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"Visit unabridged version HERE"
Vitrually every Laconic page on this site.
Chances are you already knew that, though...

Laconic Wiki is great. All you need to know about any given trope in a sentence or two. And even better, it's become standard practice to provide a secondary link back to the main page, typically following the format displayed above, purely for the troper's convenience. Little known fact, these ancillary links are entirely unnecessary; all pages on this wiki have tabs, including a "Main" tab for trope pages, which are clearly displayed above and lead to the exact same location as the surplus link. But as previously stated, these links are incredibly convenient; most tropers, especially new ones, may not be familiar with the tabs and could get lost with no other way to continue browsing than to hit the back button in their browser.


These secondary links are also a potential source of humour, as some clever tropers have taken to adapting the links to resemble the trope they are about. Click here to see how to play with the link as a trope in and of itself.

And if you're keen: Visit the abridged version HERE


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