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  • In Animorphs Redux, David is determined to continue his vendetta against the Animorphs for 'betraying' him, even though the Animorphs of the new timeline haven't actually done anything to him before he started attacking them.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

  • In the fancomic How I Became Yours, Katara has a miscarriage. Traumatic and tragic, right? Except the thing that upsets her most (judging by what she emphasizes) is that it happened the day before her birthday. Topped off when, at the beginning of the story, Katara visits her baby's memorial on the anniversary of the miscarriage. She quickly jumps from mourning being unable to save her child to wangsting about how she can't confess her love to Zuko.
    • Zuko accuses Mai of this, but Mai's accusation toward him fits him better since he's the one who knocked Katara up nevermind the consequences it would have for the Fire Nation.
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    • Sho, while retreating, declares he has a grudge against the protagonists because they drew his blood for the first time in a while instead of his sister Mai's death.
  • Foxfire: Hongqi. Hongqi is perfectly fine with dumping his Lower Ring mistress so he could marry a richer noblewoman. But he deliberately disfigures her so she wouldn't dare to move on from him. When he realizes his toddler-aged children could be a negative since he's marrying a teenage girl? Hongqi has his children murdered and deliberately murders them far away from his home so no one would know it was him.


  • Robin calls Sasuke out on this in the DC/Naruto crossover Connecting The Dots while taunting him. When Sasuke drops into a rant about how "No one knows my pain." and losing his clan, Robin shuts him up by pointing out that in the DC universe, that is considered getting off lucky.
    Sasuke: "Oh? And what about losing your entire clan? Do you know what that is like?"
    Robin: "No." (shrugs) "Do you know what it's like to lose your entire planet? Your entire species? Neither do I, but I know plenty who have, and none of them are as big a loser as you are." (laughs). "So you've lost a lot. But have you ever sacrificed something? Or do you just think you deserve everything outright? Cause seriously? That's like a little baby whining for toys he can't have."
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  • While being held hostage by Dante in Dante's Night at Freddy's, The Marionette attempts to garner his sympathy by explaining his backstory, being a child who was killed outside Fredbear's Diner and recruiting the spirits of his fellow murdered children to gain revenge. Instead, this just pisses Dante off more, since he points out that the other children weren't given a choice in the matter and are being held, against their will, as tools for Marionette's vengeance against a man they may never encounter again.
  • Maxima from the side story to Mare of Steel that features her; she doesn't care that her hoarding of food is causing her subjects to starve, and she doesn't care if her chosen mate loves her back or not.
  • In the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Stargate SG-1/Battlestar Galactica (2003) crossover An Extraordinary Journey, this sums up the Scoobies' initial 'justification' for their treatment of Willow when she returns to Sunnydale after officially joining the SGC; when the Scoobies' telepaths can't read Willow's mind and their hackers can't access her classified record, Buffy becomes convinced that Willow's new assignment is something to do with the supernatural and attempts everything up to outright torture to get Willow to tell them about her new job, including a truth spell so powerful that Willow only stops herself talking by using her telekinesis to sever her own vocal chords.
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  • In Mass Effect Human Revolution, Caim sees nothing wrong with inflicting suffering on others in order to save himself from his own.
  • Buffy feels anything Xander does in Influenced Out of Normality is about her. Xander spends time with his girlfriend? He's snubbing her. Xander wears his letterman jacket to school? He's rubbing in her face that he's more popular than her. Xander opposes her having a relationship with Angel? He's clearly jealous rather than considering the very valid concern that she'll break the curse on Angel again and release Angelus a second time. To a lesser extant this applies to how she feels about others as well. When Cordelia forgets to inform her what day picture day is, Buffy believes Cordelia did it out of spite. At one point Xander wonders if she has a victim complex.
