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"There is six of us, but in the end we're all sisters. And maybe of the Liv and Maddie kind."
Chrissy, the oldest sister

Cim Avenue is a Kid Com series airing on both Disney Channel and Discovery Family in the US that is a joint production of Hasbro Studios and Eleven Productions LLC, starring Cimorelli as six sisters who moved to Los Angeles from Sacramento to become a famous Girl Group. Luck however comes their way when they crossed paths with a kid superstar, Ricky Durwood (Fuller House's Elias Harger), who is Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life outside his fame and fortune, and just so happens to be out there when they come at the right place. Together the real life Mane 6 and Ricky (who now acts as their manager) do their best to overcome all odds, forge friendship among each other and end up fulfilling their dreams one song at a time.


The series debuted on April 2014 with 26 starting episodes for the first season, and then renewed for a second and third season in 2015 and 2016 respectively, with the third season ending in August 6, 2016. However, due to the real-life Cimorelli sisters moving from Los Angeles to Nashville, the series ended up in a hiatus, and was going to wrap up the story in a theatrical movie (Ironically called The Cim Avenue Movie: The Final Swansong) if the series didn't get renewed, but fan demand did their best to give it a new season shot in Nashville and set after the movie. The fourth season aired on November 7, 2017, after a long wait from fans, and a fifth season is now confirmed for a Summer 2018 airing.

The show's first three seasons can be streamed worldwide on Netflix if you want to catch up on the show.


These sisters have tropes of the melodic variety:

  • Alternative Foreign Theme Song: Shares the same openings and endings with the Japanese dub of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic for the Japanese dub of this series.
  • Beach Episode: Season 1's "Beach Story" and season 3's "Starlight In The Sun".
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Amelia has this feeling to Ricky in "A Prom Princess" after he comforts her and takes her to her prom.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The season finales for season 2 and 3 end like this:
    • Season 2's finale ends with the girls deciding to do their own web series for the summer, but they have to spend time with family for that time being too. And that mean Ricky must spend summer without them for now, but in the end credits, he does watch their web series and ends up smiling with tears, knowing they will be back soon before he knows it.
    • Season 3's finale also counts as a tearjerker, due to Real Life Writes the Plot that the sisters must move out to a new city far away from Ricky. Ricky got a new role in a movie and attends the premiere, but he immediately rushes back home to see them again, only to see they have left before he got back home. As he stares at the sunset with tears in the Hollywood sign, the girls do show up (stating they knew where he'll be if it happens) to Ricky's delight and they promise him they will once more be together in the future. Ricky does look back on their happy memories in the end credits (while a cover of "Goodbye Girl" by Bread, sang by Elias Harger himself, plays in the end credits), ending with a framed picture of Ricky and the sisters together.
  • Canned Laughter: Surprisingly averted. To be fair this is indeed the first show that the Cimorelli sisters stars in and leads, and having a Laugh Track would only add extra clutter to an otherwise good show.
    • It even gets lampshaded in "And Yet, There's No Such Pigeon":
    Daniella: Don't trust the laughter out there. They're not even true, and looks forced and manufactured!
    Eliza: Yeah I've heard it before. It kinds makes me feel sorry for the people in those shows. There's no one there watching them at all to be laughed at!
  • Christmas Episode: Season 3's "Something to Snow For" and Season 4's "Happy Happy Holidaytime".
  • Cool Big Sis: Well, six of them, to Ricky.
  • Credits Pushback: Averted full time due to the great ending credits in the show in all airings everywhere.
  • Crossover: With My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, but in two ways. The Mane 6, Spike and Princess Celestia guest on this show due to them suddenly showing up in our world, while the Cim Avenue cast shows up in the latter to help defeat a somewhat resurrected King Sombra. Both appearances are done Who Framed Roger Rabbit/Space Jam style.
  • Do It Yourself Real Song Theme Tune: Season 1 opens with "Million Bucks", Season 2 opens with "You Got Me Good", Season 3 gets "What I Do", and Season 4 gets "I Got You" (as well as a remix version of that for the movie). All 4 themes are all done and sang by Cimorelli and are from their EPs.
    • The ending themes are no slouch on this trope too: although the 1st 2 seasons were Cimorelli covers of "One Thing" and "Good Time", the 3rd and 4th seasons got "Everything You Have" and "Come Over" respectively.
  • Heroic BSoD: Ricky in the season 3 finale. Justified because the thought of not seeing them again when they move out to a different city in a different state was too much for him to handle.
    • Laura gets one in "For The Want of Love", after the guy she was dating broke her heart by revealing he only wanted her for selfish reasons. Of course, Ricky doesn't take it lightly upon finding out.
  • Kid Com: With some Dramedy elements in some episodes, like the Season 4 episode "For The Want of Love".
  • Large Ham: Eliza.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters
  • The Movie: The Cim Avenue Movie: The Final Swansong, set a year after season 3's post season finale special. Think the first and second Alvin and the Chipmunks movies meets Hannah Montana: The Movie with a heartwarming post credits scene leading to season 4 of the series. It is shown as a Double Feature with My Little Pony: The Movie (2017) when it came out, with the Cim Avenue cast presenting the shorts and movies in the said feature, and closing it with the MLP cast with them after the latter movie.
  • On The Next Episode Of Catch Phrase: "The CimFam will always welcome you home." Notable because it is said by any of the cast depending on who was the focus of that episode.
  • Opening Credits Cast Party: Happens with the opening of Seasons 2, 3 and 4 as well as the ending credits for season 4. Season 4 is notable for featuring the cast about to go in the Grand Ole Opry near the end of the opening sequence!
  • Precocious Crush: Ricky ends up having one for Amelia starting in "A Prom Princess".
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The real life Cimorelli sisters moving from Los Angeles to Nashville prompted the season 3 finale (see above) and the majority of season 4 (see below).
  • Retool: The fourth season moves the story to Nashville, Ricky lives with them once more but also abandons his life of fame, both the Haschak and Gardner sisters are introduced, Donny (Cameron Boyce) ends up being Daniella's boyfriend for good, and the latter three of the six girls (Amelia, Laura and Daniella) go back to school (Amelia going to community college and the last two continuing high school). And it has a even better opening sequence too!
  • The Rival: Ricky has two: Mitt Randall (played by MattyBRaps) from seasons 2 and 3 and Mikayla Gaines (played by G. Hannelius) in the movie. The former is jealous of his successes so he tries to one-up Ricky, but in the movie he finally lets go his rivalry with him, befriend him, and even help him get the girls back from Mikayla. The latter however is technically Mitt as a girl, but has shades of Ian Hawke from the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies, and unlike Mitt, she had more ulterior motives against Ricky out of jealousy by making sure the girls never get back to Ricky ever.
  • Ship Tease: Ricky and Amelia, as well as Donny and Daniella from Season 3 onwards.
  • Shout-Out:
    • Ricky has a sentient pony robot called Sweetie-Bot. It even looks like Sweetie Belle, can float, act like his robotic secretary/sidekick/Team Pet and has Claire Corlett voicing her!
    • Daniella's username in the show is "YaGirlPinkyPi".
    • Ricky is seen watching Summer With Cimorelli (A short web series that does star Cimorelli, produced by AwesomenessTV and sponsored by Subway) in the season 2 finale's end credits.
  • Show Within a Show: Variable Boy Saber Ace, a Toku show where Ricky plays the lead. The girls do watch the show as well as mentions of it, all in the first season, but never gets mentioned again in later seasons.
  • Special Guest: Fifth Harmony shows up in seasons 2 and 3 as a rival girl group Mitt manages, Cameron Boyce shows up in season 3 as Donny, a friend of Ricky's who's a professional dancer who falls for Daniella, and Richard Carpenter himself in the one hour season 3 premiere episode "A Song by the Bayou". Season 4 however has a bunch of guests.
    • Bonus points for "A Song by the Bayou" because the said episode has the girls and Ricky doing a cover of "Jambalaya (On the Bayou)" near the end of the episode to Richard's delight (due to the version in the episode being based off the Carpenters cover of the song).
  • Team Mom: Chrissy, due to her being the oldest Cimorelli sister.
  • True Companions
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Amelia and Daniella pull off one in "Gotta Rodeo!" (Amelia's grade B) and "Too Much Adorableness" (Daniella's grade S) respectively.

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