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    Avatar: The Last Airbender 

  • In Bleach: Fan Works, many of the people who flame the fanfic writers have points about the many problems with their fics. Unfortunately, the reviews are so scathing that the writers aren't likely to accept those points, even if they could take criticism.
  • The Defeated: After Ichigo and Orihime join forces with Aizen, several of the captains of Soul Society are outraged, but Kenpachi points out that it's their fault. They killed Ichigo's friends, refused to admit their fault, then tortured and raped him before stripping him of his powers.
    Unohana: Don't you get it? He wants to kill us all now.
    Kenpachi: Then maybe you shouldn't have raped him.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
  • A Long Walk: Willow's insistence that she's gay causes Cordelia to say that either Willow is bisexual or she's a manipulative psychopath who deliberately sabotaged Cordelia's relationship with Xander for the hell of it.
  • Xendra:
    • After hearing why Cordelia blows off school work (she already knows everything she needs to for the life she's planned), Willow has to admit that Cordelia is right that school is useless for her. Willow's not happy about it, but she does agree.
    • After Angel comes back from hell, Xander tries to stake him only for Buffy to stop him and punch Xander in the face. Angel however, agrees that Xander is right for wanting to stake him after what Angelus nearly did to Xendra (Xander's name when turned into Xena) and makes Buffy apologize.

    Code Geass 
  • Code Geass: Colorless Memories: In Chapter Two, while Lelouch may still be treating Rai with aloofness and cynical paranoia over someone with Amnesia. He brings up a valid point considering that Rai could be an Unwitting Pawn for those who would harm his sister. This is more potent when you consider E.E and the shadow figure that chased Rai in Chapter 11 with their currently Hidden Agenda in regards to the plot and characters. E.E especially due to hints that her view of Britannians sink into Fantastic Racism along with her words of making C.C pay for something.
    Lelouch "Hmph... I'm being a little too paranoid huh? And you think someone as mysterious as him suddenly appearing to me after everything that has happened that last few weeks isn't a coincidence at all? Hah, I believe I have every right to be suspicious of him. For all I know, he could be a spy or agent sent from the Britannian Military or even possibly the Imperial Family...maybe even possibly from one of the other two superpower countries."
  • Code Geass: The Prepared Rebellion: A member of the Japanese Liberation Front is an asshole to the Britannian hostages but still correct when he remarks on how idiotic it is for Nina's parents to bring their xenophobic daughter to a country filled with non-Britannians.
  • My Mirror, Sword and Shield:
    • While Suzaku’s first doctor is racist and was a Resistance plant hoping to get the Emperor’s best knight dismissed, he was right about the severity of Suzaku’s injuries would put him out of commission, leave Suzaku in pain for the rest of his life and it would have been better for Suzaku to be retired. A year after Suzaku’s injuries heal, he’s still dealing with pain.
    • While the Knights of Round despise Suzaku out of ingrained racism, they do have a point that Suzaku's rise to power is really suspicious and they only have Suzaku and Lelouch's word to what happened to Euphemia and Sir Raleigh.

