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Regiments of Renown

(Special thanks to The Bruce for originally creating this guide)

Bored with cookie-cutter warband builds? Why not try a semi lore-friendly Regiment of Renown from the Warhammer universe? This is not a guide for maximum efficiency, but instead a guide to creating important units from the Warhammer lore and playing around their strengths and limitations. They greatly add to the challenge and replayability of the game.


  • Company of Honour (Altdorf):
    • The famed Altdorf Company of Honour, also known as the Sons of the Riek, are a well-known sight in the city. The formation recruits exclusively from other Altdorf regiments, picking only the best and bravest troops from the city watch and wall garrison. The army's yellow plume and black steel armour are unmistakable, as the regiment's reputation is well-established.
    • The colour scheme is red and blue, with yellow feather plumes for caps and helmets, and black armour.
    • Give the Captain a sword and a brace of pistols, with heavy armour (and optionally a shield to go with the sword); Youngbloods and Champions equipped in the same way. Your troops consist of Warriors with halberds or swords and shields. Use the halberdiers and swordsmen to block your heroes and shoot into the melee. Very strong in close combat!
  • Von Kragsburg Guard (Averheim):
    • Recruited, trained and equipped by the von Kragsburg family of Averheim, the von Kragsburg Guard have fought throughout the Old World against all manner of foes: beastmen, greenskins, ogres and simple brigands and bandits. They have always fought for Averland, as long as it was for the right price.
    • Yellow and black uniforms with white armour.
    • Similar to the above Company of Honour, but give your Captain a great hammer and let him smash away! This is a strong charge and melee focused army: there's no ranged combat here.
  • The Swords of Ulric (Middenheim):
    • The Swords of Ulric are one of the many regiments funded and equipped by the Temple of Ulric. The Swords are a tough and grim regiment composed of Middenlanders accustomed to battles against the foul forces of Chaos and with little room for ceremony; training involves incursions into the Drakwald and only those who fight with honour and survive are admitted.
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    • Blue and white uniforms with red feather plumes.
    • The Captain dual-wields a sword and a hammer and wears heavy armour - he will not let you down in close combat. Pair him with a Youngblood crossbowman in clothes, with a sword or axe as backup. You can take a second Youngblood with a sword and shield. Your troops will be swordsmen with a shield or off-hand dagger, and a single man with a greatsword, greataxe or great hammer. A very powerful and versatile build, there's not much that can go wrong here.
  • Grundel's Defenders (Nuln):
    • First raised in 2421 when the Goblin warlord Grom the Paunch sacked Nuln and devastated the heartlands of the Empire, the Grundel's Defenders were raised to fulfil a need for better coordination between infantry and artillery. Tasked with defending the cannons and mortars, the Grundel's Defenders have never ceded a single war machine to the enemy (not counting witchcraft or a few misfires).
    • Red and black uniforms with red feather plumes.
    • Captain gets a sword and a brace of pistols with heavy armour. Youngbloods and Champions fight as heavily armoured spearmen with shields, and troops also take spears (though you can take light or heavy armour with them). A versatile build with more mobility than the previously listed.
  • Fireloques of Ferlangen (Ostland):
    • A troop of deadly accurate handgunners hailing from Ostland, the Fireloques of Ferlangen have often fought under the banner of Elector Count von Raukov himself. Even among Ostlanders, they have a reputation as tenacious gun-nuts, with an odd penchant for decorating their armour with the bones of their slain comrades. During the three-day Battle of Littered Bones, the Fireloques ran out of gunpowder on the last day and resorted to fighting the Chaos Marauders in melee using their beloved handguns as clubs, earning the nickname "Skull Clubbers".
    • Black and white uniforms, orange feather plume.
    • This warband consists entirely of lightly-armoured firearms troops. The Captain is the only unit with armour, light armour in this case, with a sword and pistol set. Marksmen get handguns (with maybe some long rifles if you want to cheat the lore a little), a sword for melee and cloth armour. With careful positioning your warband firing together in overwatch can kill an enemy before he even gets into melee range! If he does get into melee, disengage and break off.
  • Deathjacks (Stirland):
    • First appearing on the honour roll in 2004, the Deathjacks were employed as scouts to act ahead of the main Stirland force in the civil wars of the Three Emperors. Deathjacks recruit from the hardy men of the Great Forest, canny archers with excellent woodcraft skills. Deathjacks are individualistic and rugged, used to fending for themselves and known among other Imperial forces as "Mutton-stickers" or "Thievingjacks" for the baggage train tends to be suspiciously lighter whenever they are present on the field.
    • Green and yellow uniforms.
    • Similar to the Fireloques of Ferlangen, but no guns allowed! Captain is limited to a sword a bow and light armour, troops get longbows and clothing. Very shooty, very mobile force who should avoid close combat whenever possible.
  • Carroburg Greatswords (Reikland):
    • One of the most storied and famous regiments in the entire Empire, the Carroburg Greatswords date back to the first wars of the Three Emperors in 1865, where they successfully defended Carroburg (then under the control of Reikland) from Middenland forces. Throughout the course of the battle, their white uniforms were heavily stained with blood, and as a token of remembrance for that day, the regiment's uniform has been red and white ever since. Ruthless and ferocious killers, the Carroburg men have felled minotaurs, trolls, giants and even daemons in their long history.
    • Uniform is red and white.
    • Every single unit in your warband has a great sword. Accept no substitutes. Everyone has heavy armour and helmets (though if you want a little more versatility and don't mind cheating the lore, you can give them light or cloth armour instead). Everyone relies on dodge skill and melee resistance for defence. These troops make hay of any force, especially when charging.
  • Stir River Patrol (Stirland):
    • The mighty River Stir flows through Stirland from the World's Edge Mountains to the Reik, forming the border of Stirland and a wealhty trade route that is constantly being targeted by all manner of brigands and pirates and Sigmar-knows-what else. It is the duty of the Stir River Patrol to protect the barges and hunt down pirate holdouts.
    • Green and white uniforms with yellow plumes.
    • A very interesting and versatile build comprised of a Captain with a sword, pistols and all the armour he can get, with heroes and troops spread into heavily-armoured halberdiers and unarmoured crossbowmen.

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