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The Books

  • Examples of Artisan Personalities in Stories:
    • Katniss Everdeen is an ISTP (Crafter).
    • Finnick Odair is an ESFP (Performer).
  • Examples of Rational Personalities in Stories: President Alma Coin is an INTJ (Mastermind).
  • Surprisingly Similar Characters: A famous warrior and huntress falls in love on the battlefield with a compassionate blond boy who has a gift for strategy. The huntress staunchly protects him from the attacks of their teenaged peers, yet has difficulty expressing the emotions she feels for him.
    Katniss and Peeta or Pyrrha and Jaune?
  • Surprisingly Similar Stories:
    • In a fictional, ultra-fascist alternate version of a real-world country, a tyrannical government forces children to play a game where they must to go to an isolated arena and simultaneously survive the elements and kill each other until only one is left standing, for a bunch of convoluted reasons that basically boil down to For the Evulz. Most of the population knows about this and are aware that anyone can be chosen, making them fearful and paranoid, although the government gives this event heavy media coverage as a way of manipulating the people. Though the game appears to take place in a natural environment, the truth is that the game makers use advanced technology to manipulate the elements and keep the players in check. At the game's start, the players (an even number of boys and girls) are gathered at a central point where they can obtain backpacks filled with supplies, including weapons. Lingering around this point at the wrong time, however, will result in them being blown up. Once the players leave this point, the game officially starts, and it is a common strategy for players to stay around the area during this time to kill as many others as they can. As the game continues, all of the players are given a recount of who has been killed through a broadcast given at a certain time. During one of these games, a young boy and girl with a shared history come together to help each other survive. They are assisted by an older mentor who had previously survived one of these games. Some of their most dangerous opponents are a boy and a girl who have no qualms about killing and are dead set on winning– in fact, the boy ends up being the last survivor outside their group. At one point, one of the female players dies from eating poisonous food that was meant to be eaten by the male lead. When some of the main characters become separated, they use a tactic they had previously discussed of lighting a number of fires and using a bird call to determine where each other is. Over the course of their journey it is revealed that one of them has had long held a crush on the other and the other, despite having someone else back home they have feelings for, eventually reciprocates the feelings. In the end they both survive the game by tricking the game makers, resulting in the death of the game's supervisor. Despite having entertained thoughts of running away earlier, they end up going on to fight the government that created the games.
      This series or Battle Royale?
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    • This young adult dystopian trilogy, centered around Star-Crossed Lovers, is told in the present-tense and first-person point of view of an older teenaged female protagonist who is named after a plant that starts with the "k-" sound and contains the letters i, a, and ss. This is unsurprising, since her mother works with plants and has an extensive knowledge of them. She lives in a nation ruled by a totalitarian regime that exploits the lower classes to provide the Bread and Circuses to keep the higher classes happy. She is protective of her one younger sibling whose one-syllable name is spelled "consonant"-r-"vowel"-m. She eventually teams up with another young ally whose name contains three letters and reminds someone strongly of aforementioned younger sibling. A Stepford Smiler female chaperone is assigned to watch her every move and keep her in line. She is torn between her feelings for her oldest, best friend and a boy who once made a strong impression on her when they were children but whom she barely noticed until the ruling powers threw them together for their own sadistic entertainment. Both boys, despite being rivals, are devoted to her and just want her to be happy. Their safety at one point requires her pretending she's madly in love with someone. She ultimately falls for the second boy, and the two of them are sent away with other young people from their nation's outlying districts to be sacrificed over a period of several weeks. The story then focuses on survival in the wilderness and having to make difficult, painful choices about weighing your own survival against others'. They are eventually taken in by the rebellion against the totalitarian government, despite the fact that they can't be trusted any more than the government they're rebelling against. There are frequent references to "odds."
      This series or Matched?
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    • This 3-part dystopian saga tells the story of a heroine's struggle against a totalitarian government 20 Minutes into the Future. She finds the organized La Résistance against the totalitarian regime in the third installment. As a teenager, she is One of the Boys. She has one sibling. Her closest female companion in the story dies. She is at the center of a love polygon, but all the men who are madly in love with her want her to be happy no matter whom she chooses and are willing to do anything to protect and aid her, protect and aid the man she loves, and help them be together. Her oldest, closest childhood friend Did Not Get the Girl. At one point, she must track down the man she loves in a wilderness full of obstacles; she finds him, but they are eventually separated again for a while. She snaps when the man she loves is taken prisoner by the government. The ending is ambiguous; who survived is clear, but the future of their society is not. The plot features significant references/parallels to figures/stories from Greek mythology.
      This series, Atlas Shrugged or Matched?
    • The protagonist is a 16-year-old tomboy associated with Fire. She is in a Love Triangle with 2 boys with opposite personalities — one is more aggressive, brooding, a fierce and tough warrior, a protective big brother who has been promoted to parent, slowly starts to realize he's in love with her long after they first met, and is also associated with Fire; the other is very strong but also sweet, sensitive, good at cheering people up, fell almost in Love at First Sight with her, and is associated with the green Earth of spring. Her closest female friend is a beautiful, Spoiled Sweet rich girl who is in love with the first boy but doesn't end up with him. The watch-able form of the story premiered in spring of 2012.
      This series or The Legend of Korra?
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The Films

Alternative Title(s): The Hunger Games Catching Fire, The Hunger Games Mockingjay


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