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As a long running series with a large, very active Fandom, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and its spinoff My Little Pony: Equestria Girls have generated a lot of Fanon that's subsequently disproven. Note that due to the Loose Canon nature of supplementary materials, substantial Depending on the Writer and Ascended Fanon, such Josses are susceptible to being Jossed themselves or being unjossed.


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    Friendship is Magic 
  • Early on, it was fanon that Scootaloo was the sister of Rainbow Dash, as Scootaloo is part of a Power Trio and the two other members are younger sisters of members of the main cast. Since Scootaloo is a pegasus, and it had already been established that she was not Fluttershy's sister, that left Dash as the only other potential sister (and the two have similar personalities and even looks). Creator Lauren Faust, though, insisted on her blog that Dash and Scootaloo are not related at all, though she hinted that they will form a friendship. Indeed, later seasons have Rainbow Dash becoming a mentor to Scootaloo.
  • Zigzagged with Pinkie Pie. Faust stated that Pinkie Pie was not meant to be a Fourth-Wall Observer, and that all the times she looked into the camera were animation mistakes where she was actually looking at someone else. The ability to break the fourth wall was never discussed by the writers, at least during meetings.note  After Lauren Faust left the show however, the remaining showrunners chose to have the character more closely adopt this role, while the comics have often fully embraced it.
  • Lauren Faust once revealed more of the actual backstory of Nightmare Moon, and how she was banished, on her DeviantArt page, though as it was in the page-comments section, it has since become inaccessible. In any case, much of it invalidated the common fanon interpretation of Luna as the victim of a knowing Celestia in the whole affair. Different from many other forms of jossing in that Faust pointed out that, since it was never stated in the show, it isn't really canon and it was perfectly possible for the current crew to contradict it... but season four's "Princess Twilight Sparkle" canonized the jossing anyway.
  • There was a large volume of fanfiction written based on the general plot idea of Rainbow Dash having her wings broken. In "Lesson Zero", Rainbow Dash effectively destroys a barn by throwing her whole body at it without worse for wear. Following the airing, Equestria Daily jokingly noted that "'Rainbow Dash breaks her wings' fic banned now". Future episodes show that when she was injured, it lasted only the context of an episode and recovered without incident or being slowed down by it.
  • Princess Luna was often portrayed in the fandom as a meek, soft-spoken woobie. Luna's return and subsequent official characterization in "Luna Eclipsed" confirmed her social awkwardness... but few guessed she'd be just as hammy as Nightmare Moon, or have a taste for the macabre. She also demonstrated a bit of a prankster streak, something usually attributed to Celestia.
  • On November 2011, a new blind bag wave was released which contained mostly background ponies from the show. Naturally, none of the ponies who had become popular within the community had their Fan Nicknames. Later subverted, when following waves of blind bags combined old official names with the the new fandom ones, while also making some fan interpretations canon. For example, fan name "Lyra" + old official name "Heartstrings" = new official name "Lyra Heartstrings".
  • "Secret of My Excess" shows the Wonderbolts are within easy flying distance of Ponyville, jossing many fics where Rainbow Dash has to leave to work with them or go on tour. Further jossed when Rainbow Dash finally joins them in "Newbie Dash"; despite the academy having barracks, Dash is shown returning home to her cloud house after her first day. She even tells Pinkie that a going away party won't be necessary, as she isn't leaving town.
  • Fanon usually presented Luna and Celestia as the only "alicorns" in Equestria. "A Canterlot Wedding – Part 1" revolved around Twilight's older brother getting married to Celestia's adopted niece Princess Cadance, an alicorn.
  • The popular background pony DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch's eyes were almost universally depicted as being red in fanon, but a tiny split-second shot in "A Canterlot Wedding – Part 2" showed them as being magenta.
  • Spitfire commonly had her previously unrevealed cutie mark drawn by fans as a lightning bolt similar to the one that appears on her flight suit, but mixed with a dash of flames at the top of it (seen here. "Wonderbolts Academy" officially revealed it as more of a set of flames worming a wing-like image, possibly representing that of a phoenix (as can be seen here.
  • With what little was known about Discord (save he was ancient, powerful, and shockingly evil given the series), many fan works portrayed him as an Eldritch Abomination, God of Evil, and/or unrepentant monster behind all the worst evil and villains in the series. That Princess Celestia was so casually willing to release him and Fluttershy successfully (mostly) reformed him just by being nice to him in "Keep Calm and Flutter On" proves such was exaggerated.
