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“Nen Campaign” is a 2020 TTRPG drama set in the universe of Hunter X Hunter. Hometown hero Fred Peterson discovers he has family ties to a terrorist conspiracy using death energy to enact a secret plan. He must gather a team of capable fighters, and discover the truth of how far he can go in the name of fighting evil, without becoming evil himself.——

The Nen Campaign contains examples of:

Ability Mix: Joseph does this with Lex’s ability to kill the Serpent.

Ability Depletion Penalty: Koku uses a majority of his life energy in an attempt to burn the Serpent alive, casuing him to pass out.Joseph passes out after discovering Mendoza’s secret dealings because he goes into Ren.Timothy nearly dies resurrecting Love, as well as giving his energy to Lex.Lex dies this way, using all of his life energy to destroy Mahito’s soul.


Abnormal Ammo: Exemplified by Emitters in the series, who use their life energy as ammunition in ranged attacks.

Abusive Parents: Nikushimi Takahashi is implied to be abusive to his children, especially to Hans.Aborted ArcOracle Epsilon’s backstory.Above Good and EvilThe gang does not necessarily believe that they always do the right thing, but their position as superior humans demands them to protect the innocent and the weak.A Boy and His XExemplified by Gladiolus and his many creatures, who all share a special bond with him.Joseph and his horse, Tiny Dancer.A Birthday, Not a BreakMoxie’s 18th birthday is interrupted when Fred reports the discovery of more On.Absentee ActorDobby, after making a brief cameo in the Swardani battle, scampers off to his homeland for a noticeably long amount of time.Hans Takahashi, who abruptly leaves after three episodes and doesn’t return for two seasons.Absent Animal CompanionPrompto, Gladiolus’ loyal pug, is never mentioned again after the first season.Abstract ApotheosisPersonified in the On Army’s metaphorical body of biblical representations of sin.Abstract EaterGladiolus and Joseph feed their pet companions life energy instead of any real food.Abstract ScaleFred’s On tracking equipment, which can detect high and low traces of On in an accurate location.Absurd Cutting PowerMahito’s katana, which can cut down trees with a single swipe.Benjiro Takahashi’s katana, which is lightning fast and leaves clean cuts every time.Absurdly Dedicated WorkerCueball, who endlessly maintains and repairs a machine without even knowing what it does.Absurdly Short LevelThe takedown of the Saint Francis Apostles is as simple as walking up to them and asking them to disperse.The AceJoseph KramerAccidental Aiming SkillsJoseph accidentally throws a man through the ceiling of Fred’s house, directly beside Angel in his bed.Achilles in His TentRindor leaves the group after they team up with the LIS. He later rejoins.Moxie leaves the group for less than 12 hours after a heated argument in Jappon.Action DadFred PetersonNikushimi TakahashiAction FashionistaLex Westwood, who fights every battle in a custom suit jacket and bow tie.Action HeroMost problems are solved by kicking ass.Action PetPrompto Lucius, Vulpis, and Tiny DancerAction PoliticianFormer child soldier and current politician Elon Bose-Koning, known for his large stature and ruthlessness in battle.Actually Not a VampireFalse King Ares, who is a philosopher stone with vampiric abilities.A Day in the LimelightGladiolus has an entire episode focused on him, as he attempts to negotiate with the Reservoir Dogs to be let go.After-Action Healing DramaLex and Timothy break down after the battle with Envy II and Sloth II, unsure if they can save Dobby after he is horrifically burned from the waist down.After-Action Patch UpTimothy’s bread and butter.Agony BeamJuan Mendoza’s muscle manipulation ability, primarily used to put people into agonizing pain.Amusing InjuriesAngel’s head injury.An Arm and a LegFred’s arm and leg are dismembered after his fight with Guts.Moxie is missing her left arm and leg.Dobby ends up mutilating or losing both legs and his left arm by the end of the series.Archnemesis DadHans wants to kill his father.Asskicking Equals AuthoritySociety at large is mostly favorable towards those who kick the most ass.Attack its Weak PointThe Serpent and his massive weak spot on his lower back.Badass AdorableLove and Hate, who can transform into muscle-clad monsters of pain.Prompto, an unassuming pug, capable of utterly disintegrating opponents.Badass