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Overwatch is a world of adventure, and in a world of adventure you need adventurous heroes. This is a space for folks with a creative bent to post their own ideas for the Overwatch universe, be it characters or settings. Remember, it's all about fun.

Name: Last, First (Rank if applicable)

  • Age
  • Affiliation (Organizations, Corporations, Governments)

Description: Background

  • Hero Class
  • Primary Weapon
  • Alternate Attack (If applicable)
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  • Special Ability
  • Ultimate
  • Skins

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"Let it burn. Let it all burn."
Name: Hellcat, Damien
Age: 7
Affiliation: Talon

Originally a nondescript stray cat who found his way into Talon's hands, Damien became one of the various animal subjects who had been greatly tested on by Moira O'Deorain for her ongoing research in genetic modification. Damien had not only miraculously survived this endurance, but the treatment had greatly improved his intelligence, although developing an obsession with dangerous elements in the process, his favorite being flames.

It wasn't long before Talon realized that a dangerous, yet highly intelligent cat may be of more use to them than simply as a test subject locked up in a lab. Thus, the Hellcat project was born, with Damien being equipped with an advanced jetpack to serve as an active agent for Talon in reconnaissance and the occasional firebombing airstrike. While Talon has been wisely keeping Hellcat on the low-end as an unknown, secret weapon, hell hath no fury like a cat in a flamethrower-armed jetpack.

Hellcat is an Damage hero who specializes in raining heat from above, then diving up close to scorch out what remains. While he primarily lacks range, durability, and is reliant on cooldown-based abilities, he makes up for it with fast and devastating bursts of aerial bombardment, potentially allowing him to wipe out swathes of enemies before they can bring him down for good... unless he decides to charge and blast you down at close range himself.

  • (Weapon) Flame Cannon: Hellcat bellows a continuous stream of short-ranged flames, constantly dealing AoE damage as long as the trigger is held down (no afterburn, just raw, up-close DPS). Alternatively, he can also fire Napalm Bombs at medium-range that set areas on fire, burning enemies within.
  • (L-Shift) Blastoff: Hellcat has his jetpack launch him into high altitude, then keeps him hovering in the air, greatly increasing his horizontal speed and reducing his descent. Can be cancelled early so he descends naturally.
  • (E) Divebomb: Hellcat hurtles toward an area within his crosshairs, damaging and knocking back enemies on impact, but dealing greater explosive damage from colliding with terrain.
  • (Ultimate) Inferno: Hellcat activates a continuous stream of long-range flames that damages enemies and ignites the terrain.

    The Colonel 
Name: Col. Rook Davis
  • Age: 58
  • Affiliation: United States Army

A born Texan through and through, Davis Rook lied about his age and joined the army at 17. He quickly distinguished himself as a man with a good head for strategy, even while suffering tremendous pains. After a fight against the Omnics during the first crisis, he was badly wounded, and only healed through the efforts of Overwatch member Ana. After being transferred to the Texan National Guard, he became a public figure in the Texan secession movement, campaigning for Texan independence, and thusly, the right to ban any and all omnics from their borders. Upon hearing word of a second Omnic crisis, he immediately signed on to join Overwatch, seeking them out in battles and skirmishes to demonstrate his abilities. Although many members of Overwatch were impressed with him, they're hesitant to sign him on, given how his controversial views might reflect on them.

Class: Damage

Weapon: Semi-auto rifle - Ten shots, roughly same damage as Mc Cree.

Special Ability 1: Bayonet Charge - The Colonel rushes forwards with a spear of energy affixed to his rifle to pin enemies.

Special Ability 2: Take Cover - The Colonel automatically ticks and rolls to the nearest obstacle to enemy fire.

Passive: Entrench - Slowly generates armor while indoors, maximum of 150.

Ultimate: Remember the Alamo - Every teammate gains a speed and infinite ammo boost, and the Colonel does not stop firing his rifle without reloading for ten seconds.

Name: Capt. Lawrence Jackson
  • Age: 32
  • Affiliation: United States Marine Corps


A Marine Raider, Captain Lawrence Jackson has been given the mission to hunt down the vigilante known as “Soldier 76” after the raid on Watchpoint Grand Mesa and failure of Helix Security International. Jackson’s actions are fully backed by the US government, and as such governments worldwide (Barring Russia and Numbani) have been “persuaded” into allowing him to operate on their soil to continue the hunt. Jackson has already gathered enough evidence to believe that 76 is a survivor of the first Overwatch teams, though who precisely is still up for debate. Jackson on the surface is your typical Marine. He follows orders, unfailingly and without question. He ascribes to the basic combat philosophy of the Corps, which is to completely and utterly destroy the enemy’s ability to continue fighting. Beneath it all, Jackson is a man who desperately wants peace. The constant struggle to find coexistence between humans and omnics, the rise in gangs and criminal actions, the reports about the terrorist organization Talon, Jackson knows that unless it’s somehow made obsolete that the Marine Corps will be called up to handle the problem and that Marines will die trying to solve it. To Jackson, if Soldier 76 can solve even part of these mysteries then he’ll feel satisfied that he accomplished his mission by turning the vigilante into his superiors.

  • Tank: Leaving all the jokes about Marines aside for a second, Jackson is a rather “light” tank. No better armored than most offensive heroes, where Jackson shines is being able to infiltrate behind the enemy’s positions and wreaking absolute havoc on their advances. Armed with some of the best weapons available to the US military, he acts as a precision strike on the enemy’s position.

  • Primary Weapon: Assault Shotgun: Developed to make urban assault operations safer for the forces on the attack, the latest generation of assault shotgun is an incredibly powerful weapon that deals immense damage at medium to close range, but suffers at longer ranges.

  • Alternate Attack: Explosive Rounds: A quick magazine change, and the Assault Shotgun can fire several explosive rounds that do even more incredible amounts of damage, but the trade-off comes with an even shorter range for only a short time as the barrel needs to cool off before another explosive magazine can be used.

  • Special Ability 1: Active Camo: The Marine Raiders have been using active camouflage for twenty years, with the latest upgrade being able to completely blend with the surrounding environment as well as masking heat signatures. Trained to utilize this tech by keeping themselves inhumanly still, the Raiders are able to escape notice unless their enemies are using highly-advanced targeting or imaging software.

  • Special Ability 2: Semper Fi: As much as some people don’t like to admit it, the Marine Corps trains their people to think they’re the best, in turn convincing Marines they are the best. Most often this is expressed when any Marine ignores their own pain in order to carry out the mission.

  • Ultimate Ability: Drone Airstrike: Anywhere, at any time, the US military has any number of UAV attack craft circling waiting for the call to action. Capt. Jackson has been granted the authority to use these drones wherever he finds himself using a laser designator. Firing two high-explosive missiles, these drones are designed to take out anything from enemy armored vehicles to massive omnics.


  • Default: MARPAT BDU
  • Rare: Bellau Wood; Island Hop; Hue; Empty Quarter
  • Epic: Tun Tavern; Chucks; MCRD
  • Legendary: Dress Blues; Black Ops; Space; Liberty


Name: De Leon, Gasper

  • Age: 28
  • Affiliation: The Conspiracy (Currently), Overwatch (Currently), Blackwatch (Formerly)

    "Remember the task at hand."

A robotics prodigy and amateur hacker from his youth, Gasper De Leon always had a drive to invent, innovate, and act. Leon gained infamy through his hacktivism and acts of disruption towards anti-Omnic movements in his home country of Spain. Such acts interested and concerned the international community, including the likes of Overwatch and its sister branch, Blackwatch. Leon would engage agents of the latter organization, on orders to apprehend or neutralize. The encounter would prove life-changing for Leon, as he readily accepted Gabriel Reyes’ offer to join Blackwatch. Blackwatch offered Leon plenty of opportunities to improve his tech and gather blackmail and incriminating evidence, although he was never comfortable around his Blackwatch colleagues, except for Reyes.

After the disbandment of Blackwatch and Overwatch, Leon kept a low profile and quietly returned to his home country, settling in Madrid. Leon would grow comfortable, but not complacent with his new life, as he maintained a side project on improving his Blackwatch gear. When Winston reinstated Overwatch, Leon did not immediately respond to the call. Unfortunately, an attempted kidnapping by Talon spurred Leon to action, who managed to repel his would-be kidnappers, but at the cost of his hearing. After recovering and receiving a specialized hearing aid from an anonymous source, Leon would join in Winston’s new Overwatch.

  • Damage: Leon is a defense oriented damage character. His specialty before and during his time in Blackwatch is in creating devices and traps to capture H.V.Ts and divert enemy forces into ambush areas. He maintains those qualities even in his modernization of his loadout. However, he is weaker than most damage characters, only possessing 150 HP. This is compensated with Leon having 100 armor by default, giving him 250 HP.

  • Primary Weapon: Cut down SMG: An integrally suppressed Sub-machine Gun that fires in 2-shot bursts.

  • Special Ability 1: Electrical Entrance Trap: Leon carries two area denial devices that can only be placed in entryways. Once placed down, the device will separate into four pieces that stick to the top and bottom corners of an entryway. Once an enemy passes through, the device activates and conducts an electrical current. Any enemy that passes through it will be slowed down and experience electrical damage over time. The electrical current remains active for 10 seconds before deactivating. Cooldown is 5 seconds to replenish each trap.

  • Special Ability 2: Explosive Net Trap: Leon can place up to 3 net traps on most surfaces that are within reach. Any enemy that trips its sensor will be ensnared by a net, and activate the delayed explosive device, killing them. The explosive has a four-second delay, and the device itself can be destroyed if spotted before it is activated. There is a cooldown of 8 seconds for each trap to replenish to the total amount of traps, and placing a new trap will replace one already in use.