  • "Games Ponies Play":
    • The absence of Rainbow Dash's parents and her abrasive personality lead many to suspect she was an orphan. "Games Ponies Play" refuted that by showing the younger Rainbow Dash with Rainbow Blaze, who was presumed to be her father. Then "Parental Glideance" jossed that (along with the popular fanons of her mother being Firefly or Daring Do) by introducing Rainbow Dash's actual parents.
    • In "The Crystal Empire" two-parter, we only saw Crystal Pony foals in Celestia' projection of the Crystal Empire as it was before King Sombra took over, leading to a large amount of fan speculation that they all died off under Sombra's rule. In this episode, we see a couple of them running around and they're too old to be newborns, indicating that the children survived under Sombra's rule.
  • "Princess Twilight Sparkle – Part 2":
    • Many assumed the Princess Celestia vs. Nightmare Moon and the Princesses vs. Discord fights were epic battles, if not all-out wars involving entire armies and spanning over several battles. Flashbacks reveal they were far shorter and one-sided than assumed; Celestia was unwilling to fight Nightmare Moon before begrudgingly using the Elements of Harmony to near-instantly defeat her, and similarly defeated Discord before anything resembling a fight could break out, lasting minutes tops.
    • Many assumed each TV season took place over an in-universe year. Celestia's address that the Summer Sun Celebration now represented her sisters return, which she'd be unlikely to state unless it was the first one since Luna's return, suggesting the last three seasons took place within a single year; or at least showed that the old assumption was baseless.
  • The author of the Daring Do books was believed to be Twilight's mother, Twilight Velvet; her blind bag card and one of the mobile games says she's a writer, and her appearance in the IDW comic reveals several writing awards including "Daring Do" (Word of God later suggested it was just the name of the award). However, "Daring Don't" revealed that the books are written by A.K. Yearling, who actually is Daring Do.
  • "Flight to the Finish"
    • This episode shows Scootaloo in her house, jossing the homeless Scootaloo fanon.
    • Quite a bit of Fanon — especially Rainbow Factory and related works — has been devoted to the notion of an unpleasant fate for pegasi that aren't strong fliers, and that Rainbow Dash would consider Scootaloo a disappointment for not being able to fly. This episode shows this idea has no basis in canon.
  • Applejack's trademark hat was unanimously believed to be a Tragic Keepsake from her parents. Applejack's Hot Minute short revealed she merely won it apple-bobbing at a fair, which as an advertisement was dismissible as dubiously canon nor irreconcilable with the fanon. Then "Somepony to Watch Over Me" showed she has a closet chock-full of them (and Apple Bloom's bows, jossing them as a keepsake), and "Made in Manehattan" has it damaged and Rarity throwing it away, with Applejack showing no attachment to it. However, "The Perfect Pear" does show that Applejack's father did have a hat just like it, giving some basis to the fanon.
  • Many fans have speculated that, since Princess Celestia is so powerful, her Royal Guard is just for show as a status symbol. Twilight's lecture in "Testing Testing 1, 2, 3" makes it clear that, without Princess Luna, Equestria needed additional protection in the form of the EUP Guard. (Though it does back up Luna's power and the idea that she did more of the dirty work: Luna's banishment is what necessitated the guard's formation.) The Bad Future in "The Cutie Re-Mark – Part 1" shows Celestia, while certainly powerful, is nowhere near strong enough to fight a full-blown, national-scale war on her own.
  • In "Inspiration Manifestation", finally seeing Rarity's father without his straw hat proves he's is a unicorn, not an earth pony as many had believed. (Though this was previously revealed in the Elements of Harmony guidebook.)
  • "Twilight's Kingdom Part 2":
    • It was surprising to see in that the black patches on Luna's rump are part of her coat, not her cutie mark. Later "unjossed" when Celestia and Luna swap cutie marks in A Royal Problem and Celestia gets the black patch as well (granted, it was likely the only way that white moon would show up on Celestia's nearly white rump).
    • It was initially assumed that Rainbow Power would replace the Elements of Harmony, being an upgraded version. Word of God is that is was a one-time thing "specific to unlocking the chest/seed". It also refuted the assumption they haven't been used since due to the reception of their over the top designs, but the difficulty of animating them.