  • Arad's Stardust: Vahlen might come across to those with outside knowledge as being unnecessarily nasty. The thing is, Twilight is, despite her cute exterior, essentially an Eldritch Abomination to XCOM, with powers that are blatantly physics-breaking and would be very hard to beat if turned against mankind. Some paranoia and suspicion is genuinely justified.
  • Child of the Storm has Doctor Strange's eventual explanation of his actions across the story in chapter 80, why he didn't intervene earlier and use his vast knowledge to end the crisis before it got out of hand. As he points out, the Avengers were getting complacent, and if the threat had been neutralised early, HYDRA, Malfoy and Gravemoss would all likely have scuttled off into the shadows to foment trouble, the HYDRA within SHIELD would have gone undiscovered, MI13 wouldn't have been transformed into the sleek and efficient machine it now is, the superhuman community would have remained disparate instead of being the Fire-Forged Friends they needed to be, and Harry wouldn't have been tested in battle the way he was. Moreover, it was required as a hardening experience for Earth as a whole because Thanos is coming. Despite their anger at his tactics, the Avengers don't exactly deny any of these points.
  • Children of an Elder God: Gendo is a Bad Boss, a bastard and an asshole, and at least a modicum of his anger stemed from annoyance at having been ignored, but he had a point when he told Asuka that charging the enemy blindly and not following orders will get her and everyone killed.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: While Lelouch deciding to leave the team is incredibly selfish, he's not wrong about how Britannia being ruled as-is will only make fighting off the Galra more difficult for humanity. Especially since, in canon, his parents were working on an Assimilation Plot while his brother tried to subjugate the world using a nuke-equipped flying fortress.
  • Code Prime - R1: Rebellion:
    • While Thundercracker supports Starscream, who is certainly a thorn in both the Britannian's and the Decepticon's sides, he's not wrong when, in the aftermath of Narita, he notes that Suzaku may not be mentally prepared for the combat he is getting in. Suzaku is indeed mentally off-balance since he remembered how he killed his own father in that battle.
    • Starscream is probably the most disliked among his own side due to his scheming and backstabbing nature, but there are several times he raises valid points.
      • While forcing Suzaku to try and kill Rai during Geass Ex Machina is an extreme Kick the Dog moment (and also likely a warcrime), he's not wrong that Suzaku will eventually need to kill enemies because he is a soldier.
      • He raises similar points at Yokosuka.
      • During the aftermath of Narita, he's willing to advocate the total annihilation of all humans in Area 11 in order to destroy Zero's forces. While this is Disproportionate Retribution at its finest, he is correct that there are many Britannians siding with the Black Knights because of Shinjuku and the Hotel Jacking, and that they will continue to support the Black Knights so long as they lack faith in Cornelia to protect them.
      • He also immediately calls out Cornelia when she balks at this suggestion, pointing out that she was willing to slaughter innocents at Narita and would have nothing to save the hostages at the Hotel Jacking if Euphie hadn't been among them.
  • The Demon's Contract: Ranma gets fed up with everyone bending over backwards to accommodate Akane just because her mother died. Nabiki and Kasumi can't find it in themselves to refute his arguments after he points out that 1) Akane's had ten years to deal with it and move on. 2) The real world doesn't care about her problems so she has to learn she won't always get her way. 3) Akane's not the only one to lose her mother and, to his knowledge, his own has been dead just as long but he doesn't even know where she's buried or what she looks like to properly mourn.
  • 'The Heroic Chronicles of a Young Man'': Tenya Deguchiya is both blunt and caustic when calling out Todoroki for not using his flames, but he accurately points out that the world doesn't care about his personal issues.
    Tenya: All that matters, as a hero, is "how many people have you saved" and "how much do you inspire the people's hope". Nothing. Else. Every single mission, sponsorship, interview, villain takedown, and investigation all boil down to those two points. Can your pettiness save people? Can your spite inspire hope? I'm sure you have a hero name in mind, but I can't think of anything more fitting than this. Introducing the Half-assed Hero, Ice Prince!
  • I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC: In Marvel and DC: Season 2 of After Hours, as the Green Goblin rightfully points out to The Joker concerning the plan to make every hero as dark as Batman, even though he's a villain himself. Not only will comics get boring since all the heroes are the same without Lighter and Softer heroes for contrast, the audience will get so bored to death that they might as well kill themselves.
  • The Many Dates of Danny Fenton:
    • Lisa Silver, Tucker's blind date during "Interlude", while she was really mean and rude about it, had a right to be displeased with Tucker, since his profile was misleading as she was expecting a different person and even when she decided to give him a chance, he ruined it with his lame come on lines.
    • Danny, as hard as he was on Katie Kaboom, has a point about how much damage she cause whenever she morphs and that being a teenager is not a excuse.
    • Clover was as mean as possible to Tucker in TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, making it clear that he disgusts her and she thought he was pathetic on trying to impress her. But she's right that he was pretending to be something he's not and that she has zero interest in him.
    • Sam's parents were as rude as possible in TMDDF: Danny Chooses Alex After the Many Dates, making it clear they don't understand what Sam sees in Danny, let alone what any other girl can see in him, but they are right that if she likes him, what's to stop another girl from liking him?
    • As Sam points out in Danny and Phantasma, even if the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick is "just a bat with the word 'Fenton' on it", she still can hurt people with it.
  • A New World in my View: Emma Frost rips Xander/Karen Starr a new one after the latter destroys several city blocks fighting a villain. When Karen tries to defend herself that it was an accident, she's forced to concede Emma's rebuttal that it being an accident is what makes it so bad; she clearly lacks control of her powers and isn't safe to be in public if she destroys several blocks on accident.
  • George in Reaping the Whirlwind deliberately sets Dawn up for failure so she'll learn that Reapers can't interfere with the living, hopefully without a body count like George herself did.
  • A Triangle in the Stars: Occurs quite a bit , mostly from Bill since he's one of the main characters.
    • In Chapter Three, while Bill did take a mildly extreme route to punish Lars, Lars had insulted him one time too many beforehand. He may have deserved it, but not like that. Steven, naturally for him, calls the demon out, but Lars actually thinks about it.
    • While it made Sadie cry and Steven fed up for a while, Bill's outburst about humans being ungrateful jerks towards Sadie in Chapter Five was right in that Sadie was indeed ungrateful for the things her mom did for her. Even if it was a bit hypocritical, which Steven again points out. Sadie, in Chapter Seven, muses that Bill was absolutely right, even if the outburst was mean.
  • Kage: The Queen gives a good argument that Jade is a murderer, based off Jade blasting Shendu's statue form to bits with the Dragon Talisman (even if he did come back later, they had technically killed him) after Jade expresses conflict over the thought of killing Vathek and Tynar. Try as she might, Jade has trouble finding a hole in the Queen's logic.
  • Mass Effect: Clash of Civilizations: Saren, repeatedly. He's still an arrogant, racist bastard, but he takes his assignment as head of security seriously, makes valid points of observation, was correct in that Tali was sending illegal messages and even manages to prevent a potentially lethal situation from escalating by drawing his gun on Captain Miles, giving the ODST a reason not to fire. Couple that with a willingness to sacrifice himself for the team makes it clear that this is not the same Saren confronted in Mass Effect, whether or not he will grow into the same form remains to be seen...
  • Pro Hero Metal Bat: A lot of what Bakugou says is mere bullying and telling Izuku to give up, but he does make a point that Bakugou has been training to enter UA since he was four years old, while Izuku only really started training himself in the last ten months. Even Izuku has to give his bully that much.
  • What the Frell Did You Do This Time Erpman?: There's a scene where John Chricton meets with Gaius Baltar, and they can all see the various personalities in each other's head. John, while not a jerkass per se, immediately starts ranting at how unfair it is that despite all his good deeds, all the times he's saved the day, all the sacrifices he's made... and he gets Harvey in his head, while a traitorous, weasel of a man like Gaius gets the super-hot Six living in his head. Harvey starts to protest that a) this is not why they set this conference up, and b) that's not fair to Harvey... but then he takes one long look at Six and admits that, yes, John has a point.
  • In When Harry met Wednesday, Griselda Marchbanks explains to Professor Tofty that they'll be auditing every position in Hogwarts to ensure the quality of the professors. When Tofty notes that it sounds an awful lot like what Fudge and Umbridge wanted to do the previous year, Marchbanks responds that even terrible people have good ideas sometimes.
  • Two examples in Ward/Skyrim crossover Point Me At The Skyrim:
    • Claudya is overly antagonistic and uncaring of strangers, much like in canon, but considering the shady alibi Invictus makes to explain who Antares is and the fact that Ulfric escaped, one can't exactly blame her for being overly aggressive.
    • Irileth threatens Antares with violence as well, but Antares dropped a wagon full of injured soldiers from a faction Whiterun refuses to support in the middle of the city, leaving a potential political shit-storm at her doorstep.
  • A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor: During a discussion between Cassandra and Vivienne during their mission to secure the Fallow Mire, with the latter asking about Arturia's background prior to joining the Inquisition. When Cassandra admits she and the advisors couldn't find any background information on Arturia's past, Vivienne, lacking tact in this regard, rightly questions the wisdom in making someone whose origins are completely unknown The Face of the organization, especially the Sole Survivor of an horrific event that killed countless people. Even though she defends the decision with good reasoning, Cassandra admits to her being correct about that.

