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Just For Fun / Trope-tan

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"Tropes Are Tools!"

Trope-tan is the Moe Anthropomorphic personification of the wiki, designed by Palindromee in response to That Other Wiki's Wikipe-tan and the Lost Media Wiki's LMW-tan.

Her design includes many Personal Appearance Tropes:

As for her personality:


This Troper is wondering why no one's mentioned What an Idiot! Trope-tan is yet!

Darth-tan, like her counterpart Trope-tan, is a Moe Anthropomorphic version of the Darth Wiki side of the wiki. Her illustrator is Wafer.

Like Trope-tan, her design has several Personal Appearance Tropes:

And for her personality:


Sugar-tan, like the aforementioned Trope-tan and Darth-tan, is the Moe Anthropomorphism of the Sugar Wiki side of the site. She is illustrated by Excessive-Menace.

As usual, she has plenty of Personal Appearance Tropes:

As for her personality:

  • The Foil to Darth-tan; not only does she represent the SugarWiki namespace, she also holds domain over the Just For Fun pages as well as the more casual forums. Like Darth-tan, her exact relationship with Trope-tan is a complete mystery.
  • She's very peppy and kind-hearted, always willing to gush about her favorite shows and characters, as well as providing some fun and levity when things get too serious. However, Trope-tan has to rein her back whenever she gets too eager in her activities.
  • She and Darth-tan are each other's Sitcom Arch-Nemesis, getting into petty squabbles over their contrasting beliefs and philosophies. Trope-tan acts as the mediator to prevent things from getting too drastic.