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  • The Big Finish Doctor Who audio "The Boy That Time Forgot" simultaneously upgrades Adric to Jerkass Woobie and A God Am I: timey-wimey stuff leaves him stranded in an alternate universe of his own mind's making after the events of the Doctor Who serial Earthshock, eventually driving him to madness from loneliness, isolation, lack of humanoid contact, and a pretty massive sense of abandonment. By the time the Doctor and Nyssa find him, he's become an egomaniacal, old ( read, over 500 years old) man who thinks that the world should be at his beck and call (which, thanks to crazy math reasons, it kinda is), throws the Doctor into a giant spider pit just for fun, tries to force Nyssa to marry him, and has almost complete disregard for his genius insectoid subordinates' lives, even sending a squadron to kill the one he named after Tegan. Oh, and also there's the whole "wanting revenge on the Doctor for leaving him to die" bit. By the end, though, he's fully redeemed himself, even managing to pull off another Heroic Sacrifice.