  • Passive Ability: Heightened Hearing: Leon’s specialized hearing aid allows him to hear enemy call outs, albeit they sound slightly muted.

  • Ultimate: Spider-drone swarm: Leon activates six spider-drones that independently seek out targets. Once they latch onto a target, they explode and produce a stun effect, leaving enemies open to attack. The drones are small and have 50 HP each, making them weak but hard to hit. It has a duration of 8 seconds, and any drone that failed to find an enemy will self-destruct.


  • Default: Faded grey work coveralls
  • Rare: Morado; Amarillo; Cielo; Verde
  • Epic: Urbano; Nacional; Navidad
  • Legendary: Blackwatch; Hactivist; Rat Patrol ; Genome

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Leon is gay, currently dating a male identifying Omnic.
  • Leon joined Blackwatch around the same time Tracer joined Overwatch. Coincidentally, the two became fast friends during their time in their respective branches and maintained their friendship after the disbandment of Overwatch.
  • While recovering from the Talon attack, Leon received contact by the Conspiracy and ordered to provide the secret organization with Intel on the newly reinstated Overwatch. Leon accepted under duress of what the Conspiracy could do to him. As compensation, the Conspiracy provided Leon with his hearing aid.


Name: McMahon the Feared and Revered, Bartholomew Tiberius Maximilian

  • Age: 12
  • Affiliation: Numbani Police Force

Originally a training bot created for target practice, TR-12854081 and the rest of his shipment were lost after the cargo train carrying them was attacked by robbers outside Numbani. Upon activating, TR found himself alone and without purpose. The only logical thing to do was to proceed toward the nearest populated area and find someone to serve. Upon arriving at his destination, he was astonished by the human-Omnic coexistence on display. After speaking with a friendly OR-15 unit, TR decided it was time to abandon his original purpose and set out to find something more meaningful.

After trying and failing at a number of different careers (among which include street artist, stand-up comic, seamstress, math teacher, ballet dancer, park ranger, and salsa dance instructor) he eventually stumbled across a boxing gym and realized exactly what he was good at: taking hits. However, being a living punching bag was not on his list of plausible career choices, so he entered the Numbani Police academy, hoping his endurance would help him graduate. But in order to participate, he needed a name beyond his designation number, and so he gave himself the most overzealous name he could think of. He suspects they only let him in out of pity. Miraculously, he managed to make it through. Now he operates as the Force's go-to guy if they need a decoy.

Following Doomfist's attack on Numbani, Bartholomew was left devastated when he found out that Numbani's entire OR-15 squadron was destroyed, including the one who encouraged him to forge his own path. He has vowed vengeance against Doomfist and all that he stands for. If only he had any idea of how.

  • Tank: Bart has the smallest hitbox of any tank along with the smallest amount of HP, with 50 health and 325 armor, though his passive ability allows him to take more hits than one may think. Bart's primary purpose is drawing the attention from enemies away from other heroes using his abilities and longevity.

  • Primary Weapon: Dual Cannons. Bart's dual cannons deal moderate damage at close range and never have to reload, but are not a reliable source of damage output as they aren't accurate at long range.

  • Special Ability 1: Decoy. Bart spawns an exact copy of himself that floats directly towards the current objective or the closest enemy within its' line of sight. If the decoy homes in on an enemy it will fire its' cannons repeatedly, though they don't do much damage they can wear down an unaware enemy over time. The decoys have 100 health and can be easily destroyed, but can be a major annoyance, especially since the enemy has no way of knowing if the Bart coming towards them is a decoy or enemy player until it's destroyed.

  • Special Ability 2: Over Here! Bart fires a small beam of energy at an enemy, forcing them to look at him. This can be used to throw off an enemy's focus or rescue a teammate under fire.

  • Special Ability 3: Jet Boost. Bart's jet propeller sends him rocketing forward at a breakneck pace, either to get in close or find somewhere unconventional to draw attention to himself.

  • Passive Ability: Repair Protocol: Bart's armor regenerates itself over time, allowing him to take more hits. Does not apply to armor from armor packs.

  • Ultimate: Fire Magnet. Bart gains 3500 armor and forces every enemy within his line of sight to continuously look at him for up to 5 seconds before his extra armor sheds and all returns to normal.


  • Default: Bright green training bot
  • Rare: True Blue, Mellow Yellow, Red Dead, Purple Nurple
  • Epic: Black as Night, Bright as Light
  • Legendary: Steward Bot, Punching Bag, Steel Rebel, Iron Soul

Name: Maxwell Williams
  • Age: 18
  • Affiliation: None

An ambitious American youngster, he idolized Overwatch and its values when it was first formed. Developing a mostly positive outlook on Omnics, it soon became his dream to join the ranks of Overwatch, despite being weak as a fighter on his own.

His dreams crushed when Overwatch disbanded, he left home at the age of 17 learn to fight. Eventually, he discovered he had a knack for meleeing foes and inventing, so he took to a workbench to create his weapon: a laser-whip. He continues to work as a fighter, hoping the revival of Overwatch means his dream may come true.

Damage: Maxis' versatile melee whip can help up close against enemies capturing objectives, his primary purpose being to pick off groups of enemies attempting to attack objectives.

Primary: Whip Strike With a quick flick of his whip, Maxis hits an enemy at point-blank to close range, doing roughly 30-40 damage with each strike.

Secondary: Whip Swing By clicking the Alt-Fire button, Maxis swings his whip across his field of view which, despite having a much longer attack rate than the strike, can hit many foes at once.

Ability 1: Concussion Maxis does a horizontal crack at an enemy's head, stunning them and canceling abilities, including ultimates. It has a 6-second cooldown.

Ability 2: Smoke Bomb Maxis eject a projectile out of the handle of his whip, which emits a cloud of smoke that obstructs vision. It has a cooldown of 11 seconds.

Ultimate: Twister Strike Maxis twirls his whip in front of him fast enough to generate a tornado, sucking in anything or anyone too close. When the ult runs out, anything sucked in will be shot out at high velocity, potentially to their deaths. It lasts 10 seconds.


Name: Alejandro "Al" Rodriguez

  • Age: 32
  • Affiliation: None

Alejandro Rodriguez enlisted in the CIA, much like his father, Rico Rodriguez, after the Omnic Crisis decimated his home, killing his friends and family along the way. This loss may have hardened his heart, but it also sparked his determination for Justice and Peace that would carry him all his life. Already a Maverick by being the youngest agent in recent memory, being only 15 at the time, a year after the war destroyed his old life, he made bitter and hopeless soldiers of the war hopeful by training hard and becoming extremely proficient in Hand-to-Hand combat, weapons mastery, demolition, infiltration; you name it, Al was a master at it by the age of 17. His reputation on the battlefield as a skilled agent earned him his codename from the boys in the trenches of every battlefield fought during the Omnic Crisis: Archangel.

It was when Overwatch was first formed and Silas chosen as a prime candidate as an Agent did Al found solace in his life. He found life, love, and happiness as his coworkers became a second family to them. He saw Jack and Gabe as father figures, Ana as a surrogate mother, and the likes of Reinhart, Genji, Lena and all the others as extended brothers and sisters. Wearing the Overwatch colors, aided by his 'family' and adored by the world over, Al viewed his time at Overwatch the best years of his life.

However, all good things must come to an end, and his came slowly. One by one, the people he cherished, loved, and cared for either went their own ways or died due to circumstances beyond his control. Either way, his family had been ripped apart from him a second time. It was only made worse when the Petras act was signed, making the one thing Al loved to due a crime punishable by imprisonment. At first he was heartbroken and frustrated at how the world could hate him so much for helping it, but, for some reason, he saw Overwatch's downfall as a chance to put down his gun, hang up his suit, and go home. Try to live an ordinary life. And so he did.

Or at least tried.

Al settled down in Italy, and did the best he could to try and put his past behind him. Even fell in love and got married. For a moment, it seemed, Al could finally live an ordinary life like most veterans do after their service is finished.

That changed one night 5 years after Overwatch fell. For the 3rd time in his life, the world had taken away whatever happiness and normalcy Al found in life. This time in the formed of a masked terrorist named Reaper, and his hobby of hunting former Overwatch agents. In almost an hour, the Reaper came in, killed Al's partner, burned his home down, and, 'supposedly', killed off Alejandro. All Reaper really did was destroy any heroism, love, and sanity left in Al and fill it with rage.

Now bitter, hateful, and more pissed off than ever, Alejandro took up his old guns and costume, and set off on a one-man war against the evils that plagued the world. Reaper, Talon, Vishkar, Null Sector, the name did not matter. Every single entity, no matter how large or powerful, that made life terrible for someone would fall under the same name: Archangel.

Class: Damage Much like Tracer, Archangel isn't the strongest damage dealer, but can be the most irritating against the enemy team. While Tracer has speed, Archangel has in variety. You know you're playing him right if the enemy team becomes paranoid and falls out of their comfort zone.

Primary: Battle staff A custom made collapsible battle staff made by Mercy for Archangel. Originally for incapacitation, it was modified by Archangel, with help from Gabriel, to be a more lethal combat spear. Has the fastest attack speed, but the lowest damage.

Secondary: "Gun of Judgement" Archangel's spear turns into something of a pulse rifle that can be fired like an automatic rifle or a sniper rifle like widowmaker. Activated by pressing the alt-fire button.

Ability 1: Stasis Archangel activates one of his gadgets that tracks and puts an enemy into an immovable stasis field, even in mid-air. Freezes target instantly for 4 seconds, making them vunerable to enemy attack. Useful against harder to hit characters like Pharah, Junkrat and Tracer.

