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Just For Fun / Punny Trope Names
aka: Just For Pun

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Sometimes we make punny trope names, just for pun. Some people like this, while others view it as cruel and unusual pun-ishment.

Compare Tropemanteau.

Please, when you add a new article title here, add the source of the pun (i.e. the original title or quote or whatever) in a note behind it. Don't just say "say it out loud" — explain what we're supposed to hear when we do that. Many puns here are just too obscure for most of us.

And no, you are not supposed to explain your own puns like this page does.

If you came here looking for an index of pun-related tropes, rather than tropes whose names are puns, that's Pun.

Punny Trope Names

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Alternative Title(s): Just For Pun