  • In Where Talent Goes To Die, Sora Hoshino is a brutally honest jerkass with no sense of tact, but he has a number of good points about how no one can be trusted fully in the killing game, including Reiko Mitamura, the group's initial leader, and how the killers were responsible for their actions. Even once he goes the extra mile and murders Akasaka and Yuuki to graduate, he correctly points out that the group has made virtually no progress in finding a way out. Even Sugiura, who can't stand Hoshino, admits he has a point from time to time, and Miura comes to respect his honesty and value his input.

  • Superman of 2499: The Great Confrontation: In the first chapter, Adam and Alan Kent stop a terrorist cell but they're too late to save everyone. When Alan gets upset about the casualties, Adam points out that they still saved the whole city and they can't be everywhere or save everyone. Adam could certainly show a little more grief and compassion and make his point in a gentler fashion, but he isn't wrong about it.

    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba 
  • The ambiguity of good and evil: Muzan Kibutsuji is a cold-blooded demon lord who does not hesitate to kill his subordinates when they fail him, but he, as Tanjiro mentally observes, is absolutely right when he says that people do not value life and that sometimes they are no better than demons.

  • In Frozen Hearts, as the brothers of Prince Hans debate whether to ask the king for a pardon for him, they debate the various ramifications of the issue, and hold a poll amongst themselves. The group that votes "no" is composed of the Jerkass brothers, who treated Hans poorly even before he became a political liability as a result of what he did in the movie. However, even the brothers that vote "yes", concede the opposing side has a point that the kingdom's livelihood has suffered, or at least don't contest the point.

  • Dragonball Divergence: Piccolo doesn't exactly sugarcoat his words when he tells Chi-Chi that her refusal to let Gohan train seriously contributed to Goku's death, but she nevertheless admits to herself that he's right.

    Ever After High 
  • Poisoning Apple: Rotbart does have a point that Apple does seem pretty ungrateful that he's replacing Raven as the villain for Snow White since now she gets a eager replacement villain and her best friend isn't forced to do something that she doesn't want. He also points out that since Apple is so used to the non-threatening and benign Raven being her villain, she is not used to the idea that she would actually have to work for her happy ending like everyone else.

    The Fairly OddParents 
  • Never Had A Friend Like Me: Norm's new master is a young girl named Amanda, who learns from Norm about other magical creatures. When she inquires about fairies, Norm rants about how fairies think of themselves as better than genies, even though they are just as capable of causing pain as genies. Norm is a proud jerk genie, but he's right: fairies always end their relationships with godchildren not to mention their memories of them, and if they were found out through no fault of their own, they could still lose their fairies and be left miserable. Amanda, an extremely selfless girl, is pretty horrified by that idea, and it's what motivates her to wish for her to be an exception to that rule. As it turns out, Jorgen has a reason for doing this: Fairy Godparents outlive their godchildren, and separating them at an early age prevents the grief that would ensue if fairies saw their godchildren grow up and die.

    Fate/Stay Night 
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited BladeWorks Abridged: The Abridged version of Rin consistently refers to the Holy Grail War as the "Murder-Death-Kill", much to the exasperation of everyone who treats the War as Serious Business, like Archer and Kirei. However, when Kirei calls her on it, her explanation makes a surprising amount of sense:
    Rin: Let's break it down: "Holy Grail War." "Holy" doesn't work because the artifact is magical in nature. "Holy Grail" is BS. And you know it's BS.
    Kirei: It is BS.
    Rin: And "War" isn't true because it's seven people and their afterlife tag-a-longs. Point is, I'll start calling it "Holy Grail War" when the name isn't just a cool stand in. In the meantime, "Murder-Death-Kill" is a way more on point name, with "Ghost-Death-A-Thon" as close second.
    Kire: I disagree on principle.

    Girls Und Panzer 
  • In Of Blood and Steel, Jackie Lambert, the Student Council President and Riko "Erwin" Matsumoto's rival for leadership of the tankery team, comes off as a rather arrogant girl, albeit a bit of a Designated Villain at times. During the meeting to decide on a team commander, Jackie makes note of Erwin's contributions to the battles against Saunders, Pravda and Kuromoriminenote , and notes that Erwin generally contributed very little to her team. Erwin contests Jackie's points about Saunders and Pravda, but admits that her decision to take the Maus head-on was "stupid and foolish," then later concedes that she doesn't have the people skills necessary for leading a team. As a result, they reach a compromise- Erwin leads the team with Jackie as her XO, but Jackie will take over if Riko ends up costing them a victory.
  • Steel Carnage: Asuka gives Momo a tongue-lashing for her poor aiming skills, and says keeping her around in spite of that and not helping her improve reflects badly on the rest of the team. Her teammates come to her defense, but Asuka asks if Momo was on the gun in the tournament finals (when Anzu had taken over, with much better results), leaving them unable to answer, and Asuka threatens to get a transfer unless they make improvements. Miho ultimately concludes they didn't do enough to help Momo and apologizes to Momo for that, and they end up working on their performance and convincing Asuka that they have improved.

    Gravity Falls 
  • Christmas with a Corduroy: Lynda Pines spends much of the story treating Wendy, a house guest, like a deviant. She may have been overtly hostile, but the stunts Wendy and the twins were pulling, one which nearly dislocated Dipper's shoulder, were something any sane parent would be frightened by. They also had no problem lying to her either.