Ability 2: Disguise Archangel assumes the form of an enemy player via holographic camoflauge, deceiving enemies as an assumed ally player. When disguised, Archangel can attack for massive damage.

Ultimate: Blood Knight Basically a 'Rage of the Gods' mode similar to Winston's Primal Rage. Archangel gains tripled increased damage, speed, and health that lasts for 10 seconds.

Passive: Wingsuit Archangel can jump up high in the air and triggers his wingsuit that makes him hard to hit while in the air. Maximum height is half of Pharah's max height, but his speed is increased during flight.


  • Classic: A white-hooded trench coat with a synthetic black mask(Basically the Wight Reaper skin, but more sci-fi like)
  • Rare: Red Rum, Bloody Blue, Yellow Fellow, Green Mean
  • Epic: Dapperborg, Caped Vigilante, Wandering Nomad
  • Legendary: Just Because (Rico Rodriguez), Fallen Angel, Internet Nerd (Star Wars Staff Kid), Limbo(Summer games)

    The Gumshoe 

The Gumshoe

  • Name: St. Clare, Erin Florence Margaret

  • Age: 25 (biological), 85 (chronological)

  • Affiliation: Federal Bureau of Investigation (formerly), Saint Claire Investigations.

Description: Born on the 25th of May, 1995, Erin Florence Margaret St. Clare had always been something of a dreamer. Being raised on detective fiction, gangster films, and educational public access television will do that to you. She would pour over every book her mom and pop would give her: Doyle, Christie, Patterson, Galbraith, and more. Erin knows what she would be practically from day one: The greatest detective the world had ever seen. Thankfully, she had the mind and body to meet the requirements for her goals. By 15, she was graduating high school with the highest honors and by 20, she had doctorates in Criminology, Criminal Pathology, Psychology, Anthropology, and English Literature. She joined the FBI soon after, being tasked with kidnappings and serial killers of all stripes. That is, until just after her 25th birthday. Of course, it would be something as simple and mundane as pancreatic cancer that would end her career. But not her life, thankfully. Space "X" had been working on cryostasis technology to allow for longer-range exploration of space and they needed test subjects. She would be frozen until medicine had progressed enough to treat her illness and would give them a prime subject for multi-year study. The world would see a near-apocalypse before she would see the light of day again. On her 80th birthday, Erin was finally thawed out and the sight of this new world nearly made her faint. Glittering cities of emerald and gold, artificial intelligence and automatons had become commonplace, and people still played Hearthstone. Oh, and the Robot War. Can't forget about that Robot War. With her old life gone and a new world to explore, Erin fell back on her old standby: deduction. Saint Clare Investigations would open only a month later in Las Angeles, just outside of the Hollywood Hills. This would lead to her first encounter with the mercenary group/global cabal known as 'Talon'...

Hero Class: The Gumshoe

  • Primary Weapon: Roosevelt .45 SMG: (based on Thompson SMG, with variable fire rate [full-auto from hip, semi-auto from shoulder])

  • Alternate Attack: Sayoko Rangefinder Camera (target marking and scope), Disperse: (a hard, forward punting kick, stunning and lightly damaging enemies)

  • Special Ability: Deductive Reasoning (highlights recent movements of teammates and hostiles with glowing footprints, tracks bullet trajectories with laser trails.)

  • Ultimate: The Grand Summation: (entire team temporarily gains Deductive Reasoning, along with highlighting critical hit points on hostiles)


  • Little Grey Cells (Halloween costume based on Hercule Poirot),
  • Popping Corks (three-piece tuxedo for New Year's),
  • Academia (tweed blazer, sweater vest, and spectacles),
  • Flat Foot (American Police Uniform circa 1930),
  • Fall to the Dark Side (Halloween costume based on classic depictions of Jack the Ripper [suit, top hat. cape]),
  • Living the Dream (full detective regalia with trenchcoat and fedora)

Miscellaneous Details:

  • Hair: Dark Brunette, Pixie Cut
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5'4"
  • Race: Caucasian
  • Orientation: Bisexual
  • Likes: justice, crime fiction, hamburgers, fine suits, European accents, JRP Gs.
  • Dislikes: criminals, death, pickles, general untidiness and disorder.

  • Name: Barker, Skye (Lieutenant)
  • Age: 38
  • Affiliation: British Armed Forces

"Let's turn up the heat!"

Skye Barker has always fought for what's right. Not for what she's told is right, not for what she thinks is right; for what she knows to be right. She defended children from bullies in school. A friend in secondary school was being assaulted when Skye stepped up and broke the assaulter's arm. Being a rebellious 16 year old, she refused to apologize for her actions and was expelled. With not many options she joined the British Army as a reserve. This was both the best and worst decision of her life: after graduating boot camp, she was handed an assault rifle and sent directly into the Omnic Crisis. It was a challenge just to survive the first few months, but she very slowly worked her way up the rankings. A year after she joined, she was put in a squad under Sergeant Lo. Lo's squad was focused on clearing buildings of threats, and then-Corporal Barker was given a flamethrower for the first time in her life. In the following months she earned the nickname "Ignis" for her almost superhuman link with fire. She served on countless missions, until Overwatch took notice of her and offered her a place among them. She was sad to say goodbye to her squadmates, but elated at being an Overwatch soldier: she'd only heard legends before. Now she'd know. She was given a new heatproof suit, a new flamethrower to go with it, and a new set of orders. Ignis was overjoyed to bring an end to the Omnic Crisis, but found the aftermath lacking. Gone were the heavy action missions that got her adrenaline pumping. Now most of it was relief work. She wasn't even sad when Overwatch fell; she returned to the British Army and continued her way up the ranks in the following years. Now a Lieutenant, Ignis recieved the recall from Winston but refused to answer it: she was a soldier, not an agent of Overwatch. However, with the current state of the world, the British Armed Forces have made the decision to fling her back into the fight. Ignis can't deny it: she's excited at the prospect of becoming a hero again.

  • Hero Class: Damage. While her kit is suited for either attacking or defending, Ignis is best used to defend a point due to her short range and low mobility. To compensate, she has slightly more health than other heroes when she's making marshmallows out of the enemy team.

  • Primary Weapon: Flamethrower. Ignis's trusted Flamethrower from her Overwatch days. It emits a stream of fire in front of her that reaches 8 meters in length and damages anybody caught in it for 60 points per second. However, even if the enemy has gotten out of range they will continue to burn for an additional 4 seconds, doing 10 damage per second.

  • E Ability: Molotov Cocktail: Well known to all anarchists and pyromaniacs, the Molotov Cocktail is perfect for setting something on fire quickly. When the cocktail hits something, be it an enemy or a surface, the ensuing fire burns for 5 seconds and inflicts 10 damage per second. If D.Va shoots it with Defense Matrix it shatters and sets the area below where it was shot alight. If it hits a deflecting Genji, it shatters onto Genji and burns him for 50 damage as if he wasn't deflecting.

  • Shift Ability: Smoke Grenade: A grenade that explodes upon hitting the ground, coating a 10 meter area in smoke for 5 seconds. Can be used to cover the enemy or on your own team. (Infra-Sight and Sonic Arrow can still mark through it).

  • Ultimate Ability: Hellfire Grenade: A specialized napalm grenade that spreads over a large area, the Hellfire Grenade is to be used only in the most urgent situations. So Ignis naturally uses them as often as possible. When thrown, it casts a blanket of napalm over an area of 20 meters, burning for 10 seconds and inflicting 30 damage per second, meaning any non-tanks (besides Bastion) inside the radius won't survive standing in the fire for the whole duration. However, it can be shot down and deflected.


  • Default: Ash
  • Rare: Cobalt, Emerald, Rose, Charcoal
  • Epic: Overwatch, Rust
  • Legendary: Corporal Barker, Building Siege, SAS, Commando

  • Name: Liao, Jonathan (Doctor)
  • Age: 64
  • Affiliation: Overwatch, Ecopoint Founder (formerly).

"The world still needs me!"

Before the Omnic Crisis, Dr. Jonathan Liao was a young biochemical engineer who was responsible for the invention and distribution of the Health Regeneration Pads and their proprietary cryogenic Health Packs. The London native initially devised these as a means of easily reversing injuries sustained in industrial accidents, but Liao's technology was quickly re-purposed for recovery efforts in natural disasters. Every factory, town and business worth their salt had several HRP's placed at key locations under their discrim, making him wealthy and admired by humanity. However, this foresight proved vital when the Omnic Crisis struck across the globe.

Liao was tapped to join Overwatch's original strike team to provide health packs for their soldiers in the heat of battle, as well as fix any damaged HRP's, and to develop a means of freezing Omnics to a standstill given their lower functionality in the Russian front. He and Torbjorn Lindholm worked in tandem between missions to create Liao's ice-based fist cannons – which proved vital to ending the last Omnic Crisis battle in the deserts of Africa.

After the Crisis, Liao was tasked with creating a network of Ecopoints to monitor natural phenomena around the globe, along with maintaining the HRP's that Overwatch and Blackwatch had acquired for their uses. For decades he worked behind the scenes as Chief Researcher until Overwatch's dissolution. Afterwards, Liao was horrified to learn that many former Blackwatch agents had made off with his HRP's and joined Talon. Now, Liao lives to prevent his healing technology being hijacked by Talon, and he won't rest until this is achieved in totality. When Overwatch was recalled, he rejoined his comrades gladly to continue the good fight.

  • Hero Class: Support. A high-DPS healer, suited to fight in the thick of the action, with 250 hit points due to wearing armour. Blend of Zenyatta and Mei, with a dash of Moira and Sombra.

