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Jerkass Woobie / Professional Wrestling

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  • Edge is arguably one of the best examples in modern wrestling history. True, his character did evolve a great deal over the course of his 2004-2010 heel run, but there was always one constant: an athlete who had worshipped the wrestling business since he was a boy and was determined to dedicate his entire life to achieving excellence in that field. Many of the things he said and did, while despicable in the most morally traditional sense, were actually quite reasonable, such as his justification for attacking John Cena after Cena had just barely survived a chamber match against five other men:
    Edge: I had a year-long contract for a WWE Championship match, was patient and bided my time until the moment was right, and now I reap the rewards. And sure, a lot of people didn't like it, but it was my right as Money in the Bank winner and there's nothing in the rulebook saying I can't do it.
    • Later, when he betrayed his Kayfabe wife Vickie Guerrero, it was easy to see that his motivation was not simply that he was a Jerkass but because he honestly couldn't keep his lustful desires in check (never mind that his Real Life affair with Amy "Lita" Dumas broke up his second marriagenote  in five years). Admit it: you were sad when Vickie (initially) refused to forgive him and, instead, basically sentenced him to death at the hands of The Undertaker.
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  • Alex Riley, The Miz's personal attendant who is pretty much a Butt-Monkey. He got blamed for everything that went wrong for The Miz and got humiliated repeatedly. When Miz finally fired him, it looked like Alex was about to cry. But then he just attacked Miz instead.
  • Ricardo Rodriguez, personal announcer of Alberto Del Rio. While he joins in on any of Del Rio's malicious antics and even intervenes on his behalf, this also often leads to him acting as Rio's meat shield whenever he needs a diversion, with pretty much the entire roster taking sadistic pleasure in beating the living snot out of him, either to make a message to his boss or just because they hate the smug little weasel. Since he is an announcer, unlike other examples here, he can't really dish it back either, the pants shitting terror whenever he is cornered by a vengeful opponent is very evident.
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  • Stephanie McMahon could qualify for this, as she's constantly and repeatedly been humiliated for years now. The biggest such moment being the promo where Chris Jericho and The Rock teamed up to make fun of her, which causes her to burst out screaming for them to stop and runs away crying.
  • Jimmy Jacobs of Ring of Honor fame is arguably a mix of Anti-Villain, Byronic Hero, and straight-up Jerkass Woobie, but mostly the latter. Jacobs crossed the Despair Event Horizon after falling in love with his manager, Lacey, and discovering that Love Redeems doesn't always work. He, along with several like-minded individuals, formed The Age of the Fall, half-cult, half-wrestling stable, dedicated to violently correcting what they perceived as injustices in ROH and society. They brutally beat Jay Briscoe and hung him upside down so that Jacobs could stand underneath him pontificating on his philosophy, all the while Briscoe's blood dripped down onto him. When Lacey fell in love with another man, Jacobs attempted to attack her on multiple occasions with a metal railroad spike. Jimmy Jacobs may appear to be an adorable emo boy, but he is actually a bloodthirsty hate machine.
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