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"What do you mean it's not lampshading?"

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Trope-tan is the Anthropomorphic Moe Personification of the wiki, drawn by Vigilante Taxonomist Fawriel in response to That Other Wiki's Wikipe-tannote  Physical qualities:

Other details:

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    Trope-tan Fanart 

    Trope-tan Fan Fiction 

Magical Girl Anthropomorphic Trope-tan by Koveras

In a World... where reality and fiction exist side by side, Ordinary High-School Student Trope-tan falls into possession of a powerful artifact on her sixteenth birthday: a magical staff named Tinstan that allows her to bring lost or obscure tropes back to life in full glory. Determined to do good to the world, she starts on a path of Wiki Magician, searching for and improving such tropes. Things get difficult when the Dark Magical Girl Wikipe-tan (Elegant Gothic Lolita attire included) is sent by her evil mother Wikimedea to Trope-tan's world to search and destroy all in-universe Elements of Fiction, armed with such devastating spells as NPOV, Citation Needed, and Speedy Deletion (called out in Gratuitous English). And it all gets really complicated when a Cool Ship from TVTI shows up. TVTI is an interuniversal organization of "tropers" who strive to achieve balance and integrity among the tropes before they ruin all life in the multiverse. This balance is now about to crumble thanks to Trope-tan's indiscriminate resurrection, Wikipe-tan's indiscriminate deletion, and the epic Edit War between them. The tropers also have a secret agenda to slash and ship Trope-tan/Wikipe-tan in every manner possible, so tensions between them are beginning to rise...

Trope-tan and the Stealer of the Spotlight by Peteman

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night. Trope-tan stood over the broken body of Firefox-Tan, cackling triumphantly over her victim. Wikipe-Tan stood there in her leather pants, growling, "This is what happens where the is no notability! Editors run amok and there is nothing to stop them" But Trope-tan walked over, and grabbed her arm, and all Wikipe-Tan could do was scream "LET ME GO! LET ME GO!!" as she broke down crying. Trope-tan threw her to the ground, then kicked her unconscious down a manhole into the Absurdly Spacious Sewer.

Firefox-Tan picked herself off the ground. She needed to stop Trope-tan, so she shouted "In the Name of Google, I will use my Search Engine powers to defeat you!" at which point, she summoned her frost powers to blast Trope-tan... She fired her giant ultimate unstoppable multi-blast frost beam attack... but Trope-tan deflected it easily. Trope-tan skated toward Firefox-Tan, saying "Foolish girl! You could not hope to defeat me..."

That's when Ulysses Tristan Steven Ytram appeared out of nowhere, yelling "Have no fear citizen! U.T.S. Ytram is here!"

Trope-tan was so mesmerized by U.T.S. Ytram's dramatic entrance and unbelievable charisma that she went out of control and slammed into a wall. She was even more mesmerized when the dashing young man, along with his giant sword, walked over to her, picked up her quill, and without trying, instantly began wielding it like a master.

Awed by his mastery and realizing that she stood no chance against this unbelievably attractive man, she swooned instantly and became good. She approached the man but the clean and pleasant smelling girls Firefox-Tan and Wikipe-Tan charged her. "He's mine! No! Mine!" came the exchange between them, but seconds later, they realized that his awesome magnificense and his giant... sword could be shared between the three of them. They were about to insert parts of him and each other into each other...

... When Trope-tan awoke bolting upright screaming "NOOOOOOOO!"

Gasping, she realized that whatever just happened, it wasn't real. She took a few calming breaths.

Meanwhile, watching on his telescope, Ulysses Tristan Steven Ytram smiled as the girl went back to sleep, "Soon my dear... very soon..."

Trope-tan and the Start of Darkness by Vifetoile

Trope-tan, with Tropey the Wonder Dog faithfully at her side, put down her quill one evening and gazed up at the stars. "Ah, Tropey," she said absently, "How did it come to this? One day I was an Ordinary High-School Student, just trying to live a normal life, but then the Call came, and I Jumped at the Call. Who could blame me? Nothing Exciting Ever Happens Here - or so I thought. As You Know, Wikimedea had chosen me to train in the arts of Wiki Magic and seeing past the Fourth Wall. She trained me alongside her own daughter, Wikipe-tan... she promised that one day I might find the significance of this trinket that my parents left me..."