  • Primary Weapon: Fist Cannons - Liao pelts people with brick-sized ice blocks for 30 damage per hit. Clip size of 10, medium reload time.

  • Alternate Attack: Ice Pack - Liao drops a health pack on someone for 80 hit points of healing. Cooldown of 3 seconds.

  • L-Shift Ability: Cold Snap - Liao instantly freezes all enemies within a 6 foot radius by detonating a small Health Pack, and they stay frozen for 5 seconds. Cooldown is 10 seconds.

  • E-Button Ability: Pad Lockout - Liao locks enemy team out of a given health pad for 1 minute. Two pad limit. Cooldown of 12 seconds.

  • Ultimate – Biotic Blitz: Liao detonates a large Health Pack by throwing it in the air and blasting it with both Fist Cannons. This sparks a biotic nanite blizzard that slows and damages enemies, and quickens and heals allies. Maximum damage and healing is 350 hit points. Lasts 10 seconds.


  • Default: Azure
  • Rare: Crimson, Magenta, Tangerine, Viridian
  • Epic: Ivory, Obsidian
  • Legendary: Climatologist, Ecopoint, Inventor, Overwatch

    Junker Queen 
Name: Grainger, Sheila (Queen)
  • Age: 37
  • Affiliation: Junkers

"Your queen is here!"

  • Backstory: Before being Queen of the Junkers, Sheila Grainger was just a regular resident in the Australian outback. That was, until the Australian government gave land from said outback to the Omnics post-Omnic Crisis. The country's main Omnium was also given land in an attempt to make peace with their former enemies, permanently displacing the residents of the area. So Sheila ended up fighting alongside fellow disgruntled residents to form the Australian Liberation Front. For someone who was only 16 at the time, Sheila proved to be a great soldier and ended up leading the charge that would end up destroying the Australian Omnium. Her father, Jacob, ruled as the Junker King for a year or two until Sheila overthrew him and became Queen of the Junkers, and has stayed in that role ever since.

  • Category - Support: The Junker Queen works similarly to Moira – That being healing fuelled by battling. However, while Moira needs to deal damage to fill up her gauge faster, Junker Queen basically needs to block attacks with her sword to increase her healing potential. She can also sacrifice her healing potential for an increase to the potency of her abilities.

  • Primary Weapon – Biotic Blade (Left Click): This short-range weapon deals 30 DMG per swing, and she swings once per second. When used on allies, it will usually heal 30 HP per swing at minimal strength, but at maximum strength, she can heal for 100 HP per swing and deals 70 DMG. Range: 6 metres.

  • Alternate Attack - Block (Right Click): For a few seconds, she can hold up her sword sideways and block all attacks, charging up her healing potency (See below.). Duration: 4 seconds. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

  • Passive Ability – Mad and Bloody: Attacks blocked increases her healing potency. This added potency goes away after using one of her abilities. However, said abilities will still contain this potency.

  • Special Ability 1 – Aether (L-Shift): She throws her sword up in the air, then jumps to strike down again, with the range and damage of the impact area increasing depending on the healing potency. DMG: 50 (Minimum potency); 100 (Maximum potency); 30 (Damage drop-off with minimal potency); 60 (Damage drop-off with maximum potency). Cooldown: 8 seconds

  • Special Ability 2 – Embed (E): The Biotic Blade is driven into the ground and causes a healing/damage radius similar to Ana's Biotic Grenade. The Area-of-Effect and healing/damage increases with potency. DMG: 50 (Minimum potency); 80 (Maximum potency); 30 (Damage drop-off with minimal potency); 56 (Damage drop-off with maximum potency). Cooldown: 10 seconds

  • Ultimate Ability - Excaliburnt: For a brief amount of time, Sheila will be at max potency, and none of her abilities lose said potency after being used. Also, all abilities will be on half their regular cooldowns and she takes 20% less DMG. Duration: 10 seconds. Charge requirement: 1800 points


  • Default: Empress
  • Rare: Bauxite; Blazing Sun; Cactus; Oil
  • Epic: Irradiated; Gilded; Gunmetal
  • Legendary: A.L.F.; Soldier; Iron Lady; Metal Maiden; Rockstar

Name: 1stSgt. Sebastien-Jacques Carriere (Ret.) Real Name: MSgt. Shawn Miller (Ret.)
  • Age: 45
  • Affiliation: United States Marine Corps (prior), Overwatch / Blackwatch (prior), Talon (prior, undercover), Overwatch (current)

    "Point me where you need me."
    "Nine lives, six left."

Born into a well-to-do African-American family of Haitian origins living in New York City, Sebastien Carriere enlisted in the United States Marine Corps near the tail end of the Omnic Crisis, serving in combat during the U.S. Military's campaign to reclaim the Hawaiian Islands. Entering MARSOC after the Crisis, he was selected to participate in a Navy / USMC program designed to create enhanced combat personnel at a significantly reduced cost in comparison to the Army's SEP program, receiving less intensive physical enhancements and training to use human-sized exoskeleton platforms. After successfully completing the program, he saw numerous foreign deployments, most notably in Korea and Australia, and saw both the well-grounded anti-Omnic sentiments of various disenfranchised groups and the marginalization of Omnic populations. Aspiring to make a difference on a bigger scale, he applied for a position with Overwatch, but his paperwork was never processed before its disbandment. Since then, he has found employment as a private security consultant. Once he heard rumors of Overwatch's Recall, however, he has returned to pursuing his old dreams, joining the post-recall Overwatch and being assigned the callsign "Breacher", using available off-the-shelf technology to replicate the equipment he used as a Marine Raider.

note  Like his assumed identity, Shawn Miller was born in New York City to a well-to-do black family, joined the United States Marine Corps, entered MARSOC, participated in the "enhanced warfighter at a budget" program initiated by the Navy, and served military liaison tours in Korea, Australia, and elsewhere. He has assumed the identity of a friend who died in the fighting on Maui, having devised a falsified background that is mostly in line with his own.

Prompted by his (amicable) divorce and the deaths of his parents at a violent clash during a pro-Omnic Rights rally, Miller separated honorably from the USMC and entered Overwatch after Blackwatch's exposure and its suspension. Approached by Gérard Lacroix and Gabriel Reyes after an extensive vetting process, Miller assumed a false identity and became embedded in Talon as a double agent, continuing to sporadically send information to Reyes even after Gérard Lacroix's assassination. After Overwatch collapsed, however, Miller became trapped in his role, truly under and alone. He continued in his role as a small-unit commander of Talon foot troops, conducting raids and working to minimize civilian casualties where possible.

When Gabriel Reyes made his return as Reaper and joined Talon's ranks, the two found each other again. After both could be sure that neither of them had "gone native", Miller hatched a plan where Reaper would "expose" him and fake his death, to build Reaper's credibility with Talon leadership. After this plan was successfully carried out, Miller went solo, and rejoined Overwatch after its recall under a second assumed identity based on his deceased friend. He constructed a false background since his true background would rapidly cast him under suspicion as a turncoat and a Talon infiltrator.

While Miller and Reyes both agree that Talon needs to be destroyed, Miller believes that launching a decapitation attempt now or in the near future may cause more harm than good by making it splinter into multiple factions, sprouting new heads a la the mythical Hydra. Having observed first-hand the opportunities Talon offers to marginalized populations in places where Overwatch could not act, Miller has come to believe that to truly eliminate Talon, large-scale social change that eliminates the underlying root causes of why people join it in the first place is necessary. Otherwise, there will always be disenfranchised people who will serve as a recruit base for an organization like Talon, and ideologues like Doomfist to lead them.

While his overall life experiences have made him doubtful of the idea that lasting positive social changes can be achieved by single individuals in short periods of time, he holds hope that such change is possible, and that groups like the recalled Overwatch can inspire such change, even if it's small steps at a time. In the meantime, he might as well continue doing what he's good at in the service of those small steps, right?

  • Category - Damage: Breacher's equipment and training has geared him towards close to mid-range combat. Rather than achieving this via sheer damage output, however, he fulfills this role using disruptive ability and resistance against high burst damage. (200 hp, 50 armor)

  • Primary Weapon - Compact Automatic Rifle: This bullpup was designed to give operators a carbine-sized weapon that handled comfortably in close-quarters environments without sacrificing mid-range capabilities. Equipped with 30-round magazines as standard, it has a slightly greater fire rate than Soldier: 76's Heavy Pulse Rifle at the cost of a slight increase in scatter during sustained fire.
    • Secondary Fire - Under-Barrel Shotgun: This one-shot attachment allows Breacher to deliver a single, high-damage attack at close range. (Cooldown)

  • Ability 1 (Shift) - Rush: Utilizing both the cybernetics of his exoskeleton and his physical enhancements, Breacher can surge forward at enhanced speed. While not as fast as Soldier: 76 at full sprint, the bulk of Breacher's armor means that he can push opponents out of the way and cause a small amount of knockback damage. The regenerating yet finite nature of the power source for his armor, however, means that Breacher cannot sprint indefinitely.

  • Ability 2 (E) - Visual Disruptive Grenade: A technological solution devised to temporarily hamper the vision of human and Omnic targets alike, this grenade discharges a smoke cloud comprised of limited-duration nanites that blurs the vision of anyone who walks through it. Friendlies can be made immune to the blurred vision effects of the grenade by exposing them to a counter-nanite prior to battle. The latest iteration of this weapon is designed to also interfere with the operation of active camouflage systems. It also fulfills the role of a traditional smoke grenade, obscuring enemy vision in a limited area and creating temporary cover for maneuvering. The nanites have enhanced sonar reflection and degenerate exothermically, meaning sonar and thermal visualization systems will see the cloud but not through it.
    • Voicelines:
    "Smoke out!"
    "Popping smoke!"
    "Using smoke grenade."
    "Time to blind them."
    "VDG out!"

