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  • In Faux Pas, Randy is afraid that the cats will subject Cindy to this unfair trial. Cats Are Mean.
  • The redux of Heartcore chapter 1 features this, with Royce Lashiec as protagonist Ame's judge, prosecution, and jury.
  • Terezi's introduction in Homestuck is of her pretending to be an Amoral Attorney working in one such court, with one of her stuffed dragons as the defendant. No defense is allowed, and the judge is named His Honorable Tyranny. The trial ends with the dragon being hung from Terezi's tree, along with a dozen more of Terezi's stuffed animals who were the victims of previous trials. This is supposed to be representative of her world's actual legal system. Later on, there's the exploits of her ancestor Redglare, an actual legislacerator. It's disturbingly close to Terezi's roleplay.
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  • Monster Soup: Five supernatural felons get quickly sentenced to rehabilitation in the same insane asylum on the same floor with the same psychiatric plan, despite the wide discrepancies in their crimes, ranging from petty theft to first-degree murder. The lawyer in charge of all five goes from professional to Bunny-Ears once he realizes that this is just a farce to get five specialists in a state-controlled experiment.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Inverted when the court they find themselves in has explicitly been set up to pardon them, but look like they're getting a fair trial.
    • A straight up example occurs here
      Jones [whispering to Roy] Listen, here there are two types of accused: those who plead guilty, and those who piss the judge off with a time-consuming trial before being found guilty.
      Rodriguez: [also whispering] The conviction rate here is 114%, and that doesn't even make sense!
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  • Schlock Mercenary: Rare positive example; Massey stages a trial with the consent of everyone involved to set precedent and make sure an ancient resurrected sophont will receive full legal rights.
  • The Asperpedia trolls' trial in the Sonichu 10 finale features a judge who clearly considers the accused guilty and the defense presented by one of the accused (reading from a list of thoughts he had while high the night before). The trial ends in capital punishment for all defendants. A rare example as the kangaroo court is portrayed in a positive light by the author, attempting to make the end result seem just.
  • The Team Fortress 2 comic "Unhappy Returns" has some of the mercs get caught and prosecuted for their crimes. The mayor of the town literally makes himself Judge, Jury, and Executioner, the only other staff member required for the trial is the public defender, and to cap it all off, the Mercs, who were guilty of several counts of accidental murder and property damage, were being charged for crimes they didn't commit! It wasn't until after the trial that the Mayor listed their crimes, which were things he committed.


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