  • There has been many a fanfic surrounding Spike doing nothing but sit at home and stew in resentment whenever Twilight and the others go on epic adventures without him. "The Cutie Map – Part 1", however, clearly shows that he has hobbies and friendships beyond traveling with the girls and is perfectly content with staying home.
  • "Bloom & Gloom" ridicules several darker fan theories. Namely a CMC member that got her cutie mark before the others would be shunned by them, or the other way around, and that Apple Bloom would have to leave the farm and change her name if she got a non-apple mark.
  • It was common for fans to depict griffons as a Proud Warrior Race, with all sorts of lore to go along with it. The episode "The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone" showed that the griffons were really a greedy race that only do anything for money, and who all live in squalor since a sacred treasure was stolen from them. Though flashbacks showed that they were proud warriors before the treasure was stolen.
  • "Crusaders of the Lost Mark":
    • It was common for fans to think that Diamond Tiara only had her father Filthy Rich to raise her or her mother was Screwball. Here we were introduced to Diamond's mother Spoiled Rich.
    • The Cutie Mark Crusaders cutie marks have little to do with the talents they previously displayed throughout the show, and thus look very different than what fans predicted (like Scootaloo's nigh-universal flaming tire). However, the cutie marks they do get still partly adhere to the theories, with their shared shield mark having specific emblems of each one: music for Sweetie Belle's mark, something speed-based for Scootaloo, and an apple for Apple Bloom.
    • Fanfics have often depicted Applejack as referring to her parents as "Ma" and "Pa" or "Mama" and "Papa." This episode has her calling them Mom and Dad.
  • "Hearthbreakers":
  • "The Cutie Re-Mark – Part 2":
  • Celestia's comment in "The Crystalling – Part 1" about there not being any born alicorns in Equestria tells us that every background alicorn to date has been nothing more than an animation glitch... in case you had any doubts about that.
  • "The Crystalling – Part 2" josses the "pegasi are immune to cold" fanon. Rainbow Dash explicitly shivers during the crystalling call-off scene, and when fighting the clouds, she gets slowed by the frost within seconds.
  • A common theory was that the Royal Guard essentially doubled as a police force in Equestria. "The Gift of the Maud Pie" shows that to be untrue, with regular police officers patrolling the streets of Manehattan.
  • One piece of Fanon since the early days of the fandom is that, in prehistory, dragons ruled Equestria. "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks" shows that there were dinosaurs, as the comics previously established.
  • "The Times They Are a Changeling" started Jossing a lot of fan theories about changelings. Here we meet the changelings Thorax, who has a clear male gender and individuality, Jossing that they were genderless, a One-Gender Race (as Queen Chrysalis is clearly female), or had a Hive Mind. "To Where and Back Again – Part 2" then has changelings turn on Chrysalis as soon as they realize she was starving them in favor of the new King Thorax, then "Triple Threat" reveals a group of changelings preferred the old ways which Thorax had to diplomatically persuade to join, Jossing that they were an eusocial species with innate loyalty to their royalty. "To Change a Changeling" reveals changeling cuisine, disproving they were exclusively Emotion Eaters. "The Hearth's Warming Club" further Jossed the eusocial theory by showing Ocellus had a normal family with implied parents and siblings.
  • "Where the Apple Lies":
    • This episode seems to debunk the theory that the Mane 6 are teenagers in present day, with the appearance of the teenaged Applejack in this episode, especially considering that since her parents and Apple Bloom are absent, it's implied the latter wasn't born yet. "For Whom the Sweetie Bell Toils" shows an 5 year old Sweetie Belle which confirms the CMC are older than 5, which would make the Mane 6 at least in their early 20s in present day.
    • It also josses the common theory that Applejack was always a paragon of pure honesty.
  • Word of God refuted that Sky Stinger's infant sibling from "Top Bolt" was Lightning Dust despite their similar appearance.
  • "Fluttershy Leans In" has a giraffe and deer among the animals in Doctor Fauna's care, and are pretty unambiguously presented as animals, spoiling a fair few headcanons that presented them as sapient beings with their own cultures. (While the comics have had sapient deer, the comic also arbitrarily portrayed them as non-sapient in other issues.)
  • "The Perfect Pear":
    • Given the shows refusal to outright say Applejacks parents are deceased, some (admittedly non-seriously) assumed they weren't actually dead. Despite this episode being all about asking of their history and reconciling with their estranged family, it's clearly impossible to do so in person with them, and they're always referred to in past tense and with somberness that erases any reasonable doubt about their fate.
