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Okay. Here's how it works, boys and girls.

This experiment is a collaborative attempt at the construction of a fictional Speculative Fiction world. Think of it as if we were ghostwriting the atlas and history of a literary or role-playing setting. As such, our ideal goal would be a fully realized historical and cultural narrative, telling the story of an entire world, its empires, its heroes and villains and people of note, and its myths and legends.


Guidelines on Writing Entries: There are two dominant "styles" of entry, descriptive and narrative. Descriptive entries are overall discussions of landscape, species and races, cosmology and world mechanics, and individuals of note. These may be written from the point of view of a particular individual, faction, or group, but should probably also include a notation of from whose point of view it is. A neutral overview as well also would be extremely helpful in separating "fact" from "fiction".

Narrative sections are written more or less "in-world," but always with a neutral point of view—this does not necessarily mean no judgmental or biased text, just no in-world bias. These are essentially story sections, and recount events, deeds, and changes over time.

In addition, there may be asides written out-of-world about themes such as style, generalized future directions of the setting, author's commentaries and similar miscellanea.


Guidelines on Procedure: This project is founded upon the same general principles as the wiki itself, meaning that anyone can theoretically edit any section. However, there are some guidelines on how this will take place.

The idealized form of this project is a round-robin format—essentially, writers alternate and break up their entries. This is more true of the Narrative entries, which seek to tell a story, than it is of the Descriptive entries, which simply describe components.

There is no fixed lineup of entry order for Narrative entries, but try not to dominate. Also, be very careful to maintain the tone and spirit of a particular author's creations. If in doubt about a change you wish to make, ask. Always provide rational basis for any change or event that occurs—follow an intelligent and logical progression.


On the other hand, expect your creations to change in ways you may not have intended. Keeping to the character of an element is good—if the people of a particular area go bad, it should be because something either in their own society allowed it or something outside it pushed them in that direction. It may also be wise to always provide an "out" in such social changes, so as to allow for flexibility.

Be creative. New and unusual use of tropes is encouraged, but do so in an intelligent way. Avoid, for example, Always Chaotic Evil without establishing why such an outlook exists.

A final note of clarification. The Narrative entries may be broken down by region as well as by time, due to the sheer size of the subject. If a region has not yet been covered in a particular era you are welcome to write about the events taking place therein, if any, so long as it is integrated properly. Discussion may be warranted in such a case beforehand, however. Don't add anything that doesn't have to do with the pre-established world described here

Now, with that said, on to the project:

Narrative Articles:

The First Era: From the War of the Stars to the Change:

The Second Era

The Third Era

To be continued...


Gods And Powers:


Empires and States:

Myths And Legends:


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