She fingered the ring on the chain around her neck for a minute, before resuming her story.

"Wikipe-Tan and I were the best of friends, even if we were rivals... but when the time came to grant us the true status of Dark Magician Girls, Wikimedea scorned me. She said that my complete lack of notability and my irrepressible urge to hang lampshades meant I could never be a force to reckon with Wikipe-Tan in my wildest dreams. She said I had too much heart!" Trope-tan grit her Cute Little Fangs together, her one ruby eye and one emerald eye glaring. "I thought Wikipe-Tan might at least stand up to her mother - but she'd grown proud. She turned her back on me. And since that day," Trope-tan gripped the Big Frickin' Quill again, "I am the only one allowed to defeat her!"

Trope-tan was startled by the sound of a clap. A slow clap, slow and sarcastic. She turned. A Tall, Dark, and Snarky fellow, who seemed another Ordinary High-School Student, was standing there, wearing a black shirt with the NBC peacock on it. "Incredible. Unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen a less subtle insertion of plot exposition. Well done. I think my ears are ringing with the clanging of the metaphorical anvils."

"It was totally believable! I was talking to my dog!"

"And where is that dog now?" He asked.

"She's..." Trope-tan looked around, but Tropey had left her feet. Instead Tropey was at the feet of the man, who was more roguishly handsome the more Trope-tan looked at him. Tropey kept licking the man on the hand affectionately.

"Believe this is yours." He Pet the Dog curtly and sent her back to Trope-tan. He turned and walked away.

"But wait! Who are you?" Trope-tan called after him.

"I'll just be around whenever your ego needs a deflation. Spare the snark, spoil the MoeMoe..." He disappeared into the shadows, leaving Trope-tan and Tropey alone in the night, which was promising to be dark and stormy.

Notability by iambic5

  • A very interesting fic, to say the least, featuring a Trope-tan who's a tease, and a Wikipe-kun who doesn't quite know what to do when faced with her.

May 17, 2009 by 1angelette

Origins of Darth-tan by Ice Wolfklaske

It was at the end of a minor, but vicious flame war. The forces of light and law had emerged victorious, and what little trolls had survived were weary, wounded or altered beyond their previous forms, no longer recognizable as troll. Amidst this chaos and destruction a lone child arose. Wounded deeply by the violence, both physically and mentally, she looked saw upon her fallen kin and realized. And a terrible realisation it was. But unlike those of her kin who came upon this knowledge more gradually, and in kinder circumstances, she did not join the legions of order.

Her heart was hardened by the bitterness of the rivalry, and she decided, with all her skill and potential, to remain on the side she had been born into, but with this realization within her. This knowledge, that she cultivated and sharpened as one would a wicked living blade, which aided her in her quest against her adversaries. The wounds closed, the scars mostly faded, but her health remained weak, suspicible to fevers, her one leg and arm nearly so weak as to be useless.

This did not stop her. As the heat of fevers burned in her body, in her soul burned an icy cold more strongly, with determination and a resolve that did not waver. And she became the most dangerous of many. Her name was not known, and she rarely spoke. But her strength, ah, her deceptive and terrible strength within that frail body. She became a much sought after warrior, until at last, she found her place, her resolve ever burning.

And she has been very, very useful to us.

Trope-tan and the Ordo Tropus by Jamaican Castle

In the grim dark future... there is a woman. This woman knows how the universe works. Clad in hardened steel and salvaged armor, for these are the signs of her time, she strides out to defend the last bastions of Humanity and the great Imperium. Locked behind her lampshade helmet, it is said she fears no foe, and needs not see them, for she knows the very heart of Eldar and Tau, Ork and Tyrannid, Necron and Chaos - even Man himself. You shall know her by her signs: the sigil of her creed, the chain-quill, the blue and orange livery of her Ordo Tropus. Pray to the Emperor that she come in your time of need, for her knowledge turns the tide of battles, and without it you will be forced to stumble blindly in the dark. None know the source of this woman, or her knowledge, or her order - except the mysterious one herself.

May Contain Wiki Love by Dib The Scribblenaut

A genderbent Troper-Tan consoles a genderbent Wiki-tan after being beaten up by gender beat AE-tan. Hilarity Ensues. Also featuring GLaDOS Sat Nav!