    Harry Potter 
  • The Darkness Series: Harry is a jerk when Ron comes crying to him when he's banned from Quidditch but Harry does have a point — it's not like Ron was there for him when Harry thought he was going to die in the Tri-Wizard Tournament.
  • Eternal Fantasy: Draco Malfoy always milks Dumbledore and the rest of Hogwarts for every cent he can get whenever he returns with wares to sell. Given that they treat him like shit despite Draco being literally the only reason their little bubble of earth magic hasn't collapsed in the new world and that Dumbledore frequently tries to pay Draco with worthless magical currency, he's clearly not wrong to do so. In the following chapter, Draco calls out his father for declaring him a disappointment.
    Draco: I still remember what you and Mother taught me. A Malfoy does not bow to others' whims. A Malfoy does not turn his nose up at power. A Malfoy does whatever is necessary to advance his family. Yet here I am, rich and strong, only for you to brush me off as though I am some kind of disgrace and at the same time hold your hand out for the scraps I deign to bring back to you. In all those lessons, you never once said that the power and influence "A proper Malfoy" should seek could only be that which you approve of and understand.
  • For Love of Magic:
    • Snape's dislike of Hermione stems from the fact that "any idiot can regurgitate facts from a book" and her turning in essays twice as long as required makes more work for him.
    • In the sequel A Discordant Note, Harry warns his sons about letting women fight in the army. His son Grond tries anyway, only for flirting to slow down training, fights to break out between men interested in the same woman, and women using sex to make men do their work for them. By the time the actual fighting start a few months later, over two thirds of the women had to leave the army due to pregnancy. Grond has the remaining women use crossbows in a not entirely successful attempt to keep the male soldiers from sacrificing themselves to protect them.
  • Harry Potter and the Lack of Lamb Sauce: Gordon Ramsay can't stand Dumbledore, something that initially causes Harry to dislike the man. It's later explained that Gordon dislikes the man for recruiting students right out of school (or sometimes still in school) to fight against Voldemort. So far as he's concerned, children should be allowed to be children, not fight and die in wars adults have caused. Even Harry, who hates being treated as a child, doesn't refute Gordon's argument.
  • In Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor Remus learns that bringing up Dumbledore's willingness to allow him to enroll at Hogwarts is a bad idea after several feral werewolves point out that there hasn't been a single werewolf enrolled there before or since.
  • Princess Of The Blacks:
    • Snape's reasoning for making Draco and Pansy prefects is because all the other candidates are idiots, even more bigoted, dead, or would end up hospitalized by their housemates.
    • Umbridge regularly manages this. When Hagrid's brother breaks free and tries to attack Hogwarts, Dumbledore admits to himself that technically she did the right thing by calling the Aurors.
    • Vector's lecture to Hermione and Jen, that they'll have to work with people they don't like all the time as adults, rings of this.
    • After Dumbledore is sacked, the acting Headmistress (Who dislikes Umbridge personally) goes through her notes on the remaining Hogwarts staff and admits that most of her criticisms about them are quite accurate.
      • The following year she even wanted to keep Umbridge as the History professor as she actually was a fairly competent teacher.
    • When Ginny tries to use Lily Potter to disprove Draco's insistence that even the Potters tend to marry for political reasons, Draco asks if she really thinks it's a coincidence that the first muggleborn married into the family in generations is also the brightest and most powerful witch of her generation. While she won't say it aloud, Ginny admits to herself that he has a point.
    • Jen notes that Snape's attitude regarding potions, while scarring to young minds, is quite correct as brewing is more of an art than a science.
  • In The Rival Prefects Trilogy, Malcolm is portrayed as the archetypal Slytherin but is right to be angry about the fact that Thomas' prank nearly cost him his life.
  • In Sapphire Eleanor Rose Suzette De Mont Vs Canon, Missy, the Anonymous, Jenny, and Tara freaking Gilesbie all bring up a few good points in the Kangaroo Court they set up for the MSEA and Harry Potter characters. This visibly shakes our heroes, leading to a Bittersweet Ending.
  • In Six years to life Harry gets fed up with his relatives' treatment and leaves, after paying his uncle to pretend he's still there. When Order members show up to ask where he is, Dudley questions their motivations.
    Dudley: You know, why are you looking for him if he clearly doesn't want you to find him?
    He obviously doesn't trust you people. Oh, I know, we've been pretty rotten to him. We never pretended that we were any good, though. But when he went off to that school years ago...I don't know, he seemed so happy. Like his life had become a fairy tale. But over the years, he became sad and depressed. Like he'd aged 50 years instead of five.
    Truthfully, I never expected him to return here, I thought that once you all knew how we treated him, you'd never allow him back. But not only did you do that, you also locked him in the house so he couldn't even go out and stay out of our way like he used to when we were little. If I were you, I'd send him a message with one of those owls you're so fond of to tell him you're sorry and that you won't bother him if he doesn't want to be bothered. If it were me, I'd be pretty pissed off at the whole lot of you.
  • What Am I Signing?: Said nearly verbatim when Harry notes that Zacharias Smith might be a douchebag but he has a point about not signing something without knowing exactly what it is.

    Invader Zim 
  • The New Adventures of Invader Zim has multiple examples:
    • Dib's superiors in the Swollen Eyeball Network are mostly dicks to him, but they're right that he has a very poor track record with them. This is further followed up on in Season 2, when they point out that Team Save Earth (Dib and his new friends Steve and Viera) still have no credible evidence of Zim or the other Irkens being aliens, despite there now being three of them working the case and months of effort.
    • The Tallest are still as petty and dismissive towards Zim as ever, but they're still entirely in the right about not wanting someone as unstable as him to have Project Domination.
    • Gaz pointing out rather bluntly that Dib is wasting his time trying to talk about the paranormal to most people, who have no interest in it, is just another example of her being cruel to him, but that's not to say she's wrong about what she's saying.
    • Following his rebellion Zim tells Tak that she's wasting her time trying to please leaders who don't care about her. And while this comes up as part of one of their insult exchanges during a fight, he's still right that the Tallest don't care about her anymore than they do anyone else.
    • The Tallest repeatedly chew out Tak and Tenn for their failures over the course of the first season's Story Arc, but given the circumstances, their anger is understandable.
  • While working on Bucky's new arm in Balance, Harley deliberately gives him an electrical shock. While neither Bucky nor Rhodey are happy with him, Hope Van Dyne explains that it's to make sure the new arm is connecting to his nerves properly.