  • Ultimate Ability - Final Protective Fire: Breacher inserts an extended magazine into his rifle and disables the fire rate reducer mechanism, allowing him to fire at a significantly enhanced rate for a brief period. As prolonged use of his weapon at this de-limited fire rate will severely reduce its service life, Breacher generally saves this for critical situations, most notably "broken arrow" situations where he or his unit is at risk of being overwhelmed—hence the name of this ability.
    • Voicelines:
    Enemies hear: "Time for you to eat lead!"
    Friendlies hear: "Giving them the whole nine yards."

  • Passive Ability - Impact Resistance: Breacher's exoskeleton is equipped with electric reactive armor, which activates upon receiving incoming damage and reducing it by a fraction. Once activated, the armor will require a few seconds to recharge / regenerate, before being able to block damage again.


  • Default: Checkerboard (black and white armor pattern, with checkerboard patterns on certain details)
  • Normal: Backgammon (brown and red with sharp black chevron patterns), Wildland (tan), Shipyard (blue and gray), Demolition (black and yellow)
  • Rare: Kaneohe (digital woodland camo), Kahului (battle-damaged digital woodland camo)
  • Legendary: Blackwatch, Talon, Tripoli, Deep-Sea Operations


  • Distinguishing Features: Tattoo around upper right arm, "Remember Pearl Harbor", referencing the Second Battle of Pearl Harbor.
  • Breacher is a divorcee, and has not had contact with his wife or son for years. At present he has no real interests in romance.


Name: Sentry Bot L-627 “Lancer”

  • Age: 22

  • Affiliation: Helix Security International
    "Callsign Lancer reporting in."
Sentry bot L-627 was one of the many sentry bots utilized by Helix Security International. Nicknamed “Lancer”, this sentry bot differentiated himself from other sentries with a unique sense of independence and creativity during combat. These characteristics allowed Lancer to survive numerous skirmishes, becoming a veteran among the ranks in Helix. This caught the attention of Talon, who sought to obtain the Omnic and have him serve their needs. After kidnapping the Omnic during a patrol, Talon technicians made modifications to Lancer, and would have subjected him to extensive reprogramming if not for the intervention of a Helix rescue team led by Pharah. Upon learning that Helix didn’t authorize the rescue, Lancer became disheartened with the company’s callous decision to desert him. Although he’s staying with Helix to master his modifications, Lancer grows more suspicious of the upper management of Helix, and plans on investigating Helix’s internal affairs.

  • Damage: Lancer is a formidable combatant in his own right, being an offense oriented damage character. The modifications Talon made add to his versatility. Among the modifications is a personal shield system, providing 200 HP to bolster his base 100 HP.

  • Primary Weapon: Helix Sidearm: A standard issued sidearm for sentry bots. The pistol has a lower fire rate compared to D.Va’s sidearm, but has a higher damage output.

  • Alternate Fire: Charged shot: Talon modified the sidearm to make it capable of firing accurate, powerful shots at the expense of consuming more ammo.
  • Special Ability 1: Frontal Shield: Lancer can sacrifice 100 HP from his personal shield reserve to cast a shield. The shield holds indefinitely and Lancer can move at full speed, but will not be cast if Lancer’s shields are down. It also leaves Lancer vulnerable from the sides and back.

  • Special Ability 2: Run and Gun: Without any modification from Talon, Lancer can sprint and fire his weapon at the same time. Frontal Shield is disabled when this is used.

  • Ultimate: Slicer beam: The last modification Talon integrated into Lancer was pieces of a Null Sector slicer into his “head”. Once activated, Lancer can either shoot a continuous beam, or single beams. The continuous beam can cut through armor and shields, while the single shot beams deal medium damage to targets.
    "Don't cross my stream!"


  • Default: Modified Sentry Bot Chassis
  • Rare: Cold Steel, Iron Hot, Gunmetal, Olive Drab
  • Epic: Defense Matrix, Polymer, Helix
  • Legendary: Okoro, Anubis AI, Full-Mod, Freelancer

  • Real Name: Vassago, Maxmillian.

  • Age: Unknown, approx. 27.

  • Affiliation: Variable.

  • Class: Damage

    "I claim to be a one-man army not because I am arrogant, but because it is the truth."
Born several years before the Omnic Crisis, Maximillian Vassago was one of the first soldiers to take up arms and fight in the war. Fighting on the frontlines for most of the war, he earned a semi-mythical reputation as a man immune to enemy bullets, having survived several battles against groups of the dreaded Bastion-class Omnics without a single wound. However, his luck would come to an end when faulty intel resulted in an operation going disastrously wrong; his squad was killed to a man, and he himself was critically injured, losing an arm, both legs, and one of his eyes. Determined to sell his life dearly, Vassago’s attempt to detonate an EMP device on his person failed when an Omnic – later determined to be the Omnic Equivalent of an ‘Officer’, possessing the ability to partially re-program Omnics while in battle – ordered its subordinates to spare his life. Although officially listed as Killed in Action, Vassago was later found alive, his missing limbs replaced by machinery, by an Overwatch task force during a daring assault on an Omnium.

He was brought back to an Overwatch facility for treatment and questioning, in an attempt to find why the Omnics had captured him rather than killing him outright. Upon entry to the base, Vassago’s body began to violently alter, with the bionic components of his body fusing with his flesh to create biomechanical weapons. Vassago promptly attacked the facility and the Overwatch members that had rescued him, severely wounding two of the agents, causing major damage to the facility, and destroying numerous useful files on potential weaknesses in the Omnic battle-units when he unleashed a computer virus into the facility’s systems through unknown means. In spite of this, Vassago met his apparent death a second time, with an Omnic Overwatch agent sacrificing their life to overload his systems – an act that paralysed him long enough for the agent’s allies to destroy the Trojan prisoner.

However, Vassago’s newly inhuman resilience allowed him to cheat death once more. Broken, damaged and barely functioning, the biomechanical soldier managed to drag himself to safety, regaining control of himself as he fled. Seemingly freed of the directives that had driven him to attack, and now fully aware of his twisted new state, Vassago went into hiding for much of the duration of the Omnic Crisis, attempting to master the constantly changing nature of his new form and intending to re-join the war when he had.

During this, Vassago discovered the reason for his continued mutation – the Omnics that had changed him so greatly had attempted to transfer the mind of one of their own into a human body, in order to create infiltrators; Biomechanical Omnics capable of mimicking human behaviour enough to pass for human, in order to bring humanity down from within. The augmetics grafted to his flesh contained the data of an Omnic's mind, along with small caches of nanomachines - one to provide the control for the body, the other to provide a certain level of combat capability and regeneration. The Omnic's data-consciousness was now at war with his mind, attempting to seize control of his body and puppeteer it, causing the continued shifting of his flesh as the two sides of his new mind attempted to forge his body to a desired shape.

While he was eventually able to suppress the AI’s invading mind and gain the ability to reshape the mechanical and biological parts of his body at will via the nanos, it came at the cost of many of his memories and the Crisis drew to a close before he could re-join the war, depriving him of his chance for vengeance. Making matters worse, his body had mutated almost beyond any semblance of humanity, becoming a nightmarish biomechanical engine of war, capable of absorbing technology into his body and replicating a biomechanical version of the device. As a result of this, Vassago became an independent mercenary, travelling the world and fighting for whoever paid him. Unlike other mercenaries, his price is always the same: weaponry or particular high-tech items. His predatory hunger for high technology has brought him into conflict with organisations on many occasions, and he has been recorded fighting Vishkar Corp, Overwatch, Helix Security, and a multitude of other organisations. These conflicts are usually short affairs, ending when Vassago acquires a particular item of technology, upon which he simply vanishes through unknown means – usually reappearing weeks or entire months later.

Recently, for reasons known only to the man himself, Vassago has been stepping up the rate and range of his attacks - recent sightings reported him to be in Russia, fighting the Omnic forces in Siberia and in India, assaulting a Vishkar Corporation research facility. Quite strangely, he was said to be in both places at the same time, raising questions about the nature of some of his stolen technology... and what he has become.

  • (Primary Weapon) Fleshmetal Cannon: A twisted hybrid of metal and flesh, formed into the shape of a rotary machine gun. Capable of an impressive firing speed, this cannon relies on its massive volume of fire to tear its targets to shreds. Effective at medium-long ranges, but the weapon must be spun up before firing – this takes a few seconds, and must be done again if he stops firing at any point.

  • (Primary Weapon, Assault Mode) Berossus’ Hammer: A massive piston-driven hammer, gained after a particularly bloody battle in Siberia, this brutal weapon excels at breaking open tanks and smashing through defensive targets, causing massive damage to anything it hits. However, this hammer has a cooldown after being swung, limiting its usefulness against large groups of enemies.

  • (Alternate Attack): Hellcat’s Fury: A flamethrower stolen from a Talon facility, replicated by Vassago’s unique abilities. Possesses a far shorter range than his Primary Weapon, but greatly increased damage. As long as the trigger is held down, a stream of incandescent fire roars forth from the weapon, causing massive damage that falls off the further the enemy is from the weapon.

  • (Alternate Attack, when in Assault Mode): Forrix’s Grip: Torn from the broken body of a slain Talon agent, this brutal mechanical gauntlet is eternally wreathed in an odd field of energy, capable of disrupting the molecular structures of anything it strikes. This fist lacks a cooldown, allowing it to be swung more often, but is slower to swing than the hammer, and it deals reduced damage by comparison.