    • Buffy never bothers spending time with Faith and in fact demands to know why she's at the school prom when she's homeschooled (Cordelia got Faith a date) and generally just treats Faith like a sidekick. The only time Buffy shows real concern regarding Faith, it's because she wasn't consulted about where Faith should live, insisting she (Buffy) should decide because she's the Slayer, even when the other's point out that it has nothing to do with slaying.
  • In Through the Looking Glass, John Dadik, a double agent who helped the Alliance during the War, not only received enough money for his services to buy his own planet, but then went on to rename the planet after himself.
  • Phoebe in A Match Made In Frost seems incapable of viewing her triplet sister's relationship with Xander in any way but how it affects her. When Xander and Celeste have sex, she enjoys the psychic feedback she gets from it, but she grows irritable when they don't have sex again since she wants to experience the feedback more. When her schemes to make them horny fails, Phoebe decides to seduce Xander while pretending to be her sister, thinking she'll get some great sex out of it and maybe steal him away. After getting caught, she doesn't see anything wrong with what she did because she "didn't use her telepathy on Xander and never claimed to be his girlfriend Celeste". The fact she dressed and acted like Celeste to have sex with him doesn't seem to cross her mind, nor that she attempted to commit rape-by-fraud.
  • Issa in Angry Women and Love Bites is furious at the idea of Gyokuro seeing another man behind his back, ignoring that not only are they not married, but he's married to another woman and had a child with another woman while actively courting Gyokuro, all while basically ignoring Gyokuro for the last several years.
  • Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters:
    • Phobos is very clear on the fact that as long as he rules, he doesn't care if all of Meridian suffers. Even before Wong's first failure, he was silently considering taking his dark chi magic for himself after gaining the Heart of Meridian, just because he could.
    • Though not to the same extent as her brother, Elyon shows that she's more concerned about gaining her own happiness than anything else.
  • In Avenger of Steel, this sums up Lorelei’s attitude precisely when she comes to Earth; as far as she’s concerned, everyone else should be worshipping her and that’s it.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku! has Lexi Luthor, whose genius is only matched by her obsession with Japanese pop culture and her colossal ego, not unlike her infamous grandfather, Lex Luthor.
    Lexi: [bored and annoyed at a birthday party] I know the world doesn't revolve around me, but that doesn't mean we can't put effort into making it do so.
  • Anakin Skywalker is a downplayed example in I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. While he's genuinely upset for Ahsoka that she was put through a sham trial and decided to leave the Jedi Order rather than become a Knight, a significant amount of his anger is because Ahsoka leaving means he didn't get promoted to Jedi Master, which would've made him one of the youngest in history.
  • SAPR:
    • Sunset Shimmer, at least at first. She goes to Beacon explicitly to become famous, and has a distinctly selfish stance on how she interacts with the world. However, she does eventually grow to become an unselfish and self-sacrificing individual.
    • Amber turns out to be this after Sunset revives her, to the point where she doesn't feel comfortable unless everyone around her is willing to throw down their lives to protect her at the slightest provocation and holds her above every other person and thing in the world. Though in this case it's a direct result of her soul being torn apart when Cinder stole half of the Maiden power, and a memory of the uncorrupted Amber is nothing like that.


  • Darling In The Franxx Homecoming: In chapter 14, Mitsuru declares that Code 059 knows nothing of his reasons or how he feels and has never lost anything or been betrayed compared to him, despite knowing that Code 059 and Kyu lost their entire squad, who they considered family, to a Klaxosaur attack. Code 059 rightfully calls him out on it in a rage, snapping that he's lost more than Mitsuru can possibly imagine whereas Mitsuru himself has lost virtually nothing in comparison because he doesn't care about or love anyone other than himself.

Death Note

Doctor Who

  • In "Fragments" the 10th Doctor wishes he could die without regenerating so he could be the last Doctor, treating 11 as a villain just for being the next Doctor. For this he gets transported into the body of his clone and is able to be with Rose.

Fire Emblem Awakening

  • A complain raised at Henry's behavior in the lost Future of Despair comic is how lots of his inner thoughts can be resumed in "me, me, me, ME", like him neglecting a baby Yarne and basically killing himself out there when his one year old son desperately needs him, all because he ~can't deal~ with Panne's death.

