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Just For Fun / Intellectual Property Religion

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Isn't that too extreme for just an ordinary cartoo- HERESY!!! *BLAM*

Consider the following scenario. A given work of fiction becomes successful after its release, creating a massive, widespread fandom. Very, very, very successful. So successful, in fact, that it manages to achieve what a small number of works throughout history have done: its own fandom had spawned its very own religion. Hypothetical religion, of course, and the worshipers are quite aware of their holy text's origin. History probably hasn't gotten that bad. Nevertheless, they have deemed it worthy of living one's life by. They may even have rivalries with other religions!

The trope name is technically misleading, as most of the examples are actually just philosophies and not religions, because the supernatural is not involved, and the whole thing is entirely tongue-in-cheek anyway. For this reason, the trope (usually) does not overlap with Daydream Believer. However, we are ignoring that for the time being.


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