  • (Special Ability One) Charge Shot: Depending on player input, either the primary or alternate weapon fires a single, highly damaging shot. Takes 3 seconds to charge, and is most effective at short range. Either causes heavy damage (FM Cannon) or medium damage followed by Do T (HC's Fury).

  • (Special Ability Two) Re-route Power: Increases the damage and fire rate of one weapon, based on player input, at the cost of lowering the other weapon's damage and fire rate.

  • (Special Ability Three) Weapon Shift: Assault Mode: Vassago’s weapons change from their ranged configuration (Fleshmetal Cannon and Hellcat's Fury) to close-range configuration (Hammer and Grip). His armour and health increase slightly, and abilities One and Three change to their assault configurations.

  • (Special Ability One, Assault Mode) Blitz: Vassago charges forwards in a straight line, before ramming both the Hammer and the Grip into the first impacted enemy. Deals heavy damage, but it is difficult to turn when charging.

  • (Special Ability Two, Assault Mode) Re-route Power: Same as before.

  • (Special Ability Three, Assault Mode): Weapon Shift: Ranged Mode: Vassago's weapons return to their default configuration. Armour and health decrease slightly, and abilities One and Three return to normal.

  • (Ultimate) Obliteration: Vassago’s health increases, while his armour falls proportionally. His weapons switch to the form of a pair of Fleshmetal Cannons, and his ammunition becomes temporarily unlimited while an explosive effect is added to his bullets. The ability lasts 10 seconds, and is accompanied by a distinctive glow that outlines Vassago’s position – this outline is visible to all enemy players in a certain radius.


  • Classic: Obliterator (Iron grey powered armour, adorned liberally with masses of mutated flesh twisted around the armour's limbs).
  • Rare: Iron, Siegebreaker, Warsmith.
  • Epic: Industrial, Carbon, Chrome.
  • Legendary: Medrengard.


  • Name: Kwon, Jae-Eun
  • Age: 27
  • Affiliation: MEKA
    “Checkered flag, here I come!”
All his life, Jae-Eun Kwon has lived on the edge. Growing up jet-setting between his paternal homeland of South Korea and his maternal homeland of Monaco, one thing he fell in love with in both was F1’s revitalised Grand Prix, brought into the grav-wheel era, and by his 25th birthday, he had taken home the GP winner’s trophies from multiple countries. His flair for overcoming even the most brutal of odds earned him the epithet “Casino”, though it could also be from how much time he spent cashing in his winnings at actual casinos.
All that changed, however, when a Gwishin Omnic attack, jamming the drones that were defending the country, destroyed the Grand Prix circuit near Mokpo and cancelled that year’s race, leaving Jae-Eun, who was planning on using those winnings to pay off a gambling debt that had snuck up on him, stuck up a creek. When MEKA began conscripting professional gamers and other individuals with the required reflexes, Jae-Eun and his agent worked out a deal with them to quietly pay off Jae-Eun’s debts in exchange for his service. As a result, Casino is now a member of MEKA in his customised speedy battlemech, La Princesse Sireine.
Jae-Eun has had a lot to get used to being a member of MEKA. He’s the oldest by a fair margin, the only one without any background in professional gaming, his taste for the high life has earned a few odd looks, and his motives for joining have been a touchy topic. However, he has found himself seeing Hana and Seung-Hwa in a more brotherly light, and if he’s honest with himself, the edge of battle and the feeling of protecting the innocent are almost as satisfying as the edge of the racing circuit and the roulette wheel… almost.
  • Hero Class: Damage. Casino and La Princesse Sireine are designed for high speed, breaking through enemy lines, brawling and slashing down enemy targets, before racing back out again.
  • HP: 200 HP + 100 Armor, 150 HP while on foot.
  • Primary Weapon: Light Blasters - La Princesse Sireine’s primary weapons are twin side-mounted semi-auto light pulse blasters with minimal spread, dealing 4.5 damage per bullet at medium-close range. Clip size of 80, fast reload time.
  • Secondary Weapon: Light S&T - Casino prefers a light gun manufactured by one of his sponsors over MEKA’s standard issue, which is identical to D.Va’s except with a higher fire rate and lower damage per shot.
  • Special Ability 1: Streamline - Crouching shifts his mech’s bipedal walker form to its low-slung racer form. Racer form is faster, but loses primary attack. Melee attack in racer form is a 360 degree spinout with extended arms that deals close-in damage in all directions.
  • Special Ability 2: Plasma Blades - Deploys plasma-energized blades from arms, increasing melee damage to 70 damage per hit for 8 seconds. Can be used in either form. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Special Ability 3: Nitro Boost - A burst of engine power propels Casino in whatever direction he is looking at double his current movement speed for 0.75 secs, even into the air if pointed at a high-enough angle. 5 sec cooldown.
  • Passive: Ejector Seat - Use of the Ultimate or mech’s destruction will launch Casino in a large player-controlled arc after 0.25 seconds (or in a random direction if the player doesn’t choose).
  • Ultimate: Afterburners - Casino cranks his boosters to max before ejecting. La Princesse Sireine shoots forwards at high speed in a straight line with its rockets blasting blue fire in a cone-shaped area behind it, only stopping if it gets stuck against a wall or on the environment. Enemies it meets are slightly shoved out of the way, but if they’re caught in the afterburner blast, they are burned for 175 damage/second they stay in the area. Charge lasts 5 seconds, after which the burned-out mech vanishes.
    Your ass is ash!
  • Ultimate - Call Mech: Like all MEKA pilots, Casino can summon a new mech while on foot.
  • Default: Classic (Green mech with black racing suit)
  • Rare: Curaçao (blue), Mead (yellow), Rosé (light red), Soju (white)
  • Epic: Platinum (Shiny silver), Black Diamond (Black crystal)
  • Legendary: Roulette (Red/black/green color scheme), Slots (Glitzy casino style), Grand Prix, Indy 500 (Racing style)
  • It has been rumoured that a few palms had been greased to get Casino’s deal with MEKA accepted, and the name of an Omnic named Maximilian pops up during discussions.


  • Name: Lee, Yuna
  • Age: 21
  • Affiliation: MEKA
    “Are you afraid yet?”
Nearly every time the Gwishin Omnics attacked Busan, they had left some form of death and devastation in their wake. One casualty of its attacks was the neighbourhood of Yuna “D.Mon” Lee, famous among gaming circles as the member of the world-class SwayD professional gaming team and among neighbourhood kids as a local hero, carer and guardian, and infamous among authority figures as a street fighter and delinquent, and among kkangpae goons as an unholy terror. Even as she mourned the loss of her family and the sundering of her neighbourhood caused gang violence to try and flow in, Yuna refused to break, keeping the surviving children under her aegis and sending the gangs fleeing from her ferocity.
When she heard of MEKA’s conscription drive for drone pilots, the only reason she was not the first around her to sign up was due to her excitable teammate and friend Hana Song beating her to it. Though she initially chafed under all the military regulations, she fell in love with her new mech Beast and was integral in MEKA’s first battle, taking attacks that would’ve crushed her teammates and keeping the Gwishin from reaching the coastline with sheer bulk and rage. When it finally retreated, D.Mon would have pursued it into the sea if she hadn’t been half-buried under a building.
Now, D.Mon is known throughout Busan and Korea as the first-one-in-last-one-out vanguard of the MEKA force, the guardian beast that safeguards their shores. She puts herself in harm’s way just like she does in both the back alley and virtual battlegrounds, taking the hit to protect those under her aegis.
  • Hero Class: Tank. D.Mon and her mech are made for battlefield presence, be it being a protective wall for her team or blasting foes away. With no movement abilities to speak of and a huge hitbox, she makes up for it with the largest health pool of any tank.
  • HP: 200 HP + 450 Armor, 150 HP while on foot.
  • Primary Weapon: Feral Cannon - Beast is armed with a gigantic left-arm-mounted tank cannon, which deals a monstrous 150 damage with every hit. Clip size of 1, slow reload time.
  • Secondary Weapon: Lighthawk - Even on foot, D.Mon prefers the big guns, carrying an larger-bore light gun that deals 25 damage per shot. Clip size of 10, medium reload time.
  • Special Ability 1: Barrier Array - Equips a hard light shield on Beast’s right arm with 1200 HP, covering herself and everyone behind her for a decent area (though less so than Reinhardt’s). All abilities can be used while barrier is up, but she cannot attack.
  • Special Ability 2: Sonic Roar - D.Mon’s mech is equipped with a short-range omnidirectional sonic speaker capable of vibrating an omnic's exoskeleton to pieces, dealing 15 damage/sec and a minor slow to everyone around it. Works on an auto-filling gauge system that lasts for 9 seconds at max.
  • Passive: Horsepower - The massive engines needed to keep Beast moving make it capable of shrugging off anything that tries to stop it; all debuffs (e.g. Hack, Cryo-Freeze) last half as long, and knockbacks are all halved in distance.
  • Ultimate: Shield Overcharge - D.Mon diverts all remaining power to Beast’s Barrier Array, automatically repairing and deploying it and rendering it indestructible. Enemies that pass through the overcharged barrier are shocked for 20 damage/sec of remaining in contact. If D.Mon’s barrier crosses over an ally’s hard-light barrier, like Symmetra’s, Reinhardt’s or Winston’s, their barriers also gain the damaging effect and regenerate HP at 100 points/sec. The effect lasts for 10 seconds during which the shield cannot be retracted, and when it ends, D.Mon exits the now-useless mech.
    “깨지지 않는! (Kkaejiji anhneun! - Unbreakable!)”
  • Ultimate - Call Mech: Like all MEKA pilots, D.Mon can summon a new mech while on foot.
  • Default: Classic (Red)
  • Rare: Field (Green), River (Light blue), Mountain (Brown), Sunset (Purple)
  • Epic: Ursa Major (Starfield), Stone Golem (Rock texture)
  • Legendary: Citadel, Fortress (Castle-style mech), Kodiak, Polar (Furry fanged bear)
  • D.Mon distrusts Omnics due to the destruction of her neighborhood, which has put her at loggerheads with some of her other teammates (especially King).
  • D.Mon has a personal idol in Aleksandra Zaryanova as a strong woman and protector, and has made numerous attempts to get in contact with her.


