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Just For Fun / How to be the Big Good

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So you wanna be a supremely good guy who is in control of other heroes? Here are the steps.

  1. Be a hero. This one should go without saying. If you started out as a evil person but became good later on, you damn well better do an impressive exercise in grade-a heroism, because even then it's a stretch to undo all those pesky, previous evil acts of yours (look to Uncle Iroh for inspiration).
  2. Round up some True Companions for your team/organization. Then give them lessons in being badass. If you don't have any friends, then just get yourself a Squad.
  3. Train your fellow good guys to be stronger to take on any threats, inter dimensional or otherwise.
  4. It helps to be a guy.
  5. .....But women can do this too.
  6. When asking questions, never expect your subordinates to answer you right away.
  7. Enjoy every part in doing good for others. Or better yet, be dedicated in doing noble acts.
  8. Love your Kirk Summation and for extra oomph, tell the bad guys about why they always lose. Don't be swayed by anyone's appeal for evil. Also, you can motivate other good people by praising them for their strengths and abilities.
  9. Treat your team like they're your own family. Optimus Prime is a good role model to this.
  10. Pet the Dog. Helping people in need is probably the best way to recruit them in your team/organization.
  11. Be polite and courteous to others on your organization. Bonus points if you have side hobbies like poetry, classical music, and of course, Shakespeare. Double bonus if you play the violin.
  12. Be best friends with at least one person in your team.
  13. You don't have to be a leader to be THE Captain. Sometimes a Commander will suffice.
  14. You absolutely MUST be a badass, if you want to be the powerful good guy.
  15. Every once in a while, quit being the big guy (or lady) in charge. Just for a little while. Besides getting a much needed vacation, your organization will see that the new guy is nowhere near as good at the job as you are and they'll be thrilled when you come back.
  16. It's okay if you "bend" the rules every now and again, as long as it works.
  17. Be very reasonable. If one of your members report to you in spite of his/her antics... try to back them up and remain supportive of them in any way you can.
  18. Never EVER needlessly sacrifice your crew just because you can — or even to look impressive.
  19. While in the kingdom, enjoy being The Good King. Just don't enjoy it too much.
  20. Never EVER accept a promotion. Remember, it's good to be the Big Good. Keep the job as long as possible.
  21. Keep a diary of all your adventures.
  22. Special Note: If you follow all these steps, but you just can't swing any vehicle, then consider being a Colonel instead.
  23. Remember what's most important to your subordinates; when you don't do everything you can to make sure everyone gets the best food or equipment, you practically invite The Starscream to start acting up.
  24. If the situation goes bleak, sacrifice yourself to save your allies/for your noble cause.
  25. If someone on your team/organization suggests an idea so ridiculous it seems doomed to fail, remember it just might work.
  26. If you see The Woobie or someone who undergone the Break the Cutie moment, try to help them through their plight and become their source of their Character Development.
  27. Break the Haughty. Or better, make the former bad guys into heroes or your close allies after defeating them. Study the actions and relationships of Naruto Uzumaki for proof.
  28. You gotta think fast on your feet if you want to do good for the society.
  29. Be The Cape. Make sure that your ideals inspire many people to try to do right for the world and find joy in helping others.
  30. Feeling that being a Jerkass gets in the way of helping others and being the force of good? Then try the Jerk with a Heart of Gold card! It helps that there is such goodness beneath a rough and rude exterior. Jotaro Kujo is a good example of this rule.
  31. If you're the Anti-Hero in some good reasons, then it's for the best if you go with the Knight In Sour Armor alignment, because even if you're cynical, you have to try to make the world into a better place for everyone.
  32. If possible, be The Ace. Try to perform any feat, such as defeating the most powerful villains, monsters or other evil force to save your allies. Additionally, you can turn the tide of battle in your party's favor. Dante is the one to convince you.
  33. Be the Messiah. People would look up to you for guidance and wisdom if you'd manage to sacrifice your well-being for the safety of many others.

Now go out there, and be the good captain and leader of the good guys anywhere!

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