    Jackie Chan Adventures 

    Kantai Collection 
  • The Greatest Generation: The way Admiral Shimada delivered his assertion left much to be desired, but the fact was that he had already sortied his full, optimal condition fleet the first time around and was beaten down to five effectives to little effect! No reasonable person can deny that sending five already fatigued and damaged kanmusu against six Abyssal carrier strike groups is the definition of Suicide Mission and Too Dumb to Live, a Senseless Sacrifice that would barely inconvenience the attacker, much less distract them from the refugees. After all, the general track record of surface combatants without air cover against air power is less than stellar. Just ask Repulse and Prince of Wales about how they sunk. Or Yamato about a little thing called Ten-Go.

    There's also the fact that compared to US Navy ships, IJN ships had ineffective and inferior antiaircraft guns, mounts, and outfits; for example, Enterprise in her final configuration carried more effective AA guns than all of Fubuki, Akatsuki and Shiratsuyu-class destroyers. Combined. note  American ships could regularly fight off and weather air attacks that would have overwhelmed British and Japanese ships, and Yvonne's not realising the difference may have coloured her expectations and perceptions.
    "I have five ships! I will not send my girls to fight a battle they cannot win! They are tired, they are outnumbered and they cannot fight like this!"

    Katawa Shoujo 

    Kung Fu Panda 

    Mai-Hi ME 

  • Enough Rope: Despite her Never My Fault tendencies, Wanda Maximoff is right when calls out Steve for talking about clearing their names while wanting to use her powers to commit more crimes, especially since said crimes aren't even For The Greater Good but to help Steve steal back his shield then brainwash T'Challa into allowing them to keep it despite vibranium being sacred to Wakandans.
  • In Realistically Speaking: Tony refuses to help the others try to undo The Snap, citing that people have moved on after five years of grieving. Scott is initially upset that Tony won't help, until he pauses and considers that Maggie and Jim are both gone, meaning he's the only one who can take care of Cassie.

    Mass Effect 
  • The Engineer: Shepherd is a racist, paranoid son of a bitch, but even those he's prejudiced against like Garrus note he usually has a point when criticizing someone, such as getting angry at Tali for an inability to follow orders, a valid concern in a combat situation.

    The Matrix 
  • What If?: In The Return of What If, this is acknowledged to a minor degree; recalling Cypher's rants about how Morpheus 'tricked' them into taking the red pill, when making her own ‘pitch’ to potential recruits, Trinity ensures that they understand at least some of the potential problems they’ll face if they take the red pill while still promising them the truth.

    Miraculous Ladybug 
  • Back To Us: When Alya uses the Fox Miraculous to make the AVA members think she's Lila, they wonder if she's really a Miraculous holder or if she's akumatized. When Alya asks why it's so hard to believe she has a Miraculous, Chloe points out Lila lied about it before and Alya begrudgingly concedes the point.
  • In Scarlet Lady, the titular Nominal Hero (Chloe with the Ladybug Miraculous) excuses publically humiliating Lila and tossing her into a fountain for telling Celebrity Lie that she and Scarlet Lady were friends by saying that Hawk Moth could target Lila in order to reach Scarlet Lady if he thought they were friends. While Scarlet Lady was actually getting Disproportionate Retribution for Lila trying to cozy up to Adrien, the argument she uses is a good one and it is accepted as such by the other people at the scene.

    My Hero Academia 
  • Level Up (MHA):
    • Sir Night Eye knew that Izuku wouldn't be able to inherit One For All since the moment All-Might started training the boy. He didn't say anything because 1) Even without One For All, Izuku still needed physical conditioning to be a hero, and 2) One For All boosts Quirks as well as physical abilities and Izuku's Quirk is a sentient borderline malicious entity that warps reality with ease.
      • Chapter 23 reveals that Izuku's Quirk didn't want him to have One For All because it would consume her and the prospect terrified her. The others admit it makes sense from a Quirk's point of view.
    • When Izuku finally has a chance to speak to his Quirk directly, he asks why it's always so mean to him and called him a weakling all the time. His Quirk replies that Izuku was a weakling and he never applied himself, only complained about his Quirk rather than actually attempt to better himself.
  • Moe Bakugou in Ara Ara is quite crass and abrasive when berating All-Might for how he treated Izuku, but even the man himself admits she was right that he basically ignored Izuku after giving him One For All despite the teen destroying his arms when he used it.
  • Enji Todoroki's Guide to Handling Children: Endeavor is a Stern Teacher who's more abrasive than Aizawa, but his criticisms of his students are all valid. Whether he's chewing out Bakugo for using excessive force, criticizing the students' costumes for being form over function, or lecturing Izuku for his recklessness, he's always right. For Izuku in particular, rather than praise the boy's seflessness, he criticizes his lack of self-preservation, declaring that if Izuku really wants to save as many people as possible, he needs to reign himself in lest he retire before even graduating due to obliterating his limbs.
    • He later calls out the teachers for wanting to pair Izuku and Bakugo together during exams, citing that their animosity is entirely one way and Bakugo is liable to maim Izuku when the other boy refuses to let him go off on his own. Endeavor instead convinces them to pair Bakugo with Shoto as their animosity is mutual so there won't be any imbalance between them.
  • Izuku himself in chapter 21 of A What If hands out detentions at least once in almost all of his classes, but does so to make clear he is an authority figure and will not tolerate disrespect. He also argues for Bakugo's expulsion, giving him a month's detention with Hound Dog when Aizawa refuses, citing that the boy attacked a faculty member with his Quirk, something that could have seriously injured Izuku.