Harry Potter

How to Train Your Dragon

  • In The Blacksmith's Apprentice, Snotlout takes everything Hiccup does as acting Heir as an insult to himself.
    • Granted, Hiccup acted as Heir because Stoick recognised that Snotlout wasn’t ready to be publically introduced to other tribes, but Snotlout was simply incapable of recognising that Hiccup’s priority was helping Berk rather than showing him up.


  • Eridan in Hivefled was so terrified of not being normal that he managed to convince himself that sex was supposed to be unpleasant rather than confront his Asexuality.

Kim Possible

  • In Not Quite Heroes, Dr. Drakken rants about another villain invading and robbing his lab (the same way he and Shego routinely invade and rob other people's labs), explicitly stating that this case is different "because this time it's happened to me".

Love Hina

  • Rampant in An Alternate Keitaro Urashima:
    • Granny Hina's none too pleased that she can't force Keitaro into becoming manager of the Hinata Inn. Nor is she too thrilled with anyone else standing up to her — constantly trying to make herself out as the victim because they won't do whatever she pleases. And for all her talk about "helping" her tenants, she still takes off to continue her grand tour ASAP, leaving Haruka in charge of her mess.
    • Naru's case of this is so severe that when Motoko suffers a major Humiliation Conga, she shows absolutely No Sympathy and thinks that it "serves her right". Not because of how Motoko's own actions led to what happened, mind. No, she's just pissed that due to Motoko losing her duel, she had to apologize for attacking Keitaro over her own mistake. She doesn't CARE that Motoko's literally lost everything because she's too hung up on the slight dent to her ego.
    • Kaolla Su gets into this, too. Anyone showing discomfort at her wacky antics is 'a meanie', and she helped spark an incident which led to an innocent boy getting hospitalized just because he asked her to stop harassing his sister.


  • In Perfection is Overrated, many of the SUEs exhibit such behavior. Hitomi uses Mind Control to force her victims to commit horrible crimes for her amusement, then kills them afterward. Sekai uses her allies as expendable troops while planning on harvesting the Himes' powers. The Usurper expects the SUEs to serve as his pawns and advance his plan to defeat the Himes, while planning to possess the victorious SUE's body afterwards.
    • This bites Hitomi in the ass, as both the SU Es and the Himes will lose their most important person if their Child is destroyed. Because Hitomi was so absolutely selfish and loved no one other than herself, she died when her Child did.


  • Steve Rogers in Enough Rope will always ignore experts on any situation because of an almost pathological need to be the one others turn to for answers, thus refusing to turn to anyone else for answers. Because he's horrendous at diplomacy or public relations, he tries to solve all his problems with violence, even if it's the worst possible solution (such as protesting the Sokovia Accords). Finally, when Tony donates Steve's shield to a Captain America exhibit, Steve starts planning to steal it and (because vibranium is sacred to Wakandans) brainwash T'Challa into allowing him to keep it.

Mega Man

Miraculous Ladybug

  • Becoming the titular Scarlet Lady only serves to make Chloe even more self-centered. So far as she's concerned, the only reason for her to engage in superheroics at all is so she can bask in the praise and adulation of all of Paris.
  • Leave For Mendeleiev also showcases Chloe's self-absorption. She's so used to getting her way that her response to Marinette getting transferred into another homeroom at the start of the school year is to march straight into Mendeleiev's class and start threatening her. Having a teacher insist that the rules still apply to her utterly infuriates her, and she continues to try and bully Marinette back into submission.
  • The One to Make It Stay:
    • Adrien/Chat Noir finds it more important to flirt and tease Ladybug than actually helping her deal with akuma, and gets incredibly jealous when she brings in other temporary heroes to pick up his slack. All while accusing her of being the unreasonable one, insisting that things would be much easier if she just gave in and started dating him already.
    • Nora accuses Alya of this after her younger sister's thoughtlessness causes her to miss an important match. Alya's attempt to defend herself by declaring that she was helping some of her friends with their romantic troubles doesn't help her case any, as Nora's furious at her considering that to be more important than her other responsibilities.
    • Ultimately, Adrien's self-absorption proves so severe that when he witnesses Feline Fatale running rampant, he's more concerned and upset at her 'rubbing in' how he lost the ring and his 'freedom' as Chat Noir than he is by the destruction she's causing. He even blames Plagg for allowing her to exist, as if Plagg has any say whatsoever in the matter.

