pair of the Rebellion — Rhouglar is executed by Caleb right after bragging about how the Rebellion's actions have been the perfect means for him to indulge in his desires, and that Caleb's naiveté has just been enabling him. Tharquin, meanwhile, ends up brutally murdered by Jade, whom he'd been torturing simply for being a Shapeshifter.

    H to J 
  • In How the Light Gets In, Dean tells the recently resurrected Laurel that she died after Damian Darhk stabbed her in the lung. After learning Dean killed him in revenge, she asks how.
    Dean: I stabbed him in the lung.
    Laurel: That's poetic.
    Dean: I thought so.
  • Invader Zim: The Series: Reg, an Irken Blood Knight with elemental fire powers and a personality to match, ends up burning to death in the wreck of his ship when it's destroyed. For bonus points, the ones doing the destroying are the Tallest, who Reg's been shown to be covertly plotting against with the story's Legion of Doom.

    K to N 
  • In The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, Gohma crashes Link's party and splits a tree clean in half with her eye laser. When Link fights her again later on, he kills her by cleanly cutting her in half vertically with a sword beam.
  • In Loved And Lost, Prince Jewelius convinces Queen Chrysalis to invade Equestria with him on Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's wedding day, only to double-cross her so that he can rule Equestria alone. After the vengeful Changelings have escaped from his dungeons, he refuses to spare a thought for them as he tries to finish off the heroes whom Chrysalis secretly helps to gain an advantage over him. When the good guys have cornered Jewelius in the climax, the Changelings come to take their revenge by eating the pathetically begging Jewelius whose heart doesn't have any love for them to feed on. The scene has distinct similarities with the death of Scar (see the "Animation" category under Film).
  • In The MLP Dreamscape, the shadow creature that possessed Applebloom caused her lots of misery, and affected her immediate family and friends as well. It is killed by an Earth-empowered Applejack, who yanks the shadow creature out of her little sister's head and stomps it into the ground.

    O to R 
  • The Parselmouth of Gryffindor had a karmic near-death for Hermione. Being her usual confident Rules Lawyer self, she went after the Horcrux a bit too quickly, convinced that her ten-seconds rules-lawyering would be enough to bypass the protections. It wasn't, and it's sheer luck that she comes Back from the Dead afterwards.
  • Pony POV Series:
  • Peter Ludlow, the real Big Bad of Rise of the Galeforces gets an epic one near the very end. He sets it up by apparently spending most of Episode 3 trying to capture the T-rex family that initially antagonizes the heroes as part of a tourist attraction (actually an excuse to publicly kill them along with all other non-human species). When he later drops all pretenses, he defends himself from the angry father rex by shooting him in the eye. This enrages both the fellow 'rex he was defending - actually a Scaled Up Violet - and Chomper's own babies to boot. The result: Ludlow gets every bone in his body broken for his trouble, and is devoured by the very baby 'rexes he had been working so hard to acquire.

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