and Child DuoJoseph and LoveBadass BookwormLex WestwoodBadass BureaucratThothBadass CrewThe main cast is comprised of badasses.Badass FamilyThe Peterson and Takahashi family.Badass in a Nice SuitLex and his custom-made green suit.Badass in DistressJoseph Kramer is kidnapped more than any other character in the series.Badass Long CoatLex and Nikushimi Takahashi sport a trenchcoat.Badass PacifistTimothyLexBarbarian LonghairDrake CrouchBeware the Silly OnesDobby, despite being incredibly over-the-top and silly, is actually incredibly capable in a fight.Batman Grabs a GunLex’s final act is done to kill Mahito, breaking his moral code completely.Big BadThe SerpentBig, Screwed Up FamilyClan Takahashi, made up of ruthless and psychotic killers, being hunted down by one of their own.Black Comedy RapeSeveral implied instances of Drake Crouch being a rapist are played off as jokesBlended Family DramaFred’s biological son and his adoptive son, Guts, get into a fight.Brief Accent ImitationMoxie repeatedly mocks Dobby and his strong Russian accent.Breaking News InterruptionBreaking news that is directly relevant to the main characters frequently turns on at opportune moments.“Jeff and Morty” is interrupted by a breaking news report of a kaiju rampageBreaking Out the BossThe On Army breaks The Serpent out of the Nen Prison.Cain and AbelExemplified by Hans and Akimitsu Takahashi. In fact, Hans and the rest of his siblings.Calling the Old Man OutHans does this to Nikushimi, when he encounters his father in the haunted forest.Canon MixingThe story takes place in the Hunter X Hunter world, and makes reference to several key locations and characters.Quentin Tarantino’s “Reservoir Dogs” core cast all make appearances and exist as robbers in this universe.A young Patrick Bateman appears in the series as one of Fred’s adoptive sons.Garou of “One Punch Man” is a minor character in the series.Lex Westwood, Moxie Westwood, George Westwood, and Charles Dex are humanoid adaptations of Lex, Moxie, Big Brother, and Professor Codex (respectively) from the computer game “Bookworm Adventures vol. 2”Several characters from the Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” make cameos.Guts from the “Berserk” series is a major character in the series.An in-universe explanation for the Toxic Avenger is provided, as well as a cameo for the character.Jotaro Kujo of “Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure” is a minor character throughout.Chronic Hero SyndromeFred Peterson.Combo BreakerGladiolus’ counter attack, designed to interrupt combination nen assaults.Comedic sociopathyDrake’s many evil misdeeds are played for laughs.Angel’s insanity and brutal murders are played as jokes because of how out of touch he is.Continuity TweakThe midseason finale of season 1 was decanonized due to some strange characterization.The Juan Mendoza prequel has been entirely decanonized.Cool CarMoxie’s CarCorporal PunishmentMoxie breaks Evan Burns’ leg when he tries to escape captivity.Joseph has his fingers broken by Mendoza after being captured.Lex savagely beats Gary Moore to near death for refusing to talk.Corrupt Corporate ExecutiveJuan MendozaDeath by Newberry MedalGladiolus’ death, which marks the death of the innocence of the group.Lex’s sacrifice, which comes at the penultimate night of the Great Sabbath.Denied Food as PunishmentMoxie tries to keep the other members of the group from feeding Evan Burns. This ultimately does not work.Dissention RemorseThe constant infighting makes Noland inconsolably weep.Moxie expresses great remorse over the intense dissention that she created amongst the group.Mark Aris’ parting words were a letter, explaining that he was sorry for how hard it was to get along with him.Rindor apologizes to Angel for how many times he belittled, insulted, and hurt him.Dislikes the New GuyDobby, Joseph, and Angel are very opposed to a child joining their ranks. Exacerbated when this child also turns out to be an impulsive hot-head.Moxie and Oracle want nothing to do with Mark Aris.Dismemberment is CheapAvailability of prosthetics makes dismemberment more of an inconvenience.Dude, she’s like, in a coma!Drake cuddles and has a wet dream with a comatose and severely brain damaged Angel.Dystopia Justifies the MeansThe On Army’s vague motivation, which essentially just would make the world crappy for everyone.Everybody was Kung Fu FightingConsidering Nen is a martial arts style.Embodiment of VirtueTimothy