Mummies Alive!

  • In the Mummies Alive! fanfics by Julie Horwitz, this attitude defines Tia, Jak-Al's wife when he was human; the author's two Mummies Alive trilogies reveal that Tia was so insanely jealous of Nefer-Tina showing an attraction to Jak-Al that she had Nefer-Tina raped (and one of the trilogies shows Tia killing Rapses and Scarab and spending years learning magic in order to 'punish' Nefer-Tina for starting a relationship with Jak-Al after he divorced Tia), even though Nefer-Tina had never done anything to suggest she'd act on her feelings and Jak-Al hadn't even met her one-on-one before Tia took action.

My Hero Academia

  • Izuku summarizes Bakugou's issues thusly in Powdered Gold And Pottery when Shouto wonders why he seems to dislike him so much. Effectively, Bakugou doesn't like the way either of them are managing their Quirks, convinced that they aren't 'giving their all'... and taking that as a personal attack on him despite all evidence to the contrary. As Izuku puts it:
    Izuku: "Look, Katsuki's a good person. And he's going to be a great hero — I've known that since we were little. But he has this problem with forcing his way into other people's business — and I don't mean in the way that heroes do, where they step in to help even if they aren't involved. I mean he takes things that aren't about him and makes them about him, you know?"

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • The Elements of Friendship: Par for the course for Trixie Lulamoon... though it devolves into blatant solipsistic behavior by the end of the book, thanks to the Alicorn Amulet.
  • The Elements of…Love?: Trixie, after witnessing Princess Twilight’s superior magical ability, acknowledges Twilight as being better at magic then her and, quite understandably, wants to become Twilight’s student in order to improve herself. Not so understandably, she insists on living in Princess Twilight’s home, assumes she’ll be waited on hoof and hoof by Twilight’s servants, and throws a fit upon realizing Twilight doesn’t have any servants (Due to Twilight herself completely averting this trope). Trixie then continuously orders Spike around like a servant despite Twilight repeatedly explaining he’s not a servant, can’t remember his name is Spike, not Spine, and presumably doesn’t care that Spike is suffering from heartbreak due to Rarity being in love with Twilight and not him.
  • Checker Monarch, the Big Bad of Getting Back on Your Hooves. She outright tells her minion Helping Hoof that she doesn't care who gets hurt by her actions, so long as it doesn't effect her. The Diamond Dogs she hired as her minions ultimately prove to be less selfish than she is! This stems from her Social Darwinist worldview that the strong rule the weak: since she can manipulate everyone around her with her special talent for Manipulation, she's the strongest, therefore she can do whatever she wants. Justified, as she's based off of real life sociopaths, and thus a Narcissist.
  • Prince Jewelius, the Big Bad of Loved and Lost, the extended retelling of "A Canterlot Wedding". He is sociopathic to such a degree that he hates and tries to kill his aunt Princess Celestia and cousin Princess Cadancenote  for being more loved than him. He manipulates Twilight Sparkle into becoming his loyal pawn and otherwise uses ponies (including Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings) to further his diabolical plans of becoming the greatest ruler Equestria has ever known. Fancy Pants lampshades this when he fruitlessly tries to convince Jewelius to stop hunting after the heroes he has disgraced and appease Canterlot's ponies by preparing against the renewed threat of the escaped Changeling army.
    Fancy Pants: What is this obsession with those ponies? Aren't a few of them members of your family? Don't you feel any sort of concern for them?
    Jewelius: They dared to oppose MY rule! Any and all traitors to the new king of Equestria must and will be punished!
    Fancy Pants: So this is about you?!
  • The Lullaby for a Princess song: Celestia believes she didn't notice Luna's problems because of getting caught in this very mindset.
  • The Lunaverse:
    • Corona seems fully convinced that everyone's distrust and fear of her is due to lies spread by Luna rather than anything she might have done. It's kind of bizarre. She kidnaps ponies to ensure loyalty, thereby demonstrating that she knows the effect it has on others, yet she expects ponies to love her regardless. Perhaps she was hoping Stockholm Syndrome would take.
    • During most of Carrot Top Season, Applejack is convinced that Carrot Top is participating in the contest solely to hurt her and her family. She refuses to consider that Carrot Top might need the money to fix up her own farm - all she's concerned about is how this may harm Sweet Apple Acres.
    “Carrot Top, think fer a minute!” Applejack looked flustered. “All this is gonna do is take down both of us! Dang it, ah don’t know if ya’ve got some vendetta ‘gainst ma or what, but this ain’t worth it!”
    It’s not about you! thought Carrot Top.
    and later...
    “No! No, of course not!” Applejack shook her head. “Ya just bet yar farm ta try ta beat ma. Carrot Top, did ah do somethin’ ta make ya mad? Is this a grudge?”
    • Also, just earlier, Applejack mentions that she's been considering setting up a carrot field so she can branch out. It genuinely doesn't register to her that she's openly threatening to drive Carrot Top out of her business.
    • It's revealed that Applejack's behavior is due to the fact that she believes with all her heart that 1) Sweet Apple Acres is perpetually on the verge of going broke and 2) that if Sweet Apple Acres ever does go broke, all of Equestria will starve to death. Nothing seems to be able to convince her that Sweet Apple Acres is flush with cash and resources and that even if it did somehow go under, there are plenty of other farms and farmers to provide for Equestria.
  • The Pony POV Series has General-Admiral Makarov, the Big Bad of the Shining Armor Arc. He's a Narcissist to such a degree that he'll sentence someone to a Fate Worse than Death for not knowing his name. He's actually one of Pandora's creations, which became a Black Hole Sue, convinced that it was perfect and therefore every story should be about it, no matter who suffers for it.
  • Vengeance of Dawn has the titular Breaking Dawn. She's very self centered, and most of her motivations stem from the fact that she thinks that deserves everything Twilight has more then Twilight does.


