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Just For Fun / Town of Salem

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Super Weight

  • Class -1: Dead Players (Unless they're the Medium, Jester or Guardian Angel), Amnesiac (Before remembering)
  • Class 0: Pestilence, Most Townies, Most Members of the Mafia, Survivors, Doctornote 
  • Class 1: Ambusher, Mafioso, Godfather, Arsonist, Serial Killer, Executioner, Vigilante, BodyGuardnote 
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  • Class 2: Mayor, Jester (On death), Medusa (Without Necronomicon), Guardian Angel, Veterannote , Medium
  • Class 3: All otherwise unlisted members of the Coven, Werewolf, Witch, Jailornote 
  • Class 4: Hex Masternote , A Fully Powered Juggernaut
  • Class 5: Pestilence

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