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So here you are, ruining your life on TV Tropes, spending your day clicking on the random buttons and occasionally visiting the Trope Launch Pad (you know, that thing where people try to find new trope-worthy content). Maybe have you even launched some tropes yourself, which might eventually become Tropes Of Legend, who knows? But now, unexpectedly, you want more. Reading all day about all these storytelling tidbits has somehow inspired the writer sleeping inside your soul. Here we go: you'll create a synopsis, something totally new and original, revolutionary even! But where to start, that is the question?...


Well, let's analyze the issue here. As an averted troper, you are aware of all the old tricks and other Dead Horse Tropes that you need to avoid to make your own works at least tolerable. But finding inspiration could be difficult, especially for a beginner like yourself. You could always click on the Pitch Generator or the Story Generator, after all inspiration could come from the weirdest place, but that would feel rather... impersonal, would it?

But wait, what if I told you that there are perfect tropes, tropes that are rather fresh and unused, and really reflect your personality and writing style? Where are they, you ask? Well it's simple, the answer was with you all along: the tropes that you kickstarted on the Launch Pad! Think about it: you realized that it was missing on the site, you struggled to find examples, you debated hotly in the comment section to prove that it was trope-worthy. Nobody on this website is more aware of this trope, its use and its limits, than you!


Here we go now, you can write your masterpiece below. It will be corny, it will be savvy, it will probably be rather awful and half-arsed with your name forever attached to it, but that doesn't mean that you can't be creative and more importantly have fun with it!

It is still strongly suggested to see the "So You Want To" index beforehand for general advices on writing. Also, if you want to include your story, you are authorized to directly edit the draft but don't touch the other tropers' entries (that would be rude).

Dr. NoPuma:



  • Launched Tropes: Beak Attack, Bizarro Elements, Cute Owl, #EngineeredHashtag, Female Flatfoot and Snarky Guy, Freaky Electronic Music, Green Boy Color, #HashtagForLaughs
  • Synopsis: This is the first week of work for the young and enthusiastic rookie officer Monica Chrome in the city of Heaven's Gate. One of her first assignment is to investigate on a shady club called the "#DropTehBass" where several different ongoing cases seem to lead. She goes to interrogate the owner of the club who goes by the nickname of "DJ DotMatrix", but he refuses to talk to her, openly mocking her. Before she could snark back at him, the #DropTehBass is under attack: a mysterious hooded figure enters the club and begins to "pixellate" and "absorb" the clubbers, including DotMatrix's siblings who were working at the bar, only leaving behind him huge spots of pixellated green and a message: "give me back what is mine". Now, it is up to Monica and DJ DM to stop this elusive person, find out how he got his strange powers, and save the kidnapped clubbers. But numerous foes, including the corrupted HGPD, will stand in their way. They will soon find out that his powers were associated with the mysterious "Graphics" element, and that DM is unknowingly able to master "Sound". During their adventure, they meet two bird people: Kiwi Silverbeak, a humanoid badass but rather cute barn-owl, and Postal Pascal, a pelican with a hammerspace pouch, respectively masters of the "Code" and "Plot" elements.


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