  • Naruto:Asunder: Naruto has this to say to Madara about the Uchiha/Senju feud:
    "Oh I know your story. Your clan decided to start a blood feud because "Daddy" didn't take you out for ice cream. You Uchiha really need to learn how to grow up. The world is way more than about you idiots."
  • Naruto's sister Natsuki in God of Illusion, Host of the Devil's Arm is an Attention Whore of the highest order, frequently throwing fits if she's ignored. Notably, her inner world shows the girl cares about herself first and foremost, followed by her parents and friends, then those who worship her for being the Kyuubi's host. Natsuki doesn't even have an Inner Darkness because it's born from repressed negative emotions and she acts on every negative impulse she gets.

Neon Genesis Evangelion

  • In canon, SEELE was bad enough, given that they intended to murder humanity to become gods. Lorenz Kiel in Transposed is revealed to be of the same race that seeded planets with life and was in fact responsible for Earth getting two seeds, something that should never be done. As punishment, he was turned into a human that would take centuries to finally die and he had until his death to better mankind enough to have his punishment lifted. Instead Kiel spent hundreds of years setting the Ancient Conspiracy in motion (including writing the Dead Sea Scrolls) to regain his godhood at the expense of every living thing on the planet.


  • Cori Falls's renditions of Jessie and James are good at making each other's angst all about themselves; the two biggest examples are James in "Thorns of the Rose", when Jessie is obviously upset about something and all he can do is cry over how she supposedly doesn't love him anymore, and Jessie in "Blood on the Moon" when James's bad mood makes her weepy and insecure even after she starts chastising him for it!
  • In Pokémon: A Marvelous Journey, the fourth bonus chapter focuses on a minor character named Lakeisha Knowles, a classmate who frequently bullied the main character, Julia, in their youth. When she befriends the local Alpha Bitch Kirsten Seeley, she decides to try and be more like her. In doing so, she begins becoming more selfish and antagonizes her eight year old autistic sister, Merlin, to the point where she begins thinking everything Merlin does is to deliberately annoy her and ruin her social standing with her friends, which anyone reading the chapter and every In-Universe character can tell is not true. This eventually escalates into Lakeisha secretly recording a video of Merlin having a meltdown and texting it to her friends so they could start bullying her; it backfires because the three of them are all disgusted with Lakeisha’s blatant disrespect of her sister’s privacy and one of them reports the incident to the principal and one of the teachers. When Lakeisha gets into huge trouble for this and receives punishment from both her teachers and family, she whines about how her friends abandoned her and how everyone is against her rather than taking responsibility and accepting that everybody is disgusted with cyberbullying her little sister. Needless to say, she is frequently called out on her callousness and selfishness.