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 
  • MLDC Firestorm Crisis: Rainbow has this sort of point reaction when the others make assumptions of why Sunset Shimmer is an Alpha Bitch.
    Rainbow Dash: "'Poor Sunset', really?" The others looked to Rainbow Dash. "So what if she did come from a crappy home, is an orphan, or was abused. There other people who have gone through that and aren’t total assholes. Taking out your problems on other people is a coward's way of dealing with them, instead of facing them!"
  • Getting Back on Your Hooves: In the opening of Twilight Sparkle's "The Reason You Suck" Speech against Prince Blueblood, she admits he is right to blame the Gala's destruction on Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. Though that still doesn't excuse the rest of his Jerkass behavior.
  • Loved and Lost has a few examples.
  • The Nuptialverse: In Families, aside from the Fantastic Racism fueling their vendetta against Spike, Olive Branch's anti-Celestia movement actually has some good points, such as the fact that she really does always rely on others to fight the more dangerous threats to Equestria, and the fact that the Royal Guard failed against the changeling invasion despite supposedly being on high alert. Though when it ultimately turns out that Olive Branch was only using the movement as a (poorly thought out) scheme to force Celestia to make him immortal and didn't actually give a damn about her politics, the movement falls apart.

  • Dead Man Walking: Jiraiya may have been brutally honest in explaining to Naruto why he can never be a ninja, but his reasoning (Naruto is a severely weak Ill Boy) is entirely sound. Even Kushina admits that he has a point, despite wanting to hurt the man for crushing her son's dream note .
  • History's Strongest Shinobi: While out getting information on his target Naruto, Neji goes to a meeting between Ragnarok members. During their conversation, Odin offers him a spot in Ragnarok. Neji responds that he's got better things to do than join a "cute little gang" treating their fights for high school territory like Serious Business. Considering Neji is there to assassinate Naruto, it's made clear this isn't his first assignment and he comes close to killing Naruto, the previous conflict between Naruto and Kenichi fighting Ragnarok seems childish in comparison.
  • Naruto Ramen Days:
    • Sasuke rips Tsunade a new one after hearing why she left the village.
    Sasuke: This is the person we went through all this trouble to ask to be our Hokage? Someone who just runs away from all their problems and spends all their time drinking and gambling? Don't think I missed the fact that Jiraiya was looking at casinos and bars when he was trying to find you.
    Tsunade: Now see here, what does a brat like you know about-
    Sasuke: What do I know about loss? Was your entire family killed in a single night? Did you come home to find your parents lying on the floor, covered in blood? Did you find a single relative still alive, only to find out that he was the one who was responsible? ...I didn't think so. This whole time you've been treating us like we weren't worthy of your time, like we should be thankful you bothered to speak with us at all, when really you're just a coward who abandoned her village and her duties as soon as something went wrong. I guess you were right about one thing; if someone like you is going to be our Hokage, the title really is worthless.
    • While expanding the party, Naruto is insistent on adding Sakura, only for the others to point out she'd bring literally nothing to the party that someone else doesn't do better. Sasuke suggests Neji due to his greater skill and utility, though they eventually settle on Hinata when Hanabi points out that Neji doesn't work well with others.
  • NBH:
    • Yuugao can be quite harsh, criticizing Kurenai for not doing more to help Hinata's confidence issues or dealing with Naruto's moping (attacking him with a sword until he's too busy trying to survive to mope). However, when Kurenai says she has "no place being around children", Yuugao is absolutely right when she points out that she isn't; she's around soldiers.
      Kurenai: "It's not her fault, her family..."
      Yuugao: "And now you're her teacher. Now, she's your soldier. Now she's your responsibility. She has a problem, it's your job to fix it."
      Kurenai: "You can't just magically wave a wand and make someone's problems and insecurities go away."
      Yuugao: "And you can't sit there and blame it all on her family when what you try fails."
    • Earlier, Kin's hatred of Ino is shown to stem less from her Faux Action Girl status (though Kin hates that as well), but because Ino possessed Kin with her clan techniques, something Kin finds incredibly violating on a very intimate level.
  • Since When is Danzo the Voice of Reason?: The entire premise of the story is Danzo rightfully pointing out that motivations and feelings aside, Sasuke is a traitor to the village and must be treated as such, especially since his recent attack on Killer Bee would otherwise be an act of war by Konoha against Kumo.
  • Why a Civilian Council is Inappropriate combines this and a Take That! towards the idea of a civilian council, as both Tobirama AND Madara rebuke Hashirama for thinking about creating one. Tobirama cites that 1) Konoha is a shinobi village and 2) civilians both are ignorant of what shinobi go through and only meant to provide resources and extra revenue while Madara points out the Daimyo typically don't hire common people as advisors.
  • In The Last Prayer, while blackmailing Sakura, one of the things Ino makes her do is study obsessive love and write reports on it. Even though Ino is doing it almost entirely to give herself a better chance with Sasuke, she's shown to be nonetheless correct that Sakura's infatuation with Sasuke is unhealthy.

  • "Batteries": Nonon is the only one (out of the other characters) who's openly hostile and slut shames Ryuuko but she is right with how much the latter's absence really hurt Satsuki, so much so, that her health suffered and she was, once, hospitalized. Likewise, she has a point in suggesting that Ryuuko was in no position to care for another baby, as the one she already had she couldn't keep.
    Nonon: "Yeah, well, if something happens to you, it will kill her! So, if you fucked around and we had to give her bad news, she'd probably die right on the fucking spot."
  • In The Keys Stand Alone: The Soft World, Spectrem angrily confronts Paul's Actual Pacifism, which he sees as a foolish stance in the middle of a war. He points out that at some point Paul is "gonna hit something... where you have to hit something". Paul recognizes all too well that this is true, though he won't give Spectrem the satisfaction of agreeing with him. Later, during the parade battle on Tipaan, watching the "Senator" and his Animal cohorts injuring and killing people, Paul reluctantly decides he has to intervene. Spectrem's words haunt him at this point. He does manage to take the "Senator" down without hitting him, though.

