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Just For Fun / Tokimeki PokÚLive! and Twinbee: Falsus Illusione

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Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee: Falsus Illusione (Tokimeki PokéLive! and Twinbee: Phantom Illusions in Britain and Australia.) is a Metroidvania (Tokimeki Metroidvania? MetMon? Castle Live!?) spinoff game for the Nintendo Switch based on the Tokimeki PokéLive! and TwinBee crossover series developed by Christian Whitehead of Evening Star Studios and directed by Shigeru Ohmori of Game Freak with music composed by Akari Kida of Konami, Go Ichinose of Game Freak, Tsukimisou, Ryo Yonemitsu and Tee Lopes. It is also the conclusion to the "Phantom Ruby Saga" which also includes Sonic Mania/Plus and Sonic Forces.


One day, the Phantom Ruby appears in Shizuku's World, and warps reality, causing the Earth to split into seven separate pieces ala Sonic Advance 3, and it's up to Natural "N" Harmonia Blair, the leader of Eggman Empire White, to restore the world.

Falsus Illusione contains examples of the following:

  • Big Bad: Infinite the Jackal, straight out of Forces, though he has been weakened back to normal and he is missing his mask.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: The Hard Boiled Heavies, returning from Mania.
  • The Cameo: Hilda White, Shizuku Kutashimo Osaka, Shiori Fujisaki, Pastel Cerise, Risa Selden and Emma Verde, who only appear in the hub world to give N missions and who also give him hints on how to proceed through the game.
  • Demoted to Extra: The Nijigasaki Academy Pokémon Trainer's Club, mentioned above in "The Cameo".
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  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: The Phantom Ruby causes this in the intro cutscene through reality warping.
  • Gratuitous Italian: Illusione, which means Illusion in Italian.
  • Gratuitous Latin: Falsus, which is False in Latin. Surprisingly, there is also a Latin option for the game's text in the language selection in the Options menu and when starting the game for the first time as well.
  • Promoted to Playable: Though it's only for one mission, Athena and Concordia are playable in the "Foster Family Matters" mission.
  • Retraux: Like Mania, Falsus Illusione is also presented in the style of a PlayStation 1 or Sega Saturn game complete with music in the vein of Tokimeki Memorial: Forever with You/Tokimeki Memorial 2 and the TurboGrafx CD Ys games but with the exception of the 2D animated cutscenes which are in HD quality.
  • Shout-Out: Multiple:
    • A rogue Eggman robot who gained sentience with the acronym C.L.A.U.S. is fought as the boss of one of the missions. It helps that N's game of origin has references to Mother 3.
    • One of the buildings that can be seen in the foreground in Akiba (The hub world) is named "Ariga's Manga Shop", which references Hitoshi Ariga, an artist who drew the HBH's designs and a few Badnik designs for this game and who also designed certain Pokémon and alternate forms for Pokémon X and Y and Pokémon Sun and Moon.
      • Likewise, there's another building in Akiba's foreground called "Tyson's Game Shoppe", which is a reference to Tyson Hesse, who drew the main character designs for the game.
    • One of the Missions exclusive to Ranpha is called Ranpha's Strange Journey:Fighting Aptitude!.
    • Kasumi Asou mentions something about Bandana-clad reptiles who have a fondness for pizza in a bit of dialogue for one of the missions her and Osako give to the player. Bonus points for the fact that Konami created TMNT games before in addition to having Tokimeki Memorial and Twinbee as two of their franchises.
    • Shizuku says "I like short sleeved dresses! They're comfy and easy to wear!" after she gives the player their first mission from her.
    • When you aren't playing as Yuri, if you interact with her in the hub world when she doesn't have any missions to give you, the dialogue from her and Hilda implies that both have played Call of Duty before, most likely one of the Modern Warfare games, but only if you're playing the American version! In the Japanese version however, they mention playing an unspecified Rhythm Game before instead.
    • Sonic says this after accepting the "Chili Dog Mania" mission:
    Sonic: Hmm... You smell like teen spirit, something I've been wanting to achieve ever since I entered teenhood!
    Sticks: I will neither refute, nor endorse my theory. But merely present the evidence for it!
  • Unlockable Content: The other members of Eggman Empire White, who consist of Hilbert Blair, Coco Miyashita, Ai Miyashita, Yuri Mido and Ranpha, can be unlocked after beating the game once.