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This is a collection of funny/weird stuff that pops up on Ask The Tropers and can confuse a newcomer:

  • HULK SMASH PUNY TROPER ALL THE WAY TO LOST AND FOUND! — A banner at the top states that queries for the name of a trope or Do We Have This One? should be directed to Trope Finder (previously called Lost and Found). People consistently failing to read this before posting resulted in Cryptic Mirror suggesting a Big Green Banner would be impossible to ignore. Hulk Speak replies to such questions became customary for a while until the joke wore thin due to overuse. Archived thread here.
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  • "My foot in your ass" — A Red Forman-esque way of suggesting that a vandal, troll, or the like is about to have some misfortune visited upon him by the higher-ups. More often than not, a variant thereof is used. Now a Discredited Meme. Revived on a small scale in reference to the one-joke "cloud to butt" plugin as "my foot in your cloud".
  • He Who Must Not Be Named — This is not funny or a joke, but is confusing to a newcomer. It refers to a specific former troper with, unfortunately, serious Real Life mental and emotional problems who has been very persistent about attempting to evade his ban. Because mentioning him tends to trigger him posting vitriolic rants and death threats, indirect euphemisms are used. (It is preferred he not be mentioned or discussed at all unless necessary.) If you see a rant with extreme exclamation-point abuse, please do NOT reply or engage this person — the mods will deal with the situation. On the funny side, this actually gave rise to the "Lord Voldemort" pseudonym (you know who else is called He Who Must Not Be Named? That's right).
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  • "Big feet, big..." — You know what they say about tropers with big feet? They just may be in violation of our "Don't be a dick" rule. Not just a Forced Meme, but also a dead horse one, at that. It didn't help that it had to be explained from the word "go", and as The Joker once said, "If you have to EXPLAIN a joke, there IS no joke!"
  • The Ancient Circle of Mods —- Whenever someone asks about new mods or becoming a mod, tropers will turn the query into some wild fantasy ritual. What ritual? It is different each time, no ritual is used twice consecutively, and the detail is often along the line of These Are Things Man Was Not Meant to Know.


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