    Power Rangers 
  • In Crimson Rising, while the more experienced Rangers resent Will (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive) pointing out that the Overdrive Rangers are the only team where none of the Rangers have ever gone evil or ‘failed’ to completely destroy their villains yet, none of them deny his accusation (although this still doesn’t justify Will betraying the Rangers to side with Sector Nine).

  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines: Paul is as much of a Jerkass as he is in canon. However, when Erika places a ban on male challengers in her gym, he has legitimate grounds to be annoyed, since this causes problems for many trainers.

    Pretty Cure 

    Ranma One Half 
  • Becoming a Man Among Men: Akane Tendo tries to rip Nabiki a new one for treating her like a spoiled brat and disrespecting their father. But Nabiki fires back with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about how while their father was drinking his life away and Akane practiced martial arts, Nabiki and Kasumi were the two who kept things running. Kasumi cooked and cleaned for the entire family while Nabiki's scams were literally their family's sole source of income for years.

    Rosario + Vampire 
  • In one story, Moka gets upset with Tsukune for telling off Yukari. Tsukune is quick to counter that even if Yukari is only 11, she's still in high school and is expected to act with more maturity than she has been, which even Moka can't deny.
  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • In Act III chapter 7, Dark actually does make a valid point when he expresses his doubts that Tsukune can't hold the ghoul off forever even with the Holy Lock, especially considering that the ghoul had previously influenced Tsukune's actions before without Tsukune knowing it; since he had already trusted Tsukune before to keep the ghoul contained only for Tsukune to fail, why should he trust him to do so again?
    • When Yukari is in denial over her feelings for Ahakon in Act III and insists she belongs to Moka and Tsukune, Kokoa points out to her in a tactless way that no one ever objected to her dream to have a threesome with them because they knew she never stood a chance at doing so. Despite the way she says it, Yukari acknowledges she has a point.
    • In Act IV chapters 2 and 3, while everyone else is spending their time lambasting the Reformed, but Rejected Akua and Kahlua and outright asking why they should forgive them for their crimes under Fairy Tale, Dark is quick to remind them that he was a member of Fairy Tale once as well, and if they can forgive and accept him for his actions back then, then they should at least give Akua and Kahlua a fair chance; when Kurumu points out that Dark never went as far as to try to destroy the world like Kahlua and Akua did, Dark then reminds them that he was forced to kill an innocent child, which is just as bad.
    • In Act IV, both the original Falla and Hokuto, both of whom are extremely manipulative Jerkasses and, in Hokuto's case, a Straw Nihilist/Omnicidal Maniac, make a valid point when they tell the heroes that Yokai Academy's teachings are more about hiding amongst the humans rather than actually co-existing with them.

  • The Arc Family Techniques: In the prologue , Jaune's father says he'll allow Jaune to become a Huntsman only if he manages to land a blow on his oldest sister Saphron in a spar and demands Saphron not hold back. At her urging, Jaune lands a blow on her by using one of the family's seduction techniques, only for their father to insist the doing so invalidated the spar and chews Jaune out for using one of those techniques on family. While initially seeming like a case of Moving the Goalposts, their father later has to physically restrain Saphron from sneaking into Jaune's room with amorous intentions, making it clear he was in the right.
  • In the Kingdom's Service: Near the end, Glynda insists Ozpin use Coco Adel to become the new Fall Maiden. Ozpin hesitates, citing that he's still not sure she'd be the ideal choice, but Glynda shuts him down because Beacon is currently under attack by those who want to steal the Fall Maiden's powers; there is no time to worry about finding the ideal choice. Ozpin reluctantly agrees with her, even after Glynda says that if she can't get hold of Coco, she'll grab any female student she can find.
  • Linked in Life and Love: Kojak, a bear Faunus that has grown up in the rough side of Faunus Fantastic Racism, may be a jerk in how he condemned Blake for mating with a Schnee and tried to out her when they disagreed, especially since he doesn't know her past with the White Fang, but his points about how Blake is insulting their whole race by hiding her Faunus features and how she could've been a symbol instead hit more close to home than she'd like to admit.
  • Stress Relief: Despite being the Big Bad and a callous bitch, Cinder's right when she declares that Pyrrha had "defeated herself long before [Cinder] showed up" when it came to winning Jaune's affections. Pyrrha had been his partner for months, training with him in her spare time and sleeping in the same room, yet never made a single move on him. Conversely, Cinder made a move on him and had the boy wrapped around her finger in a single day. She also correctly notes that Jaune training exclusively against Pyrrha has been working against him because the two have become so used to each other's moves that they move to block attacks that haven't been made yet and strike at openings that aren't yet there.
  • RWBY: Destiny of Remnant: Councilor Benedict, The Military representative on the Vale Council, is definitely not a nice man in the slightest, and his accusations against Ozpin are wrong, but he does make a good point about how the security measures taken to protect Amber were flawed to the point that it ended up helping Cinder claim the rest of the Fall Maiden's power. Even Ozpin and Glynda can't argue against that.

    She-Ra and the Princesses of Power 
  • In Home, while Coda is primarily motivated by Realpolitik, he has every right to be suspicious of Hordak, considering his conquering campaign with the Etherian Horde and Entrapta essentially giving him Dryl when she joined the Horde.