Rosario + Vampire

  • Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness:
    • First and foremost, Evil!Falla openly admits that she only cares about herself and acquiring power for herself. Even her own family comes second.
    • Even after accepting her role as Dark's guardian angel/mother figure, this is one of Arial's most defining traits; she constantly claims that she's looking out for Dark's best interests by trying to choose who he gets to marry, but it's obvious to anyone who's paying attention that she only cares about what she wants for him.
    • Sun also counts to an extent during Act VI. Despite having previously spurned Gin's Love Confession, and despite this being the first time they've even seen each other in years, Sun still fully expects that Gin will come back to her, uncaring that he's since moved on to Kokoa. Moka even takes the time to call her out on it in Act VI chapter 20. It's only after Sun pisses off Kokoa to the extent that the latter beats her into a coma, and after she comes out of said coma, that she finally grows out of it.

Robin of Sherwood

  • What Dreams May Come: Nasir reminisces about his time as a slave under the devil-worshipping sorceror Baron De Bellame, and muses that for all the Barons cruelty and madness, it all really just boiled down to the man being a self-absorbed egomaniac who wanted to force the world to adhere entirerly to his desires and wants, and saw magic and human sacrifice as a way to achieve that. He was far from the first, Rashid ad-Din Sinan, "The Old Man Of the Mountain", who had led Nasir's hashasin tribe had been the same way and cared about nothing other than himself.


  • Atlas General Hayden White from Nora's Life is a complete sociopath who only cares about his own reputation, safety, and desires. Everyone else doesn't matter to him in the slightest. He all but admits to Ruby that this is his philosophy.
  • The Makings of Team CRME has several examples (many of who are also examples of The Sociopath):
    • Cinder Fall is a narcissistic sociopath who only cares about her own desires and getting the power that she thinks she deserves. She demands complete obedience from Emerald and Mercury and only uses people for her own benefit. She also only cares about the pain that she endured in the past and getting back at the world for it. She relates to Mercury when they have stuff in common. When he starts defying her, she sees no problem with using his past against him when she has Emerald project images of his Abusive Parents. She only cares that she was abused, not about abuse in general.
    • Roman Torchwick was said to be written with narcissistic personality disorder in mind. As such, he is incredibly prideful and only considers people in terms of how they relate to him. His wife was originally so he'd have a queen for his criminal empire and she has use for him as his financial manager. He didn't even care that much when Kincaid tortured her just to get back at him. However, this is only averted in regards to Neo.
    • My Name Is Cinder: Brigit Stark is Cinder's abusive mother who is also a Gold Digger. She married her father for his money and planned on driving him to suicide to get the inheritance. Everything she does is only for her benefit. When Cinder threatens to expose her, she starts abusing her. And she starts playing the mother-card when Cinder leaves her to die in a house fire. Unfortunately for her, Cinder doesn't see Brigit as a mother.
    • The Black Hearts: Melanie Black, Mercury's mother, shows some signs of this trope. Even though she and Mercury are both being abused by Marcus, she chooses to yell at him and deflect the verbal abuse onto him. She's also a shameless serial cheater. And the reason she threatened Marcus at gunpoint when he was about to torture an innocent woman? He wouldn't come upstairs to eat the dinner she worked so hard to cook.
    • Roman's Empire: Violet Kincaid is a ruthless mob boss who is adept at Pragmatic Villainy, but she really only cares about her own bottom line and getting what she wants. Even her attachment to Roman is simply because she's sexually attracted to him. It goes out the window when he starts screwing up her business.
    • CRME: Adam once again proves that he only views Blake as a possession and thinks that she should adhere to what he wants.
  • Several of the villains from the Ruby and Nora series have elements of this.
    • Ruby's Birthday: Admah Keter is a sadistic maniac who only cares about getting a thrill out of killing families and snuffing out bloodlines For the Evulz. He even killed his own mother because of this. He just likes having that thrill. He's also shown to be very grandiose in his mannerisms as if he wants to be noticed.
    • Weiss and Pyrrha: Nurse Abigail Lemon has one heck of a god-complex and kills patients at the hospital to facilitate this delusion. Killing almost a hundred people using her EMP Semblance was all to buy herself some time to get away from Pyrrha after she reopened Weiss' stitches.
    • Pyrrha's Past: Pyrrha's mother, Colonel Lyra Nikos, was an abusive mother that put Pyrrha through Hell just for training her. And she gets on Pyrrha's case for making Miló and Akoúo̱ because she did it without Lyra's permission. She even murders her husband, Orion, when he starts taking Pyrrha's side of the argument.
    • Field Trip: Father Scorch only cares about imposing his world order about Faunus-supremacy and the irradiation of homosexuality. Any followers who don't live up to this code will have to kill their lovers or be killed themselves. He outright confirms his self-centered nature during the train bombings.
    • Recovery and Atlas: Jacques Schnee constantly proves this to be true. Even more than in canon. He is rather controlling of others and only does things for his own benefit. The reason he joins Salem is that she promises to let him rule Atlas. Basically, it's a huge ego trip.