    • This episode also disproves the common fan theory that one of Applejack's parents was from the Orange family (primarily to explain her orange coat).
  • "Shadow Play – Part 1":
  • Several believed My Little Pony: Equestria Girls was non-canon to Friendship is Magic given that the former has no impact on the latter. "Shadow Play – Part 2" outright shows the Siren's banishment, which combined with Word of God, makes clear that, yes, it is considered canon (the lack of between series impact is to avert Continuity Lock-Out).
  • Spike Growing Wings in was something many fans predicted, but most assumed it would happen far later in his life post-series or alongside a major growth spurt. Come "Molt Down", he grows wings but is completely unchanged otherwise.
  • When he first appeared, it was implied that Grampa Gruff was Gilda's grandfather given how Gilda introduced him. "The Hearth's Warming Club" reveals he's actually no one's grandfather and the "Grampa" part is just a moniker.
  • Many fans took a Deleted Scene from "Wonderbolts Academy" that Lightning Dust was only demoted rather than kicked out of the Wonderbolts completely as still being canon. While the Expanded Universe was inconsistent about it, "The Washouts" has Lightning Dust confirm that she was kicked out.
  • Many assumed that Saddle Arabians were exclusively earth ponies as was the case with their previously seen delegates. "Road to Friendship" introduces the Saddle Arabian unicorn Hoo'Far, showing otherwise.
  • It was believed that Mistmane and the unicorns of her homeland were kirin but "Sounds of Silence" introduced kirin as a different species with some draconic and leonine features.
  • Scootaloo being an orphan or otherwise missing her parents altogether from her life was a long-running piece of fanon in amongst the brony fandom. "The Last Crusade" jossed that by showing Scootaloo's parents on-screen, alive. They travel a lot for work and have made arrangements with Scootaloo's aunts and various other Ponyville residents to look after their daughter. It also completely disproves the theory that Scootaloo has Abusive Parents, and puts the kibosh on the "Rainbow Dash Adopts Scootaloo" common fan plot. Played With, as due to certain aspects of her parents, there's still a sect of the fans that feel this way and the former Rainbow Dash still has traction by fans who feel Scoots' parents are too neglectful.

    Equestria Girls 

    Expanded Universe 
  • A common Alternate Character Interpretation of Celestia was nicknamed "Trollestia," after it was revealed in-canon that Celestia plays some good-natured pranks. This extended so far as to give her Ron the Death Eater treatment as she could have solved lots of problems in Equestria but did nothing. Issue #3 of My Little Pony: Friends Forever Josses this with Celestia saying that it's true that there were a lot of problems that she could have solved without Twilight's help, but Celestia does it because it's how Twilight will best learn.
  • My Little Pony: FIENDship Is Magic:
  • Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell reveals Princess Cadance was a pegasus before becoming a alicorn and was adopted by Princess Celestia, refuting fanon that she was biologically related to Celetia and was born an alicorn. Even those who guess she wasn't born such assumed she was originally a unicorn.
  • The Journal of the Two Sisters:
    • Celestia and Luna were born alicorns, Jossing the fanon they were normal ponies who ascended like Twilight Sparkle and Cadance. (While this was possibly contradicted when they claimed Flurry Heart was the first alicorn born in Equestria's history, Word of God is that it can be rationalized as their being born before Equestria's founding.)
    • There were other alicorns who raised Celestia and Luna before they were Offered the Crown of Equestria, further refuting that they were the only alicorns or unique in that regard.
    • Luna's nickname for Celestia is "Celie", not "Tia". Most fans who proposed similar nicknames for Celestia have spelled it "Celly".
    • Celestia and Luna did not become princesses after overthrowing Discord — instead, they reigned before Discord took over and had to retake the kingdom from him. Thus, Discord's reign of chaos must have been relatively short, at least compared to how long the sisters have been ruling.
  • Scootaloo was assumed to be an orphan/her caretakers were nonexistent or abusive since we never saw any. The book Ponyville Mysteries: Riddle of the Rusty Horseshoe reveals her parents are usually away on business and aren't much interested in her life, and recently she's been cared for by her very affectionate aunts Holiday and Lofty (who showed up as such in the My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries comic). While this does confirm her less than ideal parental situation, it refutes many darker theories.

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