LawrenceEveryone Is ArmedThe LIS carry their guns with them everywhere, even funerals.Exalted TorturerLex and Moxie both attempt to torture people for information.Failure KnightRindorFamily DramaThe Peterson family’s drama is the inciting incident for the entire plot and a main source of tension for the first half of the story.Fanservice ExtraElena Chavez, Maddy Gerke, and Mary DawForced to WatchJoseph has to watch Tiny Dancer be murdered in front of him.Friends are Chosen, Family Aren’tHans Takahashi bitterly despises his family.From Dress to DressingLex and Timothy both fashion bandages made of their clothing in times of crisis.Giving them the StripLex strips to his underwear to prevent Mahito’s escape in their final moments in the prison.Honest Corporate ExecutiveCheadle YorkshireHero, Rival, Baddie Team UpJoseph, Angel, and Jed.I Own This TownThe Peterson family practically owns the town of Shepherdsville, to the point where they make up the de facto police force.Angel Citlalo has disproportionate political power over the city of Cagochi through his gang empire.The New World Mafia overwhelms Yorknew City with a devastating hostile takeover and destroys the balance of power in a single day.Jack Bauer Interrogation TechniqueLex attempts to beat information out of Gary Moore.Loads and Loads of CharactersAll in all, there are about 18 members of the main cast.Like an Old Married CoupleDobby and Moxie can never seem to stop arguing.Malicious SlanderJuan Mendoza and Elon Bose-Koning both engage in this to smear Joseph during the election.Memetic MutationChad Peterson, the living interpretation of the Chad character in “Virgin vs. Chad” memes.The Noisy StrawDobby takes a comically loud sip of some lemonade.Orphanage of FearWestwood ManorPsycho for HireShi ShitsujinDrake CrouchRagtag Bunch of MisfitsWhat happens when an amateur wrestler, gang leader, soviet spy, teenage girl, and a magical prodigy possessed by the devil have to work to make the world a better place?Revenge Before ReasonMark Aris’ desire for revenge ended up pushing everyone who could have helped him away.SadistDrake Crouch enjoys murdering and hurting others.Shi Shitsujin enjoys murder and torture because of the adrenaline rush.Screwball SerumMultiversal Pink Lemonade, a drink which sends Dobby into a rampage.Seven Deadly SinsDirect manifestation in the story.Sibling RivalryTimothy and Damien Lawrence, who are very bitter towards each other.Hans and the rest of his siblings.Sir Swears-A-LotMoxie, who swears more than any other character.Sociopathic HeroDrake CrouchSour Outside, Sad InsideMark ArisStacy’s MomDiane PetersonStanding Between the EnemiesFred and Joseph get in between Moxie and Angel before their conflict becomes violent.Super GullibleMoxie believes everything she is told.Trapped With the Therapy SessionFred, who has no idea what is going on in his house, must mediate a conflict resolution circle before the group destroy his house in a rage-fueled battle.Token Evil TeammateAngel Citlalo, who enjoys power, dominance, and violence to get what he wants.Drake Crouch, a murderer, thief, and implied rapist.Torture is IneffectiveMoxie kidnaps and tortures Evan Burns, but ultimately learns nothing new from it.Joseph is tortured by Mendoza and Alexander Duke, but all it does is make his resolve stronger.When the group tortures Gary Moore, he gives them no information and ultimately kills himself before he says anything.Totally 18Moxie’s 18th birthday is an in-universe event. She starts having sex directly after.Tough LoveRindor regularly abuses Angel to make him “better”.Unstoppable RageMark Aris’ soul.We Do the ImpossibleThe main cast regularly beats insurmountable odds.What a Piece of JunkMoxie’s beat-up Chevy.What You Are in the DarkJuan Mendoza, who is conniving, sadistic, and manipulative when nobody is watching.Who Needs their Whole Body?Dobby is missing his lower half after his fight with Envy IIWide-Eyed IdealistTimothy Lawrence, the only character to stick with a rigid moral code.Would Hurt a ChildShi Shitsujin and Jason De Marco were both prepared to execute Guts.Wounded Hero, Weaker HelperTimothy, the team’s medic is knocked unconscious and must be rescuscitated by Lex, who is much more inexperienced.World of BadassThe world is filled to the brim with capable fighters and ass kickers.You Call That A Wound?Joseph comes back from the dead.Mark Aris was so angry and full of vengeance that he resurrected his own dead body.