  • In En Tempus Veritas, Lana’s first thoughts upon learning about Clark’s abilities is how he can use them to protect her from Lex, and later believes that Clark would abandon Lois and their unborn child if given the chance to be with her despite how Lana hurt him by agreeing to marry Lex in the first place. Once Clark is back in reality, she is initially certain that she and Clark will be together once she has returned to Smallville and acts as though Clark personally hurt her by starting a relationship with Lois after Lana faked her death, even though Clark genuinely believed she was dead and therefore had every right to move on even without his ‘vision’ to inspire new feelings.

Tolkien's Legendarium

  • Feanor in The Silmarillion story Lessons from the Mountain. When Maedhros tells his wife was given the option to remarry after re-embodiment, his reaction is: "How can the Valar do this to me?". When Maedhros talks about his dealings with humans, he remarks "So I WAS right about them usurping our kind's place".


  • Yukkuris, disembodied heads made from pastry in the likeness of Touhou characters are sometimes portrayed by fans as this. Many Yukkuris would like to have an "Easy Life" where they have a good home, plenty of food and a mate with children. Most smart Yukkuris know that to have an Easy Life, they need to work hard for it and help each other but the bad selfish ones seem to think only they are entitled to have an Easy Life so other Yukkuris and humans should make their lives easy and they don't give a damn of the other's feelings. These selfish Yukkuris are very disliked by other Yukkuris and tend to suffer horrible fates especially from Humans Are Bastards.

Touken Ranbu

  • The Final Sword goes out of its way to make the TouRabu world revolve around the OC Rebora. She wins the Superpower Lottery multiple times due to her godly origins, the outcome of canon's central conflict of Citadel vs Revisionists is now entirely hers to decide, which means the role of every single canon sword is now rendered redundant, the canon swords no longer have any personality and distinction aside from being her friends and the enemies want to have her by any means possible. It gets to the point where with the reveal of the enemies' true motives, the fic effectively implies TouRabu canon itself was started because of her.
  • The first entry of the Tales of the Undiscovered Swords stars the titular tachi Himetsuru Ichimonji, a self-proclaimed princess who bullies his brother, whines when other swords don't cater to his every whims and desires, and is all-around annoying. As a result, he manages to earn the ire of the entire Citadel leading to their agreeing to send him on an Uriah Gambit. However, his Hidden Depths start to show: even though he still considers other swords lowly, as their "princess", he will go to any length to protect his "people". He then proceeds to wipe out all the enemies by himself.


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