Trope-Tan and the Delayed Death Fic by Vifetoile

Time seemed to slow down. In excruciating detail, Trope-tan saw the laser beam leave the barrel of Wikipe-tan's Ray Gun, and she saw Tubeelzebub turn, and his eyes widen, just in time to take the blow straight to the heart.

"NOOOO!" Trope-tan screamed. She got to her feet and ran to his side.

Wikipe-tan stared at Tubeelzebub's fallen body, in silent horror, before gathering herself and making a exit, stage left.

Trope-tan fell to her knees beside Tubeelzebub's motionless form. She pulled him into her lap, a bit awkwardly, but careful to cradle his head. "Tubey," she said, "Tubey, talk to me, come on, open your eyes..."

Tubeelzebub's black eyes opened, and he made a face. "I told you, don't call me Tubey..."

Trope-tan's relief turned into horror and dread as Tubeelzebub gasped and shrunk in on himself, growing colder by the moment. "I think this is it for me," he choked. "That was one frickin' precise laser beam." He gave a dark laugh. "At least it wasn't a Shot in the Assow—"

"No, no, no," Trope-tan said, shaking him a little. "How Dare You Die on Me!, Soldier! I need you! You've taught me so much! Please Don't Leave Me..." she trailed off, as Tubeelzebub's hand lifted to brush away her tears.

He nodded. "You're right... Everything I've taught you will stay with you. So I'll never really be gone. You can always find me in the archives."

Trope-tan nodded, tears running down her face. She took a deep breath, and blurted, "Tubeelzebub, I never could bring myself to say it before, but I love you!"

He smiled. Then his eyes closed.

As Trope-tan held him, her tears running dry, Beelzebub's body began to grow lighter — as in, easier to lift and brighter to look at. As she watched, he began to dissolve into pixels of all colors, that lifted away and up, and filled Trope-tan with a sense of peace, in the midst of her grief. When his body entirely vanished, she sat there a while, and then got to her feet, pushed back her hair, and set forth, trembling only a little, out of this story and into a new one.

    Trope-tan in Maid RPG 
Name: Trope-tan
Age: ???
Spirit: 40
Favor: 4

Athletics: 3
Affection: 2
Skill: 4
Cunning: 2
Luck: 3
Will: 4

Maid Types: Heroine / Boyish
Maid Colors:
  • Hair- Blue
  • Eyes- Heterochromia
  • Uniform- Orange
Maid Roots: Who knows?
Maid Power: 4-D dress
Stress Expolsion!: Heroic BSoD
Special Qualities: Overactive immagination, Otaku (pop-culture/fiction)
Maid Weapons: Giant Quill
Appearance and Personality: Her maid uniform is... interesting to say the least. The pieces look like the kind of things you would find at a garage sale, somehow arranged to give the appearance of a maid uniform. She is very knowlegeable about pop culture and tropes in fiction, and often remarks on tropes that occur in her daily life. However, others tend to mistake this for her imagination getting the better of her.

Notes (Items, etc...):
Her uniform is nonstandard. This is how it breaks down with regards to the Removal/Disrobing rules.
  • Headdress: Goggles
  • Apron: Belts
  • Blouse: Midriff (not attached to skirt). Lots of detail work around the bust and sleeves.
  • Skirt: Brown button-up overskirt with orange underskirts and frills. Looks to have already taken damage in the past...
  • Underwear: Cute orange and blue boyshorts with matching sportsbra.
  • Stockings: Long orange white and blue striped socks.

    Trope-tan in Music Videos 

    Trope-tan in Mutants & Masterminds 
PL 8 (135 pp)

Str 10
Con 10
Dex 16
Wis 16
Int 16
Cha 22
Will 3 (+6)
Fort 3 (+3)
Ref 3 (+6)

Attack +10
Defense +10

Acrobatics 4 (+7)
Notice 5 (+8)
Knowledge (Pop Culture) 13 (+16)
Perform (Oratory) 10 (+16)

Equipment 2, Fascinate, Improvised Tools, Luck 3, Jack of All Trades, Kawaii, Rousing Speech, Slap Silly, Teamwork, Ultimate Pop Culture, Ultimate Toughness, Trope Launch Pad* , Zen Strike
* As Ritualist, but with Pop Culture instead of Arcane Lore.

