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  • Claire Stanfield, pissed off and in need of information, subjects a Smug Snake mook to this in Baccano!. Being dragged across railroad tracks from a moving train is not a pleasant way to die.
    • Maiza proves to be just as scary an interrogator in the Light Novels — one technique he employs is gouging out the victim's eyes with their own severed fingers.
  • Devilman's main character tortures a Monster of the Week demon to find out the cure for Miki's poisoning in one episode of the seventies show.
  • Sousuke from Full Metal Panic! uses this as his normal MO. He uses it to find out how a classmate got embarrassing pictures of Kaname by threatening to cut off a finger every time he refused to cooperate. Oddly enough, it usually works when it comes to extracting reliable information.
    • Sousuke usually doesn't have to go beyond threats, but Mithril also employs torture in interrogating the traitorous Vincent Bruno, breaking several fingers in order to get the details of just who they'd been sold out to.
      Andrei Kalinin: If I was there, I would've just chopped off the fingers.
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  • Mazinger Z: Discussed in episode 56. The main characters capture two Mooks, and Nuke and Mucha decide interrogating one of them using the fearsome procedure of... tickling it to death. Boss ran out of patience, though, and stated that it was time to use real torture techniques. However, that got Sayaka utterly scandalized and she berated him for even thinking about it, stating that war prisoners have human rights, too. Boss relented.
  • Leona from Dominion Tank Police managed to successfully interrogate a suspect by strongly implying that she was willing to resort to desperate measures. She came into the room carrying throwing knives and a hand grenade, and — just to give the suspect the impression that she was really Axe-Crazy — wearing a Playboy Bunny outfit.
    • Also by Masamune Shirow: Deunan Knute in Appleseed was once left to interrogate a suspect. The last panel showed her drawing a very large blade from a back sheath. A few pages later, we get the guy complaining about the "neck to groin gash" on the subject...
  • In the Darker Than Black universe, the Jack Bauer interrogation technique is established as an effective means of getting information out of Contractors because, as Havoc mentions, their naturally self-serving attitudes will lead them to talk almost immediately. Hei himself performs this on ex-Contractor Havoc in an attempt to get information about his sister before a)it's clear she doesn't know anything and b)he realizes that she's no longer the cold-blooded monster he once knew her as.
    • In the first episode, Hei does this on a Contractor — the guy had to break his own fingers as a price for his powers, and Hei stabs him in the hand with his knife. After getting the information, Hei kills him anyway, disgusted by his cowardice.
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    • You could probably also count November 11 freezing to the ground the gangster who betrayed him and then demanding information on the location of the "package". Once he gets the info, November walks away, and the freezing spreads across the guy's whole body and he does a Popsicle Splat. Really, there's no such thing as a Technical Pacifist in the Darker Than Black universe.
    • This is given a Lampshade Hanging in the Durarara!! manga. Walker and Erika are going to torture someone based upon whatever anime or manga they choose, and when the victim glances at Darker Than Black, it's commented that this is a "good choice".
  • Many in the Sniper Control Office in the hentai EL are delighted when female suspects are brought in for interrogation, as it's pretty much their cue to rape and sexually torture them in every way imaginable. Some of them obviously don't care whether they even get any information or not, completely ignoring one victim's pleas that she would talk if they'd stop.
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  • As mentioned above, Walker and Erica from Durarara!!. Probably the quickest way to get information out of someone in Ikebukuro is to lock them in a van with those two and a heap of manga.
  • In Maiden Rose, during interrogation for treason, Grand Chamberlain Hasebe cites the fact that Klaus' disavowal of his citizenship means his actions can't be tried for war crimes... and canes Klaus brutally, before deciding to just kill him when he won't talk. Taki stops him Just in Time.
  • As Hiei puts it, "your assistant was in the mood to talk." Then flashes back to the scene when he threatens M5 and his tail for information.
  • In Death Note, L orders Watari to do this to Misa. We don't see what he does, but whatever it is lasts three days and leaves her begging Rem for death. When physical torture fails to get her to talk (because of a Memory Gambit that ensures she really doesn't know anything), he instead leaves her in full-body restraints, sensory deprivation earphones, and a blindfold for weeks on end. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!
  • Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo has an infamous example of this early on. After Mario Zucchero fails to kill the protagonists, they try to find out who ordered the hit by inflicting what Narancia calls "The Ninth Circle of Hell" on him. They take Zucchero's head (separated from his body by Bruno's Stand Sticky Fingers), suspend it in mid-air via a fishhook through his eyelid, and finally put a pair of glasses on him so the lens acts as a Solar-Powered Magnifying Glass aimed right at his eyeball. And then Narancia, Mista, and Fugo up the ante by performing a mocking dance in front of him. The scene was a meme for JoJo fans for years, but the Animated Adaptation upped the ante by turning it into a Disney Acid Sequence-slash-music video.


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