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Here's a Just for Fun index of tropes that would make Parallel Porn Titles, with a brief description of what the resulting film (or films) would be like. It can be hardcore or softcore, just be mindful of the site's limits.

Compare Trope Names for a Band, Trope Title Shows, TV Tropes Superhero Team, and TV Tropes Supervillain Team.


If Tropes were Pornos:

  • Adorable Abomination: An Eldritch Abomination appears on our planet to destroy mankind, but ends up taking on the form of a naive young woman who is unsure of what it is like to be a human. She is introduced to the wonderful sensation of the orgasm and by the end, has a boyfriend and a baby on the way.
  • Ambiguously Trained: A Farmer's Daughter moves from Everytown, America to the big city and is mistaken to be a night-walker due to her super-revealing short shorts and plaid shirt and winds up bullshitting her way up the hierarchical ladder of the pimps and prostitute hierarchy that exists in the city, ending with her becoming the Kingpin of the Red Light District, her former coworkers, Pimp Daddies and Pimp Mammas becoming her willing concubines. It is implied that this was her plan all along and that she was faking the innocent country girl act, but it is never really made clear.
  • Animalistic Abomination:
    • A Magical Native American desires revenge against the white men who stole their land and took their honor and summons a series of animal spirits that take the form of buxom women and handsome men in red-face to have sex with their modern-day descendants.
    • A scientist experiments on himself with an serum using animal DNA to make his penis larger, his stamina longer and make him more attractive to the opposite sex. He injects himself and ends up becoming a freaky beat-man creature with the characteristics and various sexually-active animals (roosters, bonobos, rams, ones with a breeding-bull cock, etc.) and prowls the streets for unsuspecting victims to rape.
  • The Anti-Grinch: One of Santa's elves misunderstands the meaning of Christmas and goes to Everytown, America to have sex with everyone on the nice-list as his/her own kind of Christmas gift to the good people there. Unfortunately, this lands every person they had sex with on the naughty list (either due to the act itself or the fallout that came with it). Also, they gave everyone elfphilis, because why not?
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  • Batty Lip Burbling: Think about it.
  • Botanical Abomination: A group of Wiccans crowd around a tree in the park to do a magic ritual in skyclad to summon their goddess, having a lesbian group-sex scene that goes on longer than necessary before their spell causes the tree to turn into a Plant Person that proceeds to tentacle-buggery all of them at once with its roots.
  • The Burlesque of Venus: Venus, Roman Goddess of Love, sees that mankind has grown complacent in simply using internet porn to satiate their desires and comes to Earth to seduce them and ultimately introduce couples together one threesome (or mores) at a time.
  • Chaos While They're Not Looking: A sex-comedy where Alice, her boyfriend Bob and their friend Charlie visit each other regularly for drinks. Bob and Charlie secretly have a love affair together and their biggest kink is to make-out and have sex whenever Alice leaves the room. Soon it becomes to stressful form them and they have a Second-Act Breakup, only for Alice to reveal that she knew all along what they were doing and approved of it, ending the film with the three in a polyamory relationship.
  • Criminal Convention: A convention is being hosted in-secret where anything goes, where all monogamy goes out the window and there is a vendor to satisfy any fetish and Everybody Has Lots of Sex. This has to be done in secret because this takes place in a world where Fundementalist Fascism has taken over and physical intimacy has become a crime.
  • Crying After Sex: A man has a problem where he breaks down in sobs whenever he reaches orgasm, causing nothing but problems for his sexual partner. Eventually, he finds a woman with the opposite problem - devolving into fits of uncontrollable laughter when she orgasms - and it turns out they are perfect for each other.
  • Death and the Maiden: A porn parody of Death Takes a Holiday, taking part in a Hellfire Club-esq aristocratical orgy, with death proclaiming that he shall stay human to enjoy the pleasures of the living.
  • Eldritch Abomination: A poorly-written hodgepodge of Lovecraftian Tropes in a 60-minute movie involving Eyes Wide Shut-style cult-orgies, tentacle rape and hot ladies with big breasts having sex with men in ugly Fish People costumes.
  • Everybody Hates Hades: A shut-in good girl under her smothering mother becomes seduced by a bad-boy in a softcore chick-flick adaptation of The Rape of Persephone.
  • Everybody Loves Zeus: Zeus, King of the Gods, takes on human form and seduces a particular group of friends in the big city, all the while avoiding the notice of his wife Hera.
  • Fairy Devilmother: An anthology of classic fairy tales (Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, etc.) all told by a wicked fairy that worships Satan. The fairy tales themselves are read like the original, more dour Grimm-versions with a particularly graphic twist to it, including murder, cannibalism, a positive portrayal of Devil-worship, rape and seduction. Lots and lots of rape and seduction.
  • Fairy Godmother: A Hentai OVA where a Fairy Queen sends emissaries to the human world in hopes of reestablishing an alliance with mankind. Unfortunately, her envoys are all her flighty young daughters who have never felt the touch of a man and each end up falling in love with a human man that they meet through various Meet Cute scenarios. By the end of the series, the Queen announces that her test run of relations is declared a success and sends out more and more envoys all across the world to establish more contact with the rest of mankind.
  • Flaming Sword:
    • A man wakes up to see that his penis drawn twice its size and now glows brightly, compelling anyone who sees it to want to have sex with him.