Utility Belt (10 ep/2pp)
-Nagant M 1895 (Blast 4) (8 points)
-Idiot Ball (Confuse 8) (1 point)
-The Remote Control (Datalink 7, Machine Control) 1 point

Shapeshifting 2 (16 pp)
Luck Control 1 (negate GM fiat, 3 points)
Force Field 6 (6 pp)
Device 1 (BFQ) (3 pp)
-Strike 3, Mighty, Extended Reach
Device 1 (Goggles) (4 pp)
-Supersenses 5: Postcognition, Microvision

Init +3, Attack +10, Damage +3 (unarmed)/+6 (BFQ), Defense +10

Notes: Trope-tan would be fun to play as. She would be a starting PL8 if she lost the shapeshifting, but I can't bring myself to take away her powers as the plot demands. I guess you could represent that with the not!Ritualist feat if you had to.

Kawaii, Rousing Speech, Slap Silly and Zen Strike are from Mecha & Manga. Trope-tan is very much a team player.

The quill is kind of boring as it stands, but hey. Oh, and if you're wondering why she doesn't have any combat style feats it's because she just does Flynning.

    Trope-tan in Video Games 
  • Trope-tan gives us a WrestleMania moment in WWE Day of Reckoning 2: [3]
  • For the fans of The Sims 3 who need a little more trope in their games, I give you Trope-tan in Sim form!
  • Trope-tan in action in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Trope-tan in Super Smash Bros 
Description: Trope-tan is the crazy, unpredictable spokesmodel for TV Tropes. She is the Agent of unnotability and Wiki Magic, a pretty Rummage Sale Reject in a Limited Wardrobe, and will justifyingly edit her enemies.


  • Attack: She does a three hit combo with her quill. The third hit can become a spam attack instead of a single hit sometimes.
  • Forward Tilt: A wicked downward slash with her quill.
  • Up Tilt: She slashes upwards with her quill.
  • Down Tilt: She does a little break-dance.
  • Aerial: She twirls around.
  • Neutral Special: She fires her Russian Revolver. Either instantly hits someone regardless of where they are or if held down, rapidly fires infront of her
  • Forward Special: Remote Waves. She takes her remote and fires an electronic blast.
  • Down Special: She invokes the power of the Idiot Ball as a magic shield. Any projectiles will get reflected, and players standing too close for too long can have a variety of effects done to them.
  • Up Special: She twirls upwards, with her shield above her head.


  1. She does a pose. It is the same one from the top of this page.
  2. She shows her feather and says "Unforgiveable!"
  3. She crosses her arms and says "What do you mean, it's not lampshading?"

Final Smash: Edit Reality

Trope-tan glows and screams "In the name of this troper, I will justifyingly edit you!". Then she jumps upwards off the screen and causes random trope names start appearing, flying across the screen, hurting anyone they come in contact with. Finally, Trope-tan arrives back on-screen.

    Trope-tan in Webcomics 

    Trope-tan in Web Originals 
  • She appeared as an NPC in Season One of The Massive Multi-Fandom RPG. Unfortunately, Anonymous did some pretty terrible things to her.Thankfully, it wasn't the real Trope-tan. Another version of her appears in The Stinger to rescue a character from A Fate Worse Than Death.
    • She, and several more of her, play a vital role in Season 2. The 666th alternate version of her ran amok. When the actions of Ol' Sixes create a 'secure testing environment' that various heroes and villains from all over fiction are trapped inside, Trope-tan, her 'sisters' from alternate worlds, and even the forces of Anonymous unite to try and break them out. Eventually, Sixes steals the power of the Troper and becomes The Wiki Witch of the Web. Unlucky for her, that power spirals out of control, and she ends up unable to control herself as she fights the prisoners as Gigatrope-tan. Finally, she is beaten down to a shadow of her old self, and taken into custody by her sisters, where she seems on the road to recovery, both mentally and physically.
  • The Trope-tans are also mentioned offhandedly by Moja at the beginning of A Game of Gods: Taskforce Sifuri as a candidate for a multiversal treasure hunt.


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