  • Name: Hann, Kyung-Soo
  • Age: 19
  • Affiliation: MEKA
    “Give respect where it’s due.”
Kyung-Soo Hann never knew his birth parents, but his adoptive Omnic parents Gigu Hann and Saibeo 45 proved to be just as caring for him. While growing up, Kyung-Soo found himself having to push his mental faculties way beyond his limits to keep up with his parents’ mental processors when he played with them, and it was only later that he discovered that all that practice made him much sharper and quick-witted than his peers, which proved to be a major asset when he discovered his love of professional gaming. Kyung-Soo, attaining the moniker of “King” due to his peerless skills, soon found himself propelled to the top of the gaming world, and quickly found himself using that fame and his wit to defend his parents when they came under oppression from anti-Omnic hate groups.
However, King’s rise to the top was halted by the newcomer Hana “D.Va” Song, who proved able to match him move for move by sheer tenacity. The two of them quickly developed a rivalry, clashing multiple times in multiple genres, both individual and team-based. When D.Va finally beat him to win a eSports World Champion Cup, King practiced zealously for a full year to beat her in the next tournament , but before he had the chance, MEKA started its conscription run and Hana dropped out to assist in the military operations. Not to be outdone, King followed his rival suit, and though his entrance was met with plenty of objection from his new teammates, his skills and firepower of his new aptly-named mech Singijeon proved invaluable in every encounter with the Gwishin.
Kyung-Soo’s competitive spirit and arrogance led him to butt heads with nearly every member of MEKA, barring Seung-Hwa, and things almost came to a head when Yuna accused him of being an Omnic collaborator due to having Omnic parents, but Hana stuck up for him much to his surprise. The aftermath left King with a new respect for his rival and a reminder of what he was fighting for, and he started speaking out more against anti-omnic persecution, using his new membership in MEKA to bolster his words, reminding everyone that messing with his loved ones, leads them to mess with the King.
  • Hero Class: Damage. King and his mech’s weapons are built to demolish enemy fortifications, adapting his loadout to handle whatever target he sets his sights on.
  • HP: 100 HP + 200 Armor, 150 HP while on foot.
  • Primary Weapon: Plasmacasters - Singijeon’s plasma launchers send out medium-range masses of burning plasma, dealing 90 damage to everyone within their 1.5m splash radius. Clip size of 8, medium reload time.
  • Secondary Weapon: Light Gun - On foot, King carries the same standard-issue Light Gun as D.Va does.
  • Special Ability 1: Rocket Pods - King launches a burst spread of 8 fast-moving missiles from his mech’s shoulder pods, each dealing 70 damage with a direct hit. Contains 2 charges, with a 8 sec cooldown per charge.
  • Special Ability 2: Swap Load - Singijeon cycles its Rocket Pod loadout between red fragmentation, yellow thermite-tipped and blue disruptor rockets. Frag rockets have double the effective blast radius, thermite rockets apply a damage-over-time effect to armor and prevent it from being added or healed, and disruptor rockets do double damage to shields and barriers. Usage adds 0.5 sec cooldown to Rocket Pods.
  • Special Ability 3: Laser Beacon - King launches a targeting beacon that affixes to whatever it touches. While active, at least two rockets launched from his other abilities will home in on it, and any rocket that enters its signal radius will automatically detonate. Lasts for 10 seconds. 12 sec cooldown.
  • Ultimate – Cluster Fire: After a 1-second deployment sequence, Singijeon deploys a giant missile that rockets forward at high speed. After another 2 seconds, if it hits something, or if it is destroyed (75 HP), it sprays 20 sub-missiles in all directions, bombarding the area with 90 damage explosions. The loadout of this ability depends on the active loadout of Rocket Pods.
    “왕께 우박! (Wangkke ubag! - Hail to the King!)”
  • Ultimate - Call Mech: Like all MEKA pilots, King can summon a new mech while on foot.
  • Default: Classic (Yellow)
  • Rare: Mars (Red), Neptune (Blue), Saturn (Orange), Pluto (Purple)
  • Epic: Emperor (Royal Blue and Gold), Cybernoir (Gunmetal)
  • Legendary: Nova Apollo, Striker Skyfire (Pacific Rim-style mech pilots), Summoner, Jewel Mage (Crystal golem + wizard outfit)
  • King identifies as asexual.


  • Name: Shi, Seung-Hwa
  • Age: 17
  • Affiliation: MEKA
    “All according to plan! …I think….”
Almost from birth, Seung-Hwa Shi was living the military life. His father, MEKA military advisor and retired ROKAF Colonel Seung-Do “the Hawk” was a veteran of the Omnic Crisis, and made being a service member a large part of his family culture. As Seung-Hwa grew up, though his father did install a great love of the military in him, he was constantly trying to reconcile it with his burgeoning love for games. The day Seung-Do found him playing a real-time strategy game on his computer, and instead of berating him for it like all the other times, started using it as a means to teach him military strategy and tactics was one of the best days of Seung-Hwa’s life, as it finally provided a common ground for him and his dad.
Seung-Hwa’s expertise with the RTS genre led him to be snapped up by a professional gaming team, and he was soon nearing the top of the league as the rising star “Overlord”, the quasi-professional tactician. When the MEKA draft seeking out the best gamers to pilot battle mechs against the Gwishin Omnics came around, General Shi, seeing it as the perfect role for his son, pulled some strings and put the then 13-year-old Seung-Hwa up for enlistment. Though the backlash was critical, Seung-Hwa’s own earnestness to play his part eventually convinced them, though he was relegated to a supporting and strategic role to the other pilots, not to go out in the field until he came of age. A few years later, a new experimental mech was developed to serve as a mobile deployment hub for support drones, close-ranged enough for the Gwishin to be unable to jam, which would benefit from a talented, multitasking tactician, and thus Overlord and his mech Mastermind took to the field for the first time.
As the team maknae, Seung-Hwa has been the second most popular member of MEKA’s current roster, right behind Hana. Though he still has precious little battlefield experience, his desire to not let his dad’s faith in him down has made him tunnel-visioned at times, and his age has made the rest of MEKA a trifle smothering of him, his strategies and drones have saved many lives, and his earnestness, idealism and cheerful heart has gotten the crew through many difficult times. One only knows what kind of man Overlord grows into on this crazy journey.
  • Hero Class: Support. Overlord and Mastermind are optimized for coordinating his team, identifying enemy locations, assisting his team’s movement, and providing them intel to maximize their effectiveness.
  • HP: 100 HP + 100 Armor + 100 Shields, 150 HP while on foot.
  • Primary Weapon: Light Pulsar - Mastermind’s main weapon is a pulse turret that rapid-fires light bullets across the map. It is hitscan, has zero damage falloff or bullet spread, but does a pitiful 2.5 damage per bullet. Clip size of 100, medium-fast reload time.
  • Primary Alternate Attack: Light Turret - In this mode, the turret fires with automatic aiming at the closest target within a 15 meter radius, at 4 times the normal firing rate, and can even target enemies out of Overlord’s sight radius.
  • Secondary Weapon: Daewoo Pistol - Overlord carries his father’s hand-me-down service pistol as an on-foot sidearm, which deals 10 hitscan damage per shot. Clip size of 15, fast reload time.
  • Passive: Grav-Hover - Mastermind cannot jump; holding the jump button makes the mech ascend, while releasing it makes it automatically descend to hover just off the ground. Mastermind moves slower vertically than Pharah’s Hover Jets, but can do so indefinitely. While out of his mech, Overlord wears grav-shoes that provide the same effect.
  • Special Ability 1: Evac Drone - Overlord sends an evacuation-specialized drone to affix to an ally. The drone grants the affixed ally 100 temporary shields and multiplies his/her jump height by 5x. The effects last until the shields are destroyed or after the ally lands after their third boosted jump. 7 sec cooldown.
  • Special Ability 2: Spy Drone - Mastermind deploys a reconnaisance-specialized drone to hover at its current location. The drone is cloaked and provides a camera feed in the direction the mech was currently facing at deployment. When an enemy gets close enough to a drone, it begins to follow the enemy a short distance behind and above its head, keeping up the feed and making the enemy visible to all allies. The drone is destructible if hit or spotted (50 HP), and lasts until it is recalled or destroyed. 5 sec cooldown after destruction.
  • Special Ability 3: Medical Drone - Overlord orders a medical-specialized drone to heal a nearby ally. The drone hovers over allies and heals them for 100 HP/sec until restored to full health, but it is destructible (50 HP). 15 sec cooldown.
  • Ultimate – Scrambler Drone: Overlord deploys a cloaked disruption-specialized drone that circles the nearest enemy until they are dead or manage to escape, whereupon it begins searching for another enemy to follow. All enemies within a 5 meter radius of the drone are highlighted on allied HUDs (but not through walls) and are made vulnerable to their own allies’ weapons and abilities. Drone lasts for 8 seconds, but is destructible if detected (100 HP).
    Check your fire!
  • Ultimate - Call Mech: Like all MEKA pilots, King can summon a new mech while on foot.
  • Default: Classic (Blue)
  • Rare: Parrot (Green), Crow (Black), Oriole (Orange), Cardinal (Red)
  • Epic: Taegeuk (Red, yellow and blue), Emergency (White w/ red crosses)
  • Legendary: Starjammer, Space Hunter (Starfighter + futuristic spacesuit), Air Force, Marshal (Rotor copter + pilot’s uniform)
  • Seung-Hwa has a personal idol in Seul-Ki “D-Sharp” Song, holder of many Starcraft gaming records yet with only one World Cup win under his belt in the 2040s, and father of Hana Song.