    • Angels come down to Earth to have sex with humans as part of long-term plan by God for an excuse to flood the earth.
  • Gendercide: A devastating plague causes all but one male of the human race dead. He quickly becomes a celebrity in the new all-female world. His DNA (blood, hair, skin, etc.) is harvested as fresh DNA to repopulate in a long-term solution. In the mean-time, women literally throw themselves at him by the hundreds, wanting him to impregnate him in lavish orgies, something he is more than happy to do. Unfortunately, a member of the group that caused the plague has infiltrated his vast harem, ready to kill the last man...
  • The Grinch: A green-skinned weirdo breaks into people's houses to ruin the married couple's (and unmarried couple's) Christmas Eve sex through petty pranks at their bedside, only to wind up joining one in a threesome. Then joins another couple. And another. Eventually his heart grows three-sizes that day and realizes the meaning of Christmas right as he is in a Devil's threesome that following morning.
  • Humanoid Abomination: A man with unexplained shapeshifting abilities walks into town and propositions women into sex. When they agree, he reveals what he can do and, rather than being offset by it, the woman make many requests for the impossible sexual implications that come with it (tentacles, giant dicks, hermaphrodites, faux-orgies, etc).
  • Lady Land: A woman feeling unsatisfied with her life and her fiancé goes on a cruise. The ship wrecks and she wakes up on an island paradise populated exclusively by women. They wear no clothes, do each other in-front of everyone without shame and tend to come onto her every chance they get. While at first abhorred by it, she realizes that she has been in the closet the whole time and joins them. Its as cheap of a porn premise as you could imagine.
  • Lord of the Ocean: Mermaids seduce and have sex with sailors before returning to Atlantis to enjoy the company of their master Poseidon.
  • Mechanical Abomination: Its The Future and a scientist has created an android with artificial intelligence. The scientist uses the internet as a shorthand for providing it information, but much of its content winds up being porn. The android seduces the scientist and has sex with them. Eventually the android hacks the space station they are on and turns into one giant pleasure palace that the scientist can explore, every component remade into a tool to pleasure them like a giant living sex robot.
  • No Woman's Land: In a dystopian future where heterosexuality is considered a criminal offense and the genders have been divorced from each other on a national scale. One day, a man ends up discovering a woman far into male territory looking for her husband, eventually striking an illegal sexual-relationship of their own. She discovers that her husband has long since died for being a political prisoner and the man tries getting her back to the Female territory for her own safety.
  • Only You Can Repopulate My Race: Nerdy teenaged boy gets abducted by a group of alien space-babes. They tell him that all of their men have become infertile and that they have chosen him (humans possessing the right chromosomes to breed with them, he himself matching the specific parameters they are looking for in a male) to be the savior of their species.
  • People Zoo: Aliens abduct a random number of humans and subject them to their breeding program with the intent of studying their species, their children becoming members of their petting zoo.
  • Rabbit Magician: A Hentai OVA about a teen boy finally confessing his feelings for a girl that he likes, only for her to reveal that not only does she like him back, but that she is a member of a race of magical, inter-dimensional bunny women that burrow into our world to find a mate, her true form similar to that of a Playboy Bunny. After becoming boyfriend/girlfriend and lose their virginities to one another, she moves in with him, using her magical powers to try to help him in their everyday lives (with mixed results every time), with her many, many, many siblings showing up to check up on her and end up becoming the boy's Unwanted Harem. If the OVA is popular enough, an extra episode is made showing that the two have gotten married, as well as having a litter of bunny-girls that proves that their sex-life is as healthy as ever.
  • Ride the Rainbow: Gods disguise themselves as human men and seduce repressed twinks, bringing them to their Tastes Like Diabetes Fluffy Cloud Heaven where they enjoy themselves immensely.
    • Gay bikers calling themselves "The Rainbow Gang" have a series of one-night stands and other misadventures on a cross-country road-trip to San Francisco to celebrate Pride Month.
    • A Compilation Movie of Rainbow Parties.
    • A classy Erotic Film where a young nobody movies to New Orleans where he meets a handsome stud. The handsome stud causes him to realize his bisexuality and invites him to one of his friends the Raingang, a group of swingers that meet every weekend for a rainbow party. After each rainbow party, he learns more and more about each sexual partner (knowing them only by the color of their lipstick) he meets, their hopes, their dreams, their anxieties, etc.
  • Rule of Drama: An Erotic Film from Western Europe about a struggling young actor getting caught up in a Love Dodecahedron between their current spouse, their boss and a childhood sweetheart who is revealed to be working in their new place of employment. By the end, the protagonist leaves all of them and decides to move away where they can start off fresh.
  • Santabomination: Eldritch Abomination: Christmas Edition.
  • Themed Wedding: A series of vignettes set at the same wedding, with various shenanigans done by the various guests, the bride, groom, bridesmaids, best-man, etc. Expect the bride and the groom to cheat on each other before they say their wedding vows.
  • True Love Is a Kink: A Porn Without Plot with wedding stuff as the main focus. A lesbian pair in white-leather bondage gear made to look like wedding dresses, a suave European man having sex with a nubile woman on a bed covered in rose pedals, new lovers literally bathing in chocolates, etc.