    A Song of Ice and Fire 
  • In The Dawn of Ice and Fire, Viserys Targaryen is very much resentful of his brother Rhaegar for toppling their family from the throne and sent Westeros into war over one woman. Even worse is the fact Lyanna Stark was already promised to Robert Baratheon. So Viserys makes a good point, but he purposelly rubs it into his innocent nephew.
  • A Dovahkiin Spreads His Wings:
    • The only resident from Winterfell aware that Jon is happier living in Skyrim is his Wicked Stepmother Catelyn, who supports the move as it makes the bastard less likely to steal her children's inheritance. She's outright aghast when her husband tries to force Jon to stay in Westeros and rips into him for this, which shocks Ned into re-examinating his viewpoint.
    • Tywin Lannister bluntly calls his daughter a dumbass to her face for horrendously managing the realm and the Lannister interests while failing to reign Joffrey's Stupid Evil tendences. Cersei's refusal to listen further proves Tywin's disparaging of her smarts.
  • A Man of Iron: Ned Stark has a rather cold relationship with his cousin Tony, whom he considers a wasteful twit, but he's forced to concede that Tony was right to stand up to Catelyn when she tried to hurt Jon only because he was a bastard, something that Ned himself should have done if he cared for Jon.
  • Robb Returns:
    • During his trial for his corruptive practices, embezzling, outright robbery and his attempt to have Robert Arryn kidnapped, Littlefinger points out the nobles' hypocrisy in relation to the smallfolk, Stannis' inability to get past any slight (imagined or otherwise) even though he controls Dragonstone and is the Master of Ships, and Jon Arryn's inability to control the King's excesses and to discover that Cersei's children are not the King's.
    • Tywin, although unable to accept that magic is returning in spite of all proof, has a good point in being wary about the possibility: given its ties to dragons, he knows someone will attempt to wake dragons from their eggs. Indeed, Viserys Targaryen is planning to do this.
  • What If: When Catelyn begs her sister Lysa to not marry her only daughter with Jon Snow in chapter 18 , Lysa points how Jon Snow — as Ned Stark's offspring and a lower-birth suitor — is the perfect consort for Sansa. Moreover, Jon taking the name Arryn would mean his children and grandchildren would never try to steal Winterfell as they are already in line to inherit the Vale. Catelyn realizes her sister is right and gives her blessing to the marriage.

    Steven Universe 
  • The Wrath Of Topaz: Topaz, who manages to wreak his vengeance on the Crystal Gems after twelve years, actually has every right to be angry at them for throwing him out after he accidentally killed Rose Quartz and not letting him explain himself, even if he is getting a bit carried away with his methods.

    Tokyo Mew Mew 
  • Girl With a Porpoise is a rewriting of the story, but with Lettuce as the leader character. During a confrontation with Pie, he delivers a speech about his hate for humans. Even Lettuce ends agreeing that people haven't been good to the planet, but that there are still good people trying to help the environment. After this, he offers her a chance to be saved mentioning that she isn't like the other humans and he solemnly believes it to be due a genetic anomaly.
    Lettuce: How can you turn something so beautiful as a cherry blossom into something so deadly?
    Pie: You accuse me of defacing something beautiful? It is you humans who know nothing about beauty. I was horrified when I first arrived on this once beautiful planet. The ugly scars left by humans were obvious everywhere I looked: Machines emitting fumes and dripping crude oils; litter everywhere, even in the oceans; entire species of plants and animals destroyed through overhunting and carelessness; the ozone layer weakening; the night skies once dark and full of stars dimmed. Irreparable damage caused by generations of humans. This planet once belonged to my people. And we will make it ours again, after we have destroyed the entire human race and reshaped the world, restoring it to its former glory, to how it was before the plague known as humans came.

    Tolkien's Legendarium 
  • The Heart Trilogy: In Heart of Ashes, the second installment, Andraya is a misandristic witch, abusive toward her timid and normal daughter Freyja, and she arrogantly thinks that she can make Smaug do favors she thinks he owes her. However, when she telepathically argues with the dragon in the 16th chapter, she says that he cannot provide for his love interest Kathryn the peaceful life she wants. Though Smaug doesn't admit it to Andraya, her words make him thoughtful. Later Smaug's acts of killing Freyja and planning to conquer Erebor back lead to Kathryn running away from him. He manages to make peace with Kathryn only when he gives up his goal to retake Erebor and settles for a simple life with her.

     Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- 
  • Shatterheart: While Fai has ostracized, ignored and hated R!Syaoran for the most of the first half of the story and is being a massive hypocrite about it, he is right that Kurogane and Syaoran have an extremely codependent relationship and hiding the truth would only hurt them in the long run. He also points out that, regardless of Syaoran initiating the relationship, Kurogane is taking advantage of someone emotionally vulnerable and who is in love with someone else.

  • Intrepid: Alan Barnes admits he screwed over Taylor and her father in order to protect his daughter, but the PRT would throw her under the bus to protect Sophia (because reputation is everything to them), Danny would likely take them to Civil Court for it out of revenge, which not only effect her, but their entire family.
  • Wyvern: In general, Armsmaster has fairly sound ideas but a thoroughly undiplomatic attitude that makes it difficult for him to get one people's good sides.
    • He initially plays hardball with Taylor when he finds out that she was the one who blew up her locker. While yes, it wasn't the best thing to do, his internal logic was sound: present the facts of the case, tell her exactly how much damage she could have done, how many could have been hurt or killed, and how dangerous what she did was. This would have lead up to a recruitment pitch for the Wards, where they could train her to use her power safely. Unfortunately, his explanation just made her transform, and he was unaware that said explosion was her Trigger Event. Were the previous two points not the case, it might have been an effective speech.
    • His intentions of getting Taylor in for testing at least make sense — Taylor has New Powers as the Plot Demands, some of which have been shown to be incredibly destructive. Her first day, with no training, had her blow up her locker from the inside and melt his halberd to slag, and that's before they learn that she gets bigger as a result of fights, can talk while huge, and much more. Taylor doesn't even know what the full extent of her powers are, which could be potentially dangerous for any civilians if she tries out a new type of fireball and roasts a crowd. While he is glad that she's on a team that can help guide her into being a hero, the testing facilities of New Wave consist of "whatever Vicky can throw together in her backyard", while the Protectorate has far vaster resources that could help her out.


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