Name: Juutilainen, Kirsi

  • Age: 14
  • Affiliation: Mikkeli Psychic Academy (formally)
  • Occupation: Vigilante
  • Homeland: Mikkeli, Finland

    "I play by my own rules."

Description: After the Omnic Crisis, the people of Finland began showing signs of developing psychokinetic powers. No one knew how to control them, until the government stepped in to build public academies specifically designed to train psychics into harnessing their powers. Kirsi Juutilainen, called "Yuuki" by her friends, was one such student.

From an early age, Yuuki looked up to the heroes around the world, whether they be from Overwatch, Helix Security International, or MEKA. Being born with powers, she knew she was in the next generation of heroes after Overwatch's disbandment. However, many factors initially held her back from success. One, she is one of the few psychics in Finland born with multiple powers, so studying was difficult. Two, psychics who use their powers for too long feel physical, and sometimes mental, pain, which is especially harmful if you have more than 1 power. Third, psychics have been a prime target for Talon, whom have frequently attempted to kidnap, experiment on, and use them as slaves. Finally, for the longest time, Yuuki didn't entirely know what it meant to be a hero; is there more to it than just saving lives and capturing villains?

As she trained throughout her school years, Yuuki knew she was under pressure; with Talon threats growing stronger, someone had to take a stand and fight for the good of the world. Knowing this, she exerted herself hard to perfect her numerous powers, graduating as one of the highest-ranking students in her school, all at the cost of most of her lifespan. But most of all, she found the answer to her longtime question: there are no limits to what you can do as a hero.

Now, Yuuki travels around her homeland, fighting criminals and villains on her own terms, preferably Talon agents. Whether or not she has to kill someone doesn't matter to her; all that matters is trying not to get captured by Talon, staying healthy, and making the most of what little time she has left.

  • Health: 150 HP
  • Hero Class: Support. Yuuki uses her powers to deal heavy damage to enemies, heal her allies, move around swiftly, and sense danger.
  • Primary Weapon: Pyrokinesis: Yuuki fires a stream of flames from her right hand. The flame has a range of 10 meters, deals 80 damage per second, and sets enemies on fire for 5 seconds. The weapon has no ammo, but can't be fired for more than 8 seconds before having to recharge.
  • Alternate Attack: Heal Pulse: Yuuki heals a targeted ally with her left hand. The beam has a range of 15 meters and heals for 55 HPS. Has no cooldown or ammo, and can't be disabled by Sombra's hack.
  • Special Ability 1: Warp: Yuuki uses her power of time manipulation to phase into a small portal, creating an exit 15 meters in the direction she's facing. After a short travel time, she will jump out of the exit portal, also in the direction she's facing. Cooldown: 8 seconds
  • Special Ability 2: Cleanse: Yuuki targets an ally, and lifts any negative status effect on them, whether it be anti-heal, freeze, stun, burning, or poison. Has a max range of 10 meters. Cooldown: 8 seconds.
  • Passive: Clairvoyance: Enemies below 50% health, and nearby traps, are revealed to Yuuki.
  • Ultimate: Spatial Rift: Yuuki uses time manipulation to create 2 portals for her team. The entrance is built on the ground in front of her, but the exit can be placed on floors, walls, or even ceilings. When an ally uses a portal on the ground, they will always face in the direction they were facing while entering. If it was on a wall or ceiling, they will automatically face wherever the exit portal is facing. Non-player entities like D.Va's self-destruct and turrets can also go through portals. Visually, each portal shows an image of what's shown through the other end. The portals last for 10 seconds, and the ultimate can't be charged while active.

    "Let's go!"

  • Skins:
    • Default (yellow undershirt with black jacket, gloves, skirt, tights, and boots)
    • Rare: Air (white outfit with lavender shirt), Earth (brown outfit with green shirt), Fire (maroon outfit with orange shirt), Water (navy blue outfit with sky blue shirt)
    • Epic: Bleeding (tattered white outfit with blood stains and a nosebleed), Void (dark purple outfit with glowing eyes, gloves, shirt pattern, and laces)
    • Legendary: Academy and Student (school uniform skins) Fortune Teller and Psychic (fortune teller-style attire), Pesapallo (Summer Games skin themed after the Finnish sport of the same name), Warm (Winter Wonderland skin)
  • Other facts:
    • Yuuki is deaf and mute; she can only communicate through telepathy.
    • Being a psychic, Yuuki has no "weapon", per se, so her golden "weapon skin" applies to her gloves.
    • Size-wise, Yuuki is slightly shorter than D.Va in pilot form, and about as wide as Alejandra from the "Hero" cinematic.

"All I desire... is but a pint of blood."
  • Name: Wallancaine, Alexandru
  • Age: 39
  • Birthplace: Bucharest, Romania
  • Affiliation: Independant, Talon (formerly)

At a long-lost point in time, Alexandru Wallancaine was a biologist making extraordinary headway in the study of life itself, exploring the concept of a life energy likened to a soul discovered in sentient beings — even Omnics. He hoped the realization of his findings could pave the way for a greater understanding between humans and Omnics alike.

Talon had other ideas. Any prospect of peace and understanding between all living things was at odds with their goal of evolution through global warfare. When he refused to cooperate, the organization decided to find other ways for him to be useful.

Moira O'Deorain used Alexandru as the testing bed for her bio-engineering experiments, reverse-engineering his own research to transform him into a weapon they could control under the designation "Project:Valentine". Talon began weaponizing his body, implanting cybernetic enhancements into his arms and twisting his biology to superhuman levels, fuelled by a thirst for the precious life energy he had spent his career studying. Eventually, Alexandru found himself forcibly mutated into a parasitic creature made to feast on the strongest source of life in a living body — their blood. He was little more than a vampire of myth, though without an aversion to sunlight to inhibit his pursuit.

Through all the torture and agony Alexandru hung on to what little he could of his humanity, boiling with hatred for the perversion of his life's work he had been twisted into. Before a proper control apparatus could be installed in his brain, "Valentine" broke his restraints and drained his guards dry with his blood-leeching claws, escaping to the lab and destroying all data regarding the process. While this would prevent Talon from repeating the process on another unwitting subject, it also doomed Alexandru to his condition.

Now seeking a way to return to the man he once was, Alexandru still thirsts for blood to live. He has conceded that he must kill to survive, but vows to only kill those deserving of death. And to his pleasure, Talon agents often are...

  • Hero Class — Damage. Valentine is a hunter, marking enemies and tracking their movements before moving in for the kill. He operates from the shadows (sometimes literally), lying in wait for the right time to strike.
  • Passive Ability — Bloodthirst: When Valentine uses an ability that drains his enemies' blood, his speed increases, his attacks deal more damage, and his health slowly regenerates. The effect lingers for about 5-7 seconds before dissipating, and renews if he drinks blood again. His quick melee does not get a damage buff, but does trigger the ability if it connects with an enemy.
  • Primary Weapon — Blood Darts: Valentine flings a spray of blood-riddled blades at his enemies. If an enemy is hit, they will be marked to him and can be seen through walls for up to 8 seconds. The darts have a large scatter, and are meant for chip damage and marking rather than offensive intent.
  • Primary Ability — Lurk: Valentine coalesces into his shadow, slipping around enemies discreetly. His shadow becomes more visible than before, and he can still be struck while cloaked and will return to visibility if the timer runs down or the button is released. The cooldown on this ability is a recharging meter, similar to's Defense Matrix.
  • Secondary Ability — Vampire's Prey: Valentine leaps high into the air and hovers for a few seconds before lunging downward toward a desired target. If he collides with an enemy, he will latch onto them and drink their blood, draining 100 health from the target and healing himself with it. The target is immobilized while he is draining them, but so is Valentine and he can be damaged and killed by their teammates while doing so. Can be used as a mobility skill. Triggers Bloodthirst.
  • Tertiary Ability — Screeching Bats: Valentine unleashes a swarm of shadowy bats from his cloak, swarming an enemy or cluster of enemies. Bats do minimal chip damage, but blind anyone hit by them for 2 seconds. Best used as a distraction to a larger attack. Triggers Bloodthirst.
  • Ultimate Ability — Unchained Hunger: Valentine's vampiric thirst consumes him, sending him into a mindless rage. In this state, Valentine's maximum health increases by 100 (restoring to full if low), Vampire's Prey recharges twice as fast and deals/restores twice as much health as before. His senses overload, allowing him to see all on-screen enemies regardless of whether they are "marked" or not. His primary weapon and Screeching Bats are disabled in this state, but his quick melee attack deals doubled damage. Ultimate duration is roughly 12 seconds, after which he returns to normal.
    "Te rog să mă ierți...! (Please... Forgive me...!)"
  • Skins
    • Default: Classic (purple/black longcoat, light armor, syringe-clawed gauntlets)
    • Uncommon: Rosu (red), Albastru (blue), Galben (yellow), Verde (green)
    • Rare: Bloodstained (black/crimson, blood spatters), Pale (white/grey)
    • Legendary: Nightcreeper (classical vampire), Withered (emaciated, shackled), CyBite (cybernetic), World (DIO-inspired)

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