Porn Parodies of existing titles used as cash-grabs:

  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Twink son of a straight-crusading muscle-core father (who may or may not be secretly having a sexual relationship with his bear friend) ends up in a sexual love-affair with a big, black Draconic Humanoid. He is eventually discovered by his blonde closeted-lesbian classmate and they do a march downtown, ending with a massive inter-gender, intergenerational orgy that proves that its okay to be gay.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2: Rise of the Lesbians: The town has become a gay-utopia and has thrived upon such values until a trip out of town reveals that they are not the only gay utopia out there. The Twink winds up discovering that the reason why his mother left was because she realized that she was a lesbian, having run away to a commune populated entirely by lesbians who have forgone all contact with man's world. Unfortunately, a raving mad man intends to find this Lady Land and exterminate it, turning all of the lesbians into his sex slaves. He claims that he intends to rape them because he thinks it will help turn them straight, but it is obvious he does not actually care about their well-being. He is defeated and his mom decides to return to he town and becomes the older girlfriend to her son's blonde lesbian friend.
  • How to Train Your Dragon 3: Big Gay Al's Big Gay Dragon Sanctuary: The Twink and his friends free oppressed gays locked away in tyrannical Conversion Camps and brought back to their Gay Utopia before the various camp councilors hire an Armoured Closet Crusader and his group of lobotomized bears in order to take them down once and for all. After being issued an ultimatum, The Twink and his town all move beyond the rest of society's reach where they could be at peace away from the Homophobic world.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Superheroine in a skin-tight (and easily tearable) red suit has the power to purify those infected with Black Magic through sexual intercourse with the help of her Friend With Benefits in a skin-tight black-leather cat-suit.
  • Pornémon: A young teenaged boy (being played by a guy in his late twenties) going out and hunting Cute Monster Girls that can only be tamed with a nice hard romp through the woods. By the end of the film, he has collected a harem of Cute Monster Girls, each representing the six Pornémon types (Tsundere, Lolicon, Amazonian Beauty, Brawn Hilda, Ice Queen and the lesbian that only joined to be with the Ice Queen) in order to face off against the first gym master; a Dominatrix with her own harem of men bound up in leather and BDSM contraptions.
  • The Shape of Water: An unusually sexy Fish Woman gets sexual favors from the scientists holding it captive before it seduces a mute janitor. The actor that plays the mute janitor is an especially terrible actor and will occasionally speak when deep into intercourse. The inept David Hewitt character is played by Ron Jeremy as The Cameo.
  • Steven Unisex: A low-budget Wood Rocket-produced parody of Steven Universe where the Crystal Gems are a race of alien lesbians that have their first taste of straight sex from their adoptive son who has just started to experience sexual urges.
  • Trollhunters XXX: A teenage boy with a crush on a girl in his high school winds up being chosen by a mysterious amulet to be the chosen breeder for a race of trolls whose male population has eventually become sterile, as well as fend off against a monstrous troll that wants to turn all of the females into his sex slaves. His mother eventually winds up in a relationship with his teacher (who was secretly a troll), his school bully come out as gay and in a relationship with one of his nerdy victims, the girl he was crushing on gives him her virginity and becomes addicted to the free-love, public sex nature of the troll-world, and the series ends with him proposing to his very pregnant girlfriend and the troll-world celebrating the coming of their next generation.


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